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New pro-West super PAC emerges with ad slamming Murphy

by George Bennett | September 17th, 2012

The Treasure Coast Jobs Coalition, a super PAC formed in July that supports Republican U.S. Rep. Allen West, has launched an ad blasting Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy for “shameless” attacks against West (the attacks actually came from a super PAC financed by Murphy’s father) and for supporting the $787 billion stimulus.

The pro-West group made a $481,590 media buy last week.


18 Responses to “New pro-West super PAC emerges with ad slamming Murphy”

  1. Obama frightens Says:

    What’s with the Obama administration pushing to limit free speech in the USA?

    that is just wrong.

    Since when does the USA limit freedom of expression because a religious group is unhappy with what someone’s video, the fanatics murdered Americans, destroyed and burned American property.

    And America is supposed to change the laws of this country to not offend some group.

    Forget that!. Never vote for a candidate who wishes to silence others.

    With president Obama you just never know what he will do. Silencing Americans could actually be something he would do.

    Certainly, he needs to relook at his foreign policies.

  2. Partying President Says:

    The Middle East is on fire, the muslim countries are lit up and President Obama is going to a party with JayZ and Beyonce?

    How about staying in the White House and monitoring what is happening in the Middle East.

  3. Dee Says:

    The super pac is the only thing west has going for him. Ask him about his discharge from the military without honors. He retired so he wouldn’t be prosecuted for actions unbecoming to an officer and receive a DISHONORABLE DISCHARE. He is a classic lying cheat. No wonder he is a part of the Rethuglican Party. Nuf said

  4. Dee Says:

    and to the 2 retards on this post pay attention to the content of the article.

  5. Forgone Conclusion Says:

    Silence free speech? Where in the hell is that coming from? Alright I know, just make it up as you go along because the Rmoney campaign is losing numbers big time. As for this “ad” I love the bugs that crawl across your screen. It kind of fits coming from the West camp, more of that “crap sandwich” like nonsense. West has been a lousy Congressman who ignores his constituents correspondence. That and the fact that his greatest asset is his mouth. I don’t know much about Murphy but NOBODY could be any WORSE than West. What a bozo!

  6. Watch out Says:

    Wait a minute, if this video caused the uprising in Libya and the deaths of 4 Americans….then what about the upcoming 2 hour Hollywood movie celebrating President Obama’s taking out Bin Laden? (Plus the producers of the Obama movie was given access to sensitive information.

    So, if this movie comes out, can we expect more uprisings, protests, deaths in Arab countries? Or is it alright for Hollywood to do something and some unknown other guy to produce a Youtube video and be blamed for the Libuyan slaughter?

    It wasn’t the video that incensed arabs, it was the 9/11 anniversary. Everybody does know that this Youtube video came out 9 months ago!!!!! and so on 9/11 it was the youtube video guy’s fault, not Obama and his policies and the 9/11 anniversary. Yeah, right…I’ve got some swamp land to sell ya.

  7. Nate Says:

    @ Dee, your comment of ‘retard’ is inappropriate, but so typical of democrats. Name calling=democrats

  8. Franklin Says:

    After all that kicking and screaming about a Super PAC airing an ad against him and now West has his own?! What a hypocrite!

  9. HankS Says:

    Patrick Murphy has backed out of debates offered by the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce and the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches. The Club is hosting Hasner/Frankel — why is Murphy running away?

    Congressman West is asking for public debates, Murphy only wants to talk with left-wing editorial boards in closed settings without the public.

    Why does Patrick believe that the Chamber is his enemy? Perhaps because he doesn’t have the support of small business.

    Murphy needs to agree to real debates so voters can pick the best candidate. Most already know the answer – Allen West.

  10. Detest West Says:

    Nothing shameless about using West’s own words against him.
    He is is own worse enemy.
    Maybe the Super PAC will come out with an ad blasting West himself, telling him to shut his stupid mouth.

  11. David S. Levine, Hobe Sound Says:

    1. The new ad about the Obama stimulus is right on point! There have been little if any jobs ‘created’ by this nearly $1 billion expenditure and some of the few that were have been in China and even Finland. The loans to Solyndra have been shown to be a great waste of monies while jobs that could have been created without any taxpayer fund expenditure had the Keystone Pipeline’s construction been allowed have gone by the boards! As Neall Ferguson has written so well, if America’s economy is to be put right, Obama MUST go!

    2. Anyone who has observed the American media and culture over the years has seen anti-religious movies of all types. The Hollywood epic, The “Last Judgement of Christ” was highly anti-Christian and made by the very Hollywood scum who finance the Democ-rat Party along with the teachers’ unions and tort shysters. The “art” exhibition which included “Piss Christ,” financed by the Clintons’ Administration and its first Democ-rat controlled Congress, was totally obnoxious, to say the least. Yet, not one American ambassador has been either murdered or threatened by anyone over any of that. If one goes on YouTube one can find all sorts of anti-Semitic garbage, yet no American ambassador to Israel has been threatened or murdered over it. Yet, here we have Democ-rat Party vermin such as Hillary and her President threatening YouTube, at least implicitly, using the power of big government to do so. Democ-rats have to be made aware, once again, of the freedoms we enjoy and which were fought for by generations of American fighting men and women such as Allen West. Democ-rats must not be allowed to intimidate anyone engaged in free speech no matter how obnoxious that speech is.

  12. Scatterthevultures Says:

    West goes South
    His MOUTH,

  13. Brian O'Donaghey Says:

    When you make bogus, exagerated claims about West, you merely weaken and undercut our efforts to put forth the true facts of his military discharge.
    So either STFU or perform research and report the facts on record. West, in fact, did NOT receive a DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE, which is a Punitive Discharge.
    Fact: West received an “Other than Honorable Discharge”, an Administrative Discharge, after choosing to retire in lieu of a Court Martial for his loose-cannon Iraq stunt.

  14. Dee Says:

    @Nate, I used that word on purpose. For the benefit of Sarah Palin.

  15. Dee Says:

    @Brian that is exactly what I said. He “retired” to avoid a Dishonorable discharge. Take some reading lessons. Another moron repug who must have been home schooled.

  16. Dee Says:

    @Nate again. Sarah Palin flung that poor baby of hers around during her try for VP. How disgusting is that? Keeping him up at all hours when he should have been home in his crib.

    What do you think about Mitt now that he has Prostituted himself to get the Latino vote. He certainly isn’t a tried and true Repug is he??????

  17. David S. Levine, Hobe Sound Says:

    Allen Wesxt chose the lives of his soldiers over the feelings of Arabs! For that he should hbave received a medal!

  18. Marathon Running Program Says:

    This blog has broadened my horizon about how a new pro can sometimes change the whole perspective on things. I think that you were right on with this article. Well put George.

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