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SuperPAC ad, featuring young girl with diabetes, bashes Hasner over embryonic stem cell research

by Andrew Abramson | October 30th, 2012

The House Majority PAC, a Democratic SuperPAC, has released an anti-Adam Hasner ad slamming the Republican congressional candidate for not supporting embryonic stem cell research.

The ad features a woman saying that she will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 20 years and won’t recognize her husband or family; a young man saying he will be the victim of a car accident during a camping trip and be paralyzed for the rest of life.

Then there’s the young girl who says, “Next week my mommy and daddy and are going to find out I have diabetes.”

The future victims hold up photos of Hasner asking questions: Is he a doctor? Is he a scientist? Why did Mr. Hasner bet my life that he knows best?

“Help me,” they all say.

The ads ends with the little girl asking, “How come he gets to decide who lives and who dies? Who’s he?”

The ad does not mention Lois Frankel, Hasner’s opponent in the District 22 congressional race. The PAC made identical ads against other Republican candidates.


14 Responses to “SuperPAC ad, featuring young girl with diabetes, bashes Hasner over embryonic stem cell research”

  1. Manipulated by Demoncrats Says:


    In regard to Roe v Wade….that was REVIEWED by a CONSERVATIVE SUPREME COURT in the 1990′s; they did NOT change the law. They RARELY will change a ruling.

    All the issues on women and children are TROTTED OUT EVERY ELECTION YEAR BY DEMOCRATS.

    Get used to it; get SMART! Don’t fall for the election drama put out by democrats who demonize republicans.

    Guess what the democrats are going to say in 2 years in 2014…yep, the same old refrain

    and then in 2016, 4 yrs from now, it will be the same old mantra.

    Democrats are demons.

  2. Cancer survivor Says:

    This is disgusting. I’m a cancer survivor – and I’m voting for Hasner because he is a Legislator of the Year of the American Cancer Society.

    We don’t need to use embryos as spare parts or test subjects, we have technology that make that as obsolete as blood letting.

    Lois Frankel should be ASHAMED.

  3. Democrat for Hasner Says:

    This ad is repulsive. Lois Frankel should call the House Majority PAC and have it taken down immediately.

  4. John Says:

    My son has retinitis pigmentosa and is going blind. One the best chances for a cure is stem cells. All of those who oppose stem cell research please do not come knocking on the door for treatment if and when you or a loved one could benefit from stem cell treatment. The rest of us will not worry too much if we are receiving benefit from donated fertilized embryos that would otherwise be flushed down the toilet.

  5. Same Ole, Same Ole Says:

    Old news and observation.

    Look for more and more outlandish lies by the Dems/socialists/libs in the coming week.

    Their Titanic is rapidly sinking and they are more and more desperate. Paid trolls must be making lots of money at their call centers.

  6. Obama/Dems 2012 Says:

    I am a Democrat because of issues like embryonic stem cell research.

    The only people opposed to embryonic stem cell research are people who want to FORCE me and every other American to abide by THEIR religion.

    We have the freedom to be any religion we want in this country. Christian, Jew, Mulsim, Mormon, Scientologist.

    Who the hell are the Christians to FORCE their religious doctrine on me or anyone else?

    Ever hear of Freedom of Religion?

    Ever hear of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?

    I have nothing against Christianity, in fact, I celebrate the teachings of Jesus Christ and I am not a Christian.

    But what the right wing is doing in this country by trying to subject the entire country to their faith is disgusting, despicable, and Un-American.

    I am thankful that millions of Americans will stand up and vote their conscience, and when they do, extreme right wingers who try to use religion as a wedge WILL LOSE.

    And I’m looking at YOU Adam Hasner, Allen West, Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, and Mitt Romney.

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  8. Cancer survivor Says:

    Hasner SUPPORTS stem cell research. He’s on the record.

    This is such a BS attack, starring actors who probably don’t even know what a stem cell is.

    Personally, as a cancer survivor I am opposed to EMBRYONIC stem cell research because it’s no longer needed. There is more than one type of stem cell available to do research. This is a red herring.

  9. Obama/Dems 2012 Says:

    Dear “Cancer Survivor”

    This is for you, published November 29, 2011 — during Hasner’s failed run for Senate — in the Sunshine State News:

    “Congressman Mack’s record of supporting wasteful Washington spending, billions in earmark spending, and taxpayer-funded embryonic stem-cell research stands in stark contrast with what Florida Republicans are looking for in their next United States senator”

    A few months before that, August 2011, the National Review Online has a blog post that states:

    “Hasner’s campaign is adamant that he does not support government funding of embryonic stem cell research.”

    Now, for you, two questions:


    2) If embryonic stem cell research is “no longer needed” then why when I do a quick Google News search of the phrase “embryonic stem cell” all kinds of current news article pop up regarding developing new medical treatments?

    3) Why do you oppose embryonic stem cell research in the first place?

    Adam Hasner is a disgrace. And this ad is dead-on, hence the flailing dishonest protestations about his pathetic record of pandering for votes.

  10. Democrat for Hasner Says:

    I am so ashamed that members of my party are promoting this ridiculous propaganda. Why are we are so focused on divisive politics that we ignore reasoned arguments?

    Cancer Survivor and John, I’m sorry to hear about you and your son, and I sincerely hope that, regardless of your political affiliation, you live long and productive lives.

    Here is a link to an article about a Johns Hopkins study. Is this what you were talking about?

  11. Cancer survivor Says:

    @ ObamaDems2012

    You are a scum. A poor excuse for a human being.

    I said Hasner supports stem cell research, not EMBRYONIC steam cell research. He does!

    You don’t need to use embryos for stem cell research anymore you idiot.

    And how DARE you use my Cancer survivor in quotations. You are a PIG. After 6 months of chemotherapy and 6 years of survivorship from blood cancer I have EARNED the right to be called a survivor without you marginalizing me.

    And thank you Democrat for Hasner. That’s the research I was referring to. I guess @Obamadems would rather use outdated technology to justify his/her position.

  12. Turkster Says:

    Great ad!!! The Human Genome Project needs to be advanced. I welcome Embryonic Stem Cell research 100%, and so should you! Conservatives please leave the country, QUIETLY! I am a republican, btw. Check out, great things are in the works. We are very close to regrowing human teeth!!!



    Obama/Biden 2012

  13. Democrat for Hasner Says:

    I think people are missing the distinction between regular stem cells and embryonic stem cells, and, I suspect, doing so with purely political motivations, rather than rational thought.

    The bottom line is that with current technology, it’s a distinction without a difference, and Mr. Hasner supports regular stem cell research. I’m frankly alarmed that the Frankel campaign would stand by and allow these misleading ads to be run.

  14. Barbara Hanson Says:

    What the ad fails to mention is that President Obama’s appointed FDA commissioner is now regulating our own stem cells as drugs. While the Dems whine about federal funding for embryonic stem cell research (which is all this ad is about), millions of patients are being denied access to their own stem cells which could provide life saving treatment now, not in decades. These ads are grossly misleading.

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