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About 150 attend $50,000-a-plate dinner for Romney in Palm Beach

by George Bennett | October 20th, 2012

A $50,000-a-plate fundraiser for Mitt Romney drew about 150 people to the Palm Beach home of Wilbur and Hilary Ross this evening, one of the event’s organizers said.

The dinner crowd included Gov. Rick Scott, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman (who has been playing the role of President Obama to prep Romney for Monday night’s debate at Lynn University) and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, according to Larry Kawa, a Boca Raton orthodontist and part of the 20-member host committee for the event.

Romney also attended a $5,000-a-ticket reception earlier in the day at the oceanfront home of Dwight and Martha Schar. At least 150 people attended that event, Palm Beach Councilman William Diamond estimated.

The Palm Beach fundraisers were billed as the final money-raising events that Romney himself will headline during the 2012 campaign.


46 Responses to “About 150 attend $50,000-a-plate dinner for Romney in Palm Beach”

  1. Karen Says:

    It would take me about 10 years as a teacher’s aide to make 50,00 dollars…and they are spending it on one night, one chance to eat with a man who I feel only wants to put another feather in his hat…who truly doesn’t care about people and the nation but does care that he can say…I was president…..I truly believe that it’s the only thing that matters to Mr. Romney and I am saddened that so many of the USA buy into his sales pitch

  2. Janet Canterbury Says:

    I wonder how many of the 47% were invited to the 1% obscene $50,000 a plate dinner to raise more money to tell more half truths in their advertising barage in our state? I have faith in the people–or at least those whose voter registrations were not destroyed by the GOP. Women in particular are not stupid enough to trust Romney and even worse, Paul Ryan to keep their greedy hands off our bodies– reproductive health does matter to women and we are not going back to the good ol’ days when men were men and women were their slaves!

  3. Steve Says:

    What about the people who pay $50,000 to attend an Obama dinner? It goes both ways. Simply Google “Obama $50,000 fundraiser” and you will see he has them too. Does that make him or the attendees bad people?

  4. ed Says:

    When Obama is partying with Jay Z and Beyonce and there are floor to ceiling stacks of $800 bottle of champagne, or when he is at a $50K a plate with George Clooney, where are all the people saying it is ridiculous??? When Obama flies off to Vegas to collect $$$ while our embassies are under siege, where is the outrage?, 3 weeks until election time, still hasn’t revealed his plan for fixing his mess (other than blame Bush), way to many people still unemployed, foreign policy unraveling before our eyes. He is one and done. And for a guy who loves to castigate the wealthy, he sure does seem to like to attend their parties. Rosalind Carter can now die knowing her husband wasn’t the worst president in US history.

  5. Downtown Danny Says:

    Remember the name Wilbur Ross – an alternative local newspaper is getting ready to expose him for the greedy anti-America that he is.

  6. agroundhere Says:

    Well, I guess that explains all of the new landscaping along A1A in the last 2 weeks. The good news is that these folks have wasted some money. It is just too darn bad that rich, successful people aren’t really that smart. They got to where they are by being lucky. Which is fine but it doesn’t make anyone special. Most were born on third base, or the owners box.

  7. Cranky Yankee Says:

    It boggles my mind that someone would pay $50,000 per plate to attend a fundraiser for a candidate who “promises” to lower their taxes, yet they would have actually paid LESS in tax, than they spent on the dinner, under the incumbent. SMH!



  9. Both do it Says:

    Both political parties have shindigs to raise money for their campaign parties.

    We all should know that.

    Remember Jay Z’s gauche Obama fundraiser?

    Big donations ‘means’ something:

    Obama appoints Boas ambassador-then rescinds due to DUI

    Obama= big money bundlers =

    So, stop whining about your salary, your lack of a job.

    Obama and Romney, both fundraise at lavish parties.

  10. chic Says:

    I agree with Jupiterman, it really doesn’t matter who spent what. The people who attended are spending this sort of money to save themselves on their tax dollars in the future. Funny though, it never ceases to amaze me how they will complain they have no money and how they have to pay taxes, yet they flip out $50,000 like its’ nothing. I get it now, it is ok for the majority of us to work like dogs and pay the tax on our backs. I don’t make enough at two jobs to even qualify for any tax loophole. But you can bet your bottom dollar, those who have $50G to pay for a dinner, have the where-with-all to take advantage of all the loopholes in the tax system.

  11. Quercus Says:

    What a waste! They should pass legislation that requires a minimum of 10% of the gross from these dinners (either party) go to local food banks! Just think how many people 750k would feed. I’m living paycheck to paycheck, but I’m going to find a way to donate $50 to the Savlavion Army today!

  12. Roger Says:

    I wonder what was on the menue?

  13. Joe Says:

    Why is it that the media makes the headline about a Republican and what the fundraising is? Obama raises the same kind of money. Also he is doing on the taxpayer dime. (Time & Expenses)In case those that don’t understand that.

  14. j r thomas Says:

    Mooch-elle spends that much on her numerous vacations at tax payers expense !!!!! go Romney – turn this sinking ship around…..NOBAMA…

  15. May Says:


    Well said!!!!!!! If they cut back on spending we also wouldn’t have signs littering our cities!! They can put out all the Romney signs they want, and steal all the Obama signs they want, it won’t sway me…. I will vote for the one who can relate, the one who cares for ALL 100% of us, the one who pays his fare share like we all do. The one who won’t need binders of women, what a joke Romney is!!!!!

    Obama in 2012!!!!!!!!!!

  16. May Says:

    PS I know somone who served at Romney’s dinner, they were all searched for electronics and the house swepped for bugs this time….. wonder why?????

  17. Debra Fitzgerald Says:

    READ: “Romney’s Tax Plan Doesn’t Obey the Laws of Mathematics” – From “US News and World Report” – October 17, 2012.

    The Romney/Ryan Tax Plan is the biggest scam in American history. There’s not ONE non partisan economist or organization that supports it. Now U.S.News and World Report” has joined the ranks of all that claim it “mathmatically impossible”.

    Voters, this is the biggest scam of the American people in history. Once Romney’s in office, he won’t care what he said – what he “promised”. Middle class Americans will be forced to pay for trillions in tax cuts for the very wealthiest in this country.


  18. JUPITERMAN Says:

    MITTS A NIGHTMARE! He took Bain to a bankruptcy but still collecting as all the hundreds of employees lost everything invested.,took mass. from 4 to 46 when he left. Has many overseas investments including investments many in china,pays hardly any taxes,will take away women’s rights mainly because of his religious beliefs.His sons Ann said on the View cannot serve because of they’re religion,but added they due attend funerals for those who were killed serving they’re country. So for those looking at those bogus video’s of propaganda about Obama and listen to crazy RUSH LIMBAUGH,CHECK YOUR FACTS.They’re plenty of faults on both sides.

  19. North End Runer Says:

    Only 25 years ago we were a nice quiet town of unpretentious neighbors.
    Opulence and extravagence has taken quite a toll on our reputation. Will the last one of us to pack up our Fords and Chevys please turn out the light when you leave.

  20. Sick Of Taxes Says:

    @Jupiterman-You are really confused. Obama also has overseas investments but you guys won’t take the time to read anything that might be informative or objective. Isn’t everything you read about Obama that’s negative “bogus” and everything you read about Romney absolutely true, no matter the source?
    At least try for some objectivity.

  21. Got mine Says:

    What kind of person writes off half of the country and claims that more than 100 million Americans aren’t worth the time of day?

    Anyone who holds these views should be IMMEDIATELY disqualified from holding office in the eyes of the public.

    The role of the POTUS is to set the agenda for the country. Americans need to ask themselves if they want a President who fights for big corporations OR one who fights for the Middle Class.

    THAT is what’s at stake here.

    Re-elect Obama and he will continue to fight for average hard-working Americans regardless of political party, because it’s the right thing to do.

    I really really hope that anyone considering voting for Mr. “Corporations Are People” realizes that Romney will NEVER fight for you.

    If you think massive multinational corporations have had it rough the last 12 years and are in need of a POTUS who advocates for them and not for us, then you must realize that you are contributing to the demise of this country. Look at the Bush economic agenda. Same as Romney’s. Cut taxes for the rich. Cut services and slash the safety net. Deregulate Wall Street. Let multinational oil companies write the U.S. Energy policy. Let the insurance companies run the health care system into the ground. Outsource American manufacturing to China. Look what happened. LOOK. WHAT. HAPPENED.

    We voted for Obama because WE THE PEOPLE needed someone fighting for US.

    The truth is, we need someone fighting for us as President NOw MORE THAN EVER.

    Literally the LAST thing we need right now is an entitled CEO to tell us that WE are the problem with America and the solution is more corporate welfare for his overpaid CEO buddies and the elimination of the safety net.

    Get busy, Florida.

    We NEED Obama in the White House advocating for policies that benefit average Americans like US!

    We do NOT need Mr. “47%” telling us that WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are the problem with America.

    Go Obama!


    Every man, woman, and 18+ child needs to VOTE!

  22. peteforest Says:

    If they tape this event,you’ll see that the only thing that won’t stink is the food.

    That one fellow in the last 50,000 dinner in boca looked like he was trying to recoup some of his money by gobbling down his dinner and probably asked for seconds.

  23. KC Says:

    To all seniors and others who rely on fixed income. Do you understand the Romney tax plan. Right now Obama has Kept interest rates artificially low to help support the out of control spending of his administration. And by doing so you have seen your interest income reduced to almost nothing while social security increases are at low levels. ROMNEY WILL NOT TAX INTEREST AND DIVIDEND INCOME FOR PEOPLE WITH INCOME UNDER $200,000. REPEAT –NO TAXES F0R INTEREST AND DIVIDEND EARNINGS FOR PEOPLE WITH INCOMES UNDER $200,000!!!! ROMNEY KNOWS HOW OBAMA IS DESTROYING THE RETIREMENT DREAMS WE ALL WORKED HARD TO OBTAIN!!!!

  24. Concerned Taxpayer Says:

    On Sept. 18, while still lying about Libya for now 7 days, Obama attended a $40,000.00 per person fundraiser hosted by Jay-Z and Beyonce at Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club in Manhattan. This was after he appeared on Letterman’s TV show. Obama hunts the big money Hollywood types like a 45 year old divorced Boca woman hunts a sugar daddy.

  25. Debra Fitzgerald Says:

    Romney claims “our country is broke”, “we must abolish Medicare, gut Medicaid, and privatize Social Security to protect them for future generations”, while his tax plan hands TRILLIONS more in tax breaks to the very wealthiest in this country, on top of the Bush Tax cuts.

    Is this what you support ?

    This Republican Party will return this country back to the days when seniors lived and died in poverty and from lack of affordable health care – all for more tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires.

    Wake up voters. Use your common sense.

    Obama/Biden/Democrats 2012 !

  26. Concerned Taxpayer Says:

    New September fundraising numbers are out. Obama was given $11 million by…wait for it…trial lawyers! Just last month, $11 million more from trial lawyers. They know the answer to the question, “who’s yo’ daddy?” Gotta keep their gravytrain of lawsuit money rolling in and a president who sees victims everywhere is definitely their kind of man.

  27. Al Finnell Says:

    If you look south, you will find that the Catholic have a hundred nations and a thousand years of nothing but failure. It is imperative that the failure stop now. Calif is already gone, Texas is gone. One by one, all are failing, due to the Catholic. Romney is a wannabe Catholic, Ryan is a raving Catholic. The R party has been owned by the Vatican for 40 years. Do not vote for failure.

  28. Voter Says:

    These Liberals cry about the price of the ticket for GOP fundraiser, but Obama bragged that the Dem’s had the highest fundraiser ever in history this past week.

    Romney will be our next President.

    Deal with it.

  29. Voter Says:

    Al Finnell is afraid of how powerful the Catholic church is.

    Just think how powerful God is Al when he judges your soul.

  30. Wake up sheep Says:

    Check your 401K investment portfolio. The financial company who holds your funds invest those funds according to the risk level you wish to undertake. Some of those investments made on the behalf of EVERY AMERICAN WHO HAS AN INVESTMENT ACCOUNT MIGHT BE INVESTED IN OVERSEAS COMPANIES. The very people who are making stupid comments about Obama’s investment portfolio need to become informed. It’s one thing to have investments in foreign companies made on your behalf through an investment firm, and another to INTENTIONALLY outsource jobs and hide your money in offshore accounts to purposely evade paying taxes on said income. Learn the truth before you spout inaccuracies.

    Do some research on Obama’s top donors vs Romney’s top donors. One donor gave Romney’s campaign over 34 million dollars; more than the top FIVE largest donors to Obama’s campaign COMBINED. Who would pay $50,000 to listen to Romney’s ignorant diatribe? Why would the hosts of the party search everyone for bugs and confiscate all cell phones if they had nothing to hide? Hypocrites and thieves.

  31. Wake up sheep Says:

    @voter-Obama had the largest fundraising day thanks to SMALL DONORS (under $2,500, the majority being $5, $10 & $20 gifts) Obama will be re-elected, deal with it.

  32. Romney/Ryan Tax Plan??? Says:


    Do YOU understand Romney’s tax plan?

    If so, please explain it to us Floridians since Romney/Ryan refuse to do so.

    For example:

    1) How does the Romney/Ryan plan to balance the budget?

    2) How will the Romney/Ryan tax plan be revenue neutral?

    3) How will Romney/Ryan tax plan avoid raising taxes on the Middle Class?

    I’m being deadly serious.

    Can ANYONE answer those questions for me? Concerned Taxpayer? Anyone?!

  33. Koch for President Says:

    If Romney is elected, the Koch Bros., Norquist, Siegel, Trump and the other right wing nuts will have a key to the White House to come and go at will. If you aren’t a millionaire, do you think ANY of them would care about you? They are BUSINESSMEN and only concerned on lining their own pockets and profiting at the cost of the entire nation.

  34. Your future - Your choice Says:

    Let’s be fair…and not so divisive. Obama and Dems are also holding fundraisers. Where is the publicity, and editorializing of the other side?
    These last two debates have shown the true colors of our candidates. To clarify, this author holds no distinction of black and white, we are all one. And my wife is from Venezuela. The only way we can secure our future is for ALL the American People to realize the truth about the State of Our Nation and the Obama Presidency. There is a better future! All of us should hope so, this coming Tuesday, November, 6th . The election is almost here. In recent debates, an arrogant aloof Obama and an inept, rudely interrupting, senator of inferior seniority Biden (He embarrassed his office and America with his antics. Can you confidently say he is a capable Obama successor?) They defend falsehoods, make us more dependent on government, limit our choices, hinder small business growth and the concept of free market growth , and with their spending, drive the United States of America to bankruptcy. As important is the Obama divisive nature pitting Americans against each other. What is his true inner compass direction? He has and will continue to diminish our country. I grew up with a better sense of right and a better understanding of the freedom of the people. We are not being represented properly. I am tired of apologizing for being “an american”. I want to be proud to be “AN AMERICAN” again! Truly things are going the direction. Romney is not perfect but our best choice for the future of the USA.

  35. Obama2012 Says:

    For everyone who accuses Obama for ‘lying about Libya’, he relayed the most up to date information he had from our intelligence sources in the region. SOME INFORMATION IS CLASSIFIED AND CANNOT BE FULLY DIVULGED UNTIL AN OPERATION IS COMPLETE AND SOMETIMES NOT EVEN THEN. With the comments referring to his flying to Vegas for a fundraiser, AIR FORCE ONE IS LIKE BEING IN THE OVAL OFFICE!! We now have computers, Skype, and other 21st century technology to keep the President in touch; even while traveling. Just goes to show you the ignorance the right wing Republicans demonstrate when trying to make a national tragedy into something political. Disgusting and shameful.

  36. Obama2012 Says:

    @your future – your choice: You are right, except for one thing: if you are wealthy, Romney is your guy. If you are a woman, elderly, a veteran, someone making less than $250,000 a year; Romney will destroy you. Biden being rude? I’ve never seen a person with NO RESPECT for the office of the President of the United States than Mitt Romney. His kid wants to ‘beat Obama up’ for calling his dad a liar?? Real classy. I guess that’s how the Romney’s raise their children: If you can’t buy them, assault them. Ann Romney is a cancer survivor and has MS. Her answer to women who cannot obtain health insurance due to pre-existing conditions: CASH IN SOME STOCK (to raise the money for your treatments)


  37. Carolo Says:

    I am quite shocked with FL leaning Republican when Medicare is flat on the line. Also Ryans talk of privatizing Social Security. I always thought those programs were a “hands off” for retires all over? Apparently people don’t care about it as much as I thought they did but this voucher plan is awful. Opens up the “donut hole”, does NOT cover pre-existing conditions, does NOT cover nursing home care.

    My SS and Medicare are everything to me. I thought it was for other retires as well. I guess I was wrong.

  38. KC Says:

    Romney/Ryan tax plan is to reduce marginal rates across the board but eliminate deductions for high income earners. Deductions are yet to be determined. By Romneys willingness to work on a bipartisan level maybe housing deduction for wealthy, home office deduction, medical deduction, travel expense deduction etc. maybe all the above. Maybe not limiting social security witholding to an annual salary cap. There are ways despite liberal opposition. Once the business community has a clear direction of the economy, as demonstrated by Romney’s leadership, hiring will commence, expansion begins and tax revenue increases.

  39. Carolo Says:

    It took one year for the investigation into “weapons of mass destruction” to be concluded. But here we are, 6 weeks from the Embassy attack and 2 weeks since the FBI were able to get there, and everyone wants every detail.

    Romney is still one of Bains investers. Every time another factory goes down and moves to China, Romney is lining his pockets again off the backs of american workers. Right now in Illinois another factory has been sold to Bain. Romney hides from the military by going to France, keeps his 5 rich sons from serving even one day, he hides his interest in Bain, hides his money and hides his tax records.

    He also hid his lousy job as Governor and why Obama is ahead of him 15 points in his own State.

  40. Romney/Ryan Tax Plan??? Says:

    So KC,

    How is Congress going to pay for these massive tax cuts?

    You keep saying maybe this, maybe that.


    HOW do you cut $5 trillion in taxes and make it up in other ways?


    You say that they will end deductions for the rich, well that is mathematically NOT ENOUGH to cover the tax cuts.

    You say “There are ways despite liberal opposition”

    What the hell does that even mean?

    You think there are ways to balance the tax plan but which liberals oppose?

    Care to LIST those ways?

  41. KC Says:

    You and Obama said 5 trillion in tax cuts ROMNEY said Decrease marginal tax rates cut deductions to wealthy and you have no cut!!!
    COMPRENDE? ARE YOU AN ACTUARY, YOU CALCULATED THE MATH? Middle class gets reduction wealthy does not! Reduce out of control spending for needless entitlement and “VIOLA” you have a balanced budget! OBSMA HAS NO BUDGET!!

  42. Romney/Ryan Tax Plan??? Says:


    What does 20% across the board tax cut mean?

    Because, here in the real world, “across the board” means for the rich too.

    There simply are not enough deductions for the wealthy to offset a 20% across the board tax cut!

    It’s really that straight forward!


    “Entitlements” are NOT “NEEDLESS”!


    How is proposing $2 Trillion in defense spending after a full MF-ing decade of war supposed to “reduce out of control spending”?


  43. Romney/Ryan Tax Plan??? Says:

    Ok, here you go KC and any other Republican or Independent who is reading this… Check it out:

    This is David Gregory on Meet The Press TODAY (10/21):

    “I’ve talked to Erskine Bowles and Senator [Alan] Simpson of the Simpson-Bowles commission and they say it simply doesn’t work — that either the middle class will have to pay more in taxes or you have to blow up the deficit.”




    Bowles + Simpson say THE MATH DOESN’T WORK!

    So NOW what’s your excuse?

  44. Obamahater Says:

    @ Al you Obama plants! Quit trying to make this halfbreed a saint! He’s the biggest con-artist there every was. I can’t wait till Mitt Romney wins this election, and all you Obama posters go back to where ever you came from!! He supports the muslums, and and all their terrorist actions! Why do you think he lied about the attack in Bengazi He was well informed of what happen! You people blame the rich for our problems. They earned their money! Go earn your’s!!

  45. May Says:

    After just seeing his silly looking face, pumping iron on TV again…. the REAL problem is…..Ryan, is that what you want as a heartbeat away from President?????????

    NO WAY……… VOTE OBAMA 2012

  46. Fred Hadley Says:

    Former Governor Charlie Crist and State Representative Irv Slosberg appeared at a packed rally for State Senator Candidate Joe Abruzzo at Century Village Boca Raton on Sunday, Oct.. 21.

    Here is a link to my 32-minute video of the event:

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