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Democratic polling memo says Murphy tops West, 52-43

by George Bennett | October 1st, 2012

At least one partisan pollster is very wrong about the congressional District 18 race.

A few days after U.S. Rep. Allen West‘s pollster released a memo saying the incumbent holds a 52-to-41 percent lead over Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy, the Democratic House Majority PAC released a memo today saying Murphy leads West by a 52-to-43 percent margin.

The memo by Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group (as is typical of both Republican and Democratic internal polls, a memo but not the poll itself was released) says its sample for Palm Beach-Treasure Coast congressional District 18 was 44 percent Republican and 37 percent Democrat — a heavier Republican tilt than the actual district, where Republicans have a 2.2-percent registration edge.

The poll has a 4.9 percent margin of error. West has an underwater approval rating (40 percent positive, 47 percent negative) while Murphy is a little better than even (33 percent positive, 29 percent negative).

West’s poll says Mitt Romney is leading President Obama by 7 points in the district. The new Democratic poll says Obama holds a 7-point lead over Romney.


23 Responses to “Democratic polling memo says Murphy tops West, 52-43”

  1. Searcher Says:

    Well, SOMEONE has to be right! I guess we get to wait until November to see who was fibbing….

  2. HankS Says:

    This is predictable nonsense from the Democratic party. Yesterday several people pointed out the Kimball poll was extremely skewed favoring Democrats. Today Democrats release a poll skewed toward Republicans with the South Beach brawler on top. Another day another phony poll.

    Congressman West has repeatedly called for open public debates with his challenger. So far the Murphy camp has agreed to a ‘forum’ with the leftist League and a ‘closed set’ interview at WPTV NewsChannel 5. Neither is a true public debate. Patrick Murphy needs to stop hiding and go toe-to-toe with Congressman West.

  3. Franklin Says:

    HankS you just can’t handle the truth. When all the polls, including one conducted by a GOP firm, say that Obama and Murphy are up. People are tired of West’s bullying!

  4. David S. Levine, Hobe Sound Says:

    Another day, another Democ-rat Party lie.

    There is simply no way Allen West’s Democ-rat opponent could be ahead in a poll skewed toward Republicans or independents. Nor is there any way in which Allen West could be underwater on approval ratings in the district as a whole.

  5. HankS Says:

    So much for GOP pollster as reported by the Post. From the pollsters website:

    The Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group, the political division of Peter D. Hart Research Associates, is one of the most respected and successful political polling firms in the country for Democratic candidates. Garin-Hart-Yang also has been the lead pollster on the influential Women’s Monitor national polling projects for EMILY’s List over the past four election cycles.

  6. Mary Ann Russell Says:

    I truly believe that the polls are skewed. How can it be that so many Americans feel that Obama is taking us in the wrong direction, his foreign policy is wrong, the economy is worse since he took office, he is losing to independents and military voters and yet his poll numbers for reelection are up there. Just does not equate in my mind. As for Patrick Murphy – again, other than a few advertisements on television, he has not been out and about in the Treasure Coast, he won’t debate Congressman West, he has never come out and explained his positions, his entire campaign has been based on trashing Congressman West, yet he is leading in the polls. Again, I find it difficult to believe.

  7. Polly Forestier Says:

    More propaganda in these polls..last straw to win but it’s not going to happen. Have never seen Murphy in person and West is all over the place! He’s not afraid to say what he knows to be true and Murphy and his people only know how to slander and distort…the people of 18 aren’t buying it. Go West

  8. Legal Eagle Says:

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  11. half pint Says:

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  12. OBIWAN Says:

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  13. Grant Stoome Says:

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  14. Legal Eagle - OTHER ONE Says:

    Grant Stoome,
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  15. tornado Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! What a crock! This is so not true and Murphy WISHES IT WERE!

    West is wiping the floor with him and when you refuse to debate a pro, you have to grasp at straws to get attention. Gee, I wonder why the DCCC pulled his funding? He can’t be trusted!

  16. Sam Says:

    Yesterday the republicans whined about the kimball poll – a republican operation – that it skewed sample towards democrats. Today another pollster heavily skews towards GOP and they’re still whining. face it – your man is going down

  17. Gloria Schmidt Says:

    The ad by the West team presented the facts. Congressman West is a true leader and will win this election !!

  18. LOL @ West Says:

    LOL @ Allen West!

    He made a “47%” statement before even Romney did. What a savage joke on the Middle Class, these Republicans. So let’s look at just some of Allen West’s comments as measured by the FACTS.


    “Currently we have some 40-45% of Americans who are not paying any taxes.” = MOSTLY FALSE

    “If you look at the application for a security clearance, I have a clearance that even the president of the United States cannot obtain because of my background.” = PANTS ON FIRE LIE

    “We had an amendment in the health care law that said the federal government is going to take over education.” = FALSE

    “China owns about 29 percent of (the U.S.) debt.” = FALSE

    “This is the first time in the history that we’ve had the raising of a debt limit also with spending cuts.” = FALSE

    “In the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, it was the Democrats who cut $500 billion from Medicare. And they also put in place the Independent Payment Advisory Board, 15 unelected bureaucrats, which will be making decisions about health care for our seniors and for all Americans.” = MOSTLY FALSE

    The EPA “wants to hire 230,000 new government regulators that will cost the taxpayer $21 billion.” = FALSE

    About 78 to 81 House Democrats “are members of the Communist Party. … It’s called the Congressional Progressive Caucus.” = PANTS ON FIRE LIE

    An “Obamacare slush fund” paid to spay and neuter dogs and cats, then counted it as an “anti-obesity campaign.” = FALSE


    Hmmm… Yeah.

    VOTE for PATRICK MURPHY and vote early.

  19. Murphy is the real deal Says:

    Vote for Murphy.. we need more liberal progressives to finish off what’s left of our economy so the US can join Japan in a 20 year recession.

    Vote Early, Vote Often

  20. tornado Says:

    ROFL! Murphy and the DCCC wishes this were the case. West is ahead, they know it and they are grasping at every straw they can find to try and sabotage him. Too bad the American people have heard this made up story in the past ad know what a veteran war hero is, that would be Allen West.

  21. Heather Says:

    Just check to see who Johnson, Wexler and Deutch paid off and who Aronberg threatened…. maybe that is how they got those results

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