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Hasner raises $175,000 in 25 days

by George Bennett | July 30th, 2012

After raising $558,936 in the second quarter, Republican congressional candidate Adam Hasner collected another $175,000 during the first 25 days of July, his campaign said today.

Reports aren’t due until Thursday for the latest fundraising period, which covers money raised until 20 days before the Aug. 14 primaries. Hasner, who does not have a primary foe, will face the winner of the Democratic primary between Lois Frankel and Kristin Jacobs.

Hasner raised more in the second quarter than Frankel and Jacobs combined. He began July with a little over $1 million in cash on hand, compared to $1.3 million for Frankel and $75,590 Jacobs.

2 Responses to “Hasner raises $175,000 in 25 days”

  1. timetogo Says:

    Lois can’t even get her hometown newspaper to endorse her. Ducking debates, ignoring the people of West Palm Beach and triggering Grand Jury corruption investigations. That’s a heck of a record Frankel strung together recently!

    No wonder Kristen is still a threat even though she’s being outspent and Hasner is building strong biPartisan support in Broward and raising big money in Lois’ own backyard.

    Lois should have done what Mulvehill just did in Lake Worth and know when it’s time to go. Hear those footsteps Lois? It’s your record coming back to haunt you.

  2. John Says:

    Those are impressive numbers, but I don’t see Hasner getting many democratic votes considering how far right he is. Jacobs would have been a better general election candidate but in this majority Democratic district Lois will win anyway. Hasner’s tea bagging record will not play well in that district. Once the primary is over and they start attacking Adam on his incredibly conservative and out of touch record he is finished. The most surprising thing to me is that Kristen had such a terrible showing.

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