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Biden coming to Century Village of Boca Raton today

by tmalmer | September 28th, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden hits the South Florida condo belt today with a stop at Century Village of Boca Raton and a visit to Kings Point in Tamarac. Both are heavily Democratic senior havens.

Biden will also campaign in Fort Myers on Saturday.

Biden also worked the condo circuit in March with a visit to Wynmoor in Broward County.

And President Obama campaigned at Century Village of West Palm Beach in July.

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11 Responses to “Biden coming to Century Village of Boca Raton today”

  1. will allen Says:

    One of 2 words describe Joe Biden – its either idiot or buffoon! Its hard to belive that we have a vp that is more of an idiot than Dan Quayle, but then again our current President is worse than Jimmy Carter!

  2. Jerry Says:

    He’s going to tell them in Century Village to go out and buy lots of chains. He should have taken public speaking lessons from Clairabell.

  3. Dave Turk Says:

    He’ll fit right in with the senile crowd of loser liberals waiting to die.

  4. Dave Owens Says:

    Will Allen,Jerry says and Turk. You guys are the idiots, vote for Mittens and when he and Ryan rob you blind with their tax increases don’t cry to Joe Biden to help you. I’m a liberal and if I could I would seek you guys out and give you a butt whipping like your parents should have done, wimps like you only have your sharp tongues but no brains. I’m retired and 67 and I can still kick your butts. If you want to take me on give me your phone numbers and I’ll set up a date I have time this Sunday after church,it is done by 11:00 AM let me change my clothes, kick all three of your butts and still have time to see football. I’m tired of you right wing idiots bashing the POTUS and now the VP. So lets go at it and I’ll further your interest, If I lose I’ll vote for Mittens, If I win you vote for Obama and Biden. Losers.

  5. PB Post = FAILURE TO REPORT Says:


    The Post Times has NOTHING on the failed foreign policy of President Obama!!!!

    WHAT! Nothing on Obama hiring local Libyans to guard the US embassy and ambassador?


    WHERE is the Post Times story on the drop in production of DURABLE GOODS? Obama has not implemented policies and programs that promote MANUFACTURING IN America but he keeps ‘talking’ about it.

    WHERE is the Post’s article on Obama’s FAILED EDUCATION POLICY. Obama’s hometown of Chicago just blasted his MERIT PAY initiative and nowhere is that story picked up! Another failure for OBAMA!

    WHERE is the Post Times article on the $16 TRILLION DEBT?

    HOW ABOUT the HIGH cost of GA$ and the INCREDIBLE CO$T OF FOOD…where are those stories?

    oops, forgot…those articles and stories just won’t look good to readers.

  6. Vile Democrat Postings Says:

    Please read the postings by those supporting Obama. They are vulgar, they name call and talk of using violence against those who have a political difference with them.

    That is reflective of the democrats. They name call instead of present points of discussion.

    Our nation can’t exist in peace when such threats are leveled and vulgar talk is used.

    Democrats are distasteful and will stoop to anything to get their candidates elected.

  7. Moishe Says:

    Obama just sent anti-Muslim film maker to prison..Sharia law is around the corner. Obama Hussein’s dream is almost a reality.

  8. RENEGADE Says:


    1. President Obamas foreign policy is in no way a failure.Lets hear something specific from you neo-con liars instaed of general and vague accusations!!

    2. Obama doeesn’t hire the guards. And its a consulate not our Embassy moron!
    If you knew anything at all about our Embassies and consulates you would know there are always local guards/police provided by the host country. But no your just another very ignorant right wing hack wannabe who doesn’t know the first thing about the subject he tries to comment on.

    3. Unstable according to who? YOU? LMAO!!!!
    Bush never did unless there was a credible threat?? So whats your excuse?

    4. You forgot to mention that manufacturing is still at the highest level in about 2 decades!!!! So your tiny little insignificant temporary drop means???? RIGHT NOTHING!!!!!!

    5. One place disagrees and you think that means a policy is a failure. Thats just utterly ignorant to even imply something that stupid!!!

    6. The debt? Here you go!

    16 Trillion.
    Republicans…..12 Trillion
    Democrats……..4 Trillion

    Past 3 years increased 1 trillion per year. Due to costs put in place by the Bush administration.
    Our budget came with a 1 trillion deficit each year. That budget is written and approved by Congress. Meaning the Tea Party members in the house of Representatives are more responsible for our 1T deficits than the President could ever be. They approved it. The President cannot spend 1 dollar that the Republican led house has not already voted to spend!!!!!

    Hows that for an article on the 16T debt!!!!

    Gas and Food costs are up as a result of the free market working like the Republicans say it should!!!
    You have to love it when the capitalists whine and cry about the results of their capitalism. Tell them to shut up this is how they want things!!!


    Wow Renegade…nothing like spreading blatant lies and DNC rhetoric.

  10. moishe Says:

    Joe Biden is a joke and a national disgrace..

  11. Work From No Home Review Says:

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