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New Allen West ad features Murphy’s 2003 mug shot; Murphy camp raises West’s 2003 Iraq incident

by George Bennett | September 28th, 2012

Republican U.S. Rep. Allen West released a hard-hitting attack ad today that contrasts his military service with Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy‘s 2003 arrest as a 19-year-old for disorderly intoxication and possessing a fake driver license outside a Miami Beach club.

The 30-second ad, which features Murphy’s disheveled mug shot, doesn’t mention that Murphy was a teenager at the time or that the intoxication charge was dropped and the fake ID charge dismissed.

While Murphy was having his run-in with police, the ad says West was in Fort Hood, Texas, preparing to deploy to Iraq.

“Two men. A country in crisis. You decide,” a male narrator’s voice says at the end of the ad.

Murphy’s campaign responded by bringing up the 2003 incident in Iraq in which then-Lt. Col. West fired a gun near the head of an Iraqi detainee during an interrogation. Military prosecutors charged West with assault and he potentially faced 11 years in prison and dishonorable discharge. After a military hearing, he was fined $5,000 and allowed to retire as a lieutenant colonel with a full pension.

“Allen West is shamelessly attacking Patrick Murphy for a mistake he made as a teenager, which he has discussed at length in the media as a mistake he learned from. West then goes on to discuss his tenure in the military in 2003 while failing to acknowledge that he was criminally charged that year for assault and violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice,” said Murphy for Congress communications director Erin Moffet. “The only reason he was able to escape prosecution is because he cut a deal to retire. Unfortunately, West’s unstable behavior has continued in Congress, and he continues to diminish the office and the people to which he serves.”

Said West campaign manager Tim Edson: “Allen West retired from the Army with full benefits. If Patrick Murphy wants to try to equate his drunken brawling…with Allen West’s efforts to save his soldiers’ lives in combat, bring it on.”


45 Responses to “New Allen West ad features Murphy’s 2003 mug shot; Murphy camp raises West’s 2003 Iraq incident”

  1. Franklin Says:

    Is West really trying to say that it’s worse that Murphy got drunk as a teenager than it was that he held a gun to an innocent man’s head and pulled the trigger? You’d think after him being my Congressman for two years with all his outrageous rants I wouldn’t be shocked anymore by how delusional he is…but I am.


    Best case for a NONE OF THE ABOVE vote. If 50% of the voters cast NOTA, throw out the election and start over.

    Maybe those who raise and spend the money will require better candidates if all elections were held this way.

  3. Dee Says:

    That is right he “retired” so he wouldn’t be convicted and receive a dishonorable discharge. The man is truely crazy and needs to go. He is one scarey hombre!

  4. American Says:

    The ignorance of the Murphy campaign and the editorial staff for even playing this game. There is no comparison and after the childish campaign games by Murphy and company I hope West makes A FORTUNE off of you all trying to smear a Veteran of 22 Years. FYI 19 years old is an adult last time I checked and you go to big boy jail. Murphy was responsible for his choices and West his.

  5. gloria Says:

    Thank God we still have men with a back bone to get a detainee to talk. Col West men stood up for him and most American did too. He is a hero in our eyes.If Col West did not scared the hell out of that detainee, we would not have gotten the information that lead to the capture a radical terrorist and plots that prevented other attacks. Col.West should be commended not insulted by pansy asses, uninformed unqualified to hold office people. People ask yourself this is it OK to watch these radical Muslim terrorist animals attack our country, our embassy our people, to beat them, cut off their heads torture and kill them.That’s OK? We need more Allen West in office how dare you discredit this good man You can’t shine his shoes

  6. Commadorable Says:

    What part of enemy combatent don’t you people get? The innocent man that Col West threatened was a terrorist! West saved the lives of his men! SEIU may be paying you people to write in, but they don’t give you any facts, so you just make fools of yourselves. So you think a spoiled brat like Murphy, with no qualifications or experience, is a better choice for US Congress? Haven’t you learned anything from the amateur in the white house? At the rate Obama’s going he’s likely to get impeached before the election. Allen West loves this country and has proven it by serving it both in the military and congress. What does Murphy have to bring to the table? He even lied about being a CPA. West brings honesty and integrity to the office. Murphy has only shown that he can waste Daddy’s money on dirty campaign ads. I’ve never heard one word about what he has done or what he is capable of doing. Pathetic!

  7. drippinhun Says:

    Allen West has a bully mentality and is nothing more than an ignorant wuss in my book.

  8. Dennis Says:

    What office did Murphy ever hold? What sacrifice did he ever give? Gloria is right Congressman Allen West deserves our respect and our thanks. As do all the others service men and women who have faced the enemy. Like to see what Murphy would be like in uniform facing the enemy. I was there in uniform at a different time in a different place facing the enemy, Unfortunately seems like we have the enemy in civilian cloths living among us. People who have never been there cannot comprehend what happens in war. Congressman West has my support,A great man

  9. floridagirl7 Says:

    Murphy is just a kid, still wet behind his ears. Allen West is a man of courage,and integrity. Murphy has never done any thing, he has ZERO for accomplishments, he went to college, worked for his dad for a couple of years, and now thinks he is qualified to hold my life in his hands. Who would I trust? Murphy or Allen West who spent 22 years serving his country. I only hope that Allen West would put a gun to the head of any one that was threatening any American citizen. God bless Allen West.

  10. Bob Says:

    Murphy’s campaign is in shambles and Eric Johnson is to blame. How did Patrick not get out front of this issue? Their response to attacks from Allen West- fundraising emails from Charlie Crist.

    Give me a break. Get us a live candidate that actually wants to win and maybe we’d polling better against Ameicas most extreme congressman.

    No one wants to vote or volunteer for a spoiled frat boy that things being a congressman is a good gig

  11. David S. Levine, Hobe Sound Says:

    Listen to this: “Doesn’t mention that Murphy was a teenager at the time.”

    During the 1960s the leftists with whom Murphy is now running asserted that 18 year olds were old enough to fight in wars and therefore old enough to vote. THEY intimidated the Democ-rats who controlled Congress to give us the 18 year old vote by saying that 18 year olds were “responsible people.” their George McGovern led the effort and used the additional voters to wrest the nomination form more responsible people such as Hubert Humphrey and Henry Jackson in 1972. That being the case the “teenager” Murphy must be considered a responsible person and is held to a legal standard. He broke the law as a voting age person and that is fair game, based on his own Party’s rhetoric and record. He and the consultants who script his commercials have no business attempting to play the “irresponsible minor” card here.

    Further, I dare the Democ-rats to beat up on West for doing what was necessary to save the lives of the men under him. West was a good officer, someone who actually cared about the lives of men under him and unlike the drunk youth who took advantage of officers like West to lead an easy life on West and his men’s risks on their behalf. West’s opponent tried this line of attack two years ago and the nation hasn’t heard from him since.

  12. Fed Up Says:

    My vote goes to Patrick Murphy because he is young, open and not a bully!

  13. A Veteran Says:

    WOW, I can’t believe some of the outright stupidity here. Some of you need a lesson in life, if you look up to someone who has never done anything in life except have it all handed to him by daddy you seriously have some screwed up priorities, and I don’t even know what to say about your ethics and morality. I’d bet not one of you has ever served a day in the military, spoiled brats who want everything handed to them. You don’t know a damn thing about the world out there, never faced anyone trying to kill you because you’re too busy doing drugs at some club. Your parents must really be proud, not. Just damn. Our future is not looking good.

  14. Rampart Says:

    Any attempt to discredit Mr. West is racially motivated

    sorry….but thems the rules

  15. Marilyn Parmet Says:

    Congressman West saved the lives of the men he led in Iraq. He is an American hero, and has the courage to speak the truth. He has lived his life in accordance with his principles, which are based on the Bible and our great Constitution.We are really lucky to have him as our Congressman. I cannot wait to vote for him in November.

  16. mel bond Says:

    wow did that bite in the ass hurt much?

  17. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    Apparently, the Army presented Mr. West a choice…..face a General Court Martial (the highest level) or take retirement.
    He took the retirement, a vexing question remains.
    What kind of a Discharge did the Army assign him upon retirement?
    It is clearly obvious that he did NOT receive a Dishonorable Discharge, NOR a Bad Conduct Discharge, both of which are legally punitive in nature, given only at Courts Martial, and would have prevented him from running for office.
    But from the seriousness of the levied charges that he admitted to, that the charges were serious enough to be referred to General Court Martial, and by the “either-or” court/retirement choice presented to him, he had to have received some negative judgment.
    The Army just doesn’t award senior officers who admit front page, negative actions that have international ramifications, with the equivalent level of characterization of service discharge that it would award a soldier with a clean record.
    Just doesn’t happen, nor should it.
    One possibility is an administrative “Other than Honorable Discharge” (OTH) in return for agreeing to retire and avoid General Court Martial; a type of discharge permitting him to retain his retirement pay and VA entitlements.
    The term “OTH” refers to how the Army characterizes a soldier’s period of service.
    A General Discharge or an Honorable Discharge are the remaining administrative possibilities absent a Court Martial.
    So to echo the popular cry of the past, “show me the certificate”!
    In this case I mean West’s DD-214 Discharge Certificate clearly showing the specific Type of discharge, and the Retirement/Discharge/Reenlistment Code that the Army gave to West.
    The electorate once again has a need and a right to know.
    Although I wish West was completely transparent and would release his entire US military record, as did Sen. Scott Brown (R – MASS) recently, the bottom line is for West to release his DD-214 Discharge Certificate, with his personal SSN redacted of course.
    Just one simple, official, government piece of paper will provide us with “the rest of the story”.
    Yes, we do have the complete right, and the need to specifically know.
    And No….… Merely saying “I did not receive a Dishonorable Discharge nor a Bad Conduct Discharge” is not going to cut it.
    Character counts, and Mr. West does work for US, the electorate.

  18. Chico Says:

    The guy West tortured and terrorized was an Iraqi policeman. There was no evidence that he was a terrorist. He was released and later cooperated with Army investigators. You can look up the official report of investigation on the internet.

    Far from saving any lives, what West did was the kind of thing that ended up getting American soldiers killed, by turning Iraqis against Americans. He was relieved of command and drummed out of the Army by General Odierno, who is now Army Chief of Staff.

  19. SteveO Says:

    Murphy is a snot-nosed punk, as is Johnson.

  20. SHOCKED! Says:

    I never knew this and only 9 YEARS AGO!!?? Murphy LOST MY VOTE! He has a lot of growing up to do.

  21. Tony Says:

    In reply to bustedupgrunt,

    Just wanted to clearify some things with you my fellow veteran( based on your name) My cousin served directly under LT. COL West in Iraq and prior to the incident that lead him to discharge his gun near the head of the enemy. The Brigade was losing many soldiers to IEDs. This bothered West deeply seeing many of his soldiers maimed and worst of all die from from these destructive devices. The intelligence that was gather indicated the captured enemy knew of many hidden explosives. Interrogators have tried to extract the information from this person, but all were unsuccessful. Lt. Col West knowing full well that if he did nothing, more Americans would be coming home in boxes. He knew the consequences of firing his weapon, he knew that it would be the end of his career or even worse go to serve time in jail. However he choose to protect his soldiers and make sure they made it back home to their families. So don’t you dare question this man intergrity, loyalty or honor for he put his own career on the line to save his soldiers. Now that’s leader! I never serve under him, but those who did like my cousin talk favorably about this man. So do you think Murphy would have done the same thing? Would he have done everything in his power to protect those who serve under him or save his own ass. As for me when the bullets are firing, I rather have someone like Lt. Col West as my leader than some snot nose punk Murphy.

  22. Dr Moose Says:

    To fed up
    ou won’t vote for Col.West because he is a”bully”?
    Let me guess, you are a quintessential bed wetting liberal. e is mean to the potential enemy is war zone….LOL
    He did what he did to POTECT HIS MEN under his command!

  23. David Says:

    Murphy is an idiot by saying that West was “criminally charged”. The only way you receive “criminal charges” under UCMJ is if it goes to Court Martial. An Article 15 is the equivalent of a ticket.

  24. BlueStarMom Says:

    BustedUpGrunt, Lt. Col. Allen West PROVED without a shadow of a doubt that he is a LEADER by putting his soldiers before his career. I don’t know if you have served under the current ROE but they favor the enemy NOT our soldiers. He did not try to hide or lie about what he did, he reported himself! Thats what LEADERS DO, they take RESPONSIBILITY for their actions.

    And as for you Chico the terrorist was NOT a policeman he was an enemy combatant who was captured and interrogated over a long period of time.

    I would also like to mention that this nonsense about being a 19 yr. old kid doesn’t fly either. I know for a fact there were lots of 19 yr. old kids who were right by Col. West’s side preparing deploy as well.

  25. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    @ #21 Tony
    Thanks for your service, and for exercising your free speech.
    I too lost Marines in combat.
    It did, and still does bother me deeply.

    And I purposely avoided commenting on the specific detailed facts of West’s admitted Iraq incident, although I’ve read all the Investigations, endorsements, judge advocate referrals, etc, as available to any citizen under FOIA.

    But I will state a few things in specific reply to your comment “So don’t you dare question this man intergrity, loyalty or honor”.
    A. Nowhere did I do as you suggest.
    West showed integrity by turning himself in.
    West’s loyalty to his troops was apparent.
    However, I DID call for West to release his DD-214 so to show the electorate how THE US ARMY ITSELF determined the degree of honor that West earned in THEIR eyes and by THEIR standards.
    So if you care not to know the facts if West releases his DD-214, then I suggest you ignore it.
    B. Reagan stated “Trust, but Verify”. Great and timeless advice, especially appropriate in this day of universal mistrust of our political electorate.
    In fact, I strongly believe that it’s imperative that every citizen strongly and publicly examine and expose the integrity, loyalty, and honor of all elected leaders, incumbent and otherwise.
    Or should we all just take the word of an anonymous poster on this board that candidate X is a “good guy”?
    C. I too will exercise my own freedom of speech, anytime, anywhere I please, and accept the consequences of my words.
    Of those who direct me to quiet my voice solely because they disagree with me, I will consider concluded.

  26. William Gray Says:

    I believe that if you look it up, it was Col. West himself that reported the incident. He willingly sacrificed his career to obtain the information that saved the lives of his men. How many of our politicians from EITHER party would have the guts to risk THEIR careers to do the right thing?

    And yes, it WAS the right thing to do. I do not care if the Iraqi peed his pants or lost part of his hearing. Next to winning, the first rule of warfare, do what it takes to bring as many of your men and women home alive as possible.

  27. Chico Says:

    The guy West terrorized was an Iraqi policeman, he was released shortly after West tortured him.

    For those interested in the facts, the Army Criminal Investigation Division report can be downloaded here (pdf):

  28. Chico Says:

    Also, the information that West received about the Iraqi policeman was from one informant.

    Anyone who served in Iraq knows that Iraqis would “drop dimes” on their personal and political enemies to the naive Americans at the drop of a hat.

    So the real terrorist may have been the guy who said the Iraqi policeman was a “terrorist”. That’s how bad Iraqis roll.

    West used poor judgment in torturing this poor policeman.


  29. William Gray Says:

    First, trusting the ACLU for the full story??? Then, not taking into the account the people who were there…not just Colonel West, but the people who used the info, kicked in doors and found bad guys……. CID investigations then were ALWAYS PC, to show “fairness”…….to the Iraqis and NOT our servicemen.

    Col West is one of the best Congressmen we have.

  30. to william gray Says:

    @ william gray
    less than 10 minutes after chico posts the investigation link, you pass judgment on it’s legitamacy? ain’t no way you read the whole investigation and posted reply in 10 minutes. more ready, fire, aim comments. Its a dept of the army document, not an aclu document, with handwritten comments by the people who were ther. and cid investigations always PC? read the cid interrogation questions and point out one single question that favors the iraqi. lazy, exageratin pos, don’t let the facts as they happened cloud your preset opinion.

  31. TheTruth Says:

    Maybe I’m just a person who reads both sides of an argument before opening my mouth, but why are people dogging Murphy by using West’s military background. Murphy is the first Iraq War VETERAN to be elected to congress… accomplishment there. He was a dumb kid the last time he was arrested. West was arrested and charged as a representative of our armed forces…I’m not disagreeing with his actions, but his breaking the law was no more less heinous than a 19 year old kid being drunk. But then again the GOP/Libs have never been about truth or integrity.

  32. Chico Says:

    William, the ACLU got the official statements of both West and the witnesses.

    Those are copies of official Army documents.

    Read and judge for yourself:

    West was the kind of guy who made Iraqis plant bombs against Americans.

    After all, if you were falsely accused and then tortured, you would not be happy with the people that tortured you.

  33. JERRY Says:

    west is by far the better man ..i prefer a man of honor and integrity ,than a spoiled drunkin rich kid ,that has to be supported by his daddy

  34. LOL @ West Says:

    Allen West not only violated the military code and got booted out for his poor judgement, as a member of Congress who represents LOTS of senior citiens, HE VOTED TO KILL MEDICARE!

    As a representative in a state with double-digit unemployment, HE VOTED TO KILL JOBS BILLS!

    In this time of difficulty for the United States, in which we need SOLUTIONS to our problems, Allen West has offered nothing and has not passed a single bill! He has literally DONE nothing and nothing he ever proposes would get passed because he is NOT A PROBLEM-SOLVER!

    He is the single worst “representative” in the entire U.S. Congress, which has a 9% approval rating.

    LOL @ Allen West!

    Go Patrick Murphy!!!

  35. Carol Ottinger Says:

    Wow. A 19 year old college kid got drunk? Who would ever think it possible! West, on the other hand, was a grown man and blew his 22 year career out the window because he wanted to show his superiority over an civilian police officer.

    Both are old news, however, altho West is still a ranting manic. Let’s look at current events and voting records.

    Did Republicans vote for the Job Bills? Did they vote for Jobs for returning Veterans? Did they vote to end Medicare and Social Security? Did their refusal to vote cause our credit rating to go down? Did they vote to close Health Clinics for women? Did they vote to get rid of Unions? Did they vote to end even minimum wage? Did they vote to give the rich another tax cut? Did they vote for even less banking rules? Are they attempting to prevent some American citizens for voting at all? Did they want the car companies to go belly up? Do they swear their allegiance to Grover Norquist or to their constituents? Did they vote for Equal Work for Equal Pay for women?

    Thanks but I will vote Democratic all the way.

  36. Carol Ottinger Says:

    Everyone who serves in the Senate and Congress are American citizens there to do a service even tho they may have differences in opinions. None are more American than the next. For West to claim that the Democrats have 81 Communists serving in the White House is ludicrous, insulting and below any dignity of any Congressman.

    Keith Ellison is a wonderful Congressman from Minnosota. Quiet, a gentleman, intelligent and he’s a Muslim. He is on West’s “list” of those he targets not because he isn’t a wonderful Congressman, but because he’s a Muslim.

    West has a huge hate list that appears to include everyone not in the Tea Party.

  37. Goodin' Nuff Says:

    If Bill Nelson can trot out info on Mack, then what was good enough for Nelson, is good enough for West.

    Murphy is being financed by his father.
    1.Murphy was a REpublican then switched to democrat-can’t be trusted
    2.Murphy has moved 3 times to ‘find’ a district in each he could run for political office..Miami, Broward County and now Palm Beach County!!!!!!
    3. FAILED to serve our country

    West is going to trounce Murphy and Hanser is going to beat Frankel.


  38. TAMPA articles Says:

    If one looks at the series of political articles on this ‘Post on Politics’ site, you can see the majority of articles issue from TAMPA, FL – the democrat machine.

    It is the continued BS-Biased and Slanted-articles generated from the democrat camp.

    Readers can not depend on the Palm Beach Post for balance.

    The past weeks there are few articles on the high price of gas and food, America’s dependence of foreign energy from unstable regions of the world,
    the $16 Trillion debt,
    the absolute failure of foreign policy and protection of American personnel during the 9.11 anniversary,
    the divisive nature of our president-he has failed in his obligation to unite Americans-he divides Americans,
    the president’s failed educational policies(as witnessed by Chicago teacher strike and a takedown of Obama’s Merit Pay),
    the $716 billion stolen from Medicare -you can’t take money from Medicare and say it is not going to cause problems within that program
    the giving of guns to Mexican gangs as a means to ‘identify’ more gang members-Fast and Furious
    the failure to protect our borders

    President Obama has divided this country and it can never be healed by him.

  39. Jim Says:

    I fought for years, literaly, in our armed forces and know the difference between a good soldier and a bad one. Mr. West appears like a self-serving psychopath who gets a kick out of being the school yard bully. Don’t believe he would of lasted long in a line company. His biggest contribution to our nation is his views that show young people what the real differences are between democracy and the right of the people not to have a voice. He was first to raise the idea of nazism. He only lacks the salute and skin color.

  40. kelly Says:

    Looking past the fact that both candidates have unflattering events in their past, what else do we have to judge these men? Allen West has been in Congress for the past 2 years, so what has he accomplished? I contend he has accomplished nothing so has not earned re-election. If someone can point to anything he has done for his constituents, I’m all ears. Otherwise, I’m voting for the other guy on the possibility that he will actually do something.

  41. Linda Long Says:

    All this bologna about Murphy being a spoiled rich kid forget Romney is also one himself.

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  44. OIF1 Says:

    Disinformation abounds. The Iraqi that West threatened/tortured was an Iraqi police officer that West suspected knew something about a bounty that was out on West’s head. He was concerned about his soldiers, sure, but he was primarily worried about getting his own humvee blown up with him in it. He didn’t report himself for that, a soldier who witnessed the incident was being questioned about a DIFFERENT incident brought it up and then CID got involved.

  45. juanujmiller Says:

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