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Damage control: Palm Beach County Dem chair apologizes for anti-Christian rant

by George Bennett | September 6th, 2012

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Palm Beach County Democratic Chairman Mark Alan Siegel issued an apology this morning for his remarks last night that fundamentalist Christians want to see Jews “slaughtered.”

Here’s Siegel’s statement:

“I apologize to all Democrats and Floridians for my ill chosen words last night. After watching the interview I realize that what I said did not accurately make the point I was trying to establish. More importantly I apologize to all Christians, Jews and other people of faith for any embarrassment or anger my remarks may have caused. Throughout my life I have practiced religious tolerance among all people of faith. I am sincerely sorry for any remarks I made that may have diminished that record. I alone am responsible for my remarks and I pray that they are not taken as the position of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party.”

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61 Responses to “Damage control: Palm Beach County Dem chair apologizes for anti-Christian rant”

  1. TheZigster Says:

    He should resign IMMEDIATELY..

  2. Rebel Roy Says:

    Too little too late…

  3. SID NEEDS TO GO Says:

    Gawd! I don’t know who’s worse – Sid or Mark. We have so many young intelligent people in this county. We need to throw out these old hags and bring fresh ideas into the parties.

  4. Stop and Resign? Says:

    OMG. Poorly chosen words? The man allegedly clearly appears to be speaking repeatedly and at length about his hatred/distrust of Christians?

    This does not appear to be a case of a an “ill chosen word” or words.

    Moreover, people do not beleive these boilerplate CYA apologies that wingnut politicians deliver after speaking their minds and getting busted.

    Most Jews should and would be appalled by this kind of hate inspired vitriolic nonsense.

    Does theis man really speak for the Jewish Democratic Population of South Florida?

    If not. They should act swiftly and decisively to sever themselves from this kind of hate talk.

    Jews and Christians both deserve better.

    This Tea Party Extremism should not be allowed to spread top all parties.

  5. Century Villageeee? Says:

    This is something you might expect to maybe here at a Centuryyy Villllage type of voter rally.

    Its common knowledge that the Jewish Condo Type communities are block voters.

    If this guy is a leader. One might assume the his is picked to lead due to his extremist views against Christians?

    RIght? What horse patooty.

    Throw any bumb like that out of politics. No ifs, ands buts or excuses.

    Its hate mongering.

  6. 13th Floor Elevator Says:

    He is reflecting a bias against non-Jews which is shared by many Jewish people. Not all, but many.

  7. God (the real one) Says:

    beware of those who call themselves jews and are not

  8. Saul Says:

    This man’s reminds me of Clint Eastwoods chair-EMPTY!
    Now please move back to NY and take some friends!

  9. Saul Says:

    This man’s head reminds me of Clint Eastwoods chair – EMPTY!
    Now please move back to NY and take some friends!

  10. Chris Says:

    Resign. Now.

  11. Francisco Says:

    This is the hate you get with the enlighened party..

  12. Angie Says:

    He needs to step down immediately. He is a liability to the party and doesn’t represent the beliefs of the masses. The apology doesn’t change his core beliefs.

  13. WPB Resident Says:

    Comments like this from someone who is supposed to be the party head for PBC make me re-think my 34 years as a Democrat.

  14. Fritzi Katz Says:

    ALL religion is fraudulent, misogynistic, and based on tribal violence. Well past time to stop the lying (force them to comply with FTC rules) and embezzling (force them to comply with SEC rules). At least start taxing these crystal cathedrals, mosques, temples as the commercial businesses they are and stop foisting their massive municipal infrastructure load off on individual homeowners.

  15. Big Dem Says:

    Only sorry he spoke his true thoughts to a reporter. This bigot actually believes what he said and given that he is the head of the local Democrat Party, he must represent their official position on Christians. What an insult!

  16. 13th Floor Elevator Says:

    Siegel’s comments reflect a “Jewish First” mentality which exists in most Palm Beach County Democrat Clubs. These clubs need to do more to reach out to non-Jews and make them feel more welcome. I’m not Jewish. I’ve met Siegel a few times and he has always treated me like my opinion doesn’t really matter.

  17. he has to go Says:

    It is time that we the democrats in palm beach county take a stand and ask for immediate resignation. This is long overdue, mark does not speak for me nor do I have the beliefs that he does. I hope that all the democratic clubs and people running fOr office distance themselves as this will not help them in their elections. All democrats will remember this and see who is in bed with mark come election time.

  18. BaxterBedford Says:

    His language was a bit strong, but his assessment is spot-on.

  19. SciGuy Says:

    What is a “fundamentalist”? Are we to assume that because some Christians think that their religion is the only path to salvation, that they would “slaughter” others? Is there any reason to continue the suspicions and accusations among world religions after more than 5,000 years? Of course not. Religions should unite all of us instead of pitting one faith against another. What a shame!

  20. James Gondol Says:

    Hmmm, same guy accused of sexual harassment in New York in 1992:

    One of those Bill Clinton Democrats.

  21. Mary Says:

    His apology is a joke. It was very evident the hatred and intolerance this man has for Christians.

  22. Carol Says:

    The Saul Alinsky tactic of ‘divide and conquer’ seems to be working. Now we have the 1% vs. the 99%, whites vs. blacks, middle class vs. upper class, whites and blacks vs. Hispanics, legal citizens vs. newly created non-legal ‘student’ citizens, free contraception vs. those who do not want to pay for abortion with taxpayer dollars, Sandra Fluke types ranting tht women’s bodies are being controlled by old white men, homosexuals vs. heterosexuals on the topic of ‘marriage’…and on and on. Do the Democrats ever discuss plans to improve the economy, help the 460,000 women that have lost their jobs, Mr. Obama’s drastic cut to our nuclear warhead capability (cut by 2/3) and our military, an effort to stop the worldwide unwarranted hatred of Israel, the alarming rise in the price of fuel and food, neither of which are considered in the cost of living index (I guess the govt. doesn’t feel you need food or fuel to live),how to get 46 million people off food stamps, etc. Why do the Democrats neglect to address these issues that I hope are important to all American citizens.

  23. scott Says:

    #3 post ( sid must go is exactly correct) get rid of these old bags and im 50. need new tolerent blood in both/all parties. he did not mis speak and ne we are not all idiots

  24. BOTH should GO Says:

    I’ll write it: BOTH the democrat chairman Seigel of PBC AND the republican chairman Dinerstein of PBC need to GO!

    It’s time for BOTH parties to have NEW leadership.

    This is NOT the first time Seigel has caused concerned and Dinerstein is INeffective.

    New faces are needed to reflect the changing times. These old guys have gotta go.

    It’s time for change in PBC political parties.

  25. Dennis Says:

    An appology??? You’ve got to be kidding.
    No wonder our country is so messed up with leaders like him. Our country was founded on Christian principals and he, being an elected official, is appalling.

  26. Tired of Liberal Garbage Says:

    You cant apologize and claim those remarks were not accurately reflecting your thoughts. Anyone who watches that knows what a small minded, idiotic, liberal-BS loving little man you are. As a Jew, I am ashamed of you and your remarks. As a citizen of Palm Beach county, I demand you resign immediately. Enough BS already, this is hate speech and its not deserved.

  27. Prejudice in Demon Leadership Says:

    Just remember the 2010 democrat senatorial race in FL. Seigel endorsed new FL resident and billionaire Greene over Kendrick Meek. Greene LOST and when Meek won the nomination the recommendation was to NOT vote for their own democrat candidate, Meek, but to vote for Independent candidate Charlie Crist!

    Democrat leadership in PBC is interested in only 1 type of candidate. Someone that practices the same religion as they do. If you don’t belong to their religion, your ability to run for democrat office is severely diminished.

  28. Doris Says:

    That type of HATE SPEECH has no place in America!

    He should be FIRED for that type of Anti-Christian hatred and DEPORTED TO ISRAEL where is more at HOME!!!

    This is a CHRISTIAN NATION rooted in the BIBLE, NOT the Torah!

  29. tallyguy1 Says:

    Never understood why Jewish voters go Democrat anyway. You’ve been getting thrown under the bus for 3 1/2 years. Think it’s going to get any better if this administration gets a second term? Can anybody WWIII?

  30. Seriously???? Says:

    Religious hatred is alive and well, leading the Palm Beach County Dems. He just earned himself a promotion to the federal level as a senior Obama campaign advisor……

  31. Steve Says:

    God bless you sir for having the power of your convictions.

    Mr. Siegel, thank you. NEVER AGAIN.

  32. Neils60 Says:

    As someone who’s Jewish, I’m appalled at Mr. Siegel’s untrue, unfair, disgusting and intolerant remarks. It’s fine that he apologized, but as a follow-up, I’d suggest a resignation from the DNC.
    Most importantly, my best to all of the Christian community, especially the fundamentalists who were singled out by Mr. Siegel. Fundamentalist don’t deserve those disparaging remarks, nor does anyone in the Christian community.

  33. More evidence of Bias Says:

    NOTHING in the online Palm Beach Post regarding the change in language of the democrat platform-now including God and saying that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel

    and NOTHING in the online Palm Beach Post about the horrific statement about christians from the PBC democrat head, Mark Seigel

    The Post puts this headline news in the politics section, no headlines.

    But if this happened with republicans it would be headlines in every section of the newspaper for days.

    SHHHHHHH, a real screw up by democrats and the Post is complicit in hiding the information from the public by quarantining to the politic section!

  34. crobb Says:

    He’s got to go.

  35. Great Timing Idiot Says:

    Siegel, could you possibly pick a worse time to run your big, fat mouth and saying things that are this outrageous? Do you totally want to tank the election for President Obama in Florida. You need to resign immediately. You are a DISGRACE! Not only were your words outrageous, but totally untrue and inflammatory. Shut up already!

  36. Koch Brother Says:

    just resign, idiota

  37. Stace Says:

    Now he say’s he’s sorry? lol really? lol Why? I think he really believed what he said…To little to late dude!

  38. Merrilyn Winters Says:

    Unfortunately, His statement is true for the subset of born again, fundamentalist, Armageddon anticipator people who identify themselves as “Christians” . The first amendment protects the PRACTICE of religion, and also our right to protest the use of wacky faith beliefs in our secular government.
    Most unfortunate is these Zionist zealots don’t seem to be Democrates. Mark Siegel was shadow boxing and hit a hole in the wall that will require costly repair

  39. JupiterVoter Says:

    He should resign. Not to worry, I don’t think anyone takes his words as being “the position of the Palm Beach Democratic Party”.

    But I do take them as a sign of a small-minded, hateful man. Siegel is to the Democratic Party what David Duke is to the Republican Party. The only difference is that while the GOP denounced David Duke and threw him out of their party, the Democrats put Siegel into a leadership position…

  40. Linda Bennington Says:

    Glad I’m a Republican – the democrats have to be so embarrassed by those comments!

  41. Ginger Scott Says:

    People of Florida — GET RID of your HATE-FILLED, delusional representative. He’s a disgrace to our country.

  42. jackson Says:

    WOW! this is what jews think of our beloved christian nation that accepted them when no one else would??

    and as usual, no courage from local rabbis or other jewish representatives like that wasserman-schlitz girl.

    jews only comment when they feel they have been offended. apparently there is legitimate reason for christians and maybe all other religions to watch out for these types. they sure know how to create reasons for others to hate or beware their real feelings

  43. Cesar Henao Says:

    Truly unbelievable comments by the Palm Beach County Democratic Chairman, this type of nastiness is one of the main reasons I left the local Democratic party and today I am running as an Independent for United States Congress.

    At a time where our leaders should speak about uniting our country and more importantly working together to support our most important ally in the world Israel, we have this kind of non-sense and disrespect from the Palm Beach county Democratic leadership.

    At a time when our people are struggling and need jobs, gas prices are high, and our education system is failing most of our kids, these are the headlines that the leadership of this county instigates.

    I am truly disturbed, so should you. Vote for an Independent that will never support this type of non-sense.

    Cesar Henao Independent for Congress

  44. Great Timing Idiot Says:

    jackson Says:
    September 6th, 2012 at 11:47 am
    WOW! this is what jews think of our beloved christian nation that accepted them when no one else would??

    and as usual, no courage from local rabbis or other jewish representatives like that wasserman-schlitz girl


  45. Calling for his resignation Says:

    This ignorant hateful man must not be allowed a position of auhority or influence any longer.

    Where is the petition for his resignation? Even his own party must be ashamed of these dangerously belligerent comments.

    What is being done to force his resignation?

  46. Lois Frankel Supporter Says:

    If Lois Frankel who is running for congress against her fellow Jew (Adam Hasner) does not distance herself from this man then I will have to vote for Hasner. And I’m a lifelong Democrat Jew! I’m sick of people treating each other so poorly and especially this type of discrimination that we as Jews have faced for centuries… we should know better than to bully and treat our fellow americans this way. For shame!

  47. Forgone Conclusion Says:

    Freedom of religion does NOT make this country a Christian nation. Too bad Mr. Siegel doesn’t have the courage of his convictions. Anyone who doesn’t understand what Siegel said isn’t paying attention to the right-wing Christian fundamentalists in this country. They ARE trying to bring about the end times and the “rapture.” Just listen to the nut job Pat Robertson. He is the very epitome of the Christian hypocrisy in this country. It’s all about turning the U.S. into a theocracy. Not much of a difference between the fundamentalists in the U.S. and Muslim extremism elsewhere!

  48. 00buck Says:

    If not for the Christians of America, Hitler would have turned ALL the Jews into lampshades, glue, or soap. You’re welcome Mr. Siegel

  49. The_Riddler Says:

    What a joke this Siegel is!

  50. Downtown Danny Says:

    Why are we sending billions to Israel when we have 14 million children going hungry in our own nation?
    This while people like Micky Arison flags his Carnival Cruise Line ships in Panama, has his citizen ship in Israel and pays no US taxes at all, yet makes billions from US customers.
    Jews – money changers to the end.

  51. TimX Says:

    He will be gone as fast as the other liberal racist David Chalain. Bye bye Mark. The magnitude of hateful liberal bigotry and ignorance that they dont even comprehend is simply stunning. Many are too busy calling other people bigots to even consider for a moment that they are worse than the people they accuse. Could you omagine if an RNC Party boss from a big important country had said that about Jews? It would be plastered on front pages everywhere and leading the newscasts on every network

  52. Thom Says:

    No words save Palm Beach County Democratic Chairman Mark Alan Siegel from his clear opinions, his spewing hideous and vile remarks, his all too clear misguided anti-Gentile and anti-Christianity ramblings.

    This embarassment called Palm Beach County Democratic Chairman Mark Alan Siegel needs to leave immediately. I am horrified by this man. Is he an example of democratic leadership in Palm Beach County!?

  53. 13th Floor Elevator Says:

    Thank you George Bennett for reporting on this story. I hope it appears in print as well. Hopefully the editorial board will call for Siegal’s speedy resignation. I’d also like to see the local TV News stations report on this anti-Christian rant, since – let’s face it – that is where most people get their news.

  54. Tom Brown Says:

    What’s sauce for Michael Richards and Mel Gibson is sauce for this goose…

  55. Cunucu Says:

    You don’t see Mr. Siegel getting booted from his position, do you?!

    It has been well conceled until now, just how badly the current administration wants to rid America of anything Christian, and that goes for our Jewish brothers as well.

    They’ll take our votes and our money for now……

  56. Mr. B Says:

    What a crock, he believes In religious equailty. That rant was deep rooted. Guess it’s ok to condemn people for their religious beliefs, as long as it’s not judaism In this guy’s eyes. What a disservice to all those that lost their lives or have suffered at the hands of hate. Congrats pal, you might as well wear an arm band of your own.

  57. Jennifer Says:

    Christians Don’t Want Jewish Death

    Democrat leader Mark Siegel stated at the DNC that “fundamentalist Christians…want Jews to die and convert so they can bring on the second coming of their Lord.”
    It wasn’t Glenn Beck, John Hagee, Hal Lindsey or any other Christian who first talked about the predicted massive slaughter of Jews during what Christians call the “end times.”
    It was the ancient Hebrew prophet Zechariah who as long ago as 487 B.C. predicted that two-thirds of Jewry in the “last days” will be killed (Zech. 13:8).
    All true Christian leaders view this scripture with horror and sympathy and NOT with glee!
    Fundamentalist Christians are actually waiting for an “any-moment rapture” to Heaven (several years before the second coming) and do not believe that any event, including this final Jewish holocaust, has to happen before their escapist rapture happens.
    More shocks. Fundamentalists have recently been learning that their rapture belief was first taught in Britain in 1830 and that it wasn’t widely adopted by Americans until the early 1900s. The documentation on all this is in “The Rapture Plot” (carried by online bookstores) which also reveals for the first time that, amazingly enough, this British theory has an anti-Jewish foundation! (For more info Google “Pretrib Rapture Politics.”)
    Although no one is perfect, evangelical Christians (including fundamentalists) are still the best friends of Jewish persons and Israel.

  58. Patricia Conlon Says:

    What a hateful man he is. Typical democrat, though. “Liberal” “tolerant” my A-double-ess.

    No one else in the media has picked up this story. Not a surprise, given their complete support for The Zero and his spokesmouths.

  59. Brok Ngoko Says:

    Christians “are not our friends. They want Israel to pursue policies which are antithetical with its security and existence.”

    There is no lie here.

  60. Bill Butler Says:

    SO glad I’m not from Florida…you people are nuts.

  61. Jean Says:

    The Chairwoman of the Democratic Party, Florida’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz says that it was just a technical error when the DNC took out Jerusalem and God from the platform.

    But she has been caught before in bald-faced lies. Now Al Jazeera reports that a woman who is the head of Arab Americans for Obama was lobbying for those changes and it was not accidental.

    in Florida, several Democratic leaders have been lying to the public, because they can’t stand on the President’s record of failure. But these ridiculous and obvious lies just add to those failures.

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