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Bernard camp takes day off, no decision yet on challenge

by Andrew Abramson | August 19th, 2012

A day after an emotional recount showed a 17-vote loss to Jeff Clemens in the State Senate District 27 race, Mack Bernard’s campaign took Sunday off and has not yet decided whether it will challenge the result.

“Everybody was just wiped out,” said Richard Giorgio, a consultant for Bernard. “We’re taking the day off today.”

Giorgio said he expects the state to certify the election results Monday or Tuesday, and at that point Bernard will have 10 days to challenge the outcome.

“If you file a challenge, you’ve got to claim either one of two things: votes that should have been counted weren’t counted, or votes that were counted should not have been counted,” Giorgio said.

When asked whether the campaign believes one of those two scenarios exists, Giorgio said, “that’s something for lawyers to figure out.”

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5 Responses to “Bernard camp takes day off, no decision yet on challenge”

  1. Rawhide Says:

    Addie gone to church to ask Rev. Masters as to the next move.

  2. jebamoni4 Says:


  3. SID NEEDS TO GO Says:

    Mack should continue the fight!!

    Thank you Sid Dinerstein for not having the courage to put a republican in this race. Their are many qualified elected officials in the central and north council who could have beat these two jabamonis. IT IS TIME FOR NEW REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP IN PALM BEACH COUNTY!!!

  4. 13th Floor Elevator Says:

    Ha. Ha. Mr. Bernard, if you had simply answered a question from a voter I would have gotten you at least 20 votes. Karma, dude.

  5. Only in Palm Beach Says:

    As stated before……Mack Bernard will win after a court case. I mean really, the back vote in Palm Beach????wow!

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