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Man-hug update: Charlie Crist meets Fort Pierce pizza guy, gets the Obama treatment

by George Bennett | September 12th, 2012

Photo provided by Gorilla Magic, a PR firm that represents the Van Duzer Foundation.

Former Gov. Charlie Crist was serious about wanting to meet presidential man-hug champion Scott Van Duzer.

A few hours after expressing a desire to meet the Fort Pierce pizza parlor owner who hugged and lifted President Obama on Sunday, Crist showed up at Van Duzer’s business this afternoon and, according to Van Duzer, said “You know what I’m here for.”

Van Duzer obliged by lifting Crist off the floor.

“Nothing surprises me any more after the president walked in,” Van Duzer said. He said it was his first time meeting Crist, although he said Crist had helped his non-profit Van Duzer Foundation in 2009 by promoting Be A Hero Day to promote blood donations.


55 Responses to “Man-hug update: Charlie Crist meets Fort Pierce pizza guy, gets the Obama treatment”

  1. Spilled Milk Says:

    From the look on Charlie’s face, he’s enjoying this too much. Go figure.

  2. Picked Up Milk Says:

    What does it matter to you if he is enjoying the hug. Are you jealous you’re not being hugged by Van Duzer? I, for one, wouldn’t be bothered if a gay man or woman hugged me because, well… I’m not gay. It’s a non issue.. and quite frankly I don’t think it’s something I can catch. Your comment speaks far more about you than it does Charlie Christ, even if he were to be gay.

  3. Repubtallygirl Says:

    I just vomited in my mouth.

  4. LincolnLOGRepub Says:

    Governor Christ is a good man that served Florida with tremendous pride… who cares if he is straight, gay or Bi! He is a lot better than Gov. Scott.

  5. From Tampa Says:

    good grief. Crist will do ANYTHING to get in front of the cameras. I’m embarrassed for him. Hopefully Morgan tells him to quit acting so ridiculous.

  6. SFLvoter Says:

    Thank you Charlie for taking the time to show Scott the positive support he deserves. As a man who knows a hug can change your path, Charlie was the best medicine!

  7. Charlie F. Says:

    Pathetic. Democrats will regret taking him in.

  8. npgator Says:

    Complete staged photo ops both today and on Sunday. I would never step foot in that joint.

  9. oracle Says:

    Charlie Crist is a has been and was never able to make any contribution to solving Florida’s problems. What did he do for your homeowners insurance issue ?

  10. Voter Says:

    This pizza guy’s 15 minutes of fame is just about up.

  11. Dick Scott Says:

    Clearly its a playful joke, repbs need to just lighten up a bit. charlie did a great job for Fl. And will BEAT Scott in 2014. I used to be a die hard republican until it was hijacked by religious hypocrits

  12. Gaydar Says:

    Ummmm. GAY!!!!! I think Charlie got a woody.

  13. JupiterVoter Says:

    This is just sad. Crist drove all the way from Tampa to get his photo op hug from the Pizza Guy. He is well on his way to following Blago’s post-political descent into D-list reality TV shows.

    Kind of makes you wonder if the Obama “hug” was staged, too.

  14. George Hayduke Says:

    Leave it to Charlie to take a cool and authentic moment and turn it into a me-too event for Florida’s favorite attention whore, the former governor.

  15. Repubtallygirl Says:

    Charlie Crist was the worst governor EVER!
    Charlie is all out Charlie. Period.

    Look how much good work he did for our property insurance. He tried to socialize it, everyone’s home owner’s insurance went up. Now, Rick Scott is trying to fix his mess.

    Let the Democrats have him. Please welcome him and run him for your candidate. It will bring a lot of people great joy to vote against him once again.

  16. Ruby Says:

    When they say the Dems are close-I didn’t realize just how close.

  17. Florida Guest Says:

    If Choo Choo Charlie thinks he’s going to swoop back and become Governor of Florida…I think he should rethink that equation. FAT CHANCE IN HELL will he win. Once a loser-always a loser in more ways than one. PLEASE, I would like to hold down my food-looking at Choo Choo can turn one’s stomach. He can always get a job tossing pizzas in this guys shop.

  18. david Says:

    Seems like Charlie put the same type hug on Textor when he by passed the normal channels for the State to fund, i mean waste money on Digital Domain

  19. Dick Scott Says:

    An admitted Rick Scott fan, wow thats scary. I can picture Scott hugging a state farm or BC/BS rep. We all know he’s banging the insurance industry

  20. Richard Says:

    Christ is an idiot and so is this alleged registered republican who is going to vote for Obama pizza guy.

  21. Jay Says:

    I’m thinkin maybe it’s gay pizza day

  22. DUMMIE FORUM Says:

    Looks like a JIB-JAB picture!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Matt Says:

    Bare back broke back!! turn coat charlie SUX!! Hey chuck!! you have some white stuff on your chin!!

  24. Nope Says:

    You can have him Democrats. He once said he was a George Bush Republican. He is a political whore!

  25. Nope Says:

    Just like Patrick Murphy- A Fraud.

  26. gethefax Says:

    Will he be on a hugging spree when Obama’s Healthcare requires him to pay exuberant medical care coverage for his employees??? Or if he gets slapped with a lawsuit for not hiring a TRANSVESTITE to serve his customers??? Didn’t think so!

  27. Ben Lately Says:

    Look at these bashers go! Wow!

    Scott’s a hero to a lot of people. He’s the best!

  28. Voter Says:

    Chiles, McKay, Bush, Crist, Scott…..just a bunch corrupt florida politicinans.

  29. Bito Says:

    Looks like the rethuglikkkans came out in force, they know they are goint to loose 2012.
    Obama 2012:)

  30. GIN Says:


  31. Spilled Milk Says:

    @picked up milk, so what does it say about me? I was merely referencing Charlie’s hypocritical and politically opportunistic behavior and you tried to turn it into something else. My, my, my, certainly says a lot about you, now doesn’t it.

  32. The US need for New policy Says:

    OBAMA=Still DEpendent on FOREIGN ENERGY

    The killing in Libya and the uprisings in the Middle East just go to show that America MUST be develop their OWN energy and NOT DEPEND on foreign oil.


    Gas prices impact food prices!


    AMERICA must be energy INdependent!

    We can’t wait 50 years to develop alternative energy.

    We must use what we have AND look for alternatives.

    Developing America’s own energy will employ millions more Americans which will help our UNemployment numbers.

    Numbers show that TODAY more people have applied for UNemployment!

    Our policies MUST change=NO Obama!

  33. Brotherdavid Says:

    I like Christ but this was a bit much. @US needs new policy. You named not one thing that can be said to have been different in the past 50 years.

  34. HAHAHA Says:

    My, my, my; the hate spewing from the homophobic right couldn’t be more evident through the tone of these comments. I think I’d rather sit across from Charlie than Skeletor during a meal. Talk about turning one’s stomach. @Repubtallygirl I just vomited in MY mouth. You know NOTHING about politics and possess less than mariginal intelligence. When you grow up, come back and play with the big boys; until then-stay in your ROOM!

  35. JustMeee Says:

    There’s our Charlie, with his legs up in the air AGAIN!

  36. Rick Scott's Mom Says:

    @HAHAHA, and if you think you know anything about politics, you are seriously dillusional. Anything Charlie ever did was for his own political gain. And you think you can play with the big boys. Go back to your teeter-totter.

  37. Gerald Lovel Says:

    Scott Van Duzer started a new social meme of spontaneous hugging. Even when this devolves into a staged photo-op, it is still a beautiful thing. Sadly there are haters in the crowd who are way too up tight to admit their own lack of social expressiveness.

  38. Michael Says:

    Charlie Crist was a horrible governor. Unemployment skyrocketed under his term. Housing prices cratered. I can’t think of one significant accomplishment achieved during his term.

  39. Jake P. Says:

    Real dignified. Typical media whore!

  40. Bito Says:

    @Tricky Ricks mom,and all youre son has done is stuff his pokets with money due to fraud, and now is looking for more from Floridians, he doesnt care about the people, all he cares is how he can get more money for himself and his 1% friends, you are the one that is dillusional, living in the same bubble he is.

  41. wyn Says:

    Me and my Democratic and Independent friends are going to this restaurant to get our hugs and pizza. We believe in supporting small businesses

  42. wyn Says:

    To the US needs a new policy, before blogging responses read up on the president’s record and stop spouting lies. He has reduce our foreign oil dependency. He is trying to create jobs in renewable energy. His administration has created more jobs than GW Jr in his 8 years in office. Get real and CHECK THE FACTS. Stop spouting Republican and Tea Party lies about Obama. If you disagree with his policies at least get the FACTS right.

  43. Rick Scott's Mom Says:

    @bito, all those things you’ve heard about my son are not true. Lies, all lies. He really cares about the small people, like yourself. That’s why he doesn’t accept his salary, so there’s more money for people like you.

  44. Bito Says:

    @TrickyRicksmom, It is all true true true, what about the money he stole from medicare thru fraud? He had to pay a record $1.2 BILLION fine, they dont mine you for no reason, and he paid it to stay out of prison, where he belongs.
    I have this bridge in NY for sale, Whould you like to buy it? I hope you enjoyed calling me small people, goes to show the type of person that you are,living in that bubble, and by the way, Im probably bigger than YOU.

  45. Bob-O Says:

    Charlie Christ left the republican party to stay true to his values and his vision for Florida. He did a great job holding the line on the insurance companies exploitative behaviors and the pilferings of the Fl. Senate Majority. He has always been for Floridians. Scott is a crooked dweeb puppet.
    Good to see you on the street again Gov. Christ.
    The hug guys a hit!

  46. L Says:

    Didnt we vote this loser out!!! whats up with all the pathectic bear hug photo ops?? a bit desperate!!! Glad to see small business in va and georgia at least have some brains!!!
    But then again PLANET LIBERAL PBC where we arent in a 16 trillion dollar debt and we can afford to drive to work and the national unemployment rate isnt at 14 percent and the job growth is booming and u just cant beat this community organizer president’s foreign policy, apologizing has worked wonders!! Yes indeed PLANET LIBERAL BEAR HUGS ONLY PLS!!!! And everything is dandy!!!

  47. Mattrue Says:

    Charlie Crist is the best Governor this state has ever seen. I wish that he was not treated so badly by the tea party republicans. He would have been the best senator for the people of Florida. We wound up with the rich butt kisser liar Marco Rubio instead. To bad Marco won’t be reelected next time we know what he is and how to defeat their votes. The middle class Americans who built this country don’t care about your tax breaks for the upper class rich and if you don’t like it you can pack your bags and move back to Cuba. Maybe Marco Rubio’s communist ideologies could work in Cuba, but they don’t have any place in America. Another republican voting for Obama only because of Willard and the rat pack.

  48. Thomas PAIN Says:




  49. robert patton Says:

    obama turned him down for a date, maybe charlie will go out with him.

  50. Mr. Maira Says:

    $10.00 says they went out back and licked each others Private Sectors !!

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