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Rick Scott lands speaking gig at GOP convention; McCain, Huck, Condi on early list

by George Bennett | August 6th, 2012


Gov. Rick Scott will speak at the Republican National Convention in Tampa this month, the GOP announced today.

As the Republican governor of a crucial swing state that’s hosting the convention, Scott’s inclusion is to be expected. But Scott’s consistent underwater approval ratings and the fact that he hasn’t appeared at any events with Mitt Romney have raised questions about how prominent a role he’ll play when the GOP showcases itself to a national audience.

The GOP announced a first wave of speakers today, including 2008 presidential nominee John McCain, former Secretary of State and potential VP selection Condoleezza Rice, rising-star Govs. Nikki Haley of South Carolina and Susana Martinez of New Mexico, swing-state Ohio Gov. John Kasich and former Arkansas Gov./2008 GOP presidential candidate/TV personality/Chick-fil-A appreciator Mike Huckabee.

“We are proud and excited to announce these outstanding leaders will address the nation during our convention in Tampa,” said Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus. “They are some of our party’s brightest stars, who have governed and led effectively and admirably in their respective roles. Ours will be a world class convention, worthy of the next president of the United States, and these speakers -— and those that will be announced later —- will help make it a truly memorable and momentous event.”

34 Responses to “Rick Scott lands speaking gig at GOP convention; McCain, Huck, Condi on early list”

  1. mary jones Says:

    Rick Asni calls himself a republican stragiest HA! All his clients are Democrats. EXCEPT for Diane Cantone who he could not even get her campaign material out on time.

    We here Asani is working with Frankle Via
    North Carolina.

  2. fed up Says:

    brightest stars…you mean brightest crooks…please lets not forget what administration put us in the mess we Americans are in. Roomey is just as bad as Bush…..all they care about is the rich!!!! not the middle class we can’t afford another set back….Condeleesa Rice….please we all know why that is !!!just like mccain choosing sarah palin as a running mate…stop insulting our intelligence!

  3. dave Says:

    As a registered independent I like to vote for both parties voted for Reagan back in the old days and W and Charlie Christ not that long ago. However I have such dripping hatred for Rick that I will vote straight Dem this time around. I may register Dem so I can have more input on future elections that oppose Rick and the whole tea bag stupidity that is ruining our state and put the most corrupt man in FL state politics since reconstruction.

  4. howie Says:

    anyone who voted for Christ loses all credibility..when is that phoney , Obama loving hypocrite who is not straight and is not a Republican coming out of the closet

  5. Downtown Danny Says:

    Biggest group of anti-patriotic slugs in America. War-mongers, rip-off artists, liars and thieves who have destroyed America.
    This is what that list of speakers are.

  6. self destruct Says:

    “Scott’s consistent underwater approval ratings and the fact that he hasn’t appeared at any events with Mitt Romney”. Two peas in a pod!!!! Nothing worth listening to, just more lies!!!!

  7. spence Says:

    Now THIS ought to be interesting, Skeletor trying to say something without appearing totally inept. Should if nothign else be providing needed comic relief for this sideshow.

  8. Cindy Says:

    What’s he going to start off with? How to steal from Medicare and get away with it!

  9. self destruct Says:

    Scott & Mitt should have a lot to talk about. They could start off with which one is the bigger POS and go from there.

  10. CommishOfCommonSense Says:

    Reince Priebus refers to these individuals as leaders. Let’s see; Rick Scott was put on trial for being a crook and a liar. Mitt Romney is spending millions telling us that our President is doing a bad job, but has no real plan of his own, or credibility to his name. John McCain based his political career on being a POW, and took much more from his country that he has given back. Condoleezza Rice has as much blood on her hands as anyone who served under Pres Bush and his cronies. Mike Huckabee…Really? Who could give a crap what this failure thinks? Nikki Haley, Susana Martinez, and John Kasich are hardly even known by the people who deliver their mail. Hardly world class.

  11. Freddy Says:

    @fed you sound like a female hating racist with that comment you made!

    @dave based on your comment you are actually a democrat, maybe independent years ago but not now! Let me guess you think the defunct OWS actually made more sense than the tea party.

    And for all you liberals that think the republicans destroyed this country well guess again the democrats had control of congress for the last two years of Bush’s term. Please instead of talking rhetoric why don’t you explain exactly how the republicans are destroying this country? I want to see the proof.

  12. Ted the Nimble Says:

    Great Line Up! You Libbs quit your crying! Your party’s economics are a complete failure. 4 years later – “Its Bush’s fault” waaa waaa! “they are for the rich!” waaa waaa! We could use some stand up guys from the dem party like Edwards, Weiner, Chapaquiddick legend T. Kennedy, Tax Cheat Timmy G. and lets not forget the legendary Community Organizer in Chief himself….Barak Hussein Obama! Boy he was legendary in the Senate! A real stand out! I could name far more than from the RIGHT party!

  13. Ruby Says:

    Dave-I’m also a registered Independent-became one when I moved down here. I wouldn’t change although, I fully understand why you would do so. I’m not a fan of both sides and like you I have a deep seated HATE for this worm of a Governor. I’m totally disgusted in general with both parties and their people. Rick Scott is a total disaster and hopefully, he will be voted out of office. I just hope that someone with intelligence will run against him.

  14. Sean Says:

    I would really like the post to investigate the correlation between
    the amount of money it has cost America since going to “war” in 2001
    with Afghanistan and 2003 with Iraq and the reduction of taxes on the
    American people.
    I believe that these two “wars” are the first large scale military
    actions the U.S. has taken without a tax increase to pay for it. In
    fact we went to war and GW Bush lowered taxes.
    In general, taxes are always related to the economy and and government
    programs. I have not read anything, in any major news publication,
    that suggests the U.S. government needs to raise taxes to fund two
    wars. Spending on social programs is minute compared to the cost of
    war. Everyone is constant in blaming Obama for “failed stimulus” and
    social spending that has contributed to the national debit, when It is
    fact that these wars have contributed to the majority of our debt
    problems in the past 11 years. Americans consistently look at who to
    blame for these problems, I suggest the American people quit looking
    for a scapegoat and look at the fact that “war” costs big dollars and
    no one is paying for it. It is not a Republican problem or a Democrat
    problem, it is an EVERYONE problem that will not be solved if we
    continue to spin the story that our debt, for the majority, is cause
    by social programs or the like.

  15. Shallow Hal Says:

    Hey “Freddy”…I thought I was shallow but you seem to have me beat!! You can only remember back to 2006??? What about prior to then, when two wars were fought (one under false pretenses), Part D drug program was passed…all without a way to pay for them??? And instead of using the surplus inherited by W to pay down the national debt, taxes were lowered for the super rich instead, compounding the unfunded crap!!!

    So don’t give us this baloney that the problem started in 2006 with a Democratic Congress…you and your thugs are a bunch of obnoxious unpatriotic jerks!!!

    Oh…and one more thing. I hear repeatedly that the national debit has gone up 4-5 trillion the last 3.5 years…if we have a total national debit of 14 trillion, where did the other 9-10 trillion come from??? Answer…a clue…the person has a “W” in there name.

  16. Buro Says:

    Democorps or Republicorps……whats the difference. None represent the will of the people, just the wants of the Banker and corporate elite. Keep on taking sides in a game that already has been played and won.

    El Buro sabe mas que tu

  17. Good For The Repubs Says:

    Good for the Republicans to have Gov. Snott speak. They need a talking pen*s to speak, and they got their man!!

  18. Chester Says:

    What no GW Bush, no Cheney, no Palin these are the real stars. I guess Romney doesn’t want to be seen with Republican Heroes of the past.

    Cheney and Romney can play “Who got the most deferments from Vietnam” Palin can preach to us about morals, while her knocked up daughter looks on. And then we can all sit back and listen to that wordsmith GW destroy the English language.

    I can’t wait, order me some Chick fil A

  19. Ted the Nimble Says:

    We all know how you libs and dems love to spend…our money! But then again if your a lib, you’re just smarter than all of us average folk. You have all sorts of crafted econimic plans thought up by the most astute scholars, but then they just fail because in reality they never seem to work! Tell me ONE liberal program that has actually worked??? Welfare? Social Security?

  20. Linda Says:

    Ted the nimrod, how about the Clinton era, he left you moron republicans with a surplus and you turned it into a 8 trillion dollar debt, how about that Ted the nimrod

  21. Ted The Nimble Says:

    The Dem Line Up as Follows:
    Happy Harry Reid will discuss ways to throw out accusations against opponents because you have nothing else to say.
    Nancy Pelosi will speak on how important it is for Artists to be able to get paid for nothing as part of a broad range social program.
    Biden will talk about how to be a working class guy.
    Gore will discuss Global Warming in regards to hot temperatures and extreme cold temperatures.
    Axelrod on how to attack when you have nothing else to say.
    And Moochele on the best place to buy a $7,000 jacket while waging class warfare!

  22. Tom Says:

    The Clown Parade will march on at the Repub convention in Tampa.

  23. Freddy Says:

    Hey “shallow” I actually agree with you we should have never gone to war but you forget that we went to war with the blessing of the democrats! BTW that inherited surplus was possible because of a republican congress. Could you please show me where taxes were lowered for the rich? Unless a rich person is a tax evader like Warren Buffet I will bet that they pay hundreds of times more than you do. The contribution in taxes from someone making 50,000 is way less than someone who makes I million or more a year. You call me unpatriotic but a bet you have never served a day in the military, so before you generalize like most libs do get some more information about the person you are commenting too. The debt was 10 trillion when Bush left the white house, that was about 4 trillion in eight years. Bush inherited almost 6 trillion from Clinton. Obama will do the same if not more in only four years!

  24. Please Grow A Brain! Says:

    It’s so funny reading all these rather stupid comments regarding the difference between D’s and R’s. Both parties are OWNED by corporate America and represent the rich and famous only. The Supreme Court, in its illustrious Citizens United decision has turned ALL politicians in American into whores and all you peons who donate a few dollars, if anything just don’t stand a chance of ANY representation since the rich, with their big bucks OWN America’s politicians. Keep on fighting among yourselves trying to prove your “party” is better while the politicians laugh all the way to the bank! That way, you keep the D’s and R’s happy by NOT concentrating on important issues and ignoring all the CORRUPTION that is going on. It would help if you all would PLEASE GROW A BRAIN!! Jeez……

  25. Dee Says:

    @ Freddy just look around. You are either blind or just plain un-educated.

    This should be interesting the rich supporting the rich. Doesn’t sound like a winning strategy to me.

    Obama again 2012
    Hillary 2016

  26. Ted the Nimble Says:

    All you edge-a-ma-cated libs! Live in the now…2012! Hussein is a complete failure, liberism to date is a flop. Look at the numbers and not your BS that “thousands of job have been created.” Your only response is to point fingers. Just do like Hussein’s favorite org and “MOVE ON”. The ONLY way to fix our country is to admit you did actually back a guy with zero experience, anti-capitalist who is ideaogically delusionial. ANY ONE is better than that guy. I would LOVE to have Clinton back! Mitt is our only choice. Hussein unfortuneatly had more than his chance…almost 4 years. Our countries MAJOR problem is him.

  27. Notify law enforcement Says:

    Law enforcement should investigate the pschotic postings of those whose hate for Rick Scott knows no bounds.

    Something is very wrong with these people. They think their rantings are a ‘normal’ part of the political process. They are warped.

  28. Rep Primary Says:

    Just remember that Rick Scott has to go through a Republican primary. One can bet there will be a strong republican contender running against Scott.

    People do not want Charlie back in the governorship, nor Alex Sink occupying that seat.

    It would be a backwards move.

    Florida is in better financial shape than other states. Be glad of that.

    A democrat would follow the Obama idea of spend, spend, spend.

    That mentality just doesn’t make sense when you are in debt.

    Think of your own personal habits. When you owe money, should you be spending and charging while you have the huge debt (that will HAVE TO BE PAID OFF) hanging over your head.

    You should be cutting back on spending, looking at your monthy expenditures and seeing what can be eliminated during this debt ridden time.

    When your debt begins to shrink is when one should gingerly consider new expenditures that make sense.

  29. Show the figures Says:

    Sure don’t consider $250,000 ‘rich’, do not even consider $1 million rich-and I’m nowhere near the $250K in income) but taxing those who make more than $250K will ONLY reduce the Obama debt by $14 billion! Man, that ‘looks’ good,


    that leaves the rest of us paying off the balance of $16 trillion that Obama has racked up

    $15.84 trillion left for US to pay off.

    In the meantime, Obama is lending billions to other countries; we pay Russia hundreds of millions to send OUR astronauts into space (don’t forget our space workers are now out of work and the cut help decimate FL’s economy)

    It’s a shame that our space senator Bill Nelson did nothing to stop the bleeding of spaceworkers in FL and has done nothing to assure those workers get other jobs. Tx, CA and VA just got a contract and FL, with no help from our senator Nelson did nothing to channel jobs to FL.

    and Barack Obama wants FL’s 29 electoral votes and Nelson wants to be re-elected….NO WAY!

    Obama and the democrats have created more debt Remember spending government dollars is a two way street, you have to have Congress ALLOCATE the funds to spend! and Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her democrat dominated congress was in charge of allocating funds for all the Bush’s spending and programs)

    Pelosi-was Speaker during Bush’s last two years when the spending escalated!

    Democrats share Bush’s spending costs.

    NO in NOvember to a democrat dominated Senate and the Presidency.

  30. Maritza Says:

    @ Howie.. great comment.

  31. Shallow Hal Says:

    Hey “Freddy”…there you go again — showing you are more shallow than me!!! Damn it – STOP!

    Your shallow thought process defines a patriot as one who enlists in the military? Merriam Webster says a patriot is “one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests”. You watch too much cluster Faux buddy!!

  32. Ada Mason Says:

    everyone has a lot to say. Since you have the answers why don’t you be candidate for president and that settles that

  33. Ada Mason Says:

    you all have the answers. why did’t you be a candidate for president and that settles that, if not shut up and keep it moving

  34. Herb Says:

    I want phoney Obama to lose so bad I can taste it..
    Those who support him are blind and dumb..

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