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Crist, wearing Obama Hebrew button, joins Deutch to greet early voters

by Andrew Abramson | October 31st, 2012

DELRAY BEACH — Republican-turned-independent Charlie Crist continued his Obama Florida tour today, joining Democratic Congressman Ted Deutch for a meet-and-greet with early voters in Delray Beach.

The former governor and congressman had to stay in the “solicitation zone” in the parking lot, greeting voters as they arrived. Crist’s button spelling out Obama in Hebrew was a hit with Democratic voters, and Obama volunteers came with a bag full of extra buttons.

“Isn’t that cute?” said Crist when a voter asked him about the button. “I have another one.”

When asked about “Obama Oy Vey” and other anti-Obama Jewish billboards in Palm Beach County, Deutch said, “They’re wasting their money, that’s what I think.”

County Commissioner Burt Aaronson, who will be term limited next month, joined Crist and Deutch and proclaimed the county library on Hagen Ranch Road as the busiest early voting site in the state.

“These are people who will come out in crutches, wheelchairs whatever it might be,” Aaronson said.

While Crist only smiled when asked about his future plans to possibly run as a Democrat in the 2014 governor’s race, Aaronson hinted at a possible run for Crist.

“After the president is elected, a lot will be coming out about who’s running for what, when and how,” Aaronson said.

At a news conference, Crist and Deutch said it is crucial for Florida voters to come out in droves.

“In 2000 it was 537 votes that made the difference between who the president was, so every vote really does count in Florida,” Crist said. “People getting out to do it early is a real advantage. It’s more convenient. On Election Day, who knows what the weather is going to be like, and how much longer the lines might be.”

Deutch said he’s been seeing long early voting lines across South Florida.

“They understand what’s at stake in this election,” Deutch said. “And that’s why they’re turning out.”

Crist blasted the state legislature for reducing the number of early voting days.

“Why this legislature decided to reduce the number of days that people can early vote is beyond my comprehension,” Crist said. “We should be encouraging more participation and democracy, not less. The notion that they would cut off the last Sunday I think is a real affront to a lot of people in our state.”

When Deutch slightly moved a “Melanie Peterson For State Senate” away from a TV shot, Aaronson joked with Deutch not to move the sign. “You’ll be kicked out of office,” Aaronson said.

“I’m just moving them over a bit,” said Deutch, who put the sign back for the Republican candidate after his TV interview.


18 Responses to “Crist, wearing Obama Hebrew button, joins Deutch to greet early voters”

  1. npgator Says:

    Thank God he left our party! He now needs to come out of the closet.

  2. JJ Says:

    Is Crist ignoring the catholics, protestants and other religions in the area?

  3. Maximus Says:

    Flip flopper Charlie, where is his wife cheating side kick, slick Willy Clinton? Watch the movie 2016, Obama’s America!

  4. Lebron Says:

    sleazebag politic liears..Deutsh voted to kill Medicare Advantage but all liberal idiots see is the D ..

  5. Obama/Dems 2012 Says:

    Ohhhhh, the irony of “Lebron” the serial racist commentator!

    Tell me “Lebron”, if all Liberals see is “D” then why do so many Florida Democrats stand with Charlie Crist, a life-long Republican who had the personal courage to admit that he no longer wanted to be associated with the party of bigotry.

    Good for him!

    His efforts to help get people out to vote have been exemplary this cycle. He’s been there for African-Americans, Latinos, and whites alike. I am really looking forward to the 2014 Dem primary. Crist, Sink, Wasserman-Schultz… All taking Rick Scott to task for his ineptitude and far right wing agenda, and competing for who can work best with President Obama (then firmly ensconsed in his second term) to move Florida into the 21st century on infrastructure and education. It’s going to be AWESOME!

  6. GTFOOH Says:

    Exactly what Crist needs…a Douche.

  7. ted Says:

    Lets see he was a republican, an independent and now a Democrat! Look up professional hack politician and there it is a full page photo of Crist! How can anybody believe anything that comes out of his mouth. He will go with anybody who will talk to him!

  8. nemo Says:

    What a POS!

  9. Ric T. Says:

    One Queer, one B.J and one foriegner, what a combination!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. JupiterVoter Says:

    I don’t trust anyone who changes parties simply because they lost an election.

  11. Nemo Says:

    The Two Douches holding hands. He is a sore Looser.

    I Knew he was a libtard moving backwards that just came out of the closet

  12. Florida Guest Says:

    Last time, this Independent gave Ted Deusch my vote because I felt he did a good job. However,early voting on Sunday, I wouldn’t give him a second look. As a Jewish Citizen, I see good ole Ted for what he is a phony Jew who sticks with a boss whose against Israel. He may convince himself that barryboy is a friend to Israel…but more Jews are realizing that he’s not and Ted looks like a fool.
    As for Choo Choo Charlie…he’s just a plain disgrace to any party he hooks up with. He is now in the Democrats corner, wait and he’ll flip again. Wearing a “Jewish button”doesn’t make him a fan amongst Jewish voters. He’s a fraud no matter which way you look at it.

  13. Obama/Dems 2012 Says:

    “Florida Guest”,

    You could not be more wrong.

    Despite Romney’s vigorous attempts, former NYC mayor ED KOCH has now just endorsed President Obama for re-election.

    Every Jewish American who has concerns over Obama’s handling of Israeli issues should watch the video at the link above.

    Koch talks about Obama’s foreign policy and domestic policy, and compares that to Romney’s pathetic domestic and foreign agenda.

    I challenge you, “Florida Guest” or anyone else, to watch the video at the link above and give me just ONE substantive reason why Ed Koch and the vast majority of American Jews (myself included) should not support the President’s re-election.

    Go for it!

    This a challenge if you choose to accept it!

    Go Obama!

    And by the way, what a magnificent job he is doing in leading the response to Superstorm Sandy. Preisdent Obama clearly deserves re-election and we, right here in Florida, are helping to make it happen!

  14. Lebron Says:

    The Jews that marched into the ovens thinking they were Germans are the same Jews who vote for pro-Arab Obama. The fact that some senile gay former mayor of NYC thinks Obama is great means nothing.

  15. Dick Says:

    Obama is doing a great job with Sandy.
    Deutch, Aaronson, Aronberg and Crist should all be in jail if you ask me.

    Deutch is a joke… to his relatives.

  16. wyn Says:

    Obama has given more monetary aid to Israel than any other president to date. Under his presidency Israel receives $3 billion in annual military assistance.How Jews could think he is pro-Arab is not founded on any facts, just prejudice against him. He also provided funding and technical assistance for Israel’s Iron Dome short range missile anti rocket defense system to protect Israeli villagers from rocket attacks. What about when President Bush threatened to withhold loan guarantees from Israel, was he pro-Arab. Obama secured support from European countries to enact the strictest sanctions ever imposed on any counrty on Iran. All this rhetoric about Obama being anti-Israel FALSE. Romney still has yet to give specifics on how he would better help Israel. The Jewish people here have no better friend to Israel than President Obama. Romney was laughed at every where he went in Europe cause they know he’s a joke, a liar and has dubious ethics

  17. Jenni007 Says:

    I love you Charlie see you in 2016!!!

  18. Yacht Repairs Says:

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