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Are you having any voting problems? Report them here

by Palm Beach Post Staff | October 31st, 2012

Early voters gather outside of City Hall in Riviera Beach to cast their votes. (Brynn Anderson/The Palm Beach Post)

Please use the comment section below to describe your voting experience in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast, including your location and how long you waited in line.

Did you experience any issues with voting? Please describe them below. You may also send your voting photos to and they will appear on our website automatically here.

50 Responses to “Are you having any voting problems? Report them here”

  1. Walter Conger Says:

    I made three trips to Delray Beach Library before I felt I had the time to wait in line; on the third trip, I waited 2 1/2 hours to vote. I believe that – in this “greatest country in the world – where voters’ rights are considered to be fundamental, it is outrageous that voting should be so difficult. (And this was early voting, with access to a dozen or so sites, open 12 hours per day for 7 straight days.) It really seems like voting suppression is someone’s goal.

  2. Fedgal Says:

    Standing in lines for a long period of time is not voting suppression. it is simply people in voting booths taking their time. Everyone should come prepared as to what and who they are casting their ballot. This election had a few amendments on it to consider. Important election ,so many are out as there should be whenever there is an election. Suppression, I think not. Next time use an absentee ballot and you won’t have to wait in line and you won’t feel “suppressed”.

  3. Ineptitude Says:

    There just is no excuse for the lack of proof reading after printing of absentee ballots.

    Long wait in lines is not the Supervisor’s fault, but the ballot fiascos are.

    Is it Bucher or inept people working for her?

    Will she have to have workers reviewing, proofing those who are supposed to proof?

    Can the bad apples, keep the good apples and stop the constant problems with voting in Palm Beach County.

    It’s an embarrassment. Run a tight ship!

  4. Chaos Clinton Says:

    Not only Benghazi as a failure, but now Hillary Clinton is urging the Syrian rebels to resist efforts by extremist groups ‘to hijack the revolution’.

    Failed, failed, failed!

    tumult IN the Arab

    Springsummerfallwinterspringsummerfallwinter…and on and on

    Failed, failed, failed!

    A known entity is better than an UNknown entity in this volitile region of the world.

    Chaos is growing; safety is an issue.

    If Syria’s WMD were an issue JUST IMAGINE IRAN!

  5. Denise Korpinen Says:

    My husband is a military absentee voter. We have been transfered twice in the last 13 months- sending update of mail address to ROV each time.
    1) August sent official ROV change of mail address form in
    2) Sept call in to assure received and processed as had not received new card. Told it as fine- mail address verified.
    3) Do not receive mail ballot and check website to see that ballot misprint caused delay to mail late Oct.
    4)Late Oct call Absentee section again and told name “purged” and need to talk to Admin
    5) Admin says thought change of address meant reregistering in CA and deleted from rolls. Contrary to what told a few weeks earlier.
    6) Need Supervisor approval and then they will reissue ballot mail ballot to CA address- told to check back in 24 hours
    7) Next day call and told “we were told to hold your mail ballot for pickup”. What??!!! I am in CA and told eveyone I talked to I am in CA. Asked to mail.
    8) Call back next day to confirm mailed…told it had been mailed 2 days prior.
    Conclusion- ROV staff is seriously incompetent, or someone is playing with Repuplican registered mail voter ballots!

  6. amazed and confused Says:

    Long lines at the Lantana Library, and parking spaces (is that 100 feet from the door?) sectioned off for “solicitors”? Rmoney campaign has table/tent set up.. Obama folks way down at the other end. Folks were parking along the road to go vote.
    Imagine if you just wanted to drop off your overdue books?!?

  7. Anita Says:

    I voted on 10/27. I waited in line 3 1/2 hours. Something is clearly wrong. And me and my new friends that I made in line came to the conclusion we need another Supervisor of Elections.

  8. Mite Robmee Says:

    West Boynton Library 11/1 – got there at 6:50pm and I was drawing lines by 8:30pm. The people on line as well as the security staff were very personable. Stop complaining and make the best of it!

  9. Gitt Mingrich Says:

    Waited just over 1 hour to vote at the Acreage Library. I can’t believe it takes so long in this age to vote.
    At this location, the problem holding up the voters were the volunteers who verify your ID. It took way too long to do that, and when we finally made it to the voting booths, there were several empty ones to choose from.
    The bottleneck was the inefficient way that they verify each voter.
    In Texas, we walked up to a volunteer who had the voter rolls printed out, they looked for your last name, you signed next to it, then voted. Much faster than this time-consuming way.

  10. Forward Says:

    Last Sunday I went to the Okeechobee Branch Library (West Palm Beach) 2 times and left because the line was so long. I went Monday morning at 7:15am. There was no line. I was in and out in 15 minutes.

  11. Marilu hernandez Says:

    The problem that I encounter and a couple of s that were voting was the long line with the hot sun on us. There were disabled and older people and children and there were no drinks at all. The line was very long and slow. I was in severe pain. I didnt know we had to be sacrifice to vote. I wouldnt blame anyone for not going to vote. And if you lost a lot of votes blamed it to the poor service that we were given.I know as a fact that if I was told of this situation I wouldnt have go to vote.

  12. Justin Says:

    Stuck in hospital with emergancy operation won’t be able to vote what can I do?

  13. Mel Mel Says:

    I voted absentee..Everyone should know how long it takes to vote on election as big as this one..most people work during the week of course the few early voting sites are going to be jammed packed.The volunteers working the polls are simply volunteers ..who keep in mind ,dont get payed much to deal with other peoples BS.I know everyone has been watching the news and they have heard how long the line has why would you show up with no Drinks in your hand!? Now you know time vote Absentee :) !

  14. Diane Tremblay Says:

    I don’t know if anyone has ever thought of this, maybe someone has already, but I was standing in line for over 2 hours this past Saturday and I was glad to do it cause it was my duty. I meet wonderful people and no one talked politics.
    I don’t know if voting has to be on Holy Ground but what if we could vote at larger venues such as Kravis, Broward center, Banc Atlantic etc. Have those venues open from 6am to 6pm so it doesn’t interfer with any upcoming shows. You have lots of bathrooms, you have Concession Stand (no Liquor of course), you can bring in a Food Truck and of course plenty of comfortable seating. And if it’s raining, your inside.
    Have the voting machines on the stage with the curtains closed. voters come in and take a number and they can sit, maybe have large screen tv’s to watch (without politcal ads). Voters can take walks, get a soda and if it’s close to lunch or dinner go to the Food Truck to grab something to eat.
    Then when they call your number you go up to the stage where there are lots of room for voting stands and get your business done. And you know, it might not take over two hours.
    Just a though

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  16. Joel Aldridge Says:

    No problems ion Palm City. In and out in 15 minutes. Longest part was filling out ballet!

  17. TB Says:

    I requested my absentee ballot early on, filled it out, dropped it off at the supervisor of elections yesterday – it took longer to find a parking spot than to drop it off in the office (where it was stamped in front of me). Did the same four years ago – best, fastest, and easiest way I’ve found to vote. The only annoying part was having to wade through the sea of uninformed ignorant voters with their “forward” signs that haven’t realized that we can’t afford 4 more years of this nonsense and that the current campaigner in chief hasn’t campaigned on issues – only attacked the opponent. Not very presidential.

  18. Lydia Says:

    I had moved to different county and went to change my address and found out when i went to vote the DMV had put No Party affiliation which means I was out of voting this election when I have always been a “certain” affiliation party for years….which means basically I could not vote….A shame which is not right.

  19. Anne Says:

    Arrived before the polls opened. Waited about an hour. Not well organized once we got in. The check-in lady’s arm was bleeding. I gave her an alcohol wipe but she did not use it. I used one to wipe off my license after she touched it with her bloody hand. There was a free-for-all to get to the ballot stations. The scanning machine broke after the 1st of 3 pages of the ballot went in. Interestingly, the old male poll workers walked a few feet away to chat while the page was going into the machine. One of the men returned and looked at the next woman’s ballot before putting it in the ballot box.

    3939 N OCEAN BLVD

  20. Karen Says:

    Precinct 3186 in Boynton. We used to be at the high school and shared with another precinct and had about a dozen or more voting booths. Now at Lakeside Christian Church, still sharing with another precinct, with 6 voting booths. Arrived at 6:45, was 47th in line, got a ballot at 8, left at 8:07. Amendment reading plus fewer booths slowed things down.

  21. Carole Says:

    My husband and I went to our designated polling location at 6:15am, the line was not that long @50 people. The elementary school library was very small and had 4 precincts assigned. Several people in line with us had that polling location on their voters registration cards that they recently recieved in the mail. However, their precinct was not at this location and non of the volunteers could help them on where they should go to vote. After waiting in line for over an hour they were not happy. The volunteer finding my name on her voting rolls didn’t think I looked like the picture on my driver’s license, but my signature was the same, do they not train the volunteers? Also, there were 4 voting stations. The volunteers would not let us sit at tables to fill out our ballots and made us wait in line for one of the 4 stations. So it was an hour to get the ballot and another waiting for a station to complete the ballot. This is just so disorganized. No wonder the rest of the country makes fun of Palm Beach County!

  22. Colleen Says:

    I live in Lake Worth. I was in line for 10min. The volunteers were awesome.

  23. Christina Says:

    10 minutes to vote in Palm beach Gardens. Longest wait to cast the ballot.

  24. Great Day to Vote Says:

    got to the Presbyterian Church on Hood Road in PB Gardens just after 9 pm, line was short, moved fast and I was in and out in less than 20 minutes. The secret was being an informed voter who knew the issues going on. God bless America!!

  25. Cathy Says:

    Voting is a Constitutional Law not a Political Toy; it is up to the State to see to it is carried out and that right upheld…not the People to adjust to the State’s inability to carry it out.


    Voter suppression is real and evident around the country. Rick Scott signed a bill into law in 2011 that would limit early voting from 14 to just 8 days. WOW, after HE was elected in 2010 under the extended voting period. The majority of early voters are registered Democrats.
    Why are there precincts in mostly minority/low income areas that have so many problems: Long lines, machine problems, eliminated precincts (and the Supervisor of Elections sending out incorrect info on voter registration cards)? Because these voters are nearly all registered DEMOCRATS. It’s a fact. I haven’t seen ANY problems in more affluent/low percentage of minorities precincts in Palm Beach County. Short lines-”In and out within 15 minutes”. Something’s very wrong with this picture.

  27. Susan Halliday Says:

    BOO to Palm Beach County! I voted this morning at H. L. Johnson Elementary in RPB and they gave me a USED page 2! Yep, it was filled out with a fat black line–not how I wanted to vote. They said, “Oh, you got a spoiled one!” Zero confidence now! We were talked about on the Today show….ballots are flawed and can’t read the judges section. Oh my! Can’t some hard working accurate people do this job?????????????????? Also, what happened to the machines/computers? Very sad to be using black ink. Go check it out and make sure they know what do do with USED VOTED ON ballots. UNBELIEVABLE!

  28. Summer Says:

    I was in line at St. Peters Catholic church at 6:30am. When we entered the building there were no signs in eyesight of where to go. All signs were posted in front of tables so you could not see them if there was a line. Everyone was confused and in the wrong line. Only 8 stations for you to fill out your ballot after standing in a huge line, then stand in another huge line to put ballot into the feeder (there was only 1). The man in front of me could not get his ballot to read and had to get out of line and start all over!! A complete mess. I will take the day off and help with the next election. No organization!!

  29. Cathy Says:

    To get FREE Bagel & Shmear at Einstein Bros bring in your “I Voted” sticker on November 6th

  30. Rochelle Stryker Says:

    I voted at Hidden Oaks Elementary in Boynton Beach. I must say this is the most unorganized polling place I have ever seen!

    There are 2 precincts voting at this location and nothing telling you that you have to go to one side or the other for each precinct. They lack any kind of proper sinage telling people anything. Poll workers walking around each telling you different things. Lines based on the letter of your last name, but you cannot see the signs because the line of people are standing in front of them.

    The poll workers telling people to stand in the wrong lines. Then once you fill out your ballot you need to wait in another line to slide/scan it into the machine….that line backs up to the entry door so when people first walk in they are waiting in that line only to find out that they should have been waiting in another line!

    I personally watched while 2 ladies put together ballots with 2 of the same page rather than 1 of each of the 3 pages!

    The biggest issue is that their voting “machine” is apparently stating “duplicate vote” on many of the sheets slid into it!! I have no idea if my vote is even going to count at this point!

    Most people working there are pleasant, however, there’s one lady I felt compelled to ask why she is so rude and nasty to everyone she talks to! She seemed to be the “one in charge”, however, the ladies at the sign in tables seemed to know the rules better than she did!

    Other poll workers patted me on the back and/or smiled and thanked me as well as other people in line.

    All I can say is I hope my vote counted!

  31. Dale Morrison Says:

    Spent $1.50 and mailed my absentee ballot in a month ago. Verified(online) it was received. No line, no gas and no waiting.

  32. Amy Flynn Says:

    My daughter lives in Tokyo. She is a legal resident and registered voter here in Palm Beach County. She went online to request an absentee ballot be mailed to her. Whenever she clicked submit it said there was an error. She did it several times, never being sure if it went through or not. Whenever she checked it said that there had been no absentee ballot requested. I went online a week later and requested an absentee ballot be sent to her at my address with the same result. My son, in Michigan, requested and received his ballot no problem. Eventually got in touch with the supervisor of elections office by telephone who assured me that her ballot had been mailed to my home address quite a while ago. It never turned up here, but she did get one in Japan. The mailing instructions on it were quite confusing. They only referred to people who lived within the US. The requirements for $1.50 postage and regular first-class mail were useless. They said that any ballots received via a delivery service would be discarded. I spent hours searching online and calling the elections office trying to find answers while she was standing in the post office waiting for instructions. They suggested faxing which was not an option for her. Finally I was told that she should have voted by email which sounded so obvious and easy. So I gave them her information and she went home. She called me an hour later to say that she had received the email ballot promptly–but she couldn’t email it back! It had to be mailed or faxed as she was trying to do in the first place! Email is only for receiving the ballot, not for casting your vote. She went back to the post office the next day, and paid for special delivery service to send it to my house so I could deliver it in person to the board of elections. It was mailed a week ago and was supposed to take 3 to 4 days. It has not arrived and therefore she has lost her vote. The incompetence and mismanagement of the board of elections personnel is incomprehensible. And by the way as of today my son’s ballot which was mailed a week ago also, first-class mail from Michigan, has not been received either, according to them. Two young people who have always been skeptical of the political process, but decided to make the effort to get their voices heard anyway, have been disenfranchised.

    Never had a problem voting in New York, either in person or by absentee ballot, in our entire lives. Welcome to the Sunshine State.

  33. W.S. Says:

    Precinct 7108 rocks! No line AT ALL. Took all of 10 minutes. 2 minutes to vote (came prepared with sample ballot) and 8 to make dinner plans with the neighbor I ran into at the polling site. I LOVE MY PRECINCT!

  34. suber Says:

    i am not waiting in line for HOURS to vote. count me out this time, and every time, until there is internet voting.

  35. suber Says:

    keep thinking you’re making a difference fools. two preselected candidates with the same platforms and ties to corporate donors. the joke is on you

  36. toni Says:

    I tried to vote early but I refused to wait 2+ hours at the Jupiter Library. I’m glad I waited until today, no waiting at the Jupiter Library at 10 AM.

  37. Jane Says:

    Tried early voting but lines were WAY too long when I had lots of other commitments those days. Today I was prepared to wait. The wait was only about 50 minutes, but had to wait outside the school. Voters were allowed in one at a time. When I got inside, there were at least 6 empty voting booths and no one in front of me. So the line could have been moved along MUCH faster than it was. Otherwise, no problem.

  38. Dawn Sobik Says:

    Voted at Seminole Ridge HS. Walked right in, voted , left. Lots of people but went very smoothly and very organized.

  39. I voted Says:

    It took me 5 mins. to get my ballot,5 minutes to fill it in and 25 minutes to feed it into the one machine!My husband went to the same place at 7 and it took 1 1/2 hours.He said there were a lot of retired people in line.It would be nice if they voted later and let the people that had to get to work go first.The older voters in my line had difficulty feeding all three ballots into the machine.

  40. El Says:

    Went to vote afterwork @ Seminole Trail Elementary, there was no wait or lines, i had a question in reference to the ballot because was my first time voting and the guy sitting there told me: You should had done your damn home work.!!
    The lady sitting next to him told him he should try to give out better directions.
    I walked away so angry!!

  41. Cindy Ireland Says:

    The scanner for my precinct 6154, was not working so they scanned it into another machine. I doubt my vote will be counted. Figures!

  42. Stephani Says:

    Voted in Orange County at the Precint off of . I stood in line for 2 hours with about 75-100 other folks. They had one scanner machine in which to feed your unecessarily long (filled with constitutional proposed amendments) completed ballot in to. I thought that was pretty good considering I had heard that in other parts of the State that the lines had up to a 4 hour cue…felt like I was at Disney. One ballot scanner for that sort of voter volume is quite ridiculous.

  43. relieved but peeved Says:

    arrived @ riviera beach municipal building at 7 am saturday morning. The line was around the building and into the street. Scanned ballot at 11:14 am. 4.25 hours!!!! Mayor Thomas was handing out water, donuts, everyone was very friendly but I disagree with others: waiting in line 4 hours to vote is a violation of my civil liberties. In Texas early voting is quick, easy and everywhere… one can be in and out of the portable stations set up at local schools and grocery stores plus the format is much quicker and user friendly. My opposition to tyranny was the only factor motivating me not to leave the line. I’m sorry but Florida is the worst- Scott’s attempts to bottleneck the vote failed but his role in the obvious gerrymandering should be remembered and he should be held accountable for attempting to suppress our rights.

  44. Thisisasetup Says:

    For those of you wondering why Florida voting MAY have taken so long, here are a few considerations.

    1. Our PAPER ballot was 12 pages long, 6 pages front and back. (Even if you are already prepared with a response it takes a while to sort through the thick mess.)

    2. The poll workers are slow as molasses.

    3. Some voting polls were limited to one working printing machine. At my precinct we had to wait in a second line just to receive a printout of the ballots.

    4. (And we had to wait in a third line to feed it through the machine.)

    5. Parking spaces were limited.

    6. Our early voting was reduced by 8 days thanks to good ol’ Rick Scott.

    7. Most people do no trust using absentee ballot in Florida since they tend to get lost in the mail or magically tossed away. (For some reason Florida is electorally challenged.)

  45. jayf8ch48 Says:

    It took less than 30 minutes for my girlfriend and I to both vote. We are lucky our voting precinct is small, but there could have been a long line. We will never know. We went early in the day. Some of you people need to get a life. Not everything in the world is instantaneous. This was a Presidential Election. Did you think the turnout would be ten people? Didin’t you watch the news accounts? Would I wait 5-6 hours to vote early? Absolutely not and I didn’t! Could the process be better? Yes, and hopefully it will be, but it is what it is today! I also prepared before I went to the poll. I had my votes written down as many other people did. Stop complaining about everything in your world! Volunteer and help the process go smoother. Make suggestions to your County Commisioner’s office if your smarter than anyone else and you have all of the answers for the rest of us. Just stop complaining. We don’t care! You probably will never be satisfied even if you could vote from your bed! We do what we need to do to guarantee our right to vote! If that means planning ahead and arriving early you do it! Now, how about weekend voting when people are off from work? Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Think that might help?

  46. d Says:

    It took about 1/2 hour for my voting cards with precinct on it to print up. Superviser had to play with system to get it to work for early voting. Waited 2-3 hours. The wait in my precinct on Tuesday would have been 15 minutes. Why Governor Scott!!??

  47. relieved but peeved Says:

    I think people who say “stop complaining” about the inefficient and unfair voting infrastructure represent the apathetic attitude that allows injustices such as those witnessed by many early voters to continue. I voted early because I am out of the country for a conference this week and feel voting, voicing one’s opinion and demanding a better version of our nation is my right and RESPONSIBILITY. Drawing attention to an unjust electoral system is not complaining!!! I wonder what would have become of us if our founders had decided to “stop complaining” in the face of unlawful taxation… ugh, apathy and idiocy make me sad and sick and THAT is why I wait 5 hours in line to vote… so people with a “stop complaining” attitude don’t continue to drive this country into the ground with their apathy and “sure, let me just bend over” mentality.

  48. M Burns Says:

    My absentee ballot didn’t even have the page/race for Allen West or Patrick Murphy included – I wanted to vote for Allen West but it was basically the first page Presidential race and the Supreme Court justices etc, and the other pages were the amendments – I checked front and back of each page several times and those pages were not included!!

  49. NC Voter Says:

    After watching the news and seeing this page I just can’t believe what a fiasco voting in Florida is. There is really something wrong that can’t be just swept under the rug. I live just outside of Charlotte, NC in Cabarrus County and I did early voting, I was in and out within 15 minutes total. I WORK and there is NO way I could vote if I had to stand in line for 3 to 5 hours, that is ludicrous and may not be direct voter suppression, but I know most WORKING Americans would not be able to vote if that is what they had to endure. Voting is a right and the state needs to be sure it is carried out and done properly so that every American can vote, and that doesn’t mean you should have to stand in line from 4pm to 10pm to do it. Some heads should roll for Florida’s continued failures when it comes to voting, you are the laughing stock of America and we try to let every person know their vote counts yet the election was long over before Florida even had theirs turned in. As a voter I would definitely feel my 5 hour wait for a vote and the election being over before my vote was counted made my voting a pure waste of time!!!! Look across the country Florida, there are 3,033 counties in this country and only your state botched it! Get it right next time!

  50. Says:

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