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Paul Ryan to make Florida debut at The Villages

by George Bennett | August 16th, 2012


Paul Ryan‘s first Florida appearance as Mitt Romney‘s running mate will be at a Saturday morning rally in The Villages, the Central Florida haven for Republican-leaning retirees.

In addition to the outdoor rally, Ryan is scheduled to headline a fundraiser later in the day in Treasure Island near St. Petersburg.

The Villages, about 60 miles northwest of Orlando, is a mandatory stop for any Republican seeking to carry Florida. Republican presidential candidates routinely trek there and Romney has made several visits (including a primary-eve appearance this year in which he famously sang America the Beautiful).

The Villages was also the site of an enormous rally for Sarah Palin in 2008.


14 Responses to “Paul Ryan to make Florida debut at The Villages”

  1. rebar Says:

    What else can you say about a place that went nuts for Sarah Palin.

  2. Raiders of Medicare Says:

    The usual negative commenters in democrat dominated PBC.

    Someone ask President Obama about RAIDING Medicare of $716 BILLION dollars.

    That is how the President kept his ObamaCare cost free…he stoled the money from Medicare!

    And there will be more money going to ObamaCare and less and less to Medicare.

    If you want to keep what you have, LISTEN to what is being said.

    Remember how Social Security was raided…and now Medicare has been raided of billion$…VERY quietly, one may add.

    Shh, the President doesn’t want you to know.

  3. TheOnlyThingTricklingDownIsBS Says:

    Whining about the commander in chief’s medicare policy? Really? Why don’t you check out the republican budget.

    Keep voting against yourself, old farts. You’ll all be crying for your lost gubbermint cheese if romney and ryan pull off the demonic ritual they need to get into office.

  4. jacslo Says:


  5. RENEGADE Says:

    Poor, desperate Republicans.
    Don’t you realize that people are finding out you are full of it about Obama and Raiding medicare. And what do you think people are going to think after they see how blatantly you are lying!

  6. Herb Says:

    I’m losing my Medicare Advantage program because Obama stole billions from Medicare. Millions of other seniors know this is a fact. i voted for him last time..not this time. He’s a liar.

  7. Kevin Malone Says:

    Google is your friend use it…the Ryan Plan incorporates the so-called cuts to medicare from Obama’s Affordable care plan…then he cuts even more out of it. The affordable care plan reduces cost reimbursement to providers not beneficiaries…the Ryan plan does the opposite. The Affordable care plan gets rid of the donut hole in prescription drugs…the Ryan plan reinstates the hole.

  8. Herb Says:

    Google who is running for’s not Ryan. Romney will restore the cuts. Democrats think we are idiots?? They complain about the donut hole but criticize Ryan for voting for Bush’s prescription drug program which create the friggen donut in the first place..

  9. Larry Says:

    Kevin has it exactly right. Ryan’s plan takes the same cuts as Obama and uses it to reduce taxes on the most well to do whereas Obama takes reimbursement to providers (not beneficiaries) and uses it close the donut hole for prescription coverage. It is amazing to me that the people who can least afford it are so unaware of how much damage would be caused by the Ryan plan to give to the rich and mess up the middle class.

  10. Repeal ObamaCare Says:

    The transparent Obama administration worked behind closed doors on ObamaCare.

    They excluded republicans, who had been duly elected by the American people.

    The Obama administration and congress didn’t even KNOW what was in ObamaCare when they passed.

    The statement that implementing ObamaCare was ‘Cost Neutral’ was a LIE.

    $716 BILLION is being raided, diverted FROM Medicare to ObamaCare.

    Medicare recipients WILL have a CHANGE in their Medical care under the Obama administration.

    President Obama is a LIAR.

    There is actual video of Obama ACKNOWLEDGING the CUTS from Medicare.

    ObamaCare MUST be repealed and BOTH parties MUST sit down and WORK together on healthcare.

    Repeal ObamaCare=NO to Obama in November

    There is no way Obama would repeal his own ObamaCare program.

    It MUST be repealed. It’s flawed, and we the people have been LIED to.

    NO in NOvember
    NO to democrats in NOvember, reclaim the Senate to repeal ObamaCare.

  11. Careful! Says:

    If Google or Bing is your friend…don’t, DO NOT pay attention to the first couple of pages, as that space is BOUGHT up!…Money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is exchanged so that certain websites take the top spots and other websites are regulated to 3rd or 4th or 5th pages.

  12. howie Says:

    If Google is your do not need any enemies.y

  13. Bob Says:

    All of these right wing, retired civil service workers (who by the way are STILL living off the government) should be worried about changing medicare—-after all with their high rate of STD’s, whose going to pay for treatment? Quite a disgusting lot if you ask me—Praise God, then sleep with anybody you can find. Typical right wing hypocrites!!!

  14. howie Says:

    Conservatives are hypocrites..blah blah blah…meanwhile liberals rally around Al Sharpton who lead an antiSemitic march in Williamsburg and paraded around a false rape allegation by Tawana Brawley that set women back a hundred years…so MSNBC gives him his own racebaiting show ..and that will move us forward??

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