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Frankel ad says Hasner wants to cut education to give tax breaks to millionaires

by Andrew Abramson | October 21st, 2012

Democrat Lois Frankel released a new ad in the District 22 congressional this weekend saying Republican Adam Hasner wants to cut education to give tax breaks to millionaires. After positive ads in the beginning of the general election, both candidates have been attacking each other. Hasner’s most recent ad shows a woman on a toilet saying Frankel’s “gotta go.”

Recent polls have shown everything from a 10-point advantage for Frankel to a tie.

7 Responses to “Frankel ad says Hasner wants to cut education to give tax breaks to millionaires”

  1. truth teller Says:

    Another nice fabrication from Lois. In Hasner’s eight years in Tallahassee the state’s portion of funds for local schools went up over 40%, Hasner voted for those increases. Where did that increased funding go? Into the pockets of teachers, where it belongs. Thank you Adam, I love my kid public schools in Palm Beach County.

  2. no to hasner Says:

    That’s actually a pretty good ad. It shows the clear choice in this election. The rich don’t need more handouts at the expense of the rest of us. Enough is enough. Voting for Lois.

  3. Deb Says:

    Remember when she was Mayor and everyone wanted her out? She hasn’t changed and people need to remember her strong arm tactics and wasteful spending!

  4. Teacher who knows Says:

    Lois was mayor for 8 years and couldn’t find the school district office if you gave her a map. She didn’t do anything for kids or schools then and she won’t in Congress.

    Hasner fought for more money directly to teachers and classrooms, that’s a FACT. Look up the 65% Solution, it guaranteed more money to classrooms and less on bureaucracy. Adam led on it, Lois’ team opposed it.

    Reality is a real problem for her.

    Lois is so desperate there are already whispers about her running for mayor again if she loses to Hasner. That can’t be a good sign for her campaign. Hey Mayor Jerri, watch your 6.

  5. no to hasner Says:

    Yeah, he’s really going to do a lot for teachers in the Republican caucus under John Boehner!

    That is the laugh of the century. Everyone knows the Romney/Ryan would absolutely destroy the Middle Class, teachers, cops, firemen and public employees in particular. You’d have to be asleep the last 20 years not to know that. Lois will represent this district admirably, and I’m frankly really looking forward to being represented by her and not the insulting and divisive Allen West.

  6. GO LOIS, really just go Says:

    The only people even considering Lois are those from Broward County that haven’t experienced her “management style”. Lois will tell you one thing then do something totally different.

  7. downtowner Says:

    I just love how its reported by Bloomberg news that Lois’ largest campaign contributor is The Related Group. That corrupt crook of a politician will always have them in her pocket. Pay to play, thats her motto!

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