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Jeb! to raise Cash! for Mack; one Senate debate also set

by John Kennedy | September 13th, 2012

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will headline a fund-raiser for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Connie Mack next month in Miami, the campaign announced Thursday.

The $500-and-up per-person event will be held the evening of Oct. 5 at Miami’s Grove Isle Club on Biscayne Bay.

Meanwhile, Mack and Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson have agreed to what sponsors are calling the pair’s only live statewide television debate, Oct. 17. Leadership Florida and the Florida Press Association are co-sponsoring the debate, which will be aired from Nova Southeastern University in Davie at 7 p.m.

WPTV-Channel 5 in West Palm Beach is producing the event, which will be carried by other broadcast partners in Florida’s 11 TV markets.

Mack and Nelson are still in discussions with Tampa’s Bay News 9 and CNN about another debate, tentatively planned for Oct. 30. The Nelson campaign wants to advance that date, to bring it closer to when early voting is scheduled to begin on Oct. 27.

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7 Responses to “Jeb! to raise Cash! for Mack; one Senate debate also set”

  1. Saving Florida's Future Says:

    You know why there is no exclamation point after Mack?
    Not only did Jeb copyright the f’ng exclamation point after his name, a preposterous notion, but there is just nothing to get excited about when one thinks about or says Connie Mack. Plus you also have to add the IV.

  2. Adelson's Bizzatch Says:

    Why doesn’t he just hit up his boy Sheldon Adelson for a few more million dollars of that sweet, sweeet gambling/hooker money?

    Mack is a complete joke. Worse than Romney. And that’s saying something.

  3. Its Hard To Tell Anymore Says:

    John Morgan the Obama Democrat raises cash for Republican (RINO) Sheriff then drops cases against the sheriff!

  4. Arab Spring-Failure Says:

    “Don’t allow religious fanatics to censor free speech

    Those who have come of age in repressive Middle Eastern regimes may not be familiar with individual freedom of speech. But the death and violence following the recent anti-Islam film should not be a trigger for a debate about the limits of free speech.”
    By Alan M. Dershowitz in Harretz

    When we have the President of the USA and his Secretary of State apologizing for our FREEDOMS here in the USA, ALL of us need to be frightened.

    The Constitution and our rights will be at stake. Censorship could well be on the way for America.


    Bowing to extremists and their beliefs rather than our beliefs is very dangerous path.

    It can’t be both ways. Either we’re for freedom or we are not.

    There is flawed thinking in President Obama’s foreign policy.

    The Arab Spring is falling apart attacks on embassies in Lebanon, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Tunisa-ALL COUNTRIES invovled in the Arab SPring!

    WE are weak in these countries and these countries do not have strong leadership. Who knows WHO is in charge?

  5. God Help the USA Says:

    The TOPIX blogs have long been censoring everything on their system. If you put the truth on there from certain links they blow them off their sites immediately. The criminals are holding their thumbs on the trigger of truth for sure. God Help the USA for sure.

  6. powerfu; abuse our kids and laugh about it Says:

    The powerful continue to abuse our children and throw them to the trash and government continues to turn their heads and condone it. This sheriff should be in the federal prision long ago for his crimes!

  7. theloneconsumer Says:

    It is always amazing to see Jeb! trying to reinvent himself. We look no further than the 25% increase in Florida’s long term bond debt. We embrace the weakness and laziness of his Gubertorial leadership for the past 8 years before Crist.
    Nothing like the 2006 reporters’ stories “$22.5 Billion in debt, but we’re doing just fine.” The reporter was Jason Garcia. Almost $8 Billion more in debt, which means Jeb! did NOT balance the budget. He cut taxes for the rich, and borrowed money because he had NO other funding (tax) source.
    From Crist to Jeb, what does it say that (Little) Mack needs crutches to prop himself up for office. Like Charlie Crist, Mack never knew an airplane (billion dollar company owner) he didnt like.

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