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Wasserman Schultz rejects comparison to Romney on releasing tax returns

by George Bennett | July 15th, 2012

Wasserman Schultz

HOLLYWOOD — While blasting Mitt Romney for not releasing years of income tax returns, Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is rejecting an opponent’s call to release her own tax returns.

Wasserman Schultz, a congresswoman from Broward County, has been accused of hypocrisy by many Republicans. But she defended her position before Saturday night’s Florida Democratic Party Jefferson-Jackson fundraising dinner at the Westin Diplomat Hotel.

Republican congressional candidate Karen Harrington has repeatedly challenged Wasserman Schultz to release her tax returns, but Wasserman Schultz said the annual financial disclosure forms she fills out are sufficient.

“I’m fully compliant as a member of Congress in filing the financial disclosure that the law requires. Mitt Romney is running for President,” she said.

Wasserman Schultz also dismissed conservative criticism of her own investments. The conservative Weekly Standard reported last week that Wasserman Schultz previously invested up to $15,000 in a 401k, the Davis Financial Fund, that included investments in Swiss banks, foreign drug companies and the state bank of India. According to her 2011 financial disclosure form, she invested in the Davis Fund for a total of eight days in 2010.

The conservative magazine said her 401k made it hypocritical for Wasserman Schultz to criticize Romney’s Swiss bank account and other foreign investments. She flatly rejected that idea.

“Mitt Romney has his own money invested directly in Swiss bank accounts, in accounts and investments in the Cayman Islands. He personally has a Bermuda corporation. Every American, I think, can identify with 401k investments in which mutual funds are invested. There is absolutely no comparison,” said Wasserman Schultz.


28 Responses to “Wasserman Schultz rejects comparison to Romney on releasing tax returns”

  1. Mike Says:

    Do as I say not as I do! She is the perfect fundraiser for the Republicans.

  2. Horace Says:

    Republican complaints that Wasserman has not released her tax returns are baloney. Her financial disclosures as a congressman include lists of assets and transactions considerably more comprehensive than what is required in a tax return.

    What is wrong with this picture? Simply it is we have more financial information on every Congressman than we do for the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee.

    4 years ago Mitt was the leading candidate for the vice presidential nomination – before he turned over his tax returns to McCain. After seeing those returns McCain chose Palin as his running mate, effectively putting an end to any serious possibility he would be elected.

    What was in those returns? Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. Bubba316 Says:

    Obama, hid virtually everything there was to know about him during his first campaign. What is known about him is the results of investigations and digging. Not due to his openess and willingness to be true to is promises about and open and transparent administration. Mitt Romney has not broken any laws, he hasn’t failed to comply with election or campaign disclosure laws. Wasserman -Schulz and the others are just try to put obstacles in Romneys path in order to deflect true scutiny away from Obama and his miserably failed policies…

  4. Horace Says:

    Nobody is saying Mitt has broken laws on disclosure.

    SEC filings though? There have been some pretty pointed questions raised there.

    The fact is we have 12 years of Obama’s tax returns. Mitt? Not so much.

  5. Dana Everson Says:

    It is another example of the hypocrisy of the democrat party. We had to drag a birth certificate out of Obama, still have not seen college records, have his illegal relatives living in the country, and he has failed in everything he has tried to do. Just another attempt to deflect the debate from his failed policies to ANYTHING else. Oh, and I am sure there was a lot to Obama’s returns… What does a Community Organizer make anyway.. Nothing.. another taker instead of being a producer. Maybe that is why he is so big on wasting our tax money on entitlement programs! The Food Stamp Pres.!

  6. Rasmussen Test Center Says:

  7. Dana Ima Racist Eversin Says:

    Wow – I found a soul mate – a racist as stufpid as I am – Dana Everson – can somone chkc my spelling – I admire Dana Everson so

  8. Swirling Says:

    There are rumors that Debbie is considering a run for Governor of FL in 2014!

    Please run, Debbie! It’s an absolute given she would ensure a Rick Scott victory!

    Wasserman Schultz is crass, hard to watch and even worst to listen to. She is abrasive and even with outside professional assistance to ‘soften’ her image, she can not be a ‘friendly’ face.

    Please run, Debbie!

  9. drewsco Says:

    Dana Everson:

    You’re making an irrelevant comparison.

    Mitt Romney claims his business experience at Bain Capital makes him more qualified to be president than Barack Obama, therefore I think it’s reasonable for the American people to scrutinize all records related to his experience at Bain including his tax returns, foreign investments and other financial documents.

    You and other are making a false comparision by contrasting this with Wasserman’s financial records. She’s not vying to be the President of the United States.

    Also, equivicating this to Obama’s birth certificate and college transcripts is also irrelevant.

  10. JCC Says:

    Look, the question is this…

    If Debbie feels that she is “entitled” in some way to not publicly disclose her last COMPLETE tax return, then she should step down NOW!!!

    She should EXPECT to have all paperwork ready just as she does for ANY other organized and REGULATED function every US Citizen must COMPLY with!

    Perhaps she has funds with the Bank of Isreal via New York… What’s the problem? Be HONEST just as you expect Barack and your ENTIRE party to (like the Kennedy’s…seizure and all)!!!

    Also, if EVERYBODY has to show PROOF of residency to obtain things like a driver’s license, business license, passport, etc. then bring it to the VOTING BOOTH!

    If you have the “right” to vote as a US Citizen then PROVE IT!!!


  11. Horace Says:

    College records? Since when has that been an issue? Do we have Mitt’s college records?


    The fact is that there has only been one Presidential candidate to release his college records. John Kerry. His records were released when he released his Navy record to counter Republican lies about his Navy service.

    A couple of other candidates had their records dug up by investigative reporters and released contrary to privacy laws.

    So what is the upshot?

    Mitt: 1 complete tax return. No college records. No long form birth certificate.

    Obama: 12 complete tax returns. No college records. Long form birth certificate.

    The fact is we know a lot more about Obama (and Wasserman) than we do about Mitt.

  12. Horace Says:

    To JCC:

    You are completely wrong. As a Congressman Wasserman must and does file a complete financial disclosure listing all her assets and major transactions. Every year.

    Those disclosures are available for download from the House web site. Go there and you will find 4 years of information.

    This is a much more complete disclosure than a tax return which only documents income. Tax returns don’t require a listing of all assets and transactions.

    We should ask Presidential candidates for a financial disclosure of this magnitude. Not just a tax return.

  13. kelly Says:

    You know what? I have investments in several mutual finds and couldn’t tell you from day to day whether those funds have positions in swiss banks or other foreign holdings. But my money is not directly invested by me personally in foreign holdings. The difference between DWS and MR is that MR put his money directly in foreign holdings and DWS didn’t.

  14. LicenseToSteal Says:

    Yeah right! This insect of a woman can disappear and 99.9% of the country would not care. She is a disgrace to this country.

    Her constituents need to stop counting their money and wake up. Start paying attention.

  15. Parker Says:

    Obama’s known college record shows a maturing young man. His final college years were quiet impressive, head of the Harvard Legal Review and all.

    Romney may have family immigration status problems himself. He could even be characterized as an anchor baby that some GOP members would like to classify as non citizens. Who knows if you can find an under documented Mexican Romney living in the USA. Some would consider that not Mitt’s Problem.

    I do wonder what was in those tax returns that made McCain pick Palen not Romney. I do know that Wasserman’s Financial Disclosure statements are in more detail than a tax released tax return. I do know that all the funds and “income” earned from Bain and other investments have not been sufficiently evaluated as being justification to qualify for the economic improvement of the USA’s Economy. Romney may be good for a select few “investors”, but is he a force that actually would help the greater good? I don’t see any indication of him being good for the greater good.

    The Olympics, cost the USA Taxpayer 1 Billion, this was not a financial success. Hosting a Sports Fest does not make some one a President. Look at Atta Boy Brownie of the Katrina Fame. He was a Horsey Fellow too. Is this what we’d get from Romney?

    It is clear Romney is for the redistribution of wealth, to those who already are wealthy. He has zero intention of reduction of the deficit. He will just run the country into further deficits, and file bankruptcy while leaving his friendly fat cats holding all the assets and cash they can skim off the economy, government and public along the way.

    Give President Obama a 2nd term and a congress that will work with him, we may see a jobs bill get done, more people back to work, and reasonable tax rates and reforms. In addition we will see a lowering of the deficit, and be on our way back to solvency.

    The House of Representatives and GOP (Grover’s Old Party), not extending tax cuts on all earnings below 250,000.01 and allowing the taxes to increase above 250,000.01 clearly shows the GOP for what they are.

    They will deny 100 percent of the taxpayers a tax rate freeze, to guarantee the 2 % an ADDITIONAL tax cut on the income Above or in excess of 250,000.01. This makes no sense at all unless their ONLY Concern is for the 2 percent of the folks who for the past years have been hoarding money and not putting people to work.

  16. One Voter Says:

    You all, vote the way you want, my vote will go to Mitt Romney.

    It’s the economy! It’s jobs and Mitt Romney is a proven businessman and just as importantly, a former governor who kept the people in mind, when he implemented his own healthcare in MA.

    Don’t go trying to blister Romney. As he told the NAACP, you don’t know what is in his heart.

    Obama based his ObamaCare on Mitt Romney’s RomneyCare.

    With Romney, you will get a very successful businessman, a man who turned the failing American based Olympics around and a governor who showed compassion and ADVANCED thinking by implementing RomneyCare, way before ObamaCare. He is also a dedicated family man. He has not done anything illegal.

    Mitt is the candidate who can bring us together, also. All President Obama has done throughout his Presidency, is to attack, divide and alienate segments of our society, INSTEAD OF BRINGING AMERICANS together during these horrible economic times.

    Go Mitt! I may be the minority voter in PBC or even S FL , but Romney will get my vote.

    I do not like the divisive nature of President Obama and many of the democrats, especially the top ranking and vocal democrat women (thinking Pelosi and Debbie). They don’t know how to talk to the public.

    I also do not like the offensive language uttered by one too many democrats. Their vulgarities are unnecessary. Surely, not a way to win over female voters-mothers, independents.

    We need more dignity and Mitt Romney and his campaign have behaved admirably (so far). We certainly can’t say that about the democrats and President Obama.

  17. Pants on Fire Says:

    The Republican dominated Congress has passed many BIPARTISAN BILLS (that means both democrat AND republican congressmen and women voted FOR those bills) and what has the Democrat dominated Senate with Harry Reid in charge done with those bills…Nothing.

    Senator Harry Reid has IGNORED them and these are BIPARTISAN bills…still sitting there waiting for Democrat Harry Reid to bring them to the floor!

    and let’s not forget that the Democrat senate has not put together 1 budget to send to the House. They even voted DOWN President Obama’s budget!

  18. We don't KNOW Says:

    We dont’ know anything about Barack Obama’s college years. He has sealed his records. Michelle Obama didn’t seal her school records!

    Let’s see the records and compare them to George Bush’s C grades.

    Surely, Barack-the most brilliant man in the world-did better than old George.

    UNSEAL your records, Barack. Let’s see what’s there.

    And more importantly, why NOT let the American public see them?

  19. Alex Bonato Says:

    Help Save The USA from Debbie-Wasserman-Schultz!

    Vote GINEEN BRESSO for Congress!

    Watch the video! Join the wave! Vote, support, contribute now!



  20. Sam Sewell Says:

    Evidence Obama Ineligibility Movement is Winning

  21. Hundreds of Million$ to Russian workers Says:

    The biggest OUTSOURCING Obama has done the our own Space Program.

    We just sent an American astronaut into space in Russia.

    The USA PAID Russia 100′s and 100′s of millions of dollars to send OUR astronaut into space.

    That USA money went to Russian workers, not American workers and certainly not the workers at Cape Canaveral. They are GONE. NO JOBS!

    OUTSOURCING our space program to Russia and PAYING Russian workers to get them into space.

  22. Alcum Says:

    Dana Everson is 100% incorrect. No one “had to drag” a birth certificate out of Obama, in fact he made history in June 2008 when he became the first US presidential candidate in the history if the republic to release a birth certificate and prove his eligibility. The fact that the right kept harping on a non-issue doesn’t change facts.

  23. Alcum Says:


    Have birthers won a court case yet?


    You are not winning, you already lost.

  24. Jonathan Says:

    How dumb is it that Republican fatcats are saying that a 401K is the same as a Swiss bank account, and their minions are actually buying that argument.

  25. D'Voter Says:

    Every time the “Wicked Witch of West Broward” speaks, 10,000 voters join the GOP.

  26. Johan Doh Says:

    She rejects the comparison, but Romney is also in compliance just like she is. Dems are asking for more than just compliance. So what’s the problem here?

  27. Never satisfied Says:

    Democrat hacks-for-Obama like Wassermann are only searching for more political fodder to fuel the class war against Romney.

    Everyone knows Romney is richer and more successful than the average American. The IRS has already accepted Romney’s income tax returns and have found nothing illegal in them.

    But Wassermann seeks to demonize Romney throgh smeears and innuendo when nothing is amiss. e.g. a Swiss bank account gives investment diversification into the Swiss franc, which is stabler than the US dollar.

  28. Alcum Says:

    Then since there’s nothing wrong with his tax returns, he should release them like Obama has. Like his dad did.

    Of course Mitt thinks the Swiss franc is “stabler than the US dollar.” After all, his party’s policies caused that in the first place.

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