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FL League of Women Voters: ‘No’ on all 11 proposed constitutional amendments

by Dara Kam | September 27th, 2012

The League of Women Voters of Florida is advising voters to shoot down all 11 proposed constitutional amendments placed on the November ballot by the legislature.

The measures include changes to the state’s property tax system, a state revenue cap, weakening the state constitutional privacy protection used to defend abortion rights and amending the separation of church and state doctrine by allowing public money to be spent on religious schools. Another, Amendment 5, would give the legislature a say in the selection of Supreme Court justices and the courts’ rules.

“From beginning to end, these amendments are bad ideas,” Florida league president Deirdre Macnab told reporters in a telephone conference today. “We are strongly opposing all of the 11 amendments on the ballots and we are encouraging voters to give them a thumbs down.”

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3 Responses to “FL League of Women Voters: ‘No’ on all 11 proposed constitutional amendments”

  1. 11 NO's on Amendments Says:


    They already have high salaries, free cars paid and supplied by the public for their personal use when they are not on duty.

    We see daily the use of fire vehicles to transport fire personnel to go GROCERY shopping while on the payroll. Wouldn’t YOU like to be paid to grocery shop?

    Firefighters because of their scheduling only work 8 days a month. Yes, that is 8 days a month.

    and if you break the traffic laws and you flash your police ID or Fire ID you won’t get a ticket…it’s the ‘brotherhood’ only the rest of us saps get the ticket.

    and how many times have internal police investigations found that police were NEVER at’s always the civilians fault and the police protect their own.

    and now they want to pay LESS TAXES…the answer from the public should be

    NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!

    11 NO’s on the 11 amendments.

    fire rescue and police buttering their bread with the knife they stab the public in the back with.

    and NO we should NOT give a break to SNOWBIRDS who live here part time.

    The rest of us would have to pick up what they don’t pay.

  2. JohnFtLaud Says:

    The League of Liberal Left Wing Women’s Voters doesn’t mean a thing to me! Their policitcs is so skewed it’s not worth considering.

    Some of the amendments are good, others are bad!

  3. JohnFtLaud Says:

    Oops “politics” !! :)

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