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Two RNC attendees throw peanuts at black camera woman

by Dara Kam | August 29th, 2012

From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
TAMPA – CNN confirmed Wednesday that one of its black camera operators was taunted this week by two Republican National Convention attendees, who were removed by security officials.

Atlanta-based CNN said the employee was inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum on Tuesday night covering the convention when the two attendees began throwing nuts and saying, “This is how we feed animals.”

The cable news network said multiple witnesses saw the exchange, and RNC security and police immediately stepped in.

In a statement, convention spokesman Kyle Downey said the two conventioneers “exhibited deplorable behavior. Their conduct was inexcusable and unacceptable. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated.”

CNN said it “worked with convention officials to address this matter and will have no further comment.”

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19 Responses to “Two RNC attendees throw peanuts at black camera woman”

  1. dpclark Says:

    Were these people delegates? Why don’t we have more information?

  2. Hal Jordan Says:

    Supposedly the CNN employee was a “camerawoman,” but she didn’t take photos of the attendees. No one with a camera phone has uploaded photos either. No witnesses can be found among the thousands of attendees to corroborate the story. CNN has decided not to say anything more about the event. What kind of news organization is this, anyway?

    It is reasonable to believe in this case that the events or at least the “animal” statement was made up on the spot.

  3. patrick nannery Says:

    Last week this paper actually published the address of VP Candidate Ryans mother.
    Today we have the story of the CNN Camerawoman and peanuts being thrown.

    But nowhere do I see the story of the Yahoo Washington Bureau Chief getting canned for saying, ” The Romneys party while blacks are drowning”, referring to New Orleans and Issac.

    Its all over the media, but not here. Is this paper in the tank for the Democratic s ?

  4. mark Says:

    Gee whiz Hal Jordan, she was camera operator, you know, a TV camera that beams live images to a control room and then to your living room. So what photos do you think she was taking? Witnesses were found and what else do you expect CNN to say? Nice try but a swing and a miss. The event happened and it was deplorable.

  5. DAV Says:

    I would like to see these folks’ bank account transactions for 2012.

    NOT that I would think the RNC would pay for a disruption of this nature so that they could decry it and display their moral purity.

    And ponder this. Is Mr. Jindal really a genius? He has avoided the convention and thus will not suffer any stigma should the Republian party suffer a 20 point loss in the Presidential race. At the same time Jindal has shown attention to his home State, not even blaming the President for Issac.

  6. Harry Houdini Says:

    We eat our own! These people didn’t just happen to acquire those views. I blame the Republican Party leadership of that particular county for credentialing those asswipes!

  7. Par for the course Says:

    1. peanuts thrown
    2. Ryan speech interrupted
    3. Paul supporters walk out

    Yep, that’s the Post on Politics – their HEADLINES

    There were great speeches: Paul, Rice, even Pawlenty and Susana Martinez, first female latino governor, was fantastic

    but the Post has to constantly and unfairly portray republicans in a negative light

    and portray democrats as a shining light.

    That’s BIAS and SLANTED reporting.

    One comes to EXPECT IT!

  8. Tsk, Tsk Post Times Says:

    Where’s the Post Times article on the HIGH PRICE of GAS, the HIGH COST OF FOOD, HIGH UNemployment, the STALLED ECONOMY and the $16 TRILLION in Debt,

    oops, forgot that the Post Times is a democrat oriented paper, their staff is democrat and they have endorsed local, State and National democrat candidates over 85% of the time over Republican candidates.

    A reader can’t depend on the Post Times for balanced reporting. They slant their headlines and and rank stories to enhance the position of democrats… and as an aside being reported by Jose Lambiet (cuz the Post won’t report it) they have cut jobs and outsourced. Here’s Jose’s information:

    “The Palm Beach Post outsourced”
    “Sounds like a joke but it’s not. If you’re still advertising in The Palm Beach Post by next week, the person handling your ad is likely going to be doing it in some Podunk town in India or a suburb of Manila, The Philippines. That’s because your fading, allegedly-local newspaper recently hired an outside company to take on advertisement … “

  9. Gag Me Says:

    Are you people, who are calling the post a liberal paper mindful of who pays the bills at the paper?

    You might want to look into the Scripps Media Empire, and what else they do beside provide this paper to you. There is no liberal media conspiracy, you morons. It’s just that when it comes to D vs R down here in Florida, the R’s mentioned down here really are that worthy of ridicule to people educated elsewhere (not in the bottom tier edjumacation states like FL). The D’s are crazy too, but not as openly nuts as the likes of West and Scott.

    When repukes label themselves as the polar opposite of the libs, and the libs embrace tolerance and acceptance, it’s natural that repukes take the side of bias an oppression.
    It’s no surprise that the repukes in here would sooner blame the victim and deny the incident happened, rather than own up to the horsesh*t antics of the obvious racists at that convention. It’s why they support the party of hate, because it mirrors their own feelings, and why shouldn’t it? FauxNews programmed them to think that way… oh, and there’s no bias there, either, right?


  10. Hal Jordan Says:

    Dear “Gag Me:”

    Here’s a protip for you: No one is going to talk to you as long as you continue the abusive behavior. Calling people morons, calling Republicans “repukes” or “the party of hate,” or talking about “Faux News” is the fastest way to tell everyone that you are not interested in real discussion, but just want to fling poo in the general direction of people with whom you disagree, like a gorilla in a zoo. If you want to get serious and participate in a meaningful dialog, then try posting respectfully like the rest of us.

    Now as to the veracity of the nut-throwing allegation, PJ Media has a nice article where they say “…the only evidence we have for the damning details of the second purported incident (at least as of the time of this writing) is the word of a partisan left-wing blog.” Also, “And yet when you dig down into the peanut story — or at least attempt to — you find that there is no video of the throwing incident (perhaps video will emerge later, but as of this writing there is none), nor is there any proof that the nut-throwers said anything about “feeding animals,” other than the testimony of one person (David Shuster) known to have a partisan bias (he’s currently working with Keith Olbermann at CurrentTV, to give you an idea of his views).” I don’t believe David Shuster’s allegation, and until there is proof of this in the form of pictures or witness interviews, I am going to label the peanut incident as a baseless rumor. It’s fascinating how so many media outlets are repeating this story without a shred of evidence to back it up. I hope they learn their lesson when the truth comes out.

    Here’s the article:

  11. Renee Says:

    There are childish people in both parties and giving either party press comment is ridiculous and is exactly what they are looking for. Let the people do their own research, make their own opinion and vote for the party that feel is best for them.

  12. c schmidt Says:

    This whole sounds staged to me. No mature person of either party would say something like that–I think it’s all made up

  13. Erica Says:

    I guess you have to believe the RNC who confirmed incident and put out comment. U guess they are conspirators, too. It just shows the true face of Reps. That these people felt comfortable being this deplorable. I wonder if any of the other delegates tried to stop them. I have not heard anything about that.

  14. Hal Jordan Says:

    Apparently the Kyle Downey quote came from Politico. I hadn’t noticed that before. I did notice that he didn’t mention nuts or a cameraman or CNN or any statements made by the attendees. It could have been a totally different event he was talking about.

  15. MediaSucsDemoKnob Says:

    Why does the media suk up to demo’s so much? They must enjoy Demo cream on their face!

  16. Jimmy Carter Says:

    What happened at the RNC on August 29th is an expression on how the republicans feel about minorities and what they will do for the middle class and low income americans “FEED THEM LIKE ANIMALS.”

  17. Dee Says:


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