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More fallout from secret Romney tape: ad blasts GOP candidate for Hispanic wannabe remarks

by Dara Kam | September 19th, 2012 is releasing a Spanish-language television ad in key swing states Florida, Colorado and Nevada, blasting GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney for remarks he made this spring at a secretly-recorded Boca Raton fundraiser.

Romney, appearing at a Univision forum tonight, told supporters in May that he’d “have a better shot at winning” the election if his parents had been Mexican. Romney’s father was born in Mexico but was a U.S. citizen.

“I say that jokingly, but it would be helpful to be Latino,” Romney said.

Speaking to the camera but addressing Romney in ad, a Hispanic woman lists issues that Romney’s been on the wrong side of for many Latino voters.

“You’ve pledged to kill the Dream Act, you’d enable the police harassment of Latinos in Arizona, and your party is trying to suppress Latino votes. But you joke that you wanna be one so you can win?” she says. “We’re not laughing, Gov. Romney. Because regardless of race a Presidential candidate who has such contempt for Latinos would never deserve our support.”

The ad, sponsored by the left-leaning PAC and PresentePAC+, will begin airing Thursday on Spanish television stations in Orlando, Tampa and Miami along with Las Vegas and Denver.

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8 Responses to “More fallout from secret Romney tape: ad blasts GOP candidate for Hispanic wannabe remarks”

  1. Mittmeister, la Mara Kaun Says:

    Yo Mitt, te chupa huevo pal

  2. ed tozer Says:

    what a shock that move on is mad at the gop …and huffington is publishing this garbage……….lol……….your both a joke

  3. Joshua Johnson Says:

    @ Ed Tozer

    …and “you’re” semi-literate.

    What are you?…. twelve?

  4. The future under Obama Says:


    What your’s is mine!

    You worked for it, but others will share in what you’ve received.


    What incentive is there to work, to do more? when Obama seeks to REDISTRIBUTE what you have worked for?

    Pass on the results of your hard labor to your relatives….NO WAY, it goes to others.

    Obama=Collective=the Kibbutz

    You have no independence, it’s the group who will decide your cut.

  5. Let's Be Serious Says:

    The only Latino that will be voting for Romney is Marco Rubio, but only because he’s been told to by his corporate owners.

  6. help us save the little children Says:

  7. Bob Says:

    No surprise here—Mittens has a great disdain for Latinos, Blacks, Jews, Gays, and the 47% he doesn’t really give a damn about. And if the 53% of the remaining people thinks he really cares about them—I have some lovely swamp land in the everglades that will make a great resort!!

  8. Marathon Runner Tracker Says:

    Interesting observation on how ad blasts can shape ones perspective. This article was well written and easy to follow. Very valuable information Dara.

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