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John Bolton, in West Palm, says Obama shouldn’t be credited for Osama kill

by Andrew Abramson | September 9th, 2012

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, now a surrogate for the Romney campaign, was at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach on Sunday to try to combat President Obama’s speech across the street at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.

With voters continuing to give Obama higher marks than challenger Mitt Romney on national security, Bolton is trying to help Romney shape his national defense message. On Sunday, Bolton said in an interview with The Palm Beach Post that Obama doesn’t deserve the credit for killing Osama bin Laden.

“I don’t think the polls really are accurately reflecting what people really think,” Bolton said. “I think there’s a certain amount of justifiable American pride that we got bin Laden, and that has benefited Obama, but not because people seriously think he’s responsible for it.”

Bin Laden was killed in May 2011, more than two years after Obama took office. The operation was ordered by Obama and carried out by a CIA-led operation, after the CIA first discovered bin Laden’s likely whereabouts in Sept. 2010.

From the time he campaigned for the presidency, Obama said he wanted to shift the focus from Iraq to Afghanistan, and he mentioned capturing bin Laden as a top priority. But Bolton said Sunday that bin Laden’s death did not happen because of Obama.

“Osama bin Laden was killed while Obama was president but not because of it,” Bolton said. “This was a long effort that really our military and intelligence can take credit for. Killing Osama bin Laden, I like comparing to Aldrin and Armstrong landing on the moon. It was the summer of ’69, six months into Richard Nixon’s presidency. It’s like him taking credit when John Kennedy started a program in 1961 of landing a man safely on the moon and returning to earth.”

Bolton said that Obama has basically been lucky that no major international incidents directly threatening the United States have occurred since Obama’s been in office.

“For 3 1/2 years the president just hasn’t talked about national security so people are not aware of the many challenges and threats we face abroad,” Bolton said. “If you think we’re in a relatively stable and environment, then you think the president must be doing a good job. But in fact, the opposite is true. The threats to our security has been ongoing.”

Bolton pointed to international terrorism and biological weapons that can be used to strengthen Russia and China, as well as ongoing concerns with Hugo Chavez, North Korea and Israel’s security as issues that will continue to threaten the United States.

“Whether we talk about it at the national level or not, these are relevant threats that have been growing and are going to be a problem in the next four years,” Bolton said. “The difficultly Republicans have had across the board is trying to make that point. … If we don’t deal with the budget deficit and national debt and get the economy growing, we can’t maintain a stronger presence internationally.”

Bolton said he believes that Obama will end the Cuban embargo early in his second term which he said would lessen the chance of Cuba becoming a democracy. Those who support ending the embargo say it would promote democracy in Cuba by bringing American ideals to the island, but Bolton said “Europeans have been trying that for a long time and it is not working.”

“Once Obama gets past these pesky borders and doesn’t have to worry about states like Florida, that’s his natural ideological inclination,” Bolton said. “He is a radical in many respects, and on national security is one of the areas where he’s most radical. I think he’d like to have (ended the embargo) in his first term, but circumstances weren’t there. I think he definitely will do it early in his second.”

Bolton said the final presidential debate at Lynn University in Boca Raton on Oct. 23 will bring national security to the forefront. The 90-minute debate is supposed to focus on national security.

“I think there’s this bloc of people who are undecided that are very close to becoming Romney supporters,” Bolton said. “I think it’ll be a close election, but I’m pretty optimistic. I’m not overly optimistic, because you don’t want to be over confident. But I’m optimistic.”

Bolton, who served as U.N. Ambassador in 2005 and 2006 under President Bush and briefly considered running for president this year, was speaking in West Palm Beach where he spent weeks as an attorney for Bush during the Bush/Gore recount of 2000.

“Probably in professional terms that was one was more like an emotional roller coaster than anything else I could think of,” Bolton said. “In the morning you’d be very optimistic, by noon you’d be pessimistic and the next day optimistic again and it was like this day after day. The best think you can say about it is that we won. I don’t know the Democrats felt about the experience when they were done with it because they lost.”


47 Responses to “John Bolton, in West Palm, says Obama shouldn’t be credited for Osama kill”

  1. Tom Says:

    John Bolton is a bonified right wing wacko.

  2. Forgone Conclusion Says:

    Same old, same old, yadda, yadda, yadda. I’ll bet if Bu$h had bothered to get bin Laden, Bolton would be giving Bu$h credit for it. As for the Cuban embargo, typical conservative (regressive) non-sense. After 50 years, the embargo hasn’t worked but he wants to keep it. The old story about beating yourself over the head with a 2 by 4 and expecting a different result each time aptly applies here. As for the 2000 election, here is more proof that conservatives (regressives) are anti-democratic. He celebrates the fact that the votes in FL were never counted and he thinks that that is a good thing. Better watch out, the only way the GOP/Teabaggers can win is to cheat again and I’m sure Obama’s lawyers are going to be real busy this November.

  3. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    Bolton – ole Mr. Uranium Yellowcake himself…beating the drum for more invasions of, well, anywhere and everywhere will work for him.
    This nitwit neo-con CON has blood on his hands.
    I say put him in a uniform and send him to wherever he wants our own kids to go.
    Time for this clown to walk his own talk.

  4. TheNoSpinMan Says:

    It took years and billions to develop a credible intelligence infrastructure in a region of the world where we had nothing. I believe both Bush and Obama deserve credit with most of it going to Bush. The real heroes are the military and intelligence analysts.

    …and that’s the no spin truth for all the left and right quacks that can’t see beyond their political ideology.

  5. Jim Ward Says:

    John Bolton continues to be an embarrassment. President Obama re-shifted priorities from day one and promised to get bin Laden. He got him and scores of other terrorists who were a threat to America’s safety. Unlike Republican Romney who did not even acknowledge our troops at his convention, President Obama is taking care of our troops in the field and when they return home. While Republicans jerked us around with color-coded safety warnings used to create fear, Obama has given us real results, kept us safe from terrorism and has improved our standing around the world.

    Romney/Ryan represent everything that brought this great nation to economic disaster: big corporations decimating our downtowns and squashing small businesses; outsourcing and downsizing; making millions by bankrupting companies and laying off workers, unleashing Wall Street and the banks via deregulation; massive tax avoidance and offshore accounts; tax cuts for the elite even during wartime and economic crisis…

  6. sweet sue Says:

    Obama made the call. Bush could have and did not. Enough said!!!!!!

  7. ZacharyA Says:

    President Obama made the capture or death of OBL a high priority for his administration, Mr. Bolton here is a video of the current’s administration during your tenure attitude toward Osama Bin Laden,

  8. Road Ready Says:

    Yea and he looks like a Walrus.

  9. Test Pattern Says:

    Right. And Captain Kangaroo knows about this stuff. The guy has always been a whack job.

  10. Carl Wood Says:

    Obama wouldn’t know an enemy if it crawled in bed with him. He’s so used to sleeping with the enemy that he has forgotten what its like to be normal.

  11. jonnywow11 Says:

    I guess he is just upset because his Boss George Bush let Bin Laden walk away in Tora Bora.

  12. Aj Says:

    Obama deserves none of the credit. Of course, if it had gone south, he would have deserved 100% of the blame. The wingnut Bolton can argue it flat or round. These people are despicable.

  13. kola Says:

    Another case of sour grapes by the right-wing-nut-job-teapartiers. Don’t go away mad…just go away.

  14. BaxterBedford Says:

    Bolton is just being a GOP political mouthpiece here. If McCain had won the election, Bolton would be going on and on about how McCain is the man.

    It was interesting how Bush seem to make such a low priority. Much lower than invading Iraq for “WMD”.

  15. Wow Says:

    Is he for real???? What an utter idiot, we all know Bush could have and whimped out…. Obama DID. This is who Romney thinks will turn heads??? He just made himself a bigger joke! I heard Romney say today it will take 8 years in office for him to make a change, but what change? Romney is all about the money, he can’t relate to most of us, never will! Obama 2012!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Kevin Says:

    Are there still people who take Bolton seriously?

  17. JoeAverage Says:

    Are there still people who take Bolton seriously?

    I do not think so. Maybe FOX network. However, they are a joke too.

    Bolton has sold out to hawks and war monger long time ago. He is one of the most responsibles for body bags coming home everyday from countries that we have no business in occupying.

    Democracy building in backwater radical Muslim nations is a losing proposition, and should not be Americas business. As once Brzezinski said you can bomb, go in, destroy basis, camps, terrorist resources and then withdraw.
    Do not let the enemy to force you into war that does not have to be fought and can not be won.

    Bolton is a joke or rather a joker.

  18. Mike Valente Says:

    John WHO?!
    Oh,like Frankenstein’s head….
    What a great ‘recess’ appointment he was.
    Now please just go away, and take Cheney with you.
    Two traitors who succeeded in bringing torture back to the USA. They should be shot w/o blindfolds.

  19. Ben B Boothe, publisher of Boothe Global Perspectives Says:

    This man is obsesses with getting news coverage and for 10 years has nothing to say. His play book of sentences must be written by the Koch brothers. You can count on Bolton to be trite, speaking from the dark ages, with a pinch of bitterness. The bitterness is that no one in ( or out) of goverment wants him. The main stream press overloaded with him years ago and now smaller local papers carry him. If there were an approval rating for political hacks he probably would even do poorly there. I have velvet seen or heard him honor his president or act like a patriot.

  20. Luis Says:

    Obama got lucky on BinLaden. If it had not been for the Pakistany Dr that gave the heads up, Osama would still be alive. They had been looking for this guy since 1993 with no luck. Thanks to Clinton’s failure, we had 9/11. So don’t give Obama the credit please!

  21. Archie Says:

    Osama was already dead you sheep. Obama was supposed to pull troops out of Iraq in the first place and still hasn’t done it fools. What better way to cover up black hawk down in another invaded country. Think about it, they had already started killing Osama’s leaders long before they got him. Bush should have killed that ghost on his watch.

  22. jack Says:

    …and Truman, of course, should not be credited with using the atomic bomb to bring an end to WWII; Churchill and Roosevelt obviously should not be given credit for the invasion of Normandy…

  23. larry Says:

    Why not? Hes responsible for all bush’s other mess’s! and obama is the one who gave the go ahead, So bolton needs to shut his pie hole.

  24. wendy Says:

    Every time John Bolton opens his mouth, he reveals himself to be a moronic, partisan hack. Bush admitted in so many words that getting BinLaden was not a priority for him. Obama made it a priority and then took the huge risk of calling for the hit when there was a huge chance that the mission would blow up in his face. If it hadn’t gone well, you can be damned sure Obama would have gotten the blame. He absolutely gets credit for its success.

  25. Joe Says:

    The fact that Romney is letting this whacko act as a surrogate and is using him to “help Romney shape his national defense message” is a big reason to be afraid of a Romney presidency. He will surrond himself with nut jobs like Bolton and the US and its citizens will be in real trouble.

  26. wain Says:

    john you are a sick man.

  27. stevewieters Says:

    I just get fed up with all the bickering and who’s responsible for killing Osama. UncleBill should have done it in the 90′s. But that may have not stopped 9/11.

  28. commonsense.... Says:

    Two things are certain:

    1. John Bolton deserves NONE of the credit for bringing Osama bin Laden to justice.

    2. Had Willard M. Romney been President, bin Laden would still be alive, plotting to murder innocent men, women, and children around the globe.

  29. jakiamik Says:

    bolton is a complete partisan wonk. but what do you expect from the neocon hate and isolation machine called the republican party? in a new poll out today, 15% of those calling themselves republicans think that mitt romney was responsible for killing osama bin laden….

  30. Bhaskar Says:

    As Commander-In-Chief, the President is fully and solely accountable for all successes and failures of any military operation, covert or otherwise. He makes the call to go ahead, and should it have failed (the risks were enormous) – he’d have taken all the heat. Surely you know that Mr Bolton ?

  31. Chagrined Says:

    Mr. Bolton does not have the moral nor intellectual capacity to speak rationally. He is a NEGATIVE to America! He has no shame. At long last, he has no decency!

  32. KSP9116318 Says:

    Obama took an incredible risk, by authorizing this mission. One helicopter crashed. Everyone on board could have been killed, and Osama could have escaped. I wonder, who would Mr. Bolton have blamed, if that had happened? My guess, he would put 100% of the blame on Obama. And, he would claim that this one failure was proof that Obama didn’t have the national security knowledge to be president.

  33. thebob.bob Says:

    No credit to Obama? Bolton will happily credit GW Bush for keeping America safe in spite of all evidence that he did no such thing.

    Bolton is so extreme, even most Republicans have written him off.

  34. PulSe Says:

    John Bolton ? You mean the man who helped drive America’s standing in the world – straight into a trench ?

    Why would any intelligent person listen to what this backward man has to say ?

  35. levi Says:

    Im not surprised because boltons always been crazy. But the scary thing about it is he was actually speaking to a crowd hinging on every word @ the kravis center, that should scare u n give u some insight as to how these folks are thinking. But one good thing about this is that it reminds the country about George W. Bush (the person really responsible most of this mess)…’s also insulting for this crazy fearmonger to think people are stupid enough to buy his B/S again…..well @ least most of us.

  36. Ben Says:

    Aside from the name-dropping, we sent a SWAT team to take down a middle aged man in pajamas with a pistol. Bringing him back to face a public military trial would have been an accomplishment. As it is with the ‘sea burial’ it is impossible to prove it even actually happened. And as far as ‘courage’ goes don’t tell me John McCain or even Fritz the Cat wouldn’t have done it better than Obama.

  37. Over.taxed.poor.american. Says:

    We all know bush was americas bigest failure .he wasint even invited to mitts nash con.we need to regulate rich corp american sell outsan make them bastards pay there fair quit rideing on the backs of the poor an middle class people.we need to build good american manufactoring jobs an quit letting the rep corp trash sell us out to china an india .its the corp republicans game to deregulate america to sell us all out .so theres only poor an rich.they whant to privatise evreything to benifit them an if you cant afford a good edjucation your on your owne we dont need another war mongering corp tax cheating american sell out like mitt romney.lets wake up america an taje back evreything .and put that proud stamp made in america by americans again back on the shelfs cause what we use to make is long gone cause of them corp tax cheating american rep sellouts..god bless america and mr and mrs obama.signed a poor over taxed american……

  38. S. Marlberg Says:

    Wow. “OBL was killed while Obama was president but not because of it.” While intelligence threads did start (and dry up) under the Bush administration, ultimately the intelligence matured and planning occured under the Obama administration. And Mr. Obama, as sitting Commander in Chief, authorized the operation. What part of this and the chain of command (where the POTUS makes the call and accepts the risk) does Mr. Bolton not understand?

  39. quote correction Says:

    Maybe this quote:
    …no major international incidents directly threatening the United States have occurred since Obama’s been in office.

    Should read:
    …no major international incidents directly threatening the United States have occurred *BECAUSE* Obama’s been in office.

    Just a thought…

  40. Arnold S Says:

    Your going to be OK Bolton as soon as they remove that nail from your head.

  41. Tom Lowe Says:

    John Bolton is a racial supremacist, a bona fide war criminal, an insufferable blowhard, and a mindless cretin. => John Bolton is the perfect traitor dupe for Israel.

  42. V Paul Smith Jr Says:

    @ SweetSue: “Obama made the call. Bush could have and did not. Enough said!!!!!!”

    Seriously? Bush couldn’t have because the MILITARY hadn’t found him yet. The only reason that Obama was able to hake that call was because the MILITARY eventually found him…not Obama. If you don’t understand that, you are stupid. ‘Enough said!!!’

  43. Alex Says:

    Millions died, on the instructions of the Zionists and pro Zionists like Bolton, country of Iraq was completely destroyed, many innocents were imprisoned, tortured in hundreds of torture chambers. AND NOW THESE SAME THUGS TELL US THAT THERE NEVER WAS ANY “AL QAEDA”

  44. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    Bush and crew decided against sending our Rangers in for a 2-prong hammer/anvil strike on bin Laden in Tora Bora in Dec ’01.
    Our spec ops dets had eyes on bL in Tora Bora at the time.
    Instead, Bush wanted the Afghans to get the credit for the hit action and held our Rangers back…ie, a political decision made in Washington DC, doomed to fail.
    So of course the Afghan Pushtuns let their muslim brother bin Laden slip away into Pakistan.
    Now how many US lives, limbs, and shattered minds did that cost us til we got bL 10 years later?….not to mention a few more war-cost dollars since then.
    I personally witnessed that debacle of the “10,000 mile-long DC screwdriver” decision from Camp Rhino, outside of Kandahar…so don’t say we couldn’t have planted bL in ’01.
    We had bL by the short hairs then.
    Darn right I’m bitter.

  45. Sandy Says:

    Simple question? Who is Bolton? What has he ever done? Did he serve our country? Does he have the guts to put his Fat butt on the line and is this traitor allowed to where my flag on his lapel?

  46. kelly Says:

    That Romney would let Bolton anywhere near his campaign should tell you all you need to know about what a Romney presidency would look like: all war, all the time.

  47. All that said Says:

    Any President that did not spend a minute in the military should bow out of the subject. No one has the right to try to put them in the place of someone who goes into harms way to defend their country. I believe that Obama is intelligent, however I have no respect for him as a leader

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