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Akin factor: Dems blast Hasner’s support for Ryan budget as anti-woman; Hasner rips ‘scare tactics’

by George Bennett | August 21st, 2012

Missouri Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin‘s remarks about “legitimate rape” have revived Democratic talk of a “war on women” by the GOP.

Democrats have long blasted Paul Ryan‘s budget plan as a threat to seniors, but today the Florida Democratic Party reframed it as a threat to women. The Democrats accused Republican congressional candidate Adam Hasner of supporting a plan that “would turn Medicare into a voucher program, raising the cost of healthcare for women in south Florida by thousands of dollars every year.”

Hasner. who faces Democrat Lois Frankel in Palm Beach-Broward congressional District 22, accused Democrats of “scare tactics” and said the Ryan plan will save Medicare for future retirees.

Pulling a page from Ryan’s and Sen. Marco Rubio‘s campaign playbooks, Hasner also noted that his own mother is a Medicare beneficiary and he wants to preserve the program for her.

The Florida Dems also highlighted former state House majority leader Hasner’s support in Tallahassee for legislation requiring a woman seeking an abortion to first view an ultrasound and other votes that included cutting money for women’s health programs.

“It’s no surprise that Adam Hasner supports Paul Ryan’s budget: just like Ryan and the Republicans in Washington, Hasner has shown time and again a complete disregard for the needs of Florida’s seniors and women,” said a statement by Florida Democratic Party spokeswoman Brannon Jordan.

“Ryan’s plan to raise health care costs for Florida’s women by turning Medicare into a voucher program are perfectly in line with Hasner’s own long record of voting to slash healthcare funding for women in Tallahassee, and restrict women’s access to the lifesaving health care they need. Republicans like Hasner continue to show Floridians, through both their words and actions, that they simply aren’t on the side of our mothers, sisters and daughters.”

Hasner’s response: “The constant scare tactics and name calling won’t help solve the fiscal fact that Medicare is going broke. My mother relies on Medicare and I would never do anything that would hurt her, or reduce the benefits of anyone currently enrolled in Medicare or close to retirement.

“The bipartisan Wyden-Ryan plan doesn’t make any changes to the Medicare that Americans 55 and older expect. It will save Medicare for seniors who depend on it today, and strengthen it for future generations. Lois Frankel supports raiding $700 billion from Medicare in order to pay for the Washington healthcare takeover that will limit healthcare choices and she owes South Florida seniors an explanation for her plan that speeds up the insolvency of Medicare.”


14 Responses to “Akin factor: Dems blast Hasner’s support for Ryan budget as anti-woman; Hasner rips ‘scare tactics’”

  1. A mother of three Says:

    Do the Republicans think we only care about ourselves and not the next generation? The cuts in Obamacare are to health care PROVIDERS not the recipients of Medicare. We don’t just care about our Medicare, we want it to be there for our children, too, and we want young women today to have access to all of the health care services they need. We cannot go backward!
    These are not “scare tactics” used by Democrats, these are scary policies promised by Republicans. I am voting for Lois Frankel and President Obama and I encourage you to do the same.

  2. howie Says:

    er…google REP Kerry Gauthier

    since this media outlet doesn’t appear to have enough reporters to cover Democrats scandalous actions..A Democrat rep caught having oral sex at a rest stop with a 17 year old boy..

  3. howie Says:

    Mother of three….

    Medicare will not be there for those paying in right now unless reforms like what Ryan proposes is put into place. The population is getting older…baby boomers are retiring..people are living longer…vote for who you say will result in Medicare no longer …period..Obama stole 700 billion from Medicare to fund health care for those who never paid a dime for their healthcare ..that is a need to get your facts straight instead of repeating blah blah talking points that don’t tell the truth.

  4. lolcons Says:


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  5. Herman Says:

    Rove stole that from Obama’s mentor Saul Alinsky.It’s an exact mirror of what his campaign with the help of the liberal media does to Romney.

  6. Downtown Danny Says:

    Horrible choice in this race – two complete crooks who are both liars.

  7. RENEGADE Says:


    Thx for the demonstration of the above practices.

  8. Herman Says:

    round and round it goes..

    you should enjoy this..

  9. Mattrue Says:

    Just ignore the facts, from lolcons. This is exactly why I can’t vote republican. This is the typical example of the criminally insane ideas of the Republican party that has chased the majority of Americans to vote for President Obama. What makes me laugh the most is that these morons actually believe the crap that comes from their mouths. If any person continues to make the same mistake over and over again, knowing that the outcome will be the same, but continues to repeat the event over and over again, this is the definition of insanity. This is the theory of the Republican party and trickle down economics. If you continue to make the same mistake over and over again, how can you expect the public to respect your decisions. It will never work and was never intended to be used for long term recovery. The Republicans have to change their motto to the party of the criminally insane, then maybe you could win an election,at least they would be telling the truth.

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