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Mediscare: Democratic robocalls say West, Hasner would ‘end Medicare’

by George Bennett | August 14th, 2012

Undeterred by independent fact checkers who called the claim the “Lie of the Year” for 2011, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today announced it is targeting five Florida Republican House members and candidate Adam Hasner with automated phone calls that accuse them of voting to “end Medicare.”

The ads tell recipients that “Your congressman…voted for a budget that would end Medicare and now the budget’s architect, Paul Ryan, is the Republican candidate for Vice President.”

The Ryan plan would dramatically change Medicare for people 54 and younger. But Republicans dispute the “end Medicare” characterization, and nonpartisan rated the claim its “Lie of the Year” for 2011, while called it a “whopper.”

Hasner is running for a Palm Beach-Broward seat against the winner of today’s Lois Frankel-Kristin Jacobs Democratic primary. Five other Republican incumbents are also being targeted, including Rep. Allen West of Palm Beach Gardens and Reps. Steve Southerland, Dan Webster, Bill Young and Vern Buchanan.

Read the complete script after the jump….

Sample of a DCCC automated phone call:

Hi. This is Julie calling from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to alert you to a new development about Medicare.

Your Congressman, Steve Southerland, voted for a budget that would end Medicare and now the budget’s architect, Paul Ryan, is the Republican candidate for Vice President.

A nonpartisan analysis showed that Ryan’s budget would raise health care costs for seniors by $6,400. The Tax Policy Center also said the Ryan budget would give people making over $1 million a year an average tax break of $265,000. And Congressman Southerland supported all of it.

That’s just wrong.

Call Congressman Steve Southerland at (850) 785-0812 and tell him to stop protecting millionaires at the expense of Medicare and the middle class.


10 Responses to “Mediscare: Democratic robocalls say West, Hasner would ‘end Medicare’”

  1. Sam Says:

    Um, the Ryan plan would end Medicare except for those who are 55 and over. If you are 54 and you have been paying into the system for 40 years you would not have Medicare coverage. Rather you would get a voucher to help you buy private coverage and if that voucher didn’t cover the cost, you would have to pay more.

  2. Steve Ellman Says:

    Slave to Politifact, Bennett? Do your own research.
    Ryan’s plan is to Medicare what hamburger is to a cow.
    CBO: “under the proposal, the premium support would ‘only cover 32 percent of a typical 65-year-old’s total health care spending’ and would decrease every subsequent year.”

  3. whasup Says:

    I guess the fact that PolitFact found this claim by the lefties to be THE “Lie of the Year” in 2011 is just totally lost on shameless Democratic Party troglodytes and their bald-faced liar leaders like Debbie … the Ditz.

  4. Your conscience Says:

    Steve Ellman, CBO analysis is based on static scoring, which does not consider that the healthcare marketplace, and in turn healthcare costs, may look different under Mr. Ryan’s reforms than it does today. Moreover, that quote is from Ryan’s 2011 proposal, and does not reflect revisions to his medicare reform program that were put forth in the 2012 House-passed budget.

    Paul Ryan sells his plan as a starting point, which changes and improves after informed discussion and collaboration over time. Try to keep up. Perhaps your opinions may change, as well.

  5. Your conscience additionally Says:

    Ryan’s 2012 medicare proposal guarantees coverage and protects all seniors, regardless of health history, from being denied the care they need and deserve.

    Moreover, the current amount of health coverage would be guaranteed for seniors with no added costs. Seniors would not have to pay out of pocket to get the same level of coverage they have today.

    The plan would introduce competition in the Medicare market to bend the health care cost curve and allow every retiree after 2022 to choose a plan tailored for them and paid for through Medicare. This will bring down the costs of health care, rather than rationing and deny access for seniors. True choice and competition will guarantee lower costs and better quality.

  6. whasup Says:

    The point is in the current campaign goings-on, if the leftists spread the “Lie of the Year” (as judged by independent fact-checking journalists) around last year, what good reason would there be to believe they won’t do the same … and double-down on that same lie … when so much is at stake in this Presidential election year?

    Surely, no sane person believes that the Democrats have seen the light of virtue, come to cleansing well of honesty, and changed their ways.

  7. HankS Says:

    Rush Limbaugh reported today that Joe Biden told an audience “They’re going to put y’all back in chains” in a campaign appearance.

    Liberals never let the facts get in the way of a good story. If Medicare isn’t fixed, all Americans lose. Plain and simple. Whom do you trust to fix the problem? More of the same crowd (liberals) or conservatives like Congressman Allen West who speak the truth? I’m with West!

  8. floridagirl7 Says:

    first of all we are not on Ryan plan any longer. Romney has a plan of his own. any one 55 or older will not get any changes in their medicare. Romney and Ryan are trying to save medicare. Obama took 500 billion dollars out of medicare advantage, in order to give the money to medicaid. This is not going to work because most of the states are opting out.

  9. T. J. Ewing Says:

    The lies go both ways but that politics American style. So what else is new? Funny part is those who fail to see the story telling ON BOTH SIDES. However, Politico is a joke, not to be believed under any circumstances unless of course what they are saying is something that you agree with. I do smell fear however. The right is VERY fearful of Rmoney’s pick and that is a good thing. Rmoney/Ryan will NEVER WIN if Florida unless we get a repeat of the 2000 selection. The crook n chief fraudster Governor is working on it what with his voter purge. The only way the GOP can win in Florida is to cheat. Just like in 2000!

  10. Commadorable Says:

    Following the Democratic playbook, Patrick Murphy is all negative ads and no substance. Since the Dems have nothing to offer and no solutions of their own, as proven by the last 4 years, they attack their opposition. This election is far too important to play that game anymore. Allen West knows the issues and has the solutions. Don’t fall fall the story that Republicans will end Medicare as we know it. Gutting 700 billion dollars from Medicare with no plans to fix it, which the Democrats have already done, just moves up the date when Medicare will run out of money. Now is not the time to put another amateur in Washington.

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