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Romney holds fundraisers in Palm Beach County on Thursday

by Dara Kam | September 14th, 2012

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney will hold two fundraisers in Palm Beach County on Thursday, the same day President Obama campaigns in Tampa and Miami.

Romney will be at the North Palm Beach home of Chris Cline for a VIP reception. The ask for a photo op with the former Massachusetts governor is $10,000 or a pledge to raise $25,000.

Later in the evening, Romney will attend a dinner hosted by Al and Dawn Hoffman in North Palm Beach. Al Hoffman, a developer, is a former finance chairman of the Republican National Committee and a former ambassador to Portugal.

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6 Responses to “Romney holds fundraisers in Palm Beach County on Thursday”

  1. Reverend Wright's Chickens Have Come Home To Roost Says:

    Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Sudan, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Tunisa are exploding.

    The democrats’ bragging about killing Bin Laden at the democrat convention and the innocent civilians killed during drone attacks (Obama bragged about personally picking targets) have brought about this anger.

    You can’t have a ‘let’s be friends’ policy in the Middle East-Arab Spring-and then go around bragging about your kills.

    The biggest wrong is not protecting our embassies- when notified of possible attacks- and also not allowing our soldiers there to have live ammunition (Egypt embassy!). These Arab countries have American-assisted ‘new leadership’ and are very vulnerable. It was the Arab Spring foreign policy which brought about weak leadership in dangerous arab countries.

    ‘Leading from behind’ has made America very vulnerable and needless to say, Israel in a very dangerous position!

    Trying to be friends with aggressive arab countries, apologizing for the freedom of speech in America is a dangerous way to run our foreign policy.

    You can’t be nice to countries that hate America’s ability to have free speech, freedom of religion.

    We will be endlessly apologizing to these radicals from the office of the Presidency because WE do have freedoms here in America which do not conform to what arabs want.

    Are we to sacrifice our freedoms and apologize everytime some innocuous person makes a film which is deemed offensive by some arabs?

    Grow a set. Stop playing with American freedoms. Stop leading from behind. Stand in front and say America will continue to follow the Constitution and will not bow to fanatics in arab countries.

    Watch out Israel. They are on your border.

    It is the Obama policy of the Arab Spring which has put the Middle East in such a parcarious position and so very vulnerable.

  2. westpalmgirl Says:


    Dems/Obama policy set this off? Then what did GOP/Bush do to unleash 9/11 on us?

  3. Common Sense Says:

    A little common sense, please!

    9/11 anniversary, in an UNstable Arab country and there is no additional security for embassies and their personnel!!!???

    That is just flawed thinking.

    And apologizing for some resident of America who expressed themselves in video will lead to even more apologies.

    President Obama needs to let the world know Americans (currently) are able to have freedom of expression.

    The President will be apologizing every single day for words and actions of Americans at the rate he is going.

    Stop the apologizing, put the onus on those who riot. Stop making excuses for them!

    And now, the President has asked that the film maker be investigated! That’s absolutely crazy. This is America, we have freedom of expression.

    Let’s hope that that freedom is not taken away from us.

    it does seem that our freedoms are being taken away, eroded from us because others are unhappy with someone’s political video.

    Be watchful, and vote on Nov 6th

    The rioters are burning an effigy of President Obama, not a cassette tape or dvd!

    Who will be blamed for the next rioting in the Middle East? Some unknown, instead of the President and his foreign policies.

  4. Hey, WPB Girl! Says:

    @ WPB GIRL

    It was Bill Clinton’s failure to address these escalating problems while he was President:

    1993 World Trade Center FIRST BOMBING!
    1996 Khobar Towers Bombing-19 Americans
    1998 Embassy Bombings-258 people
    2000 USS Cole Bombing-17 sailors

    and then after 9 months in office Bush is blamed for 9/11!

    Responsibility goes to Clinton on that mess.

    and it looks like another Clinton was remiss on not ensuring better security in the Middle East during the 9/11 anniversary!

    Democrats shirk responsibility and blame others. It’s Bush’s fault, it’s a FL preacher’s fault, it’s a CA film maker’s fault.

    WEAKNESS, Failure to accept resposibilty=President Obama

  5. Backlink Wheel Says:

    It is the Obama policy of the Arab Spring which has put the Middle East in such a parcarious position and so very vulnerable

  6. Katalog Says:

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