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Super PAC ad blasts Frankel’s marble bathroom, police helicopter trips

by Andrew Abramson | September 24th, 2012

The Young Guns Action fund, a conservative Super PAC, aired this anti-Lois Frankel ad on TV this weekend. The ad accuses Frankel of flying in the city’s police helicopter for personal use and spending $13,000 in taxpayers money for a marble bathroom in West Palm Beach city hall.

While opponent Adam Hasner’s campaign has been running positive ads, it has the benefit of the Super PAC going negative.

Frankel blasted Super PACs at today’s Forum luncheon with Hasner, saying “the Supreme Court now allows a corporation to put as much as they want into these shadowy sleazy Super PACs that run ads.” Frankel proposed a constitutional amendment to limit corporations from backing Super PACs.


3 Responses to “Super PAC ad blasts Frankel’s marble bathroom, police helicopter trips”

  1. Dworkis Says:

    If you think this super PAC ad is harsh, wait until they come after Lois on the Digital Domain land donation.

  2. nemo Says:

    Was she using the helicoptor to go to a Digital Domain Function? This woman is a thief…nothing more, nothing less. She is a whore, abiet an ugly one, because she does not do anything without being paid. Do we want her in congress. IT is the home of political whores, but we should keep her out for her own good…and our sanity.

  3. Marathon Running Says:

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