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Gov. Scott on Florida: “We do hurricanes and hospitality well”

by John Kennedy | August 26th, 2012

Gov. Rick Scott said Sunday at the delayed Republican National Convention in Tampa that he’s worried about Tropical Storm Isaac making two landfalls in Florida as a hurricane¬†– in the Keys and Panhandle — but that the state is accustomed to handling bad weather.

“We do hurricanes and hospitality well, and this week we have to show both sides,” Scott told CNN.

With the storm bearing down on Key West, Scott¬†changed from his political uniform of dark jacket, shirt and tie into his more accustomed open collar, blue shirt — the image of a shirtsleeved, hardworking chief executive.

But he also offered Mitt Romney some advice for winning Florida in November. Scott said Romney and running mate U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan need only look at the governor’s own campaign in 2010 for a game plan.

“I think as long as Gov. Romney and Congressman Ryan talk about how they’ll get this state back to work, they’ll win Florida,” Scott said.

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3 Responses to “Gov. Scott on Florida: “We do hurricanes and hospitality well””

  1. len Says:

    many nations are celebrating the political chaos in america.
    as countries unite behind strong leaders, national policies and common sense programs, America falls into a grave of demagoguery,self- interest based on fraud, waste,delusional fantasies,like cutting taxes for the richest benefits all,and starting wars while cutting taxes, defrauding the weakest amongst us and then disenfranchise them, strengthens democracy, creates jobs and balances budgets.
    america bails out the most corrupt, makes flimsy reforms,wallows in falsehoods about being “the greatest nation on earth”, god bless america,the american dream, america’s heroes,the land of opportunity, and on and on.

    america specializes in fantasy- it is a growth industry. Its creators and advocates are pervasive and subversive. they subvert the truth about our failures,our great inequality in all arenas of public and private life,the decline of our middle class,our failing educational institutions,the decline of our working class and the belief in work.

    Fantasy is bought into by almost every American, as so-called “reality” and sells like hot dogs at the World Series.
    America and Disney are indistinguisable.Politics is like the movies- what’s on the screen is what is taken seriously. everything else is pure “bunk
    and the leading advocate,creator and beneficiary of in american life is also the richest, steven spielberg. his wealth from fantasy is at the top.and his political equal is karl Rove.Rove and Spielberg- both masters of fantasy,of using “tricks” to sell their stuff to a stupid,un-informed and gullible public.what matter the politics of each of them- they are united in the art of fantasy as a national religion.

  2. whasup Says:

    One of the things we learned from past hurricanes is that they create jobs–or at least, work to do–and improve the Florida economy.

    That is precisely because hurricane damage, as horrible as it is for those disrupted by storms, reverse the flow of money, channeling large amounts back into the state’s economy.

    While we’re only paying out insurance premiums, that massive amount of money gets exported from our state’s economy. It is not available for people and businesses to buy goods and services here in Florida.

    When insurance claim payments start flowing back in after storms, some of that money gets injected back into our economy.

    Depending on where and how hard hurricanes hit us over the next two years, they may actually improve Gov. Scott’s re-election chances … as long as he and his administration don’t flub handling recovery from the storms.

  3. T. J. Ewing Says:

    Just what Florida needs, the re-election of the fraudster, crook n chief governor who bought and paid for the office. He’s about as popular as a snake in your bed and looks like one too! Just another GOP/teabagger who represents the 1%. Pleeeeze!

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