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Confusion as Scott cedes control of health exchanges to feds

by Dara Kam | July 6th, 2012

Gov. Rick Scott’s insistence that he will not implement the state health insurance exchanges mandated under the federal health care law doesn’t mean Florida won’t have one.

Instead, it most likely means the federal government will have control over Florida’s exchanges, including how they will operate, what benefits insurers will have to offer and who gets to sell the policies.

While Scott has spent much of the last week on national television and radio attacking the federal health-care program recently upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, Florida Senate leaders have been working on a plan to not only implement the exchanges but to expand Medicaid, which Scott also said the state will refuse to do.

It all adds up to confusion over what Florida will do and, at least for now, points to likely federal control.

Scott, who says the government can’t run anything better or cheaper than private businesses do, cut his political teeth fighting President Obama’s health care law before it was even passed by Congress in 2010.

And he stepped up his campaign against the law on national television in the days since the high court issued its ruling last week.

“What has the government ever provided cheaper?” Scott asked Fox News host Greta Van Susteren last week. “They don’t. They always overpromise and underdeliver.”

Scott’s distrust of the federal government makes his decision to cede the state’s power to the White House – regardless of who’s occupying it – all the more curious.

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10 Responses to “Confusion as Scott cedes control of health exchanges to feds”

  1. Rick Scott's Nemesis! Says:

    I am sure that we can always trust the crook n chief, fraudster governor over the feds. Scott’s schtick is that he hates Obama so much that he won’t implement the mew health care law. The usual GOP B.S. which is the party platform before country. In this case to the detriment of people in Florida who desperately need health insurance. Once again, they don’t call it Floridah for nothing!

  2. Rick Says:

    I’m a Republican but this guys is wearing my a$$ out. Can we please get Jeff Atwater to run in 2014?

  3. lisalynn Says:

    The reason government has a problem “providing things cheaper” is because of people like him who rip it off for billions of $$$%%.

  4. Jon Cleary Says:

    Seems like someone is talking a big game, but can’t quite back up the threats with action. I’m no great fan of the ACA, but understand it’s relevance as it pertains to the less fortunate and those who can’t quite afford or ability to obtain healthcare.
    I can’t quit laughing at the joke of a governor we have. I’m all for fiscal responsibility and sensible government, but when a known thief is talking out if his pie hole, and the mutant Tea Party idiots chime in with their BS, is justs disgusts me at where this State and Nation as sunk to.
    The freakin’ Supreme Court put this in motion, deal with it. I didn’t hear the slob Republicans complaining about their decision with the corruption tainted unlimited corporate campaign donations or super PACS. Cry me a river you babies.

  5. LicenseToSteal Says:

    I am no fan of this dude, but I respect his desire to keep Florida fiscally stable. The more social programs, the more taxes coming your way. The less salary you will have. Simple math. Just look at California, NY, and Massachuesettes. Socialist/Democratic states that are broke with cities filing bankruptcy. We know socialism does not work because we cannot afford to pay for everyone’s way.
    The more the government gives, the less many will want to work and just wait for handouts.

  6. ABO 2012 Says:

    ABO 2012

  7. V Says:

    Right LicenseToSteal and who was the last gov of Calif? a republican. And who started Mass on it’s downward slide? Your boy Mitt.
    Socialism may not work but it’s not as bad as the facist oligarchy the tea party supports. Why don’t we just get back to having a true republic with people working together? How bout that for something new.

  8. Carol Says:

    Since a good percentage of the citizenry wants to be taken care of ‘from the womb to the tomb’, I would think that liberals of Florida would be thrilled that the federal govt. will now be in total charge of their health care. Isn’t that what you all wanted? Now you can stop bashing Gov. Scott. I truly hope he washes his hands of the entire matter and lets the feds control it entirely. In that way regardless of who is elected as President or who is elected to Congress, the federal govt. will be be mandated to ‘take care of you’. How they will ‘take care of you’ remains to be seen, but I would strongly suggest to seniors that if you’ve been putting off any elective procedures you have them done now. Emergencies such as heart blockages, etc…..I guess the 15-person yet unnamed and non-medical Death Panel will have to decide whether or not you’re of enough economic value to have the angiogram, stent, new valve, pacemaker (oh, as of 1/1/13 there’s a 2.5% tax…likely to be more since every supplier who provides parts for anything, including eyeglasses, dentures, etc.) is taxed at 2.5%) kicks in. Stryker, maker of hospital beds, wheelchairs and a lot of other devices, is laying off 2,400 in anticipation of these taxes, and many eyeglass manufacturers have already moved their operations to Costa Rica and Mexico. So everyone, get yourself into the best possible shape you can. Otherwise, they just might deny your procedure or medication and instead tell you to take a pain pill. Personally I find all of this highly amusing. Liberals got what they wanted, and they’re still ticked off. Libs are never happy!

  9. Tax the heck out of them Says:

    Carol, what you say may be legit, please reference where you got your facts. I hope it’s not Fox News or Glen Beck.
    If those companies do outsource, which is every MO recently, tax the hell out of them and give breaks to those that stay. Play the Republican game, which I support in some regards, but disagree with their methods of misleading the public, flat out lying in some instances and taking advantage of the uninformed. Time to regroup as a nation and put partisanship aside. Both sides are wrong and broken. Regardless of what you have to say, the facts of the day point to failure from all. The repubs are steering a sinking ship.

  10. Searcher Says:

    I thought the state governments would actually RESPECT the US SUPREME COURT ruling, especially since the Chief Justice (appointed by George “W”) authored the ruling. But, I was wrong. Now Gov. Spott is WHINING and DOESN’T WANT TO PLAY like he is supposed to. I want CHOICE and a State Health Exchange may be a good idea. Isn’t Florida supposed to set up an exchange for small businesses? This would be a minor expansion of that program….

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