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Crossroads GPS launches $6.5 million anti-Obama ads in Florida

by Dara Kam | July 6th, 2012

A political group founded by Karl Rove is spending $6.5 million to flood Florida airwaves with a TV ad blasting President Obama over the national debt.

Crossroads GPS, started by Rove and other former advisors to President George W. Bush, will launch the commercial, titled “Excuses,” in Florida on July 10, the group announced today. The ads will also run in Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia, and are part of a $25 million national blitz between now and August.

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6 Responses to “Crossroads GPS launches $6.5 million anti-Obama ads in Florida”

  1. Michael Says:

    Nothing makes the GOP happier then bad news on the economy. Obviously their obstruction and deliberate sabotage has been succesful! Now if we could only get a terrorist attack with thousands dead they would be dancing in the streets.

  2. Rove = Nazi Propaganda! Says:

    Of course, it could never be that the debt problem could in any way be linked to our stupid war mongering and the ever increasing tax breaks for the rich and corporations. Naw, what we really need is more taxes on the poor and middle class to solve the debt problem. The GOP, with their ever increasing extremist B.S. for which Karl Rove is the mastermind has become one endless group of liars for which the truth has vanished into thin air. The party of the rich and corporate America will destroy this country in order to promote their extremist B.S. They have taken on the motto that “if you tell a lie long enough, people will believe it” just like Hitler and the Nazi’s. But they are God fearing hypocrites who have reinvented religion to suit themselves! Evil and rotten to the core.

  3. booger Says:

    Kudos to Rove…………….

    Expose the cancer…..

  4. wian Says:

    Is that all you have is money. Pretty sad. Where is your substance and your facts. All you have is money, you poor souls. I would rather have a rich soul and little money. And you all want that too GOP.

  5. Bob W. Says:

    Whatever your political affiliation, you can’t deny the fact that Obama has sure been one crappy president.

  6. Lane Luong Says:

    Yaaaay ! is predicting an Obama VICTORY ! Now I finally am beginning to like hocus pocus horoscope !

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