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Dems will ‘shoot Obama out of a cannon’ at convention next week

by Dara Kam | August 30th, 2012

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz gave Post on Politics a glimpse into what her party will do next week during their national convention in Charlotte.

Wasserman Schultz, in Tampa to counter the GOP’s national convention, also had a few snarky words for what she’d seen far from the opposition.

“Our convention next week is designed as being the most open, accessible, inclusive, participatory presidential nominating convention in history,” Wasserman Schultz said over a mushroom omelet at the Spain restaurant in downtown Tampa.

“We made a decision that our convention was not going to be the invitation-only, exclusive, only-the-elite-need-apply affair that this one has been,” she said.

“Ours is going to be one that, when we finish on Thursday night, will have shot President Obama out of a cannon into the fall campaign and leave with an enthusiastic, fired-up, broad base of supporters who understand that he’s been fighting for the middle class and working families and that he is someone who hasn’t done things the same old way.”

Here’s DWS’s take on the GOP’s glitzy fete thus far.

“I think that they have bent over backwards to run a fact-free convention,” she said. “Their convention has been a pretty nasty barrage of criticism that if they took a mirror and turned it around would be reflective of many of the policies that they’re criticizing that they themselves have embraced.”

Wasserman Schultz blasted GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, who blamed Obama for an auto plant shutting down in Ryan’s hometown, Janesville, Wis. She said the plant was slated for closure before Obama was elected four years ago.

That was “a big jaw-dropper,” Wasserman Schultz said.

“It’s utter malarkey,” she said. “My overall sentiment so far is it’s really disappointing how cynical they obviously are and how willing they are to just say anything to get elected. We should aspire to better things in American politics,” she said.

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16 Responses to “Dems will ‘shoot Obama out of a cannon’ at convention next week”

  1. LicenseToSteal Says:

    Maybe he will land in the garbage can.

  2. RENEGADE Says:

    You could aim for a garbage can but he is going to land in the Whitehouse for 4 more years!!!

  3. lORIEB Says:

    maybe Romeny/ Ryan will already b in the gargage can eating all the LIES they r telling, along with License to Steal who will be licking their face and then the three of them will ask President Obama to
    save them from the Dogs who will be biting their###

  4. LicenseToSteal Says:

    Yeah, four more years of hope and change.

  5. LicenseToSteal Says:

    I would rather be licking Romney and Ryan’s face than seeing IORIEB licking Obama’s @ss.

  6. whasup Says:

    Well, since the Dems and their lefty fellow-travelers won the “Lie of the Year” Award for 2011 from the fact-checking reporters at PolitiFact …

    You didn’t know that? Well, look it up …

    Since the Dems are award-winning liars, I don’t think they have any business calling others “liars”!

  7. Dee Says:

    Just say NO

    If you want to go back to the 50′s these right wing nut jobs will take you there.

    OBAMA 2012

  8. SteveO Says:

    So DWS eats mushroom omeletes. Fascinating!!

  9. Forgone Conclusion Says:

    Nobody lied better than Ryan Wednesday night. Even Faux News called out Ryan’s lies. For Faux News, the propaganda arm of the GOP/Teabaggers to admit to Ryan’s lies means Ryan MUST have gone over the top. That’s “fair and balanced” remember? Anybody who thinks Politico can be relied on to tell the truth about ANYTHING has their brain up their A**!

  10. SteveO Says:

    @Foregone Conclusion, and NBC/MSNBC lies for the Democrats. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that and listens to both sides and can filter out the crap and make a knowledgable decision. Except you, of course.

  11. Circus Says:

    Shoot Obama out of cannon, what’s that mean? He’s at a circus?

    Poor choice of words.

  12. whasup Says:

    Hey Forgone, speaking of having one’s political party sitting on one’s head …

    you apparently can’t tell the difference between Politico and PolitiFact.

    Pull your head out of that miasma canal its in, read what folks write, and pay attention to the facts.

    Now … try telling us again about how good your judgment about lying is?

  13. Sandy Says:

    obama will be shot right out of the whitehouse in november

  14. Swine Says:

    Wait a minute…Republicans and democrats lie? Who do we trust now? Moderate, sane, people, like most people I know, are left with horrible and worse again this election cycle. When will we get our act together and select someone who actually represents most of us? Both candidates really bum me out…Both sides are swine.

    “In a nation run by swine, all pigs are upward-mobile and the rest of us are f****d until we can put our acts together: not necessarily to win, but mainly to keep from losing completely.”

    Hunter S. Thompson

  15. James Says:

    Shoot Obama back to Kenya. He’s missed over there.

  16. Backlink Wheel Says:

    shooting obama? would u do that?

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