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Surrogate Giuliani fires up crowd for Romney in Boca Raton

by George Bennett | July 27th, 2012

Giuliani at a Romney campaign office today.

BOCA RATON — Rudy Giuliani guaranteed a 2013 economic boom if Mitt Romney is elected president while saying President Obama should apologize to the American people for the latest bit of sluggish economic news.

Appearing before more than 200 Romney supporters at a sweltering storefront Romney campaign headquarters this afternoon, the former New York mayor and unsuccessful 2008 White House aspirant blasted Obama’s handling of the economy and the fact that he hasn’t made a presidential visit to Israel.

“This morning’s numbers on the growth of our economy were so horrible, so anemic, 1.5 percent, that Barack Obama should have walked outside the White House and apologized to the American people,” Giuliani said.

The Commerce Department today said the economy grew at a 1.5 percent rate during the second quarter.

“I guarantee you that if we elect Mitt Romney, our economy next year will boom,” said Giuliani, who hailed the former Massachusetts governor as a successful businessman.

Giuliani accused the president of “whining” about the Romney campaign’s recent attacks on Obama’s “you didn’t build that” remarks about businesses. Obama said Republicans have taken the words out of context to make it sound like he was denigrating hard work and entrepreneurship.

“Like hell he was taken out of context,” Giuliani said. He’s been saying the same thing for five years…It’s no different from what he said to Joe the Plumber four years ago.”

During the 2008 campaign, Republicans slammed Obama for telling Ohio plumber Joe Wurzelbacher that “when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

In an appeal to South Florida’s Jewish vote, Giuliani noted the Romney is scheduled to visit Israel soon and Obama has not been to the Jewish state as president.

“He had time to go to Egypt. He had time to kiss the hand and bow down to the king of Saudi Arabia……He’s had time to do thousands of fundraisers and hundreds of rounds of golf and he hasn’t had time to go to the state of Israel,” Giuliani said. “This president is better to our enemies than he is to our friends.”

Rabbi Bruce Warshal, a founding director of the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County and former publisher of The Jewish Journal, scoffed at Giuliani’s comments.

“George Bush the second went to Israel in the last year of an 8-year term…..It’s an irrelevant fact. It’s a non-issue. And for Giuliani to bring that issue up, he’s underestimating the intelligence of the Jewish community,” Warshal said.

Warshal appeared with two other rabbis and state Rep. Lori Berman, D-Boca Raton, at an Obama campaign event earlier today to praise the president’s stance on Israel. Warshal said Obama has been a steadfast ally to the Jewish state.


6 Responses to “Surrogate Giuliani fires up crowd for Romney in Boca Raton”

  1. MIAMI Homer Says:

    Former Florida Republican Party chairman Jim Greer said : GOP leaders were meeting to discuss ways they could suppress black voters.
    Any Questions ?

    Pass it on !

    Story Link :
    Now….Not that THIS! is any Big Surprise to me?

    Especially ALL of us in Florida ( and The Country ), who LIVED through Grand Theft 2000!

    … But The ONLY Question I have to EVERY Black Person out there, who IS a republican?

    IS WHY! WHY after THIS Statement :

    Jim Greer, former Florida Republican Party chairman, said some GOP leaders were meeting to discuss ways they could suppress black voters.
    Do YOU UNDERSTAND The Above Quote?

    This IS The former Florida Republican Party chairman…..UNDER OATH!


    What MORE Proof do YOU Need? That the republican party DOES NOT LIKE YOU!

    4 More Years!

  2. cravin moorehead Says:

    All that is left of the republican party are the very, very rich and those stupid enough to vote republican and against their own best interests.

  3. Dee Says:

    The Repigs voting for the butcher!

  4. kelly Says:

    There aren’t too many former politicians more irrelevant than RG. Remember, this is the genius who put the terrorist command center in the very building the terrorists had previously hit in 1993. The same genius that didn’t provide a working communications network between police and firefighters. When is RG going to apologize to the families of the fallen first responders who lost their lives because of his incompetence? Get lost Rudy.

  5. DeMONCrats Says:

    AH, it’s another day in democrat South FL.

    Nothing but negatives.

    Everything is perfect when democrats do it.

    Nothing is good that republicans do.

    Crap! A balanced government is SO much better than one dominated by one party.

    S FL is dominated by democrats and a skewed media distorts.

    Vote out ALL democrats! REclaim S FL as an unbiased, fair section of the State.

  6. Michael Says:

    As a republican I am very disappointed with roster of candidates representing the party. They preach to the choir a menu of retreaded crap. It’s all well and good for the loyal voters, but what next? This election cycle we have a presidential candidate whose only desire is to achieve what his father couldn’t and to open the door for his sons to emulate the Bush family. Get your heads out of your a**es and stop looking backwards.

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