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Romney made his ’47 percent’ remark in Boca Raton; he’s coming back to Palm Beach County on Thursday

by George Bennett | September 17th, 2012


Mitt Romney‘s remarks that nearly half of Americans are “dependent upon government” and will vote for President Obama “no matter what” were uttered in May at the Boca Raton home of private equity mogul Marc Leder, Mother Jones magazine reported Monday night.

A tape of Romney’s private speech to top-dollar contributors caused an instant uproar when it was released by Mother Jones today, but the liberal magazine initially said it could not reveal the time and place of the remarks.

Late this evening, author David Corn identified them as coming during Romney’s May 17 visit to Leder’s home, where donors paid $50,000 apiece to dine with Romney.

Romney’s characterization of the approximately 47 percent of Americans who don’t pay income taxes (the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center estimated it at 46 percent in July) came shortly after an appearance at Woodfield Country Club in which Romney seemed intent on dispelling his image as an out-of-touch rich guy.

Romney had been criticized for telling a CNN interviewer that “I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs repair, I’ll fix it I’m concerned about the very heart of the America, the 90, 95 percent of Americans who right now are struggling and I’ll continue to take that message across the nation.”

Romney took considerable heat for those remarks and said he had meant them to emphasize his concern for the middle class. Shortly before heading to Leder’s house, Romney tried to make that point again.

“I want to make sure America remains strong, that we help the people who need the help the most, which are middle class families,” Romney told the presumably well-off donors at Woodfield.

“You guys are doing great. I’m not worried about you. You’re doing just fine. I’m worried about the great majority of middle class families that are really struggling. I want them to get great jobs with rising incomes,” Romney said.

Romney makes another fundraising stop in Palm Beach County Thursday, with a visit to the North Palm Beach home of Chris Cline and then the nearby home of Al Hoffman.


79 Responses to “Romney made his ’47 percent’ remark in Boca Raton; he’s coming back to Palm Beach County on Thursday”

  1. Rohinton Irani Says:

    “There are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47% who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to FOOD, to housing, to you-name-it. That that’s an entitlement. And the government should g

    ive it to them.”—-Willard Romney

    No….Willard,NOT NO MATTER WHAT ?

    Because WE ALL PAY TAXES !….Mitt !



    That YOU have the DAMM NERVE to say that AMERICAN CITIZENS shoulld be ENTITLED to : FOOD ?….FOOD !


    Do YOU ,Mr. Ayn Rand Jr.,and your DEATH CULT
    Party WANT to Turn America into The Street Beggers ?

    Like they have in India,and the Street of Bombay !

    Is that what YOU Boys want ? !

    THANK YOU Willard for JUSTFYING what I’ve ALWAYS said :

    F**K The republican party !

    and after THIS Mitt….

    F**K YOU TOO !

  2. Bananna Says:

    Freeloading moochers shouldn’t have a voice and be happy with my scraps.

  3. Common Sense Says:

    Don’t you liberals understand math. You chanted 4 more years, Under Obama 40 percent more people signed up for food stamps, so you want another 40 percent to join the next 4 years??? There should be a 2 year term limit on food stamps, nobody ever leaves these programs, in fact there kids think its normal and more and more generations grow up to depend on them. Go to walmart and watch the people pay $200 worth of groceries and then go right to the service desk and return alot of it for cash to buy drugs, alcohol and other stuff.

  4. Renegade Says:

    The party is over for all you freeloaders. This election is coming down to the hard working people of this GREAT COUNTRY that are sick and tired of supporting lazy mooch bums permanently on welfare and food stamps your hole life! Get a FU*%KING Job you bums. The Democrat Party is disgusting.

  5. Aly B. Says:

    I don’t understand how you people expect us to get out of this mess under Romney. He DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOU, unless you have lots and lots of money. If you liked Bush’s economic policy and Cheney’s foreign policy, you’ll vote for Romney. And take us right back to the Depression again.

  6. Tee Says:

    I guess it’s to much for some to understand that a good deal of those in that 47% are the elderly,many are the working poor, some are college kids and others are families that have ill kids. No one should be president that expresses such contempt for so many he claims to want to serve. It is clear he does not care about the overwhelming majority of the people in this country.

  7. ed kenny Says:

    Romney and people in his class are on Corporate Welfare (bail-outs for the banks, bond issues to build stadiums and tax breaks for business) So they’re in direct competition with welfare.

  8. Downtown Danny Says:

    This from an an:
    1. ADMITTED DRAFT DODGER – Romney got 3 defernments, asked for a 4th, was turned down, then fled to France until the Draft ended
    2. ADMITTED TAX DODGER – Say’s “I broke no laws”
    In Mitt’s world other people fight the wars & pay the taxes, not him or his kids, they just complain about the “freeloaders”.
    When you pay your fair share of taxes maybe then you can mouth off! When you answer your country’s call to fight in a war then you can mouth off!
    Until then shut up and go away.

  9. Vulcan Says:

    Well the Post finally found a gaffe they can run with. Congratualtions! I guess the teleprompter was not working …….oh wait a minute , that is the other guy who needs to read someone else’s remarks.

  10. williejones Says:

    Conservatism is a hard choice for a society that has become accustomed to big government and big entitlements promoted by liberals.
    Jesse Helms

  11. Bito Says:

    I still cant beleive some of you jerks would still defend what he stands for, I guess THE KOOL-AID really kicked in, he is not worried about the poor, only the middle class, goes to show how easy he sticks his foot in mouth, I will bet the comments in his defense have to be from the elite 1%`rs, I have lived in WPB for a long time, and worked for some of those people, a lot of them are pathethic, not all of them, but a good 95% of them.

  12. Jim Says:

    I predicted after the current occupant of the White House (they’ll change that racist name after this coming scam election) “won” in ’08 that the press would blindly back him. Forget welfare, Iran will have nukes in 60 days, and he’s too busy campaigning to see Israel’s President???

  13. Joe Maira Says:

    No Bear Hug from the Pizza Queenie ???

  14. NPBill Says:

    The other 53% are bitter clingers.

  15. Dee Says:

    Mitt Romney has foot in mouth disease. He is the gift that keeps on giving. Now he is trying to explain what he meant. Hey Mitt the majority of us understand English and took you at your word. You only care about the elite, rich and the lemmings who follow your dribble.

    Your women commercials are laughable. Why would you use a clean cut white woman holding a beautiful white baby? You are truly a lamebrain.

    Obama 2012

  16. will allen Says:

    Why is this a shock, does the truth hurt?

  17. Vulcan Says:

    To: Dee, you represent ignorance with the blind allegiance it is known for and for which community organizers count on.
    Laughable…….yes you are.

  18. Thomas PAIN Says:

    OBAMA !! OBAMA !!!

    OBAMA !! OBAMA !!!

    OBAMA !! OBAMA !!!

    OBAMA !! OBAMA !!!

    OBAMA !! OBAMA !!!

    OBAMA !! OBAMA !!!


  19. Mitt Says:

    I’ve been waiting for the right moment to tell the American people just what I stand for, while I object to anyone secretly taping my fund raisers, the cat is out of the bag.
    This country can no longer support the freeloaders that are taking our country into bankruptcy, the public has to understand that the very successful people in this country are the only ones who can create jobs and we are hesitant to proceed with our plans because the Obama administration has plans to over tax the people who make this country.
    The people described on this video have become a cancer on our society and if we just stop giving them free money and they want to survive they will go out and get jobs, the majority of Americans will support the GOP because the job creators are sick and tired of the 47 % of bloodsuckers taking out country down.

  20. ddinfl Says:

    When will you idiots figure out that this country is at a tipping point where half the country pays taxes and half the country doesn’t. That’s why Obummer wants to “re-distibute” the wealth, from those that work and pay taxes to those that don’t. Soon the number of deadbeats outnumber the working… then what? Raise taxes on the few that work? At some point, the working can no longer support the majority that doesn’t work. This, is what Romney was eluding to. The deadbeats will vote for Obummer no matter what.

  21. Jim S Says:

    I don’t see the big deal here just because a politician stated a fact. If I don’t pay any income tax, why would I be interested in a candidate’s promise to lower my taxes? I do know that the current course of spending $4 billion more a day than we take in is not sustainable. The current administration is the first in modern times not to have a budget and have no plans to fix the impending fiscal calamity.

  22. The Conservative Says:

    @Rohinton Irani actually 47% of Americans DON’T pay taxes. Get your facts straight. Did you know that 86% of all income taxes are paid by the top 25% of income earners. And 97% of all taxes are paid by the top 50%? You should know before you speak

  23. HankS Says:

    “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”
    Alexis de Tocqueville

    Romney’s 47% comment was correct. Welcome to the tipping point. The left road leads to the total breakdown of the American experiment.

    Vote like your life depends on it, because it does.

  24. Change This Says:

    Of course Romney was absolutely correct in his comment. The 47% that pay no Fed Income Tax are exactly the ones that Obama uses his Class Envy Crap on to divide the Nation. Those are the ones that applaud Obama’s Tax the Rich Demagoguery for no reason but to screw the rich. It is Obama that has been campaigning against the wealthy and success that is the problem, not Romney.

  25. Absolute Says:

    Dee says:

    “Why would you use a clean cut white woman holding a beautiful white baby?”

    Dee is a typical ignorant Obama Racist.

  26. Einstein Says:

    “The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance”
    “The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.” AE

    Most people who post comments that make us rational people scratch our heads have no clue of the reality of the world and are full of ignorance. Thank goodness we have a great president who is above all of the arrogance and ignorance.

  27. Cathy Says:

    If you dont pay Federal Income Tax you should not be allowed to vote in Federal Elections. That would be the end of the Socialist Party of Deceit.

  28. npgator Says:

    That is no gaffe – he is 100% correct. This country’s people are changing from makers to takers and Obama is leading the charge.

  29. Don't look at egypt Says:

    Guess the post doesn’t want to report on the foreign policy disaster of the current administration. Time to make a story out of nothing. Glad I cancelled my subscription. Another sinking ship of a newspaper.


    Next time romney grab a MICROPHONE becauese u r saying exactly what hardworking americans r thinking and r sick of paying for!!! ENTITLEMENTS=BROKE
    chicago perfect example another broke blue city with another depleted taxpaying system!!! where is their entitlement gov???
    Thats right hope and change is QUIET and his buddy RAHM fighting them tooth and nail!!! HOW IRONIC?? HOW LIBERAL???

  31. Bito Says:

    WOW,YOU RETHUGLICANS REALLY CAME OUT IN FORCE TODAY, COULD IT BE BECAUSE Mitt The TWITT was exposed about how he really thinks about our contry? I guess so,I guess all Obama has to do is sit back and let Robmey run his mouth, he will bury himself, he forgot one thing, he might have the elites with the money on his side, BUT, there are more of us working people who will be going to the polls to vote, You RETHUGLICANS are just running scared because you know OBAMA is going to WIN,WIN,WIN, you moronic losers, go have some more KOOL-AID.

  32. Dave Owens Says:

    This is in reply to CommonSense, yes more people signed up for food stamps, why, because your party for 8 years in the whitehouse screwed up the economy and ruined the job mkt with their De-regulations. The economy is starting to rebound under Obama and will continue, if you want something to bitch about how about putting term limits on the House and Senate like is on the Presidency because if their were no term limits on the Presidency, Clinton would still be in office and this country would be better off so lets re-elect Clinton and make him President for the remainder of his life.

  33. guanabana Says:

    This latest gaffe may have put the nail in the coffin for Romney, but the sad part is that what he says is true. The left, with some help from the right, has created such a large class of citizens dependent on the government and the tax money from the productive sector that they will never vote for politicians who will take those benefits away. But that is what it is going to take to put our financial house in order. Only when the economy gets so bad, on the order of Spain and Greece, will politicians have the courage, maybe, to enact real reform. And when there is 25% unemployment, the left will still blame the right because they didn’t let the left spend even more of our money.

  34. Miss Flamingo Park Queen Says:

    Joe Maira…I bet you’d like the “Pizza Queenies” big sausage pizza delivered to your back door, huh Gurl?

  35. Richard Says:

    You Democrats are so desperate that you are bringing up statements made by Romney back in May. BTW the truth hurts doesn’t. It’s the majority of that 47% that want taxes raised on the wealthy. OWS is part of that 47% have you seen what these people look like, it is no wonder they can’t find a job.

  36. Vote incumbents out Says:

    Give Romney a de-merit for being insensitive and distant. But don’t call him a liar — at least not on this issue.

  37. spence Says:

    But will resolutely is 100% ready to do whatever Israel tells him to do. He wanted to be sure of clarifying that from his wealthy buddy’s home in Boca.

  38. David Says:

    When he talking about the 47% he is including all those on Social Security and Military retirement. Does that include you or a relative, if so, he does not care about you or your relative. This is from a draft dodger and tax dodger.

  39. HAHAHA Says:

    @Common Sense-You, just like most Re-puke-icans have NO idea how the food stamp program works. IF YOU PAY FOR FOOD WITH THE ‘CARD’ YOU CAN’T RETURN ITEMS AND RECEIVE CASH AT WAL-MART.
    Get a job? What jobs? I’ve been underemployed for over seven years. I have sent out more than 200 applications in the past MONTH alone without a single response. I earned THREE college degrees (2 Bachelors degrees & 1 Associates degree) I am bilingual (Spanish) and owned my own small business for over ten years before the depression of 2008 wiped me out. 47% of the American people don’t pay income tax? Just because someone doesn’t pay income tax they are automatically pre-disposed to vote for Obama? Take a moment and read this report:

    The report was created by a non-partisan researcher that PROVED lower tax rates on the top 1% of the richest taxpayers effectively eliminates the middle class and creates economic disaster.

    Part of the reason we have a deficit is because of these continued tax cuts for the wealthy which do NO good (trickle down economics? Yeah, right) We need to decrease defense spending. Protect the US (our country) from terrorist attacks but leave the rest of the world ALONE. Address threats as intelligence is received and disseminated. We have enough members of our armed forces to take care of any dangers or threats made against U.S. citizens here and around the world without sending hundreds of thousands of troops to fight someone else’s war.

    Not all people on assistance LIKE being on assistance. Just like not all millionaires evade income taxes. There will be those who take advantage of ANY loophole, program or situation; but we, the United States is a country of compassion, opportunity and freedom. Mitt Romney is a tax evader, draft dodger and elitist. He has NO compassion or understanding of the ‘middle class’. The only people he can relate to are the ultra-wealthy. This clip shows exactly how he feels about anyone who is not in his socio-economic class.

    A country of moochers? Do you think everyone who is facing foreclosure because they CANNOT FIND WORK, feed their families or pay their bills are bums? I never thought I’d see the day when there was only two economic classes in this country. The Republicans stated their only political goal was to ensure Obama was a one term president. Why? What about working together to help people find jobs and improve the economy? If you are Republican, are you really part of that mindset? Intolerant of anyone who isn’t like you? We are not moving forward in this country, we are regressing. Very sad.

  40. Sam Says:

    It seems odd that Mitt is complaining about people NOT paying income taxes, when he, himself, doesn’t pay income taxes either.

    He is in a much better position to pay his fair share than the 47% he is complaining about, but instead he uses off shore accounts, blind trusts, carried interest and other tricks to avoid paying taxes.

    Frankly, I am more offended by people like Mitt who can afford to pay the same tax rate as I do and they don’t rather than the poor people who don’t pay income taxes because they make less than $20,000 a year.

  41. Thank You! Says:

    FINALLY! Mitt Romney does some hardcore TRUTH TALKING~

    He gave ACCURATE, CORRECT PERCENTAGES of those on government aid!

    YOU GO, MITT. We need MORE of this frank talk!

    Tell it like it is!

  42. Bill D Says:

    Those 47% pay gas taxes; sales taxes; etc.; many pay real estate taxes and paid income taxes throughout their working years. Romney and many of the Republicans just don’t get it. Republicans are made up of low information and single issue voters who don’t understand that they are being exploited by a few selfish, wealthy creeps (Koch brothers; Adelson; Romney; etc.). That Boca video did not show a gaffe by Romney, that was finally the truth. Wake up America.

  43. kelly Says:

    The income inequality gap has been widening since the 80′s when trickle-down became our economic policy. Tax policy followed.

  44. Indie Supporting Romney Says:








    NO in NOvember

    Thank goodness, Romney has spoken.

  45. JupiterVoter Says:

    The botton two quintiles of tax filers pay a negative income tax rate according to the Congressional Budget Office. That means that 40% of tax filers actually PROFIT from our current tax system. Only about 50% of filers pay federal income tax.

    Unemployment is over 8% (it would be 12-13% if the government hadn’t changed the way it calculated unemployment in ’94), we’ve got a $16T debt that will be handed down to future generations, Medicare and Social Security are going to go insolvent unless serious reform is undertaken and the Middle East is melting down while an all-out war between Iran and Israel is becoming increasingly likely.

    But hey, Obama is on Letterman tonight…

  46. Dmann Says:

    HAHAHA…..How is taxing the wealthy gonna grow the middle class? That’s bonehead. Flamingo….You’re still classic.

  47. Straight Talker Says:

    Nothing Mitt Romney said was inaccurate.

    The truth hurts!

    We have a nation of people who expect to be taken care of by the government.

    America is declining. No initiative, no work ethic; just give me, give me, give me.

    It is almost like the Obama voter who stated, I’ll get free gas, free house, he’ll pay my bills.

    That is the mentality of people who idolize and create a god-like Obama.

    Just damn scary. Keep religion out of politics- don’t make Obama your God.

    He is a flawed man, not a god.

  48. HAHAHA Says:

    Increased taxes on the wealthy don’t create a middle class. Historically, when the wealthy are taxed in line with what everyone else pays (percentage wise) the GDP grows thereby improving the economy. Please take a moment to read the economic report done and referenced in my previous comment before responding ignorantly.

    I’m an Obama supporter, but I don’t ‘idolize’ him or believe he is God. He is trying to help this country recover from the collapse George W. Bush created. How can ANYONE improve economic disaster, which took eight years to create; with the opposing party doing NOTHING to help the citizens who voted them into office thinking they would be part of the solution to fix what’s broken? A VERY small segment of society may feel they are entitled to government handouts, but not the majority. Again, it’s like classifying that all millionaires believe they are above the law, doing what’s fair and just; paying taxes, serving this country in the military, etc. Get real.

    @Indie supporting Romney:
    Like Bush who had credible and verified intelligence a month and a half before the horrible terrorist attacks on this country and did nothing?
    Like the Republicans in Congress blocking every measure the Democrats tried to present that MAY have improved the economy?
    The division of the nation has been created by the Republicans and people who think and feel exactly like you do. It’s the classic haves & have nots. It’s us against them-FYI we are all in this mess together and unless we work together as a country, we are doomed.
    True, Obama never served in the military; but Romney is a draft dodger who avoided the draft for ‘religious’ reasons and fled to France when his excuses ran out. None of his sons have EVER served in the military. Joe Biden’s son is a soldier.
    Romney can’t tell anyone about his plans for Social Security & Medicare because he doesn’t have one. Turn the program into a voucher system, so if someone has a catastrophic illness and spends all their ‘voucher allowance’ and still is sick, then they just die; right?
    Obviously, you’ve never had a loved one who was/is elderly and depends on their Social Security and Medicare to survive. The entire system needs an overhaul and changes must be made; but privatizing these programs is not the answer because someone stands to PROFIT!

  49. sue Says:

    DIM WIT MITT does it again. This guy is the male version of Sarah Palin. A moron. Keep it zipped Mitt. Have you noticed that everytime Ryan opens his mouth his nose grows. What a team…LOSERS.

  50. VICTOR LAZLO Says:


  51. Get in the Game Says:

    TIRED of the Middle East/Persia/Western Asia!

    Let Jerusalem deal with their own neighbors. Stop picking sides (usually the wrong ones).

    We babble about national security and advance in Iraq/Afghan/Pak…but do not bother to even speak with Saudi Arabia/Yemen/Syria (pssst where the terrorists are actually TRAINED and DEPLOYED).

    Instead we look like chumps receiving gold necklaces from Saudi princes (Bush – how embarrassing).

    If Iran has nukes let Jerusalem go bomb them – god knows we give them enough money AND weapons. Not to mention their fighters are superior to ours (if not the best in the world).

    And, of course the money issue. We just do NOT have the money to keep giving the sand nations – we do not. We can keep fooling ourselves by having the Federal Reserve print IOUs for money but eventually that will end horribly.

    As far as Romney and Obama – they are very much one and the same. Almost ALL politicians are…they talk a great game – but just run their mouths.

    They spend gobs of money that is NOT theirs and want to be re-elected from DAY ONE. They love the job and get some kind of power trip from being in political office.

    They both voted to invade Iraq/Afghan…they both voted for TARP…they both think the Federal Reserve is great…they both think govt programs are AWESOME (yes they do – one likes entitlements the other loves the military…neither of which we can afford).

    Neither of which served in the military but how convenient they LOVE to engage us in wars (conflicts is such a dumb word).

    I have not seen ONE act (from either one) that REPEALS a bill in govt. Instead both want to enact new ones. They both are funded from groups that eventually will request favors.

    Neither one understands a THING about outsourcing and how regardless of how hard you try the ‘global economy’ forces wages LOWER.

    Few differences here and there on immigration and abortion and religion but that is just about it.

    Should be MORE worried about the 535 boneheads (aka Congress) since they do most of the law’making’.

  52. Searcher Says:

    Mitt is talking about my Mother. She’s 80, worked her whole life, raised 3 kids on her own and now she is portrayed as an Entitlement Whore. Mitt, boy you SCREWED UP!

  53. uptown girl Says:

    Downtown Danny – Right!!!This guy makes me sick!! I need to go puke in Senor La Roca!!! That’s the toilet manufacturer in Spain, Mitt!! I know that because I served OUR COUNTRY and WAS VERY PROUD TO DO SO you draft dodging, tax evader!! Shut up and go away! You’re just another thin lipped, beady-eyed Repubican that can’t be trusted!!! And someone said that he can’t say what his plan is to HELP because he doesn’t have one is correct!!

  54. Neils60 Says:

    In general, Romney’s correct regarding the percentage of those receiving benefits vs. those taxpayers who must provide for them. Having observed the majority of those who enter a welfare office, who qualified for benefits by having a child out of wedlock, it was most disconcerting to hear their most common loud refrains, “I want MY money”. Or, “Where’s MY money?” Those standard comments were most upsetting, especially for someone, like me, who’s supported Democrat candidates/policies all my life. Now, I can’t wait to vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket.

  55. Read this Says:

    One hundred senators, 435 congressmen, one President, and nine Supreme Court justices equates to 545 human beings out of the 300 million are directly, legally, morally, and individually responsible for the domestic problems that plague this country. Those 545 human beings spend much of their energy convincing you that what they did is not their fault. They cooperate in this common con regardless of party.

    What separates a politician from a normal human being is an excessive amount of gall. No normal human being would have the gall of a Speaker, who stood up and criticized the President for creating deficits. The President can only propose a budget. He cannot force the Congress to accept it.

    It seems inconceivable to me that a nation of 300 million cannot replace 545 people who stand convicted — by present facts — of incompetence and irresponsibility. I can’t think of a single domestic problem that is not traceable directly to those 545 people. When you fully grasp the plain truth that 545 people exercise the power of the federal government, then it must follow that what exists is what they want to exist.

    Those 545 people, and they alone, are responsible.

    Lastly, if you have never been in dire straights, been behind on your mortgage, not able to get your kid that gift that they really really want, grew up with parents that had it tough and were unable to afford college, don’t judge! Romney as with most middle class white people, have no clue of what its like to struggle and don’t have anyone to help you out. Most of the time, they never try and reach back and help other people. Its always their fault they are not successful. You can’t pick your parents or family. Circumstances makes or break people and in most instances break people. Bush didn’t care about PEOPLE….so how do we expect Romney to care. OUT OF TOUCH WITH “REAL” PEOPLE, that makes this country what it is.

  56. guanabana Says:

    I expect you and Mitt and everyone one else in this country to pay as little in taxes as legally required. Warren Buffet or George Soros, the rich darlings of the left certainly do. But to say that Romney doesn’t pay taxes is a lie. In 2010 & 2011 he paid $6.2 million in taxes. $6.2 million isn’t nothing. The effective rate for those two years is just under 15%. The average federal tax rate is 11%. He also donated another $7 million to charity, or an additional 15%. Those charitable contributions, because they are deductible, reduced his tax liability. That facts are that the top 5% pay over 50% of all federal taxes. The top 10% pay 71%. The top 25% pay 86%. The bottom 47% who pay nothing, still want the rich to pay more. And they will vote for the politician who agrees to do just that. With the increased chance that Obama will be reelected, I have never been so pessimistic about the future as I am right now,

  57. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    Mitt’s outraged over the predictable effect of tax cuts by Reagan in ’86 and Bush in ’01 and ’03 that REPS supported, and he uses that outrage to justify further tax cuts for the rich now.
    I trust Reagan/Bush wanted to include tax cuts for the poor back then, if only to make those tax cuts for the rich more politically palatable.
    Fact is, a huge part of the 47% are either the elderly on Soc Sec, disability, or with no income who pay no taxes, and are also the hard-working folks who get payroll taxes deducted weekly but who’s ANNUAL SALARY ISN’T HIGH ENOUGH TO PAY FED INCOME TAXES (thanks to Reagan and Bush) when they file a return.
    Reminds me of my first 2-3 years in the Marines when the Corps withheld income taxes on payday, but I got it all back when I filed my annual return.
    Mitt’s SHOCKED, I TELL YOU, SHOCKED…that many honorable people exist in the US who work long and hard but just don’t earn enough to pay tax.
    According to Mitt, I was just another “deadbeat Marine taker” not doing my share.

  58. HAHAHA Says:

    Read this if you think Republicans care about the working class. They intend to keep the poor, poor & existing off government subsidies in order to make Obama and the Democrats look bad:

    Two independent economists — Mark Zandi of Moody’s Analytics and Joel Prakken of Macroeconomics Advisers — had estimated that Obama’s proposed American Jobs Act would add more than 1 million jobs. Zandi claimed it would add 1.9 million jobs; Prakken 1.3 million. Senate Republicans blocked the $447 billion measure, and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell denounced it as “a charade that’s meant to give Democrats a political edge” in 2012.

    P.S. This study was done by independent, non-partisan economic & statistical firms.

  59. HAHAHA Says:

  60. guanabana Says:


    Average the two job figures you quoted you get $1.6 million jobs. Divide that into $447 billion it would cost and you get $279,375 per job. Brilliant idea.

  61. Brian O'Donaghey Says:


    You actually think that the created jobs will only last for one year… a one-time annual salary of $279K per job??? 4th grade math shows that if those jobs last only 5 years, the investment seed cost is only $55K per job…which goes down even further for every year after that. Like you said….Brilliant idea.

  62. Get in the Game Says:

    Govt does NOT create jobs – they create liabilities.

    Either of these mouths keep saying I will/could/can create ____ million jobs.


    The ONLY way govt creates jobs is by creating departments (read TSA, Homeland ‘Security’). They place them on the govt teet and bam you have a liability.

    Because if ANYONE thinks that govt actually cuts jobs or budgets for that matter is crazy.

    But again – politicians SAY that because citizens want to HEAR it. They are not actually going to CUT a budget or REPEAL a law.

    They love their cake job that citizens pay for and they never want to leave…

  63. Get in the Game Says:

    80% of the budget is (not in order):
    1) Social Security
    2) Medicare/caid
    3) Interest; and
    4) DoD

    This means Reps/Dems/Ind/Tea Party…all have allowed the budget to swell to this point.

    This also means 20% is everything else (e.g):

    FBI, CIA
    Homeland Security
    Coast Guard…

    ALL their budgets, pensions, labor contracts, real estate (owned or leases),…everything only equals TWENTY PERCENT.

    So, unless politicians CUT (and I mean drastically CUT, FIRE, ELIMINATE) those four (4) programs we are just wasting our time with increasing taxes, blaming this and blaming that…

  64. Palm Beach Dem Says:


    While we’re at it, people who don’t vote for Republicans should stay home too!

    You know who doesn’t pay federal taxes?? Enlisted service-people, the elderly, the disabled, the caregivers of the disabled.Those are the members of the %47 that your savior has such distaste for.

    “[M]y job is is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

    Mitt & Ann do not care about “those people.” If you’re not rich, you’re screwed!

    Obama/Biden 2012

  65. guanabana Says:

    @Brian O’Donaghey

    I didn’t say for how many years those jobs would last but you have no idea either. My guess is it would be closer to 1 than to 5 years. It is still $279K per job. Even $55K per year per job of taxpayer money is to much to ask productive Americans to pay for someone else’s job. The left has some kind of gall expecting taxpayers to keep footing the bill for the left to spend our money on the programs that will only help the left’s constituents, just like the first stimulus, just so the left will stay in power and continue us on the road to ruin.

  66. uptown girl Says:

    @ Palm Beach Dem- Enlisted DO PAY TAXES!!!!! IF they don’t, then I want my rebate!!!

  67. Brian O'Donaghey Says:

    Using your reasoning, and if Mitt’s “job creators” created all those jobs INSTEAD of govt funds, can we similarly expect those same jobs created by Mitt’s “job creator” pals to only last “closer to 1 than to 5 years”?
    If so, is Mitt’s jobs plan promise designed to only offer a temporary gulp of air until after Mitt gets my vote, and those jobs disappear after 1 year?

  68. Bito Says:

    @Guanabana, programs that will only help the lefts constituents, just like the first stimulus, What kind of idiot are you? A complete IDIOT? You must be, the first stimulus was signed by GW, Youre SAVIOR, so the left will stay in power, nice going MORON, have some more KOOL-AID.

  69. Palm Beach Dem Says:

    @uptown girl,

    Sorry I wasn’t as clear. Most military families (particularly those in training) make less than threshold to pay income taxes

  70. Billy Long Says:

    I think what Mitt Romney was implying is that if you’re living on Welfare and Food Stamps sitting around smoking crack and depending on Medicare to revive your lazy ass he’s more than likely not going to get your Vote.
    BARRY SOETORO. If you are interested and you have a little time Google this name and see what you get. There is a lot of bull but there are a lot of facts that will amaze you and you will see just how biased the major media is for not ever posting any of this.

  71. butch marshall Says:

    if voters would realize people on welfare contribute nothing to the economy they might not be so quick to vote for more gov.control and give-aways.people with income create to the economy.large and snall business create a strong economy.

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