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Clinton coming to Florida to campaign for Obama, raise money for Frankel and Murphy

by George Bennett | September 8th, 2012

CORRECTED: An earlier version of this post gave the incorrect day for President Clinton’s appearance at a fundraiser for candidates Lois Frankel and Patrick Murphy.

Former President Bill Clinton, whose Democratic convention speech got better reviews than President Obama‘s, will campaign in Florida for Obama on Tuesday in the Miami area and Wednesday in the Orlando area. Additional details haven’t been announced.

Clinton is also slated to appear at a midday $250-and-up fundraising reception in West Palm Beach on Wednesday for Democratic congressional candidates Lois Frankel and Patrick Murphy.

Frankel is running for an open Palm Beach-Broward seat against Republican Adam Hasner. Murphy is challenging Rep. Allen West, R-Palm Beach Gardens, in a Palm Beach-Treasure Coast seat.

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63 Responses to “Clinton coming to Florida to campaign for Obama, raise money for Frankel and Murphy”

  1. pbcjew Says:

    FRANKEL. Quick get me a puke bucket.Anyone who votes for her has got to be stupid. She is one of the worst political parasites that has ever crawled out of a rock. Democrats must be scrapping the bottom of septic tanks to represent this good for nothing party. What good has she ever done in West Palm Beach. Just another politician who can’t get a job.

  2. drippinhun Says:

    While I’m not a fan of Louis Frankle, she’s ten times better than Adam Hasner who she is running against. I don’t understand why anyone would vote for a Republican politician after what we’ve watched them destroy both statewide and nationally in our country.

  3. Absolute Says:

    Hide the women and children.

  4. HankS Says:

    Now that’s a match made in Heaven. Murphy hanging out with Debbie Wassermann Schultz’s mentor the queen of mean Frankel. I’m surprised Crist isn’t part of the scene; I guess he is busy sucking up to Barry Obama.

    It will be interesting to watch Murphy continue to dance away from debating Congressman Allen West. Raise all the money you can Patrick, you can’t buy intelligence, character and experience.

    Congressman Allen West will prevail.

  5. JulieR Says:

    Alan West is terrific. I just got back from hearing him speak at Victory Headquarters on Palm Beach Lakes Blvd in West Palm Beach.

  6. Ric T. Says:

    B.J. Clinton, what a deush bag!
    Add that idiot EX GOV>(idn’t even want to say his name)

    Maybe they should kiss and make a “three Some” w/ B.O.

  7. JT Says:

    The freaks continue to promote their socialist agenda.
    Get lost Clinton, you’re nothing more than an alley cat in a suit!
    As for Obama, BARF!

  8. Plain Truth Says:

    No secret President Obama has lost the American Jewish vote in this country. Jews have seen that Obama promotes the Muslims and Muslim Brotherhood.

  9. howie Says:

    Clinton is coming so I locked up my daughter..let me know when he’s gone ..please…

  10. Moishe Says:

    Can the Democrat Party really win considering their war on Jews, Catholics and fundamentalist Christians? Throw in a horrible economy This is gonna be interesting to see if the Bravo Channel crowd has really won America.

  11. Jim S Says:

    Is he bringing Monica?

  12. christian soldier Says:

    The PBC DNC Chairman made anti-Christian remarks this past week. This is the true picture of how local Jews hate Christians.

  13. Commadorable Says:

    Bill Clinton, the president who was impeached for lying, is campaigning for Murphy? Bill Clinton, who coined the term “The Amateur” for Obama, and actually can’t stand him, (read the book) is campaining for Murphy? This should be good! What can he possibly say about Murphy when the man has no qualifications and no experience? Oh that’s right, Clinton lied ad nauseum at the DNC about Obama, who also had no qualifications or experience. The whole DNC was a pack of lies, but what else could they do with such an abysmal record? Murphy is scared to death to debate Allen West, and rightly so. West has knowledge, honor and integrity on his side. Murphy doesn’t have a leg or a platform to stand on, even with a disgraced president stomping for him! We don’t need another amateur in Washington!

  14. florida girl7 Says:

    Clinton can’t help Murphy, It doesn’t matter how much money Murphy raises he has no experience, no qualifications, no integrity, no knowledge of what is happening in this world. Can’t wait bring it on, lets have a real debate and televise it so that the media does not put out sound bites. Must have rebuttals, and a audience.
    GO WEST!

  15. Tired of whiners..... Says:

    Can we get any more unifomed peole on this forum? Allem West debating anyone would be good, let alone a candidaye he’s running against. As for the Jewish vote–most Americans are sick of the whiny Jewish vote. There are other countries beside Israel…..let them fight their own battles—-they have enough of our tax paid pieces of war to do it.

  16. Huh?! Says:

    Yeah, FloridaGirl. I know what you mean about sounds bites. The Republicans built their whole convention around a sound bite that any 6th grader couldn’t possibly believe was true. Oh. Wait. You meant “sound bites” as in correctly reporting what West says.

  17. Robelt Stolte Says:

    Half of America suffers from a serious mental disorder _ WANNA BE LIED TO.
    This was witnessed indisputedly in Charlotte. The dem delegates went wild when slick willy pointed that crooked finger into the camera and said, “I want you to listen to me…….” About half of us still remember what he said after that finger gesture while still President, “I did not have sex with that woman Miss Lewinsky.” The other half sucked it all up in Charlotte because slick Willy said it, and they couldn’t remember what he said when he was President. Anyway, they were there representing the dem party, and they were primed to inhale the whole package of lies, like “they were better off than they were 4 years ago. If they could digest that whopper, then they could handle anything slick willy could shovel their way. And apparently they did.

  18. Diver Says:

    Frankel…. yuck. I’m still not past the terrible job she did for WPB and her awful attitude. I wish we could ban her from public service. I would vote for the devil himself before I voted for Frankel… and yes, I am a democrat. Please, do not forget her attitude towards lifting term limits, and her under handed ways to run her office. I believe that is a frightening attitude to have towards government.

  19. Same Ole, Same Ole Says:

    OH BOY!

    To make this attractive to him, local Dem operatives must have first lined up some available groupies to service his “political” needs.

    Thanks to the loyal Post though . . . to keep us informed about the current goings on in Democrat Clown College.

  20. so sad in Boca Says:

    Patrick Murphy has integrity, business experience and the want and courage to help others. He is the middle class and represents me and the Democrats!.
    As a Jew I am saddened that anyone of any faith would speak against someone’s beliefs. Our country is for all people, all faiths, all colors, and right to choose.
    I am hoping the people in this State who have been taught forgiveness will pray in their church, temples and houses of worship FORGIVE. I did, we all should. The Democrats nor the Jews made this comment. One person did!
    Can we please move on.We have enough to deal with in this Country!

  21. Downtown Danny Says:

    I am a Democrat.
    This person should not be elected to any public office, she destroyed downtown WPB, lied to residents repeatedly and corrupted the entire city.
    I would vote for Hitler before I’d vote for Lois Frankel for anything.

  22. worried am vet Says:

    Frankel/Hitler/Clinton/Barry Obomba; Frankel is simply a egotist that got a job in govt by someone else’s mistake. Her own brainless dreams will be her own nightmare; Hitler’s mention, has no obvious relavence; Clinton is simply the biggest ego maniac that has ever lived in the human race. He has no political agenda to help his fellow man/woman, just ego and sex; Obomba wants his former beliefs against(Bourgeoisie) to be now Proletarian.

    Do people know the difference between a Bourgeoisie and

    Does any of you Americans remember Karl Marks from your history lessons? He had idelology/theory that we citizens would all be equall in life. The Russians didn’t agree with Karl unfortunately for.

  23. tomishia taylor Says:

    yah crackers mad cause a black man in seat.and will be for 4 more yrs.see me i’am not hideing my name

  24. jebamoni4 Says:

    You have to watch Downtown Danny, when the great Mayor wins, he might leave the town. Allen West may be good at debating but we have to entangle lots of web he has tangled all through his public career. He was a war criminal and did nothing to the country except intimidating allies. Mere mouthing is not enough!!! This war criminal should have been water boarded instead of letting loose. He is against SS and medicare and his loud mouth said that many times on many circumstances What did he do for his constituency so far? Zip…except running his mouth. Oncea gangster will always be a gangster!!!
    Go eat more chicken fillet and give Sandra Bill some business!!

  25. sandl215 Says:

    Hey you dumb repukes……I don’t see bush or cheney coming to speak for romeny……how come??????????
    Only the rednecks will be voting for them just like this idiotic blog.

    Clinton is the best there is. As is Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Dave Turk Says:

    Clinton is a red neck on steroids.He probably had sex with his sister.

  27. Bito Says:

    @worried am vet, you seem to have so much anger built up in you, go get some help before you explode, you say you are a vet, so am I, for what you just printed, you really need some help with that temper.I do agree with you on Frankel, she is a troll that will sell her soul to the highest bitter, look how she tokk us in to the red with the taj majal city hall, and city place, only catering to her contributor from across the intercoastal,yes, palm beach, home to the 1% who control this country and politicians for their personal needs.

  28. Bito Says:

    @Dave turkey, Are you jealous he didnt have sex with youre sister? I guess he doesnt go for sloppy seconds after having sex with you.

  29. Big Dem Says:

    Bill Clinton is coming for the usual reasons he does anything: Aggrandize himself and cruise for young chicks with stars in their eyes (after all Hilary stayed as far away from the DNC as possible, so Bill figures he’ll take advantage of her absence and do what he always does: exploit women for sex).

  30. Change This Says:

    47M on Food Stamps, record numbers in Poverty, long term unemployment, a shrinking labor force, housing market in the toilet, <2% economic growth, $5T+ in new debt, etc etc….Welcome to Barry's America!

  31. Jill Says:

    A Sociopath Criminal Impeached Rapist stumping for the “Pro Women” Party…LOL!!

  32. NO to FRANKEL Says:

    Former WPB Mayor Lois Frankel left the city in debt. Just ask the commissioners when the BALLOON PAYMENT for the City Center will come due.

    WPB taxpayers haven’t had to pay that YET. Frankel ballooned the payment further out.

    Ask Mayor Frankel about Digital Domain and the $2,000,000 citizens have now lost. “This is a game-changer for our city,” Frankel said. YEAH, were out some serious money AND NOW taxpayers have to make up that LOSS!

    Ask Mayor Frankel about her her 40% INCREASE in salary to $125,000 while mayor.

    Ask former Mayor Frankel about her FREE HEALTHCARE AND DENTAL CARE with NO DEDUCTIBLES and NO PREMIUMS, NO CO-PAYS, NO PRESCRIPTION DRUG COSTS all borne by WPB taxpayers.

    Ask former Mayor Frankel about her $400 PER MONTH car allowance.

    Ask former Mayor Frankel about her $420 “MANAGEMENT INCENTIVE”.

    Ask former Mayor Frankel about her LIFE INSURANCE AND LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE WPB taxpayers fund.

    Ask former Mayor Frankel about her RETIREMENT PLAN taxpayers fund.

    And Finally, ask former Mayor Frankel about listening to her constituents and how she FOUGHT citizens’ referendum on building in WPB. Citizens had to SUE the MAYOR and they WON.

    Amazing how some politicians move from one political office to another AFTER THEY ARE TERMED OUT.

    DO NOT vote for Lois Frankel. Her past history, tells her future actions.

    ALL FOR HERSELF, as evidenced by her employment package. And more importantly her lack of social skills and the HUGE DEBT she left for taxpayers in WPB.

    NO in NOvember.
    NO to FRANKEL!

  33. Smoking Clinton Says:

    Bill Clinton was able to ‘charm’ Monica Lewinsky and young intern in the White House and placed a cigar in her vagina while they were in the Oval office.

    Disgusting behavior for a ‘president’.

    It’s really kinda scary to think that someone like Clinton is still revered by people.

    They make excuses for unacceptable behavior and label that as ‘private’.

    Yeah, right–do it someplace other than the PEOPLE’S HOUSE! Do it in a hotel, but not in the WHITE HOUSE’s OVAL OFFICE.

    And then, Clinton LIED and LOST his law license.

    Go ahead and be naive and ‘charmed’ by Clinton. WE KNOW HILLARY ISN’T ‘charmed’ by the behavior of her ‘husband’.

    And lastly, Bill Clinton ALWAYS FAILS to mention that REPBUBLICANS had controlled of the Senate and the House and they worked TOGETHER. It wasn’t JUST CLINTON. It was COMPROMISING.

    Which President Obama has FAILED to do and has divided this country with his rhetoric.

    A divided country will not stand. President Obama has be the MOST DIVISIVE PRESIDENT EVER.

  34. Jill is a MAN Says:

    Give it a rest Glen Beck lovers. Its going to take 12 long years to clean up the DISASTER THAT DUBYA left us.

    Stop trying to rewrite history and blame it on the current guy.

  35. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    Never was a Clinton fan, never voted for him.
    While his lying about an inconsequential sex incident is despicable, presidential lies could be worse with far greater consequential actions.
    Fer instance, Bush’s lies in trumping up the known intel on Iraq whereby he led us into a war that continues to kill thousands and still hobbles our economy.
    If I had a choice, I’d take the stained dress, cigar stunt, and loss of presidential prestige over lost lives, limbs, and shattered minds any day.
    Bush sent a number of my very close friends to their early deaths…and for what?
    Not a G-D thing !!!

  36. Dmann Says:

    Dang Bito, that’s some masterful slingin’.

  37. Dmann Says:

    Clinton was the last best President we had. Frankel is ridiculous. Definitely need to find a way to attract better people in to politics.

  38. so sad in Boca Says:

    To those who have remarks against Clinton!
    While Clinton has made mistakes in his personal life, (which is none of our business)and I agree on that issue. Lets look back at the good side of Clinton okay.
    Whether you are a D or R relating to politics, lets work together and stop those awful attacks and nasty comments. Our country and Florida needs healing not us gutting and slicing each other to bits. This is why our world is a mess we attack each other on religion, politics, personal preference and choice of partners. Can we stop attacking and have a conversation how we help this State and country be better!! PLEASE STOP!

  39. Commadorable Says:

    I have news for ‘So Sad in Boca.’ The Democratic Party has deserted the Jews and thrown Israel under the bus. Why do you still support them??

  40. so sad in Boca Says:

    I have news to Commadorable!

    I am Jewish and no one but no one has walked away from Israel. That is a HUGE LIE and im tired of it. Please STOP spreading lies all over the place. Obama and Israel are in fact working together. How do I know, I dont watch Fox bull, I go to Washington,speak with Congress and Senators and read the Israel paper.
    Spew your garbage to the tea party people!! I will not engage in opposing views with someone who does not know their facts!

  41. Hey Now. Says:

    Wow, what a small underwhelming crowd. A small ignorant clueless looking crowd.

    Barry going for the moron vote…LOL!!

  42. Gator Says:

    so sad in Boca….Clinton made mistakes in his personal life? Yeah, I’d say so! Is that it?

    The Bastard Lied under oath, obstructed justice. His law license was revoked, he was impeached. Unbelievable. Good Lord Libs have low standards.

  43. so sad in Boca Says:

    One question?

    ANSWER:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ YES YES YES

  44. Gator Says:

    so sad IS soooo sad.

  45. Commadorable Says:

    Don’t forget that Clinton missed his opportunity to take out Osama Bin Laden because he was too busy screwing around in the oval office!
    So Sad in Boca, where have you been?? The DNC even denounced Jerusalem as the capital of Israel at the convention!!!!

  46. Gator Says:

    Clinton was only as good a President to the extent he was forced to lower taxes and do welfare reform (which obama DID gut). Other than Gingrich’s Contract with America that Bubba in part agreed with he was just a Deceptive Snake Oil Salesman from Ark. with astro turf in his pickup truck bed to use on his “dates”. “I Feel Your Pain”…LOL!!

  47. Sammy Says:

    Hussein Obama is no Clinton…Well, he does lie with just as much ease.

  48. HarryJoseph Says:

    So Clinton is going to Florida to campaign for Obama when he knows that Obama was mentored by the communist, Frank Marshall Davis, for 8 years, from age 10 to 18. Davis also was a community organizer and writer of communist papers when he lived in Chicago.

    No matter what Clinton says, our country should NEVER have a president who was mentored by a communist. NEVER.

  49. Commadorable Says:

    Dear So Sad in Boca,
    You are living in the past. These are not you Daddy’s Democrats. They do not have your back. I spent the day Rallying for Romney with the Republican Jewish Coalition at the Palm Beach Convention Center where obama was speaking, and I’m not Jewish. They said people like you were living in the past. They all used to be Democrats but became Republicans when obama turned on Israel and the Jews. You need to seriously wake up. You are aiding and abetting the enemy and I don’t think you even know it. Did you even watch the DNC? If you don’t do your homework, maybe you should just stay home and not vote at all. obama is helping the muslin brotherhood. They are your mortal enemy. I feel sorry for you.

  50. jebamoni4 Says:

    Some guy throws statistics about Mayor Frankel’s income. Do you know the junior state representative makes more money than her,for doing only very few days of work? Connie Mack works only few days a year!!

  51. lishou Says:

    I believe avoiding packaged foods may be the first step in order to lose weight. They will taste beneficial, but packaged foods contain very little vitamins and minerals, making you feed on more simply to have enough power to get through the day. If you are constantly ingesting these foods, moving over to whole grain products and other complex carbohydrates will help you have more power while ingesting less. Great blog post.

  52. LeBrit Says:

    So Sad in Boca…how appropriate! Why was Clinton successful in his Second Term? Because the Republicans led Congress (Speaker: Newt Gingrich) and the Senate. “Billy Boy” switched from
    “Leftie” to moderate “Centrist.” But BHO will not be doing that; he is an immovable Socialist to the core. The current Congress has passed nearly 40 Bills, but they are sitting in Harry Reid’s in-tray, now! And we are being ruled by Presidential edict. So a BHO second term is going to be more of the same. Look across “The Pond”…European Socialism is a mess. The USA should not be following that example/model. Wake-up “So-Sad.”

  53. so sad in Boca Says:

    Okay all Tea Party haters who dislike our President because he cant break through your tea party leaders and the congress of NO NO NO.

    Patrick Murphy, Lois Frankel, and all the Dems run circles around your so called goodie too shoes leaders… Ryan himself was on Social Security.
    Im not going to be labeled D, L, S, or anything else, This person is A Female, Human being, Senior who is not defined by a party but by helping those that need it. Church and State need to be separate and let people choose. As a Jewish person we fouGHT for that and no one, not ANYONE is taking away God or your right to choose your party, your religion your partners in life and what and how you live your life!
    Again, lets stop attacks this is causing multiple problems for America and has been for generations. Will WE THE PEOPLE EVERY STOP? iN gOD WE trUST AND I WITH MY HEART SUPPORT ISRAEL!

  54. Commadorable Says:

    The DNC took God and Jerusalem out of it’s platform. It has removed in God we Trust from coins. Obama said we are no longer a Christian Nation. So Sad, you are a Republican, you just don’t know it. That is so very sad!

  55. truck delivery Says:

    Nice post. I used to be checking constantly this weblog and I’m impressed! Extremely useful info particularly the remaining section :) I care for such information much. I used to be seeking this certain information for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  56. so sad in Boca Says:

    Please read Romney, that was a statement he stated, not Obama. President Obama is a Christian . Romney stated” I will not remove the in God we trust”.. It was NOT a reply to anything but Romney bull too.

    OMG you Republicans sure know how to shoot the bull.

  57. Commadorable Says:

    So Sad, Don’t know where you have been hiding but obama made a speech in Cairo where he said we were no longer a Christian Nation. It was televised world wide. Romney wasn’t even running yet. Check the new coins, In God We Trust, has already been removed. Did you even watch the DNC? They removed God & Jerusalem from their platform the first night. Then they voted to put it back in, after it caused such a ruckus, and passed it after 3 tries, even though the nayes overwhelmingly were against it. None of this had anything to do with Romney. You don’t appear to be very familiar with your own party. I suggest you talk to someone from the Republican Jewish Coalition. Your party has been hijacked by progressives, atheists, and socialists while you weren’t paying attention!

  58. Rainbow Angel Says: heeheehee

    President Clinton stands on his record and the US built up such a surplus because of the US PUBLIC OFFERING OF THE INTERNET, THE INFORMATION HIGHWAY! Well President CLinton is Charismatic and does want to work with EVERYBODY, He has what it takes to be a really effective leader. Keep the young mosad agents away from Clinton too…

  59. Commadorable Says:

    President Clinton was impeached for lying. Are you kidding me? He missed the chance to get Osama Bin Laden because he was screwing around. Now our president refuses to meet with Netanyahu about the nuclear threat in Iran. Is it going to take a nuclear attack to wake you people up? We need a leader is Washington, not a community organizer! He is in over his head!

  60. Rainbow Angel Says:

    Commadorable – On anniversary of 9/11 you say will it take a nuclear attack to wake “YOU PEOPLE” up? Well perhaps WE PEOPLE are tired of 2000+ years of Middle Easterners fighting and disrespecting their neighbors and themselves at home. GROW UP AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE LAND YOU ARE CARETAKING FOR THE CREATOR, ITS NOT TRULY YOURS TO DISRESPECT, PLEASE TREAD LIGHTLY ON THE LAND, EARTH AND UNIVERSE FOR ALL BELONG TO THE CREATOR…

  61. LeBrit Says:

    Rainbow Angel #58: Take a look at #52!
    Clinton is something akin to a plagiarist. He has bathed in the success of his second term, engineered by a Republican Congress and Senate. But, what is his game now? At the DNC, he was promoting a second term for Obama; gulp! “Billy Boy” knows that Obama has an entrenched mind-set and will not co-operate with a Republican Congress and Senate…??!

  62. Rainbow Angel Says:


  63. referencement Says:

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