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Scott says state will comply with justices’ health care ruling

by John Kennedy | June 20th, 2012

With Florida leading a multi-state challenge to the federal health care overhaul, Gov. Rick Scott said Wednesday that he will “comply with the law,” if it is upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

In a conference call organized by opponents of the Affordable Care Act, Scott essentially echoed statements he’s made for months — even as a ruling by justices is expected within the next 10 days.

“If it’s the law of the land, then we’re going to comply,” Scott said. “But I’m very optimistic that the Supreme Court will either declare it unconstitutional or it will be repealed.”

Scott acknowledged that a congressional repeal could happen only if presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney defeats the health care overhaul’s main champion, President Obama, this fall. Similarly, Scott said states should be given authority by the federal government to design their own Medicaid programs — which he said would reduce costs.

Scott sees a Romney presidency has central to that wish coming true.

“Whether we get a bloc grant or not is going to be dependent on the national election,” Scott said.

Before he became governor, Scott, a multimillionaire health care entrepreneur, made his first foray into politics by founding Conservatives for Patients’ Rights. The political committee ran ads in 2009 opposing President Obama’s health care plans.

As governor, Scott told the Palm Beach Post last year that the measure approved by Congress and signed into law by the president in 2010 is “not the law of the land.” While he said the state would meet its obligations if the Supreme Court upholds the law, he added: “I don’t believe it will ever be the law of the land.”

Just weeks after he was sworn in, Scott halted plans put in place by his predecessor, Gov. Charlie Crist, for health insurance exchanges, a central part of the federal plan.

The state also has turned back grants to allow long-term care patients to return home, to reduce child abuse through in-home counseling and to educate teenagers on preventing pregnancy.

In this spring’s legislative session, Scott and Republican legislative leaders refused $438.5 million in federal money aimed at increasing Medicaid payments to doctors.


6 Responses to “Scott says state will comply with justices’ health care ruling”

  1. Mark Says:

    Hmm. I wonder why an article about Scott’s position on federal health care law neglected to mention that he and his company were guilty of billions in Medicare fraud.

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  3. Nicole Media Says:

    Did you hear about U.S. Attorney General Holder gave weapons of mass destruction to al-Queda leader.


  4. Macky Rosenberg Says:

    Who can forget Yom Hashoah? Or Auschwitz? Now Nazi Germany is happening again in America, under President Obama. Attorney General Holder is putting people in Concentration Camps in Arizona, USA who oppose Obama in any way.

    American legal immigrants – in country for many generations – just like the Jews of Nazi Germany. No Civil Rights, put in death camps and tortured until death. History repeats itself! Wake up!

    It is here again. No longer can you delude yourself that it can’t happen again, here in America. In fact, they’re planning for a concentration camp to be in every state in the country, if Obama is re-elected. All those who don’t have a job will be put inside. As ridiculous as that sounds, it is true.

    President Obama in his book, The Bridge – The Life and Rise of Barack Obama was friends with Terrorist Bill Ayer s and admired Adolph Hitler. According to the New York Post and the Google database website, President Obama just recently had an Egyptian Terrorist, Hani Nour Eldin visit him in the White House. Has the world gone mad?

    Obama was not born in America. Just like Hitler, who came from Austria, Obama came from Egypt – Land of the Nile Kings – that enslaved Jews for 400 years. Now he wants to enslave Jews again for the 21st century. Legal immigrants with Jewish backgrounds are being ditched into Concentration Camps – the first in Arizona, known as Tent City by United States Attorney General Holder without even a hearing. That is against the 14th Amendment Due Process Clause of proper procedure must be administered.

    Lawyers, Jeffrey Forchelli, Russell Tisman, and Richard Blumberg of the firm, Forchelli, Curto, Deegan, Schwartz, Mineo, Cohen, & Terrana in Uniondale, NY; Nassau County Attorney, John Ciampoli, Peter Laserna, and Dennis Saffran; Gregg Weinstock, William Buckley, and William Goldman Scher of the firm, Garbarini and Scher in NYC, and Noah Weissman and Virginia Sayer of law firm, Bryan Cave in NYC and 40 other law firms are all at the core of those giving up freedom for Obama Rule – the 4th Reich. Move over Hitler.

    Lawyers in America
    Has anyone noticed lawyers – the creators of the fine print are everywhere in political office these days. But no one sees what they have planned. Instead of lawyers upholding the law, that is the last thing they are doing. See Stop and Frisk. An effort by President Obama in conjunction with Mayor Bloomberg to override and destroy the 4th Amendment against Illegal Search and Seizure. Governor Cuomo, former Attorney General of NY has forgotten Supreme Court landmark decision, Roe v. Wade – a woman’s right to have an abortion. Now he wants to change that too.

    See the pattern repeat itself. Lawyers changing laws. Like the Nuremburg laws – also done by attorneys – including Goering. We do not want that to happen again.
    When emailed for comment, all attorneys did not respond to their involvement in Obama’s scheme of putting people in the first Concentration Camp in Arizona.

    All these firms are supposed to be licensed close to their state, but are actually nationwide, especially at the border states. Garbarini and Scher are located in Michigan and South Dakota – unlikely places to put concentration camps, but then so is Arizona. But in the case of Michigan, missing GM as an employer has massive people out of work. The concentration camps are for those who oppose Obama and are out of work.

    Nazi Germany also found how to hide the concentration camps. Who can forget Terezin? Sold as a vacation spot and “the city that Hitler made for the Jews”. A city whose next stop was torture and death to “take a shower in
    deadly mustard gas”. May Hitler rot in hell. Never again the Jews cried out. Yom Hashoah reminds us of the horror – don’t let it happen again. Now is the time to call to arms. Impeach Obama and save American from those who betray their own.

    This article is written by Macky Rosenberg, correspondent with M and M Legal Newsline. Macky Rosenberg, a graduate of St. John’s University School of Law has worked for M and M Legal Newsline for 5 years as an investigative reporter on legal news.

  5. Moses Santos Says:

    We in the legal community object to the demolishing of the insurance industry and the re-configuration of the states taking over insurance for people in their state.
    What’s really behind Obamacare in its 975 page decision from the U.S. Supreme Court, is that each person will be required to be implanted with a CHIP in their mind for two purposes: one for control and one for knowing where each person is at.
    If you do not cooperate and pay your fees with your income taxes, agree to have the chip implanted, or participate in any way, your next stop is a concentration camp.
    There is mention of $90 Billion dollars that has to be paid. Who is going to pay for it?
    Does anyone have the heart and feel compelled like a person with integrity does to tell the American people that THEY have to pay this enormous bill that will destroy all American freedom and life as we know it? Have they passed on slavery to their children and don’t even know it. The decision was made by President Obama and those elected.
    In the book, 1984, George Orwell speaks of Big Brother always wanting to control the masses. Here again, like Hitler, is a plot to not only control but eliminate the population with cooperation from its own people.
    Michael Goodwin of NY POST stated: “Barack Obama doesn’t listen to anyone who disagrees with him. He sees his election as a blank check that carries near-absolute power and freedom from all restraint. Congress, the courts, voters, whole industries – if they are not with him, they are obstacles that must be crushed or circumvented.”
    This is something that if we do not change is worse than having our land destroyed and leaving nothing for the next generation. Stand up and REMEMBER you are an American with the RIGHT to Vote. READ, GET INVOLVED, and SAVE OUR WORLD for our loved ones to come. Do not let them inherit what it took centuries to build up to – no more slavery or control over people.

  6. Idella Vosburg Says:

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