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Does new anti-West attack ad from Murphy’s father’s PAC go too far?

by George Bennett | August 9th, 2012

UPDATED with response from West.

A new ad attacking U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Palm Beach Gardens, is lighting up the conservative blogosphere and has drawn a red-letter headline on The Drudge Report for depicting West “punching white women, stealing money.”

The ad is by American Sunrise, the PAC that’s largely bankrolled by Democratic congressional candidate Patrick Murphy‘s father, Coastal Construction CEO Thomas Murphy Jr. The ad depicts West in boxing gloves punching women and a family and taking cash from the family to illustrate that West has “socked it to seniors” and “whacked women” and “mauled middle-class families.”

Conservative South Florida blogger Javier Manjarres noted that both the women getting hit in the ad are white while West is black. The item on Manjarres’ Shark Tank blog was picked up by the Glenn Beck-founded blog The Blaze and then by Drudge.

West issued this response this afternoon:

“I spent my life in uniform fighting for our great nation and protecting all Americans. The ad being run against me by my opponent’s family depicting violence against women and senior citizens is reprehensible. It plays on stereotypes and fear to divide Americans, and it cheapens the very real and tragic occurrences of violence against women and seniors. The American people are suffering from crushing debt, horrific tax and regulatory policies, and epic unemployment. This classless ad shows a lack of regard for the issues plaguing our nation. This ad reflects the sad state of politics in our Republic with those who seek to destroy a person’s character to cover for their lack of intellectual ability and integrity.”

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51 Responses to “Does new anti-West attack ad from Murphy’s father’s PAC go too far?”

  1. WTFig Says:

    Pop Murphy will do anything to get Patty into the congress. Believe this people, this will allow him to expand his wealth also……. In addition to giving the young lad a “good job”. he will stoop to nohing short of depicting Allen West as a gold toothed, (n), beating like fruits of young white womanhood as well as old white women. He then holds the “dolla” bills up and pockets them. How much lower can he go, just watch and see, the Murphy crew will crawl into the bowels of the fearful KKK literature as well as the movie “Birth of a Nation” to get their point across.

  2. Sam S. Says:

    Racist? They have got to be kidding. Allen West is the one who just called Social Security a form of slavery and said Obama wants to enslave Americans. Clearly, West is the racially insensitive candidate.

  3. Testicules Says:

    If a Republican made an ad like that against a democrat opponent, the liberals heads would explode, and they would be rioting in the streets shrieking “RACIST!!!” until their throats bled.

  4. Bill Neubauer Says:

    Unfortunately there seems to be no criterion for when/whether political campaign garbage “goes too far.” There doesn’t seem to be any “too far.” As nearly as I can tell, even the White House had knowledge of the much-discussed PAC ad suggessting that Romney murders women. As nearly as I can tell, the link between candidates and PACs is even illegal. Maybe this is–finally–a case of political garbage going “too far.”

  5. really Says:

    An new ad


    A new ad

  6. jebamoni4 Says:

    Nothing against Rougue West is too far. In the last election, the opponent was very gentle and did not hit back at West. West is a blatent war criminal and still bloggers claim he is their heroe. The Military and the whole US should be ashamed of this guy. He did nothing to the contituency except running his mouth. Somebody should expose this thug!!!

  7. Dee Says:

    You can blame the supreme court for this all you repugs out there. Sorry if you are getting as good as you give. The Dems aren’t going to stop and why should they?

    Obama again 2012
    Hillary 2016

  8. Dee Says:

    Really West coming from you, your response is a laughable joke.Remember calling Democrats communists. You were discharged from your military service with no honor at all. You copped to a lesser plea for your actions while you were in Iraq. You are a dishonorable man, a fake and a liar!

  9. LRT Says:

    West is a Hypocrite…
    I agree with Dee…karma is a bit@h!

  10. Anybody BUT West Says:

    West is one of the most divisive politicians the GOP/Teabaggers have. I find it hysterical that West is complaining about being “picked on” when it is West who has made some of the most outrageous political statements ever made by anyone. Boo Hoo! A dose of your own medicine doesn’t sit well with the demigod Allen West. Perhaps Mr. West, if you paid more attention to your constituents in district 22 and actually accomplished something other than running your mouth, you might have a solid platform to run on. Oh, but that’s right, West is cutting and running in district 18 because he couldn’t win again in district 22. What a hypocrite! Found any commies under your bed lately Mr. West? Obviously West can dish it out but he can’t take it. What a loser!

  11. tornado Says:

    If a Republican had put this add out about ANYONE, let alone Patrick Murphy there would be serious consequences. Patrick Murphy and his cohorts have NO CLASS. Disrespectful of an Army veteran and in my opinion this crosses way to many lines. Looks to me that Murphy is enjoying watching someone hit a woman, shameful and disgusting!

  12. Lou Says:

    Of course it is. It’s the liberal way of doing business these days. They can’t run on a platform that Americans support because spend, spend, spend, tax, spend isn’t sustainable. Paying off unions and your cronies isn’t going to get you any love either. So the only thing they have left is attack ads. Obama is 0-3 and his numbers are falling like a brick. You would think they might learn, but I guess not. Every time something like this happens, West raises more money. Romney raises more money. Obama’s poll numbers fall. So, I guess you could keep up the good work for us. I appreciate it.

  13. Francisco Says:

    Too far? For who? It would be to far for the Right maybe, but not the left. This is who they are. This is all they have. I have seen what the left calls conservatives. I have seen what the left calls conservative Black Men. I have seen the bilge the left has hoisted upon conservative Woman. For the most part they are nothing but disgusting, intolerant, money grubbing, power grabbing, amoebas who could not field a discussion on it’s merits if their life depended on it.

  14. MPALM Says:

    I think it goes beyond far. I don’t think its okay for EITHER side to have such an ad. It’s simply NOT okay in ANYWAY to glorify someone getting punched in the face and OVER POLITICS?? Allen West is a good man and doesn’t deserve it!

  15. MPALM Says:

    And to Dee…yes, thats right, Karma is something else! Remember that. How you think its okay for ANYONE to glorify hitting a woman is beyond me. Go work in a battered womens shelter, then get back to me. People like you DISGUST ME!

  16. Sid Says:

    The ad is intentionally and blatantly racist. In the 2010 election Ron Klein ran TV ads saying that Allen West was part of a motorcycle gang that objectifies women. Now the ad is of the big Black man punching the defenseless White woman, here in the South. The ad is not an accident. Murphy actually believes that people are as racist as he is and that the Southern Black man is a threat. This was the Dems belief before, during and after the Civil War. It’s insulting to every voter, regardless of party.

  17. Carole Sarkuti Says:

    This is disgusting! How low will the Democrats go?
    Well for every new low I will henceforth make a contribution to Col Allen West’s re-election fund. I would like to see everyone do this who is outraged by this ad!!

    I am in Virginia and so cannot support West with my vote but I sure can do this!!

  18. farmer Says:

    I thought the ad was too easy on West.

  19. MPALM Says:

    I remember when they did about just as bad to Condi Rice in cartoons. The left said nothing. But hey, make Michelle Obama look like a horse, or if this was Obama punching a woman, THEY WOULD CRYING AND PROTESTING IN THE STREETS. You people have double standards, with that, you are laughable.

  20. Diana Says:

    I had my doubts about Allen West in the beginning, however, I listened to him speak to a group of people (some who were against him and not). I had a totally different opinion of him after that. I now can understand where some of his outbursts are coming from. At least he has the GUTS to do it. Someone I know had a problem with her identity being stolen, plus something with her income taxes as well. She looked at different avenues for help, but to no avail. She called Allen West’s office and they got on in IMMEDIATELY. They helped her get everything straigtened out in a short amount of time. And the attack ads, both sides do it to each other, but I do know that the Dems want him out furiously as well as some repubs. Allen West, you definitely have my vote!!!! Some of these garbage trash ads are from people that have stooped to a whole new low.

  21. sweet sue Says:

    WEST has done everything stated in this ad! Anyone who tries to keep up with Congress knows that already!! He is a man out for only himself. Please wake up before allowing this man to have a spot in the Senate. Please read about his personal history and behavior and put him back on the street.

  22. Ruby Says:

    Waa!Waa!Waa! Please get the baby Patty his bottle. All that crying and pointing his finger must be hard on the child. I think he’s a little too young to hold office. He certaintly is to young to have attack ads against West. Maybe little Patty should wait till he grows up before he runs for office. He’s way to young to hold office now. Who are we kidding. This guy is a jerk.
    Watch him lose to West. If you are seeing crying now-wait till then. Also, tell daddy you can’t buy your little guy
    a win-it doesn’t work that way.

  23. Polly Forestier Says:

    If we do not elect a candidate with values, with a good knowledge of the government and how it runs, with experience of military, for more taxes being imposed and the continuing rise in gas prices, for escalating federal debt and unemployment, we will deserve what we get for being complacent, voting for inexperience or God forbid, not voting at all..our Republic is at stake.We need Allen West working for us in Congress.

  24. Carol Says:

    I saw the colored version of this ad. West’s front tooth is gold, the symbol of African-American ‘bling’. Can anyone disagree that one half a billion $ has been cut from Medicare in as a result of Obamacare? Nope, it’s in the Bill. Anything else in this ad is pure BS. And Sweet Sue, FYI, West is NOT running for the Senate. He’s running to maintain his House seat. The Senate race will be between Connie Mack (R) and Bill (Obama Clone) Nelson (D).

  25. Truman Dem Says:

    I find it interesting that the R defenders call Dems racist.

    Barack the Magic Negro, pic of watermelons in WH lawn, pic of candidate Obama & fried chicken in mailers, outrage at president who does the same as previous presidents without complaint (czars, etc.), cartoons portraying the president of the United States as a chimpanzee, DEMANDING A SECOND BIRTH CERTIFICATE, CALLING HIM A LIAR DURING A JOINT SESSION OF CONGRESS AIRED NATIONALLY, etc. Disgraceful.

    A previous commenter brings up Condi Rice and horrible things said about her- I don’t know of these things and if true- they are wrong. But Sec. Rice is not the president nor is she the First Lady. Michelle Obama does NOT make policy- Laura Bush was NEVER criticized, much less demeaned. And the president was elected by 53% of voters. Those of us who did not vote for Bush had to accept him for 8 years- the 2000 election results alone being contentious. Remember- criticism of President Bush was ALWAYS about his policy and his apparent dim-wittedness. Dan Rather was fired for questioning Pres. Bush’s National Guard record. Who’s been fired on the right?

    It’s too bad Mr. West can dish it out but can’t seem to take it. And keep in mind- he’s NOT the president.

  26. sandl215 Says:

    West is nothing short of being a thug for the tea party . Plain and simple.

    Remember a few months ago trying to tell us that members of the democratic party are communists…….that is being a thug.

    He is an awful congressman who does nothing but the bidding of the tea party and collect a big salary.

    Anyone who votes for him is a fool.

  27. Anne Says:

    Allen West is honorable and brave. The liberals who craft this type of garbage only know what they are told to know. Investigate, understand and KNOW history. He is incredibly intelligent and articulate in all things concerning our national security and knowing how to protect our Country. The ad itself is ridiculous, but it is all they have. The Left in this country has been taken over from the inside over the past 50 years by those who excoriated Harry Truman for goodness sake! Wake up people, don’t let the propagandists working against American values infiltrate your own.

  28. ethan Says:

    murphy’s a punk, I know him and his daddys company well.the guy has never worked a hard day in his life. spoiled rotten since birth.
    VOTE FOR WEST!!!! Someone with guts!!

  29. Self thinker Says:

    Completely desperate to get his son in. West will win this one.

  30. Educator Says:

    West and Connie Mack is this nations only hope to get spending in check and reign in out of control Federal Government Policies.

  31. tuffsheet Says:

    What a joke Patrick Murphy is. He’s a kid with a rich dad who couldn’t organize a picnick much less a political movement. Allan West has seen and felt the war and dealt with it as he saw fit and that’s what war is all about. You do what you have to do. For all of you arm chair warriors…you have no friggin idea of what you are talking about. It’s no wonder this country is heading towards the chithole with all you liberal pansies voting.

  32. Fed Up Says:

    The GOP puts like adds all the time, get over it and know this will be the nastiest election yet!

  33. eileen Says:

    Can someone explain Allen West’s body armor ad to me. How does the kid in the ad claim that Allen West gave him his body armor? ALL army soldiers entering a combat zone, get their own body armor. Why would Lt. Col. West have to give the guy HIS body armor? As an army mom, that ad ticks me off!

  34. Doris LLoyd Says:


  35. Limida Facalon Says:

    Yeah, it is over-the-top. And it certainly is not needed, as Rep. West will be hoisted on his own petard before November, I’d wager. He certainly is a polarizing, isn’t he?

  36. total Says:

    What has Murphy done in his life to win my vote? Nothing. Thank youMr.West foryour service to our country as a military man and a politician who campaigned on his beliefs won and has been nothing but a target for a person who stands by his beliefs and doesn’t cow down to criticism.

  37. Limida Facalon Says:

    Just for argument sake, what if Rep. West never served in the military. Would he still have as many “fans”? Doubt it.

  38. Carole Sarkuti Says:

    @ sandl215

    You need to do your research. West called it like it is. We do have avowed Communists in Congress. ( 70 or so last count) Most of them openly admit it and since most Democrat voters are ready to take any hand-out coming their way this is quite alright by them.

  39. mike Says:

    Allen West is a punk. No ad, no matter how bad would go too far regarding West. He is the poster boy for everything wrong in our country today. West is a true American zero.

  40. Bill Says:

    Patrick Murphy is such a coward. Just like Ron Klein was when he went up against Allen West. What these worthless piles don’t realize is, when you are the only one doing the attacking, it makes you look DESPERATE….hello??? Allen West does not need to attack his opponent. He just goes on there and tells everyone what he wants to do. Klein (aka coward #1) would never run a TV ad without an attack. The only thing different about Murphy (aka coward #2) is that he is at least appearing in these ads, something Klein was too ‘yellow’ to do. Yet Murphy prefers to take the LOW ROAD and attack and complain about his opponent anyway. Which as psychology 101 shows is a sign of weakness and fear. Fear of losing seeing that Allen West is only showing his positive ads about himself and himself alone. No need to attack anyone when you are confident of a win.

    So thank you Mr. Murphy for your COWARDLY approach to running your campaign ads. These ads are very childish too. Be a man Pat….act like one if you can’t be one.

  41. Bob Dee Says:

    Mr Murphy like the Kennedy’s before him, dishonor every Irishman. Murphy is not worthy of carrying Rep West’s jock strap. And as far as the comments about LTC West’s confrontation with a known terrorist planning to ambush some of the men LTC West was responsible for in Iraq, go ask them and see what they think and say about the man. Only armchair generals would dare criticize this man.

  42. whasup Says:

    Leave it to an Irishman to display the worst qualities of the Irish. Portraying a political opponent as one who slings his fists around at weak targets is simply shameful from the traditional Irish perspective.

    In old Irish terms, the only proper way to settle this issue is for West and Murphy to get together and go toe to toe. Wonder which of the two of them would win the bout.

    My money would be on West.

  43. JustWait Says:

    No! This is Politics at its best which generally means at its worst. Still 88 days to go and money to be spent on attack Ads. Let’s wait and see. Don’t like it and for those that think for themselves it’s probably ignored.

  44. Joseph L Cooke Says:

    Murphy is most comfortable, as always, existing behind his father’s skirt.

  45. HankS Says:

    The new attack ad is receiving early universal condemnation from Hannity, Sarah Palin, and is picked up on Drudge, and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze. Blaze just reported that Murphy’s PAC has disabled commenting and ratings.

    Today more national figures will align with Congressman West on the ‘over the top’ attack ad.

    Sarah Palin “The liberal left is absolutely terrified of Allen West and is ruthlessly attacking him. We have his back.”

    Me included.

  46. cravin moorehead Says:

    When did Allen West stop beating white women? Was he trying to get information from them, like an Iraqi detainee? Were they part of the group of 83 commies in Congress, that West knows? ‘Cuz then, and only then, would it be all right.

    This Koch stooge has to go.

  47. cogn Says:

    Irishman. Murphy is not worthy of carrying Rep West’s jock strap.

  48. Mary Ann Russell Says:

    In response to so many of you kool-aid drinking liberals such as Cravin Moorehead – West has never beaten white women. Your inference is untrue. The Iraqi detainee was a man; he was an insurgent; he possibly had information about an ambush of our soldiers; it was during a time of war not a peaceful discussion over a beer at a bar.

    Or the comments about him being a thug because he said there are communists in Congress. Well, go to Google and research the Congressional Progressive Caucus – you will find that many of its members have ties to the Communist Party of the USA. Geez people, a little research on your own and you might actually be able to post an intelligent comment.

    Congressman West is resonating throughout the United States because his message is clear and strong. This country is being destroyed by the liberal agenda and unless we take it back the country our Founding Fathers sacrificed so much for will no longer be.

    Fortunately I live in Congressman West’s new District and am proud to be a strong supporter of his. But, no matter where I lived I would be sending him a contribution; he is what we need in Congress and what we need for this country.

  49. ginger saunders Says:

    Allen West is a man with integrity. Murphy is a wet behind his ears pawn for his daddy. Daddy owns the pac so daddy ran this ad. It is despicable, if West would have run it I would have been equally disgusted. How low will they go, that is now the question. I can hardly wait for the debates. Murphy will be destroyed.
    GO WEST!

  50. Carol Says:

    This is a disgusting attack on an American hero. This is the disgusting side of politics and the “Super” Pac behind it should be embarrassed. West is a war hero, an honest American citizen not afraid to voice his opinion for hear of what will happen in the polls. He doesn’t pick his comments for the next sound bite, he says what he feels. The “Super” Pac should be ashamed.

  51. Jupiter Guy Says:

    West is a criminal who should be in Levinworth prison.

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