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Murphy TV debut decries ‘the taunts, the name-calling, the bullying’ of Allen West

by George Bennett | July 17th, 2012

Democratic congressional hopeful Patrick Murphy is beginning the TV phase of his nationally watched campaign by likening U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Palm Beach Gardens, to a playground bully.

Murphy, 29, an accountant and vice president in his family construction business, is taking on freshman tea party celebrity West in Palm Beach-Treasure Coast District 18. West, whose $10 million in contributions make him one of the nation’s top fundraisers, began airing ads last month that acknowledge his reputation for controversial conservative rhetoric.

“Some say I push too hard. That I ask too much. My response – I’m just getting started. That’s the American way,” West says in a TV spot that began airing five weeks ago.

“Look, there’s no doubt Allen West says what he thinks,” Murphy says in one of his new ads. “But the taunts, the name-calling, the bullying – Congress shouldn’t be a kids’ playground.”

Murphy’s other ad features him on a construction site with a hard hat saying voters can change Washington by electing “a builder, not a talker.”

22 Responses to “Murphy TV debut decries ‘the taunts, the name-calling, the bullying’ of Allen West”

  1. What going on here? Says:

    Murphy was the name caller in regards to Allen West. The builder has a lot of skeletons in his closet.

  2. West Sucks! Says:

    I am sure that West has no skeletons in his closet either. Get real! West’s reasons for leaving the military ought to be classified as a major skeleton. Thats just for starters. People in class houses……………………. West has been a lousy Congressman in Dist. 22. Look for more of the same in Dist 18, if West wins! ANYBODY BUT WEST!

  3. kelly Says:

    West is one of the nations top fundraisers to the tune of 10M? This should send a chill down our collective spines. We should be asking, what is all this money buying? Who are his major donors? Don’t we have the right to know who West will really be working for? A clue can be found in his recent “chicken” vote flip-flop. Go, West…away.

  4. Sam Says:

    West – go!! and good riddance

  5. Fairandbalanced Says:

    No surprise here, Democrat Murphy right out of the chute with negative ads. Wonder why he doesn’t discuss his own dirt, like his arrest record.

  6. HankS Says:

    Soft and sweet advertisement, just like Patrick Murphy. We don’t need wish-washy legislators at a time when the very existence of our Country is in jeopardy.
    The world is a dangerous place, and my vote is for a proven fighter who will never put his individual well-being over the needs and security of our Country.
    Go West!

  7. ALLEN WEST = ONE & DONE Says:

    “Who are [West's] major donors?”

    We don’t know……..

    But we DO know that the vast majority of them come from places like TEXAS, MISSISSIPPI, IDAHO… Most of his donors have probably never even set foot in FL-18.

    Allen West is also a carpetbagger. He is originally from Georgia.

    But this is a great ad for Murphy.

    He is talking down to West because he SHOULD be talking down to West.

    Allen West has PROVEN himself to be unworthy of serious dialog. He has proven himself to be all hate, no cattle. He has proven himself to be a HORRIBLE representative.

    He even voted to force America into default.

    A vote that — as anyone who was watching the stock market at the time can attest — had a VERY REAL NEGATIVE IMPACT on the American economy.

    Why on EARTH would a Representative of the state of Florida vote to damage his OWN CONSTITUENTS’ financial well-being?

    It is a mystery with only one answer: he wants to bring America to its knees on behalf of the richest people in the country. He wants them to have COMPLETE power over the American people. He wants the wealthy to call ALL the shots, to have veto power over bills meant to help the American people, to have ownership over the political process so as to squelch any disagreement whatsoever and intimidate any American who disagrees with policies that dramatically benefit the wealthy at the expense of everyone else.

    More than anything — more than the insults and the drama — Allen West is in politics for two simple reasons:

    1) To benefit himself
    2) To serve Wall Street and their 30-year plan to kill the Middle Class

    That’s everything right there. That’s his whole MO.

    ONE & DONE.

  8. Mary Ann Russell Says:

    When did telling the truth equate to being a schoolyard bully. The difference between Congressman West & his opponents is that he speaks the truth, whether it is politically popular or not.

    As for the remarks about military service, get over it – the man did what he had to do in order to save his men from being ambushed. Every single one of you critizing him for his actions would be praising him if it was your son or daughter whose life he saved on that day. Quite frankly, in my humble opinion, I think it is absurd how many of you have more sympathy for a radical terrorist than you do for our own men & women in uniform. Just another example of how the liberal mindset is, again in my humble opinion, unpatriotic.

  9. Tonya Says:

    Congressman West’s Article 15 hearing is available online for viewing. Doubtful you will find any skeletons in his closet. As for his donations, they are from across the nation grassroot patriots, very little comes from PACs like combat veterans for congress, western rep. PAC, again all available for viewing. As for Murphy, his name calling comment is certainly the pot calling the kettle black. If he is running on not being a talker and a name caller, he may want to try another avenue. Visit the Congressman action on ad well as check out the committees he is involved in.

  10. JohnSwetland Says:

    Murph is in over his head. America needs people like Allen West to take this country back from the brink. Murphy was a Republican and then suddenly turens Democrat when his boss DWS needed him to run against West. FLIP-FLOPPING will not produce a victory. You’ll be back to counting beans come November.

  11. florida girl7 Says:

    Murphy is way over his head,I think he is still wet behind the ears.
    I can’t wait for a debate between him and Congressman West.
    He says “Its just a lot of breakfast,lunch and dinner with people selling your story”. I can’t wait to hear the story,
    lets see what did he do, he went to school, then he worked for his dad.
    I bet he knows alot about foreign policy.
    This is a national election, who ever we send to Congress makes decision that effect everyone’s lives.

  12. JRyan Says:

    Well Well Mr.Murphy picked a perfect back drop for his ad. The ad you see is childish as the candidate is. Is Mr. Murphy running on the Presidents policies I would like to know. If so will he share his families business with the rest of us because Obama says if you own a business the rest of us built it it for you.

    Someone called Allen West a carpetbagger shame on you. For 22 years Allen West deployed all over the world keeping we at home safe to make asinine remarks LIKE THAT ONE.

    Some question where his campaign donations originate. The money is coming from all across America from people who like hearing the unvarnished truth. Who like a man who is always proud of his country, a man who understands his oath is to the constitution.

    Mr Murphy can go back to his jungle Jim and maybe invite is friend Debbie WhatsanIllegal Schultz to a play date

    GO WEST!!!

  13. Jay S Says:

    West is a rabble rouser and a divider, just what we don’t need in today’s politics. Sure, his rabid fans adore him, but let’s the rest of us act responsibly, to get him out of congress, so he can take his rightful place on Fox News, and we can get on making this country better.

    Vote Go (Away) West by voting for Patrick Murphy 2012.

  14. ALLEN WEST = ONE & DONE Says:

    FYI –

    John Swetland is a PAID STAFFER of Allen West.

    He also lives in Buffalo, NY not Florida.

  15. ALLEN WEST = ONE & DONE Says:

    If anyone has any time between now and election day, you can sign up to volunteer to TAKE DOWN ALLEN WEST!

    Find out more here:

  16. JohnSwetland Says:

    LOLOL ya, I’m a “paid staffer” and Mr West sends me checks all the way up in Buffalo. Gotta be Ethan the bong smoker hiding behind the fake profile name. I take pride in taking $00.00 from Mr West, and I take pride in making you rabid, ya fool!!!


    FOR EBad For The GOP: Allen West’s Hate Speech


    Something very dangerous is brewing in U. S. House District 22: Allen West.

    Parts of West’s campaign are nothing more than hate speech.

    Allen West

    He says Moslems have been damned by God. Anybody who gave to this bigot should demand their money back.

    His vehemence against anyone who practicing Moslem is disgusting and not worthy of the Republican Party, which always claims to have a Big Tent.

    Maybe this is where the Republican Party is headed.

    His website is filled with rhetoric more reminiscent of a racist than of a congressional candidate.XSAMPLE:

  18. ALLEN WEST = ONE & DONE Says:

    Blah blah blah.

    “Buffalo” John has been exposed.

    Not only does he NOT live in Florida, he also wants to eliminate the Department of Education and he doesn’t think children should be able to be covered by their parents’ insurance up until the age of 26.

    Real mental case, typical Useful Idiot teabagger.

  19. Atlas Shruggery Says:

    Sadly, Republicans support Allen West primarily because he tortured Muslims.

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