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Another Crist embrace draws GOP anger

by John Kennedy | August 2nd, 2012

Former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist’s endorsement of Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson brought a swift reaction Thursday from the state GOP.

“Just when we though Charlie Crist couldn’t sink any lower, he’s surprised us once again,” Florida Republican Party Chairman Lenny Curry said in a news release condemning, “The Two Faces of Charlie Crist.”

Crist’s embrace of Nelson is expected to be completed Friday at an Orlando fund-raiser at the home of uber-trial lawyer, John Morgan, the former governor’s boss. Remember, it was Crist’s hug for President Barack Obama that sent his career as a Republican on a downward course.

Also attending the Nelson cash call will be former President Bill Clinton.

Crist’s shape-shifting, though, is getting the most attention. It’s widely talked of as a likely prelude to his reemerging as a Democrat and candidate for governor.

Republicans, though, are steamed, pointing out that Crist’s snub of Republican primary frontrunner Connie Mack IV comes despite the then-governor having endorsed Mack in his 2008 congressional race, contributing to his campaigns between 2004 and 2006, and backing Republican Katherine Harris over Nelson in 2006.

Crist’s biography also wouldn’t be complete without his homage to Mack’s father, former U.S. Sen. Connie Mack III, for whom Crist worked as a state director.

 ”With his latest attempt to reshape himself, Charlie shows he is absolutely willing to betray anyone and everyone, including his own political mentor and longtime friend,” Curry said.


5 Responses to “Another Crist embrace draws GOP anger”

  1. The Judge Says:

    If there is an Olympic gold medal for overall douchery, Charlie Crist just won gold.

  2. Lenny Scurry Says:

    Next, Charlie is going to “embrace” Lois Frankel. Now, there’s two who deserve each other.

  3. Bob Wright Says:

    Could have something to do with Connie Mack being an arrogant, self-serving POS.

  4. Bob Wright Says:

    Not hard to figure out… Harris>Nelson>Mack

    Mack’s dad is not Mack, and Mack is not nearly half the person his elder Macks were. Spoiled brat.

  5. Cynical idealist Says:

    CMiv, aka mini-Mack, has capitalized on his father’s good name since election the to Florida House in 2000. He never would’ve been able to raise a half million dollars for that race without acces tto his father’s Rolodex (you have to wonder what he did with the loot). He quit his House seat to run for Congress. Then, he cheated on his wife (you have to wonder what she saw in him) and dumped her for Mary Bono (someone needs to subpoena his travel records to see just how much time he spends in his district vs. her district). And, now, he refuses to debate his opponents before the Primary. It’s a presupposition that he’ll win the primary, but he’ll never debate Nelson either. Bottom line CMiv is an arrogant, self-serving POS.

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