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Atwater defends Romney, but says he should’ve been ‘on-game’

by John Kennedy | September 18th, 2012

Mitt Romney’s closed-door comments in Boca Raton about 47 percent of Americans not paying taxes and being “dependent on government,” were defended by a top Florida supporter Tuesday — although Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater also implied his party’s presidential nominee should have known better.

“Any one of us who believes there’s not a camera on or a recording device or a cell phone, you’re living yesterday,” said Atwater, part of Florida Catholics for Romney’s leadership team. “I think everyone has to be on-game, on-message all the time.”

Atwater said he hadn’t reviewed the tape of Romney’s comments, recorded surreptiously in May at a fundraiser at hedge fund manager Marc Leder’s home and made public this week by Mother Jones magazine. But based on what was reported, Atwater said at least some of Romney’s comments about which voters he could persuade — and which others were unreachable — made sense.

“It seems to me what he was expressing was ‘my job,”‘ Atwater said. “My job is to talk to those individuals I have a chance of persuading. My job is to talk to those folks who may still be open-minded to what I am talking about. If that was the intent of what he was saying, I think all of us have heard candidates speak in…that kind of language.”

Atwater added, “It may not been as artfully expressed…but every candidate has done this.”

But Atwater, a former Senate President from North Palm Beach, distanced himself from Romney’s assessment that almost half the American population is mooching off government.

“We have initiatives that we vote on here in this Legislature every year for people who on any given day are particularly challenged and facing an obstacle like Medicaid. But Medicaid rolls rotate. In two years, six-months, someone is new on and somebody is off. They got their footing again.” 


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51 Responses to “Atwater defends Romney, but says he should’ve been ‘on-game’”

  1. Florda Legislator Says:

    Yes, he should have known better than expressing his true opinion. Politicians should not only lie to their constituents, but they should lie ALL THE TIME.

  2. Brian O'Donaghey Says:

    All presidents should say “my job” is to lead, represent, communicate with, and inspire ALL AMERICANS….not just those who agree with and support me. I’m independent and still undecided, so is Romney trying to capture my vote with even more divisiveness than we already have?

  3. timtopper Says:

    Atwater is as dirty as they come. Mitt should stay as far away from him, Negron, Scott and Bondi as possible. They ruined florida and their stench will run off on Mitt.
    Here’s the deal; if we lie we get in trouble. A politician lies and he/she gets re-elected. Double standard–it’s a game for dirty players.

  4. williejones Says:

    Why wouldn’t the “tape of Romney’s comments, recorded surreptiously” be evidence of a felony under FSS 924?

  5. Huh?! Says:

    What Romney said was despicable, crude and unwarranted. That being said, I defend his right to be a total jerk. It’s protected speech under the first amendment and it’s one of the few times he’s been open and honest in this race. If that’s what he believes then yes, he needs to stand up and tell us. Apparently these are some of those principles he said we’d know how he’d govern the country by. Bigotry, hatred and divisiveness seem to be those principles.

  6. Huh?! Says:

    Willie – Seriously? Yeah, I guess that’s the way you’d play it since you can’t defend what Romney said. Try to have the recorder arrested. Problem is you’re probably wrong and whoever recorded this probably wasn’t the only person in the room recording it. It’s kind of like having someone arrested for taking pictures at a wedding.

  7. williejones Says:

    Huh you forgot to add that what he said is “TRUE” but that is a problem for obamaville residence.

  8. RFN Says:

    Romney, Atwater, Rubio – all cut from the same bolt of reject Republican remnant cloth (and I am a member of the Once Grand Old Party).

  9. williejones Says:

    Huh read FSS 934 ; you might learn something!

  10. TheZigster Says:

    Who cares what Atwater says.. he’s a non factor…..

  11. Let the Mittstorm ensue Says:

    The 47% number is mostly made up of elderly on social security, military veterans, hungry children, and the working poor.

    There’s also a handful of several thousand millionaires and billionaires on that list.

    So, what Mitt is saying is that veterans, elderly, and poor people are all leeches, and he will never convince any of them to vote for him.

    That’s about as Un-American as anything I’ve ever seen.

  12. Brian O'Donaghey Says:

    G.E. and Pepco Holdings, along with an number of other large corporations, didn’t pay any income taxes in 2011 either. Since Mitt says “corporations are people too”, then they are part of Mitt’s 47% of parasitic takers too.

  13. npgator Says:

    Nothing wrong with what Mitt said but it is laughable about how much attention this is getting while the Middle East is burning up on Obama’s watch.

  14. Slim Pickens Says:

    What Mitt was addressing at the time was how to secure the necessary “percentage” of voters to win the presidential election. When he said “My Job” he was not refering to the potential position of being president, but of the “job” of securing the votes necessary. The amount of attention given to this is ridiculous.

  15. 2 inch thick passport Says:

    Are you one of those who believes that the US must have a perfect solution to every single complex problem in the entire world? Or that we are capable of an IMMEDIATE perfect solution too? You probably wonder “why can’t the rest of the world be just like us?” Since you don’t have one, here’s a clue,….. get off the patio and see the world.

  16. lxi Says:

    This was said repeatedly during the republican debates by several candidates. If 47% of people are not paying taxes, then why is Obama letting them get away with it?

  17. oracle Says:

    The government pretty much owes people a living so what is wrong with collecting it ?

  18. mike cozgrove Says:

    Both Attwater and Romney are correct. Lazy work ethics-less democrats are wrong in entirety period. The truth hurts andthose dems know who they are and I am correct as well as Romney. Know your enemy. If you have not seen the documentory 2016 you have NO RIGHT TO VOTE PERIOD. Wake up you lazy crazy democrats before its too late and we are a just another stupid 3rd world islamic muslim country. Great idea huh !!!!

  19. MH Says:

    Thank you Mitt, now I KNOW who gets my vote….. OBAMA!!!!

    What an idiot, does he realize some of the 47% are those who lost their jobs because he shipped jobs overseas?

  20. mike cozgrove Says:

    Any body who believes they are a true American and has no idea who Obama is other then what democratic TV shows you, on top of never researching Obamas past or have not having gone to see the documentory 2016 which has no actors or a script just facts and interviews needs to go imediately to Palm Beach Int. Airport and get a ONE WAY TICKET OUT OF AMERICA. try Canada or Mexica and see how you like those night mares. Or…………………………DO THE MATH !!!!

  21. Bito Says:

    @npgater, Why dont you go and stick youre hand in a gators mouth? Maybe after you loose it you will wake up.

  22. Downtown Danny Says:

    Look at front cover – “SOUD”

    I can’t believe Republicans are supporting an admitted:
    1. DRAFT DODGER – Mitt got 3 deferments, then was refused a 4th, so he fled to France and returned when draft was over
    2. TAX DODGER – Mitt says “I broke no laws” – but keeps his money in Swiss accounts (Real Patriotic)
    Give America a decent candidate and you’ll win – this clown ain’t it.

  23. mike cozgrove Says:

    Down Town Danny. Since you seem to be a qualified representative of Romneys Past. Lets hear your facts on B. Hussein…………….Im waiting!!!

  24. Trigger Happy Says:

    Yawn …. this is much ado about nothing. He stated the obvious. The only people it will actually upset are the uniformed moochers that won’t vote for him anyway.

  25. mike cozgrove Says:

    Bito must be a muslim too. What a shame.

  26. Mike Says:

    What are the commenters saying? One of them uses his freedom to tell other Americans to leave the country, isn’t that precious? Others agree with Romney that basically everyone but themselves and perhaps Romney are leeches upon government.
    Others split hairs and note Romney was speaking of how difficult it is to win the Presidency as a Republican.This angle might have best been said by SC Senator Lindsay Graham “we’re just not making enough angry white men anymore”.
    The USA deserves a better Tax Code which respects the labor of it’s citizens rather than putting money in tax favored status above human labor.
    Who is asking why “carried interest” exists in our tax codes? Why aren’t Americans of all income levels realizing that virtually no really rich American youth expose their lives by defending their nations freedom? Perhaps that should change via re-introduction of the Draft?
    Does anyone want to argue that Romney’s comments are divisive?
    Do a majority of Americans want a President who may or may not agree with what he says since it depends on when and where Mr Romney speaks determines his etch-a-sketch beliefs.
    Just what would a President Romney do?
    He won’t really say.
    If he can’t say what he would do, why trust him with the keys to the White House?
    Seven weeks left and counting down. Time for Mr Romney have a serious conversation with this nation.
    Is he man enough?
    Americans deserve a Presidential contest that lays out a really open and honest choice.
    “Trust Me” needs to be left to those old Joe Isuzu ads from the 1980′s.
    Come on, Mr Romney, be a straight shooter and let Americans make an informed decision.

  27. Trigger Happy Says:

    It’s all about the economy stupid.

  28. enid Says:

    That’s typical of the Atwater family…

  29. RENEGADE Says:

    @mike cozgrove

    You mean the fantasy sci-fi film 2016 not a documentary!!!

    Now I get a good laugh at posts like yours. You really think you know something. You couldn’t be more wrong if you worked at it. But you really believe the nonsense you have been fed. thats just special!!
    Romney (and YOU) are wrong from the very begining! The IRS says its only 38% not 47% which just that in itself says that neither one of you has done your homework and actually knows what you are talking about!!
    want more OK So every private in the military overseas serving this country and putting his life on the line is nothing more than a lazy, worthless moocher living off gov’t handouts!!! Because that is what you both said!!!

    Many of the “47% work and have jobs. But the wages are so low after the standard deduction they owe no taxes!!!
    Many of these peoplke receive NOTHING from the Gov’t!!! But you and Mitt say the same about them!!!!!!!!!!!
    WANT MORE??????

  30. a nation divided Says:

    “He’s not MY President” is commonly heard by those against Obama. Now the nation’s would-be President sends the clear message that 47% of Americans “aren’t HIS people”. Is it time to drop the word “United” from “U”SA?

  31. mike cozgrove Says:

    some of you are missing the POINT. The ideology of dems vs. Repubs is what is normally the point. But things have changed. Yes that word change has once again come into play. That change all the useless lazy ones that rely on big Gov. MONEY and DEMOCRATIC TV bought that BS story. The change B. Hussein is talking is his master plan to change America into everything but what it stands for. Hence that BS rant/rap of his about Today Change Has Come To America. Is nit the change you lazy democrats figured. Yes liars figure numbers dont. Obama is a ANTI COLOINIST PERIOD. But like all the demographics show. The white producers are becoming extinct. PERIOD !!! So its that CHANGE which is taking place with our anti American pro socialist ( just read his book or Georger Soros’s books or go see the documentory if your TOO LAZY and a democrat to read or just cant read due to dropping out at grade 4) Those of you out there that are hung up on guilt for being white need to wake up. Those of you who are hung up on Obama becuase he is 1/2 black need to wake up!! PERIOD

  32. promises, promises Says:

    For all those morons screaming about Obama bein a muslim, turning US into islamic country, a socialist, communist country, bla bla bla……lissen up….I been on guard, watching, waitin for this country to go that way for almost 4 years. When’s this islamic socialist communism thing gonna happen and what will it look like? Jeez, these pins and needles are gettin uncomfortable.

  33. is it too late? Says:

    based on his rantings alone, mike cozgrove singlehandedly presents the strongest argument for retroactive abortion that I’ve heard in years

  34. mike cozgrove Says:

    Well lets take whats going on in the rest of the World. They are pissed at use beacuase of a movie an Egyptian in jail made based on the truth of what Islam is like?? And the islams prove him right. Or it was a timing thing based on 9/11 that just happened to slide into perfect timing with the Egyptian Or the rest of the World recoginised Obama is weak and apologises for his past presidents???

  35. Trigger Happy Says:

    They don’t call him the food stamp president for nothing.

  36. Barbara Says:

    Is no one concerned that while all this anti-American hatred is happening and the brotherhood will be at our grandchildren’s door someday, the media’s only concern is what Romney says or didn’t say in their huge headline. Nothing EVER negative about Obama. The media keeps campaigning for him every day of the year. Bias like I have never seen in my life.

  37. mike cozgrove Says:

    Any body on this want America to go socialistic??? Or should I say of the 47% out there that are users and have no work ethics and like unions and A. Hitler voting for B. Hussein ??????? Or heading to Mexico or Canada to be all the government wants them to be ????

  38. mike cozgrove Says:

    EXACTLY BARB. Most of if not all the dems or Obama lovers DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO THINK OF THE FUTURE. Thank God i have no kids becuase if that ANTI AMERICAN GETS IN FOR 4 MORE THERE IS NO FUTURE !! PERIOD. THINK DEMOCRATS FOR GODS SAKE THINK FOR ONCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Say What Says:

    It’s funny that all of a sudden we are getting upset with this guy, he has been saying the same thing for while now he just said it a different way. I hope the american public get it he can care less about 47% of you and he said that you wouldn’t vote for him anyway if the rebulican party had any guts they would remove themselves from him but we all know the republicans think the same way they just won’t say it out in a public setting and the dummy tried to say around a select group but someone caught it. I hope the minorites and everyone else think about who this guy really is he wants to seperate the classes and take us back 100 years. But i’m glad he is showing his true colors now so people stop this monster go vote.

  40. mike cozgrove Says:

    The 47% is correct. They will never cut their nose of to spite their face. If any body out there is a user and non producer GO TO CANADA OR MEXICA. They have never been #1 on the World leader chart but they are all a million years older then America. Our currency is the currency of the WORLD!!! And it has nothing to do with any form of democratic ideology. If you dont like it fine. Get the hell out of here, You Obama loving big governemt idiots need to get off this ride insted of destroying it. GOD DAME the air port is minutes away, GO NOW !!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Trigger Happy Says:

    I agree what says, we need to expand that 47% to 99%, right! Screw that 1%! Hell, lets Just all stop paying taxes, that’s the ticket.

  42. mike cozgrove Says:

    Trigger or STUPID, its not all about the economy moron. Its much deaper than that for the first time. Butt you moron democrats just dont get it. You see the world understnads our Islamic President elect is weak hence all the current anti-American rants and flag burning. When you openly apologize as a President you are admitting weakness mornon. Wake the hell up or get the hell out of America or get an education….

  43. Downtown Danny Says:

    So the guy who accuses Obama for 2 years of engaging in “Class War-fare”
    is caught on tape engaging in
    Class War-Fare.

    Stay tuned – new Etch-A-Sketch coming tomorrow.

  44. Trigger Happy Says:

    sometimes sarcasm is hard to detect in print ….

  45. Trigger Happy Says:

    Saying he won’t get their vote is not engaging in class warfare, it’s honesty.

  46. Stay focused Says:

    This is just a political distraction keeping voters minds off our failing economy and clueless foreign policy.

    Once Obama wins he’ll get back to the business of destroying America.

  47. mike cozgrove Says:

    Hope all you islamic democrats out there have millions to take care of you children and grand children with the debt our Islamic anti colonist socialistic President is raking up with out anything close to those numbers coming in. Oh thats right obmama is a dem = taxation with out representation.

  48. SMH Says:

    I lost count of how many lies are in mike cozgrove’s posts…

    Just because this naive dolt strings a lot of words together that he heard on Rush or Hannity, doesn’t mean he’s telling the truth.
    I don’t blame him, though. It’s not his fault he’s uneducated. It’s ours. The lazy 47% who didn’t kick in to the till to make sure he got educated.

    I’d like Mike to explain why he thinks his religion is better than the others he so vehemently opposes. While you’re at it, explain why following Mormonism is any greater than Islam. It can be argued that Mitt Romney has hatred towards the same people that Islam does. Explain why he’s better than your fictional Islamo-bama, religiously speaking.

    I await your well thought out response full of links pointing to valid verifiable facts.

  49. Blatant Failures Says:

    Everybody does realize that this snippet was used to divert attention from Obama’s failed foreign policy and the debaucle in Libya and Afghanistan.

    It’s the let’s turn the conversatio away from Libya and the economy and blame Romney.

    FACT: the US State Department issued a travel warning to Libya in AUGUST 2012

    FACT: FIVE MONTHS prior to the murder of our American ambassador and 3 Americans in Libya there were ongoing attacks in Libya!

    FACT: an British firm (an American firm operating out of Britain) was hired by the Obama administration to provide protection with the CAVEAT that NO LIVE AMMUNITION, NO BULLETS were to be used. Obama wanted ‘a low profile’ in Libya.

    There was plenty of evidence to worry about an attack on the 9.11 anniversary in Libya and other Unstable countries!

    Shame for the lack protection our soldiers and diplomats.

    It’s the failed foreign policy
    (also have stopped the ‘joint patrols with Afghans because they are turning their american weapons on our soldiers)

    It’s the failed economic policies:
    high unemployment
    high cost of fuel
    refusal to make America independent of foreign energy
    high cost of food
    and the palpable division in America, there is no unity with Obama. He didn’t work with Republicans and he didn’t unite Americans during his term.

    There are too many people who for generations have not been able to stop their dependency on government assistance.

    There is proof that our borders are being overrun and our laws are not being implemented. (abolish the laws if he wants open borders, don’t just blatantly ignored our laws! and who the hell knows who crosses our borders? It is an easy way for terrorists to enter the USA, for God’s sakes!

    It is this failure to unite, failure to work with others, failure with a weak foreign policy and disaster economic policy that has put our country in a tailspin.

    Sorry, Obama will not get my vote.

  50. RushLimboxycontin Says:

    @Tard above

    Turn off Rush and go to the library. The tv and internet at your house are broken. Your house seems to only be getting Karl Rove’s and Sheldon Adelsons talking points.

    I think the Library has real facts down there– ones with sources that can be sited.

  51. Marathon Running Says:

    Interesting and informative post. Thank you for your effort. You put a nice twist to it. Well put John.

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