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Allen West’s internal poll says he leads Murphy, 52-41

by George Bennett | September 27th, 2012

After months of refusing to share or discuss internal polling, Republican U.S. Rep. Allen West‘s campaign today released a memo from its pollster saying West leads Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy by a 52-to-41 percent margin.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee last month said its polling showed the race a virtual tie, with Murphy holding a 47-to-46 percent lead within the margin of error. Murphy’s campaign released a poll in May showing a 45-to-45 percent tie.

The memo by West pollster Gene Ulm (neither side has released actual internal polls, only memos describing them) says the survey of 400 likely voters in Palm Beach-Treasure Coast District 18 was conducted Monday and Tuesday and has a 4.9 percent margin of error. The sample was 40 percent Republican and 38 percent Democrat, roughly in line with the 38.5-to-36.2 registration advantage the GOP holds in the district.

Ulm’s memo says 34 percent of voters view Murphy favorably and 33 percent unfavorably. The memo says Mitt Romney leads President Obama by a 51-to-44 percent margin in the district. Obama carried the district with 51 percent in 2008, the same percentage he got statewide.

Murphy consultant Eric Johnson dismissed the West poll as “cooked” and “skewed” and pointed to the 7-point Romney edge as evidence. Most statewide polls show Obama with a slight lead, and Johnson said District 18 is continuing to track with statewide trends in the presidential race.


31 Responses to “Allen West’s internal poll says he leads Murphy, 52-41”

  1. Charlie F. Says:

    Eric Johnson is so full of it that my colon gets jealous sometimes.

  2. Franklin Says:

    Sorry Charlie, but Eric is right. This poll is obviously complete bogus. When no other poll has Romney up in Florida and this one does, it’s obvious this was very biased and the results are not serious. West is in trouble come November!

  3. Mary Ann Russell Says:

    Go Congressman West. I am sure the poll numbers will soar even further once Murphy stops hiding and comes out to debate the Congressman.

  4. Craig Says:

    Franklin – District not state which reflects the district favoring the republican congressional candidate. READ the damn thing before commenting.

  5. Patrick Says:

    Mr. West is a nut job. Why should his internal polls be any different.

  6. Change This Says:

    Allen West a Great American!!

  7. David S. Levine, Hobe Sound Says:

    It is unsurprising and totally fitting that Allen West leads this empty suit by this wide margin, one which will continue to grow as time marches on. West’s opponent is an empty suit–as Gertrude Stein said of her native city Oakland, CA–”There’s on THERE there!” He has no record of public service, no record of community service–a total nothing. His scripted commercials have had the effect of actually bringing out this fact and the antics of his union thug supporters last evening show him to be a robot of the forces that are destroying American society!

  8. floridagirl7 Says:

    Allen West should be ahead, the people on the treasure coast are a very intelligent group, it is hard to pull the wool over their eyes. If all of the hard headed Liberals would just listen to col West and then listen to Murphy, they two would come to the same decision, that is if they are not socialist
    GO West,Romney,Ryan
    May God bless the USA and the citizens on the Treasure Coast.

  9. Harvey Says:

    He also thinks that 41% are communists and a threat to the gene pool.

  10. Commadorable Says:

    The intelligent voters of the Treasure Coast realize that the race between Congressman West and the neophyte Murphy, is no contest. West has experience, integrity, and honor on his side, while Murphy has…..nothing to speak of. We don’t need another amateur in Washington. The President has already shown us the reckless incompetence of inexperience, by his lack of leadership in Libya!

  11. Patrick Says:

    Yes. Mr. West has alot more experience. First he dishonored the uniform of his country and for the past two years he has dishonored the congress in which he serves. That’s quite the resume. I’m beginning to believe the Treasure Coast has no intelligent voters. Maybe you don’t like Obama or any other Dem, but come on! West? You deserve better than what he’s offering.

  12. Franklin Says:

    Did read the article. And also as someone who has actually has intelligent thoughts and isn’t brainwashed by Fox News, I also realize how rare it would be to have a district that voted for Obama by 52% and the registration breakdown is evenly between GOP and Dems to be that Republican-leaning when the state which is more GOP-leaning than the district has Obama up by such wide margins. Leading me to use my brain (which you obviously don’t do much) to deduct that this poll is a complete farce. just like West’s job’s record.

  13. Dave Turk Says:

    let’s hope the mindless, brainwashed Democrats are really in the minority.

  14. Forgone Conclusion Says:

    West has been a terrible representative in District 22 and is running in District 18 because he knows he can’t win in 22. West does not respond to his constituents correspondence which is a basic requirement of a Congressman. West’s loud mouth rhetoric serves no useful purpose other that to divide people. Apparently the right-wingers like “crap sandwich rhetoric” and nothing of substance in legislation that West has purposed. West is a central part of the GOP/Teabaggers war on women and always votes in favor of the wealthy and corporate America. West has been a disgrace as a Congressman.

  15. American First Says:

    Having been to Washington on several occasions, to see Congress in action,Congressman West is an advocate for our Veterans and the Military.As a mom of servicemen I am proud to say he is my Congressman. The negative rhetoric and display by some of you is extremely unbecoming, which is what has been displayed by many during this election cycle. I believe that Obama is wrong for our country and that is my opinion.I have that right to say that because people like my forefathers, husband and sons have served our country and made sure we are safe. We are heading down the wrong path but I am not going to spew degrading statements to
    make myself heard.

    When will the kinder gentler America along with civility be back?

  16. Romney--Rubio 2012 Says:

    I know Col. West…Col.West is a friend of mine…Mr. Murphy, you are NO Col. West.

  17. Romney--Ryan 2012 Says:

    Correction to above….Romney–Ryan 2012 of course…

  18. Patrick Says:

    Please don’t use the words “Allen West” and “civility” in the same sentence.

    As a military retiree, I don’t see Mr. West as any particular friend of the military or its veterans. Just ask him what he thinks about disabled veterans collecting Social Security Disability. He called it slevery.

  19. Jimbo the Coastie Says:

    The nation is $16 trillion in debt and Obama and the democrats have done nothing to solve it. We have over 23 million of our fellow americans unemployed or underemployed and Obama & the democrats thought it would be a better idea to socialize medical care than focus on economic recovery. Harry Reid won’t pass a budget because he doesn’t want press attention focused on our fiscal problems or have to make a budget cutting deal with the house. We get slander instead of service. I could go on……..

  20. Patrick Says:

    Jimbo, I see you received your GOP talking points today. My question is; Just what would you do to fix things?

    Just so you know, Medicare IS mostly a socialized health care system. The Veterans Administration IS a purely socialized health care system. “Obamacare” IS run by insurance companies in the open marketplace. If you want to rant against socialized medicine, go after medicare and the VA healthcare system… but you won’t because they are the most efficient systems in the nation.

  21. retired navy Says:

    Army didn’t give west an Honorable Discharge when he chose to retire instead of getting a court martial. Think I’ll pass on west this time.

  22. JohnFtLaud Says:

    Congressman West is going to do an excellent job in his second term in
    Congress. Keeping taxes low on the 50% of Americans that actually pay Federal income taxes, cutting wasteful programs at the DOEducation and DOEnergy, and getting rid of communistic ObamaCare will all put our great Country back on track.

    BHO and the lame-arse democrats in Congress, like dingbat Schultz, ran our Country into the ground starting in January 2007 when the took control of Congress for 4 STRAIGHT years!

    Let’s get America Back on November 6, 2012!

  23. Dave Turk Says:

    wish I could vote for him again..

  24. American First Says:

    Interesting…The DNC pulled their funding from this race for Virginia and North Carolina races…… I guess they are believing the numbers……

  25. Thomas J.Glass Says:

    Obama used drone strikes to kill three American citizens.Murphy is a drunk! West is a hero!

  26. Bill Isom Says:

    Rep Allen West has a huge following outside of Florida and we all wish him well. The nation needs Allen West and more people like him. God bless you!

  27. Jimbo the Coastie Says:


    I don’t know what medication you’re on if you think Medicare is among “the most efficient systems in the nation”. Medicare is rife with fraud & abuse that private insurance companies do a much better job of stopping. They have to. They’d be outta business if they didn’t. Type “Medicare fraud & abuse” into your search engine and see what comes up. Ask yourself if an 8-10 month backlog for benefit processing is efficient for our men & women who served(see Since I work in the money business, I can tell you that private insurers don’t take that long to either accept or deny a claim. If you get American Legion magazine, read the articles in there about wait times & other problems with health care delivery. Efficient? Not even close.

  28. Patrick Says:

    Fraud, waste and abuse have nothing to do with efficiency. Ask any senior what they think about Medicare. There must be some reason they don’t want anybody messing with it.

    The VA is a different animal, entirely. Getting into the system is the biggest hurdle, not getting the care once you’re in.

    There is less fraud and abuse in private insurance because the biggest fraud is committed by the insurance companies themselves. It doesn’t take a genius to know that anything built for profit is going to cost more than something built as non-profit. Its easy for insurance companies to make money… just deny claims.

    Talk to me about your expertise when you’re either a veteran, as I am, and actually receive VA care, or when you work in the health insurance business.

    Why hasn’t Allen West done more to fix the VA situation? The president has put forth several proposals that got nowhere in the House of Representatives. Of course fewer wars mean fewer VA claims. Why don’t we just stop fighting wars.

  29. Jimbo the Coastie Says:

    Let me see if I understand your point. Waste, fraud & abuse have nothing to do with efficiency. Now thats a democrat for ya….. Oh by the way, I am a veteran (22 years of active duty)and if Obama is such a great guy, couldn’t he fix the VA delivery system by Executive Order? He doesn’t mind going around the law using that method for other things. Just for info, our business does offer health, disability & long term care so yes we know of what we speak

  30. Patrick Says:

    Jimbo, I had prepared a lengthy response but decided not to post it. You can’t be swayed by a reasonable and obvious argument, so it would be a waste.

    You’ll vote for West. It won’t be the end of the world if he wins and south Florida will retain its place as the dumbest voters in the nation. I’m sure you don’t care. So there it is.

  31. Billy Says:

    This past week, Trump offered to give $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice if he releases his college and passport records. Obama responded by telling his own joke about him and Trump fighting while growing up in Kenya.

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