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Democratic party releases ‘The Romney/Hasner tapes’

by Andrew Abramson | October 24th, 2012

The Florida Democratic Party has released “The Romney/Hasner tapes” which compares Congressional District 22 Republican candidate Adam Hasner to GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

It puts two videos side-by-side. The first video shows Hasner speaking to a group and saying, “And when you think about the fact that you have nearly 50 percent of Americans not paying taxes, you have nearly 50 million Americans on entitlement programs, on food stamps, you realize that we’re reaching that point.”

Then, it shows Romney at the now infamous Boca Raton fundraiser earlier this year saying, “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That’s an entitlement.”

The Democratic Party then asks: “Does Adam Hasner think, like Mitt Romney, that our seniors, veterans, and young adults don’t pay taxes and view themselves as victims?

Hasner is facing Democrat Lois Frankel. Polls have shown Hasner anywhere from down 10 points to tied in the race.


27 Responses to “Democratic party releases ‘The Romney/Hasner tapes’”

  1. Lilly Says:

    Comparing Romney with Hasner? Of course, because they are telling the exact truth. I pay taxes 4 times a year on retirement and 1/2 the folks in the U.S. pay ZERO. Why is that? Either they are just not paying, or they don’t work and don’t have an income (which is a symptom of the administration)…for whatever reason, they do enlist in entitlements that I know for a FACT that most make it their life’s work. A woman used to get her self arrested everytime she was expecting a baby (7 times) so the county would pay for the deliveries in the jail. I was in law enforcement and witnessed this fiasco.

  2. Lilly is Silly Says:

    “I pay taxes 4 times a year on retirement and 1/2 the folks in the U.S. pay ZERO. Why is that? Either they are just not paying, or they don’t work and don’t have an income (which is a symptom of the administration)…”

    Or maybe most of those people that don’t pay taxes are RETIRED and live on Social Security which THEY paid for, but which is so pathetic it doen’t even give them enough to qualify to pay taxes.

    Let me guess, you want to take away that pittance as well.

  3. Nemo Says:

    Romney told the truth!I see everyday The free loaders with gold teeth, gold chains, SUV’s Mercedes Benz, Cadillac, Ipad, Iphones, Ipod, Nikes and food Stamps

  4. Abraham Yeshuratnam Says:

    What has Obama done all these four years to get reelected? Economic recession, mass unemployment, total failure in foreign policy (the turmoil we see in the Middle East today). Another major problem Obama has created for Americans is that the US federal debt today is just over $16 trillion. When America itself is submerged in loans, Obama has announced last month his plan to transfer $450 million in cash to help Egypt’s jihadist Muslim Brotherhood-dominated government which is estimated somewhere between $12 billion and $23 billion. Egyptian president, Morsi, is working to bolster Egyptian ties with the communist Chinese dictatorship while becoming increasingly despotic at home Morsi is cracking down on the press and his opponents, seizing vast powers for himself, has already shown signs of gravitating away from the West. What is more, Obama has ordered joint military exercise with Muslim-Brotherhood army. The purpose of the exercise is to enable Egyptian forces to practice both defensive and offensive tactics. By training Egyptian jihadists offensive tactics, Obama is training them to attack America and Israel in a future warfare. The Obama administration is also spending millions of dollars to preserve mosques and minarets in 27 different Islamic countries. These Muslim countries, after receiving huge amount for the construction of mosques, destroy churches and kill Christians. In Zanzibar, Muslim mobs, shouting, “Away with the church — we do not want infidels to spoil our community, especially our children,” burned down three Christian churches. Nigeria, a recipient for the construction of Gobararu minaret in the mosque has become a virtual killing field for Christians at the hands of Muslim militants, led by the al-Qaeda-linked terror group Boko Haram.

  5. Obama/Dems2012 Says:

    Ha$ner is bought by $heldon Adelson and the rest of the GOP Plutocrats.


  6. Obama/Dems2012 Says:

    In addition to Ha$ner running away from extreme comments like this one about the “50% and his support of ending the Medicare guarantee for our Seniors, here are some MORE POLICIES THAT HA$NER IS RUNNING AWAY FROM:

    * SUPPORTS Arizona’s draconian “Papers Please” anti-Hispanic law written by far-right anti-immigration activists

    * OPPOSES stem cell research

    * SUPPORTED the far-right RPOF Agenda 98% of the time

    * Says he supports term limits but he is a CAREER POLITICIAN

    * Running as a “moderate” but strongly supports the conservative Tea Party agenda

    * says he supports Israel but is rushing to war with Iran that will threaten security of Israeli citizens

    * claims to be a moderate but has been actively involved in far-right conspiracy theories along-side Dick Cheney’s brain-dead Neocon sidekick Frank Gaffney

    * SUPPORTED the bill in FL legislature to force a government mandated ultra-sound for any woman seeking an abortion (ahem, women don’t vote for this guy)

    * OPPOSED bipartisan compromise over debt limit in 2011 when he ran for Senate as a “staunch conservative”

    * claims to be a moderate, but was once called the “Most Partisan Republican in Tallahassee” by Marco Rubio of all people

    * claims to be a moderate but signed the “Contract for America” put out by Freedom Works — a far-right propaganda shop run by long-time Texas GOP insider and corporate uberlobbyist Dick Armey

    * claims to be a moderate but called Rick Scott’s far-right agenda: “a common-sense approach”

    You could go on and on with this guy.

    It’s more than just about his desire to end Medicare, and his flat-out lie that 50% of Americans “pay no taxes”…

    All-in-all, he is just another dishonest Republican career politician.

  7. Jamba Says:

    50 percent sounds just about right. Typical Democrat response — they can’t handle the truth. Lois is getting desperate.

  8. Rich Says:

    I want to know one thing, how is it that the so called numbers man Paul Ryan had to file an amended return for 2011, because he made an $ 11,453.00 error and now has to pay late fee’s and fines, is this what the republicans call a numbers man, then you have Mitt Romney not taking all his charitable donations so his tax rate would be above 14 % on twenty million instead of the 9.4% if he had claimed all his deductions, but it don’t stop there Romney will also file an amended tax return next year to recoup the losses he put on himself.

  9. Concerned Taxpayer Says:

    Still not a word in The Post about leaked e-mails that prove Obama knew about the terrorist assault on our embassy WHILE it was happening and did nothing to save the ambassador. Hillary Clinton knew, Leon Paneta knew, and Obama knew because they were getting real-time e-mails and live-feed video AS the assault happened. Then Obama and his entire Administration lied about it for 2 weeks in a cover-up of Nixon proportions. Obama lied, lied about lying and he is now lying about lying about his lies.

    And The Post? Nothing. They will spike this story in a crass effort to help Obama. What The Post is doing borders on criminal because it is actively participating in a cover-up.

  10. Dee Miller Says:

    Remember who killed Bin Laden. November 6, 2012 show your gratitude.

  11. Phyllis Says:

    The truth is the truth. Its the hatred of conservatives that make liberals put blinders on and not acknowledge that this is the truth. Unfortunately there will be more than 50% on foodstamps, etc. if Obama is re-elected. Who’s going to pay if I stop paying for these programs?

  12. Obama/Dems2012 Says:

    By the way, what HA$NER said is even worse than Romney’s “47%” video.

    Romney at least qualified his 47% comment by saying they pay no INCOME tax. And that is true. 47% of Americans pay no federal income tax. What was truly horrible in that video tape was Romney’s comment that he could never convince the poor to “take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” And that is just despicable and reprehensible from a politician.

    HA$NER’s comment, on the other hand, doesn’t even have the basis of being factual in the slightest.

    Ha$ner said:

    “Nearly 50% pay no taxes”


    So the question for Adam Hasner is, were you lying to appease the far-right conspiracy Tea Nuts, or are you REALLY that stupid?!?!

    It is absolutely pathetic that this individual wants to cut taxes for the rich, hike taxes on the poor and middle class, end the Medicare guarantee, and yet he is out there claiming to be a moderate. I think we can put that lie to bed now.

    Ha$ner is NO moderate.

    He is just another far-right Republican liar who is trying to con America out of the American Dream.

    We just can’t afford more Republicans in Congress who tell some people one thing and a whole ‘nother story to someone else.

    We’ve had enough of the extremism and the vicious verbal abuse at the hands of brainwashed Tea Party know-it-alls.

    That’s why we need to ELECT LOIS!

    She will fight for US and not the .01%!!!

  13. GTFOOH Says:

    Bravo to the Communist Post and the Socialist Party. How deserate can you get?

  14. Forgone Conclusion Says:

    Hey GTFOOH, How deserate can YOU get? Civics 101 do you know the definition of a communist? Do you know the definition of a socialist? Nah, I didn’t think so. You must be very deserate!

  15. Mattrue Says:

    The issue is that Romney said that 47 percent of the American people don’t pay taxes and are not entitled to the money they are collecting. I believe that this is not fact, but only another lie from a desperate political candidate. Romney said President Barack Obama can not run on his record, but what record is Romney running on. Have any of your looked at his record as governor of Massachusetts. I would assume not, because it was pretty poor job as a governor. Ranked 47th worst state in the nation in terms of job creation and growth. This is the person who can help our country create jobs? What are you stupid or just the most pathetic people in the world. Look at what this piece of crap has done for his own personal gain. Closed hundreds of American made companies, using their retirement plans to finance overseas companies and repaid those funds using government bailout money. This and more to collect a 20 percent commission on every transaction. Then the piece of crap has the nerve to tell the American people they don’t deserve the money they paid into social security. You really need to check out who you vote for this is just amazing from a person who has nothing to offer to help this country. Romney is the worst candidate with nothing to offer America except more failure. Please, his father tried to run for the presidency knowing he didn’t qualify, because his father was born in Mexico. He came from a family of liars and cheaters. Look at the history of his religious beliefs, Mormons originally promoted adultery. The only reason that Mormons gave up polygamy is from American Law and social pressure. Romney belongs to a religious order that requires you to donate 10 percent of your wealthy to the Mormon church. Talk about entitlements the Mormons look pretty much like moochers to me. I wonder how many wives that buys you over a lifetime.

  16. NO WAY FRANKEL Says:

    And former WPB mayor Lois Frankel should be elected?!?!?!?

    HELL, NO!

    That would be the worst mistake that district would ever make.

    Vote for Adam Hasner

    and when Frankel loses that should be the last we see of her.


    NO to not listening to the citizens=Lois Frankel

    NO to poor social skills = Lois Frankel just doesn’t know how to talk to citizens, to fellow elected officials.

    Lois Frankel is just unpleasant.

    If Frankel let the marble bathroom go thru just IMAGINE what she’ll pass and SPEND in DC.


  17. Nice Guy Says:

    Adam Hasner is a regular guy. He’ll be a good representative.

  18. Abraham Yeshuratnam Says:

    Who is bothered about the Romney/Hasner tapes when the country is facing grave danger by allowing jihadists to learn American military tactics? Many states which stood with Obama last month are now jumping on to Romney’s bandwagon when they realized that it is not the performance in the debate but performance as president that is vital for the future of America. Deep recession and huge unemployment, following Krugman’s nonfunctional, quixotic economic policies, debacle in handling foreign affairs such as the murder of ambassador, bloodbath in Syria, Ahmadinejad sending Iranian troops into Syria taking advantage of Obama’s impotence, and the dominance of Putin in world politics — who is cozying up to China, supporting the Assad regime and ignoring the Iranian Nuclear race. All the cities of America are inundated with illegal immigrants after Obama gave the green signal.. When America is submerged in trillion dollars debt, Obama giving in hard cash of several billions of dollars to the jihadist, militant, and pro-Beijing Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt. By allowing joint military exercise with fanatical Muslim Brotherhood soldiers, Obama is indirectly training America’s enemies how to attack America in a future war When there is a new axis Tehran-Cairo-Baghdad-Damascus, it is suicidal to allow jihadist Egyptian forces to learn American offensive and defensive tactics. But Obama’s sinister motive in allowing joint military exercise will be disastrous for America. It is also revealed that billions of dollars of taxpayers are being used to build mosques in Nigeria, Zanzibar, Pakistan who are in the forefront to burn churches and kill Christians. These are the factors that are making many pro-Obama states to become pro-Romney states

  19. isabel marant chaussures Says:

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  21. OBIWAN Says:

    Abraham Yeshuratnam

    Just another Right wing Bogot trying to slander a great President because of the color of his skin
    He is an embarassment to the majority of Americans in this country.
    Posting a series of lies about teaching offensive tactics to the Egyptians, etc. We never teach “offensive tactics to other nations only defensive. And we only do that to enable flegling Gov’ts to be able to defend themselves.

    The Gov’t of Egypt is a Democracy. You may not agree with the peoples choice but if you claim you are for Democracy you must allow the people to make their own choice PERIOD!!!

    This amatuer political hack tries to blame President Obama for the economic recession and unemployment the entire world knows are the result of the Failed top down suply side economics of the Republican party. How ignorant to say Obama caused a recession that was taking place before he was ever elected!!

    16 Trillion debt….75% incured by Republicans…..100% written into the budget and voted for by the Tea Party led House of Representatives. Its not the Presidents debt!! Only Congress has the power to spend or borrow money!!!

    President Morsi has not ” cracked down on the press
    nor has he seized any new powers for himself.

    We do not give aid to any country invoved in Religious persecution!
    Nigeria is not a killing field for christians nor is Al Qaeda active there!!

    There is no evidence of Iranian trops in Syria.

    The death of our ambassador was not a policy failure.

    Both parties and the people do not want American troops in Syria!!

    Putin is hardly dominant in world politics

    The President has not supported the Assad regime but said Assad must go!

    He has not ignored the Iran Nuclear threat but done more than anyone in the world to combat it!!

    We have less illegal immigrants here now than when he took office!!

    Bilions of dollars n aid are not building mosques in Nigeria!

    Pakistan has no incidents of churched being burned or christians being killed!
    So you see this man( If you could even say that) is nothing more than a liar and a bigot. A disease like cance in American society!!

  22. OBIWAN Says:

    Concerned Taxpayer

    Ignorant little man lying about what is contained in the e-mails will not change the truth!
    They in no way indicate that the President knew as it was happening.
    There was no live video feed.
    There was nothing the administration could have done to help or save Ambassador Stevens. Your just a sick little bigot trying to slander a great President because of the color of his skin. You are no better than those haters who attacked our consulate!!!

  23. Abraham Yeshuratnam Says:

    There is another potential danger looming large in the horizon. Obama has authorized joint military exercise with Egypt. After Morsi became president, several alarming changes have taken place. Like Khomeini’s Iran, the whole state has been Islamized. A constitution that codifies religious fascism was hurriedly written. Hundreds of convicted terrorists were released, turning Egypt into a haven for jihadist terrorism. The Muslim Brotherhood and its Salafist allies attacked embassies and US interests (KFC, Coco Cola etc.,) in the newly Islamic-dominated Middle East countries. Morsi, emulating Iranian Ayatollahs, incessantly affirms his identity as an Islamist leader of an Islamist State. He has appointed Isalmist extremists to head the State press and audiovisual media. Just days after a report that the U.S. was sharply cutting its participation in a military exercise scheduled with Israel, U.S. planes landed in Egypt for a joint exercise. Code-named “Eagle Arena 2012,” the exercise will include air and naval forays by US and Egyptian planes and boats, over the country, Sinai, and the Red Sea. According to Egyptian media reports, the purpose of the exercise is to enable Egyptian forces to practice both defensive and offensive tactics. By giving Muslim Brotherhood forces training in offensive tactics, Obama is training jihadists how to attack America and Israel in a future warfare. Egyptian president Morsi, is working to bolster Egyptian ties with the communist Chinese dictatorship while becoming increasingly despotic at home. When America itself is submerged in loans, Obama has announced last month his plan to transfer $450 million in cash to help Egypt’s jihadist Muslim Brotherhood-dominated government which is estimated somewhere between $12 billion and $23 billion. In the new geopolitical scenario, Egypt having intimate ties with Beijing and Moscow and with the emergence of a new axis in the Middle East – Tehran-Cairo-Baghdad-Damascus – it is suicidal for America to train Muslim Brotherhood forces in defensive and offensive tactics. Another term for Obama will make him to strengthen this alliance with Islamist Egypt which will be a great danger to America and Israel.

  24. Concerned Taxpayer Says:

    To Dee Miller:

    Your post: “Remember who killed Bin Laden. November 6, 2012 show your gratitude.”

    The Navy SEALS killed Obama and I am grateful for our brave military. It was the military and nobody else who killed OBL.

  25. Searcher Says:

    Are you guys being PAID BY THE WORD? Sorry, but Hasner seems a lot worse than Frankel, and that’s saying a lot!

  26. Gail Says:

    This past week, Trump offered to give $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice if he releases his college and passport records. Obama responded by telling his own joke about him and Trump fighting while growing up in Kenya.

  27. Says:

    This is an excellent blog post. You get my vote and I’ll bookmark this weblog right now.

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