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Alex Sink defends Mack Bernard against ‘ridiculous’ attacks in state Senate primary

by George Bennett | August 10th, 2012

In a Democratic state Senate primary where Gov. Rick Scott is a figure of scorn, 2010 Scott foe Alex Sink says it’s “ridiculous” to try to link state Rep. Mack Bernard, D-West Palm Beach, to the Republican governor.

Bernard’s primary rival, state Rep. Jeff Clemens, D-Lake Worth, and outside PACs have painted Bernard as a Scott ally.

“I have been told that some out of town groups want you to believe that Mack Bernard is somehow joined at the hip with Rick Scott. That’s ridiculous. Nothing could be further from the truth. How do I Know? I was Rick Scott’s Democratic opponent for Governor. And it was Mack Bernard who worked tirelessly by my side in our effort to defeat Rick Scott in 2010,” Sink said in a statement released by Bernard’s campaign.


21 Responses to “Alex Sink defends Mack Bernard against ‘ridiculous’ attacks in state Senate primary”

  1. patrick Says:

    Sounds like dirty tricks by the Jeff Clemens campaign. Glad to Governor Sink coming to Mack’s defense. I voted for her and she is Governor to me.

  2. Hilarious! Says:

    Ouch. When you have to resort to Alex Sink to defend you from attacks that you are too Republican, you’re in trouble.
    This woman was CEO of BANK OF AMERICA!!!
    She was a terrible candidate, a terrible Democrat and she and the conservative Democrats who ran her campaign are the reason that we now have Rick Scott as Governor.
    Go away, Alex.

  3. What??? Says:

    Patrick, dirty tricks by Jeff Clemens? Are you in this district?
    Because I am, and I’ve been seeing the Republican-style character assassination that Bernard has been authoring in this campaign.
    Like saying Clemens voted against kids’ healthcare and public education funding. I looked up the bill. It was the Republican budget! Which Bernard voted against too. THAT is a dirty trick.
    Like the flyer that said Clemens was responsible for an dirty ocean outfall in Lake Worth, when this blog actually exposed that as a lie and said Clemens helped shut down the outfall.
    Bernard’s campaign is funded by big business. That is documented and true. These are the same people who supported Rick Scott. Also documented and true. If Mack doesn’t like it, he can stop taking their money.
    Meanwhile, Alex Sink has no business sticking her nose in this race.

  4. hehehe Says:

    I LOVE it!!! Mack bernard, runnin’ scared, baby!!!
    He has to go running to Alex Sink for help! The same Alex Sink that lost to perhaps the worst Governor in Florida’s history.
    Anyone with two-thirds of a personality could’ve beaten Voldemort!! Too bad Alex only has 20 percent!!!
    Who will Mack trot out next?!?! Allen West?!

  5. Chuck Says:

    Sounds like the Clemens campaign is busy tonight. They just dont want to see an African American elected. Mack Bernard is a good man. Shame on Jeff Clemens for his campsihn’s detestable behavior

  6. Crystal Says:

    No offense but who cares what Alex McBride has to say. Go back to Tampa & crawl back in that hole in the ground. You & your husband have done much damage to the Florida Democratic party!

  7. Ricefarmer Says:

    These attacks on bernard are baseless and childish. And they are borderline racist. These people should be ashamed of themselves

  8. Democrat dissing Says:

    Democrats in Palm Beach County don’t like black representation, just remember what they did to Kendrick Meek.

    Democrats endorsed and urged democrat voters to NOT vote for black democratic senatorial candidate Kendrick Meek, but to vote for white ‘Independent’ Charlie Crist!

    Some people are really deaf dumb and blind in PBCounty.

    The democrat party in this county needs a total revamping. Urge black democrats to push for REPRESENTATION at the PARTY LEVEL. You’ll NEVER get a break with the current leadership.

  9. Whatever Says:

    How stupid are these commenters? Race doesn’t have anything to do with it.
    It is, and should always be, about the candidates’ voting records. And when you look at these two candidates, there’s no comparison. Bernard is a TOOL for the big business lobbyists in Tallahassee.
    Clemens votes with a conscience.
    If Bernard were such a proud African-America (he’s Haitian, by the way, not African), why did he not put his picture on most of the mail pieces he sent out?
    I’ve pored over those pieces, and not once has Bernard given me a reason to vote for him. It’s been all about besmirching his competitor.
    It’s a very cynical, Republican way to run a campaign. I hope it backfires on him.
    The Post said itself several times: Bernard is the big business candidate, Clemens is the working class guy.
    All the rest of this BS, you don’t even need to know.

  10. Alex Says:

    Alex to the rescue? Really? Mack is scraping the bottom of the barrel and has no real chance. NO MAS!!!!

  11. Bernard the Better Choice Says:

    In the past 3 years, Bernard has passed 15 bills. Clemens has passed 1. Enough said!

  12. Clemens an Energy Lobbyist Says:

    Clemens is a registered lobbyist for the energy industry and a state representative…can anyone say “conflict of interest.”

  13. Identity Politics Says:

    You know what you get when you use identity politics in a Democrat primary? Democrats eating their own!

    I love this. Clemens was a failed one-term mayor and an ineffective one-term state legislator. Now he wants to fail upwards again. He supports the “Occupy” crowd, the LGBT community, “medical” marijuana, and is funded by public sector unions.

    Bernard is African-American and supports business so his constituents can have jobs instead of handouts.

    It’s kind of a shame that PBC GOP Chairman Sid Dinerstein couldn’t convince a Republican to run against the eventual winner of this primary. It would have a great race, complete with talking points provided by the Democrats.

    Bernard isn’t the Republican choice in the race, he’s the pro-jobs, pro-growth, pro-self sufficiency candidate. Clemens is a big government progressive, just like Barack Obama. If you want prosperity vote Bernard, if you want false promises of the government giving you stuff vote Clemens. So simple even a democrat can understand it.

  14. Bring light Says:

    The Post should bring more light to inform voters about Jeff Clemens’ “side work” as an energy lobbyist. It is bull and, yes, as noted above, a conflict at best. He’s on the payroll just because he IS A LEGISLATOR. That goes away if he loses, as it should be. The worst thing voters can do is put someone in office who clearly depends on his “public service” for a living and to pay bills. Playing in a band doesn’t count. And Jeff’s own “What?” post above is ridiculous. Bernard didn’t have any different votes that mattered than Clemens did. Jeff’s reaching.

  15. Bring light Says:

    p.s. Go Alex. That was gracious of you.

  16. Time to go Says:

    Sid Dinerstein can’t generate any candidates. Thank goodness, there is new blood coming into the county.

    We’re hungry for candidates and Dinerstein just can’t cough any up.

    Sid’s the old republican, we do need new republicans locally.

    Time for Sid to go.

  17. Clemens is just low. Says:

    Jeff Clemens’ attack ad against Mack Bernard is pretty low. Trying to tie Bernard to Rick Scott is ridiculous, but using children as props in his ad, as though throwing more money at education will make a bad system better, is just in bad taste.

    Vote Mack Bernard on Tuesday!

  18. Dog Sitting in Port Huron Says:

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  19. save public education Says:

    Jeff Clemens is one of the best State Legislators we have. He stands for the people. Mack voted for vouchers, which will put more of our tax money into the hands of corporations bent on the destruction of public education. He voted for corporate tax cuts. While I wouldn’t paint him as the same as Rick Scott, many of his votes are for ALEC based legislation that Rick Scott supports. If you aren’t familiar with ALEC, look it up. It’s scary. We should not be having major corporations buying our legislators and writing our legislation at the expense of WE THE PEOPLE…

  20. save public education Says:

    And yeah, Alex Sink is not exactly the person I look to for direction. Bank of America…

  21. Maryann Lewis Says:

    1. Jeff had kids in his mailers inside a classroom. Mack used a sick child in his to say Jeff voted against kidcare “he had a chance to help her and he didn’t” was what his mailer said. Guess what? Mack voted against the SAME bill he’s referring to in his attack against Jeff – THE BUDGET!
    2. This isn’t a black vs. white race. It’s a Senate race. And, as previously pointed out, Mack didn’t exactly show he was proud to be a black man in America – everyone of his flyers (except the Alex Sink one) had photos of white or Hispanic families.
    3. The reasons Mack has passed more bills than Jeff – (a) he’s been in the Legislature longer and (b) he sells his votes to the Republicans in order to get his legislation passed (did you know he voted AGAINST the pill mill issue, too?).
    4. Jeff was not an unsuccessful one term Mayor or one term Representative – he chose to take the opportunity to rise to the next level when the time was right. I have no doubt he would’ve been re-elected to BOTH positions had he sought the office.
    5. As for the lobbyist issue, he’s only registered to lobby before the Palm Beach County Commission because they require that ANYONE who talks to a Commissioner register before walking into their offices. He works for an energy company that helps local governments make their buildings more energy efficient (ie, “greener”) – that’s the right kind of “lobbying” if you ask me. They sell products that conserve energy, thereby saving us taxpayers money and protecting the environment at the same time. He doesn’t lobby at the state or federal level.
    Get your facts straight before you speak.

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