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Scott administration says 86 non-citizens removed from voting rolls since purge started

by Dara Kam | June 8th, 2012

Eighty-six voters who are likely not U.S. citizens – including one Palm Beach County woman – have been removed from the rolls as a result of Gov. Rick Scott’s controversial non-citizen purge now being challenged in federal court, according to Department of State records released today.

And more than half of those appear to have voted, the records showed.

The 86 voters make up about one-third of one percent of the 2,600 voters flagged as potentially ineligible by Scott’s administration.

But it’s unclear how many of those voters removed since the problematic purge started in April were actually included in the list distributed to elections supervisors by Secretary of State Ken Detzner.

Greenacres voter Anabilil Gomez was removed from the voting rolls on May 3, the records show. But she was not on Detzner’s list. And Detzner’s spokesman Chris Cate said it is unknown yet whether Gomez or others were on the master list of 182,000 from which the April batch was culled and which officials have not yet released to the public.

Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher said Gomez likely came to the elections office and asked to be removed. Bucher never sent letters to the suspect voters notifying them that they needed to prove their citizenship as Detzner’s office ordered her and the 66 other county supervisors to do.

“It looks like she came to the counter and told us because we sent her a voter card in December 11. The only way we would have that information is if she was telling us because we never sent the letters out,” Bucher said, adding that others came to her office “trying to give us copies of their documents” to ensure they would not be removed from the rolls.

It is a felony for ineligible people, including non-citizens, to register or vote in Florida.

Bucher said her office sent Gomez a voter registration card in December but the woman had not voted in any election.

But state department officials said 46 others on the list of 86 have voted, including about a dozen whose voting records pre-date 2006. More than half of the voters on the list were registered in Lee county.

Scott’s staff trumpeted the revelation as a vindication of the purge process, blasted by Democrats and civil rights organizations.

“As you already know, but I insist you point out, not a single US citizen has been removed from the voter rolls as a result of the state’s inquiry. But we now know with absolute certainty that a growing number of non-US citizens aren’t just illegally registered to vote here in Florida, they are also casting ballots and influencing election outcomes,” Scott spokesman Brian Burgess wrote in an e-mail. “The State of Florida has a legal obligation to do what it can to protect the votes of its citizens, and that includes preventing never-eligible, non-citizens from casting ballots and diluting the votes of eligible, law-abiding voters.”

Detzner gave elections supervisors a list of 2,600 potential non-citizens generated by matching the state voter registration database with driver license records and culled from a master list of more than 182,000, in mid-April.

Detzner asked the local officials to verify that the potential non-citizens were ineligible to vote and to send them letters giving them 30 days to prove they are citizens. The list turned out to be riddled with errors, with many of those flagged showing they have become naturalized citizens since their last encounter with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Both Republican and Democratic supervisors blasted the list, saying it was based on incomplete and out-dated information. And the Justice Department told Detzner the purge appeared to violate two federal elections laws. Last week, the local elections officials – the only ones who can remove voters from the rolls – said they were dropping the scrub until the issue was sorted out by Scott and the feds, or by a court. Today, the ACLU and others filed a federal lawsuit in Tampa against Detzner asking a judge to stop the purge until the Justice Department weighs in.

The purge set off a partisan firestorm and an outcry from national civil rights groups who accused Scott of trying to keep voters from casting their ballots in the November elections in Florida, a crucial swing state considered a must-win by both parties.

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13 Responses to “Scott administration says 86 non-citizens removed from voting rolls since purge started”

  1. Innocent Paul W Scott Says:

    Purge away. No citizen should expect to vote in the state leading the nation with the highest # of exonerees and yet still has the Death Penalty. If you haven’t protested THAT most horrific American injustice you should have less rights than the convicted.

  2. steve Says:

    How many citizens have been removed? Mr. Scott can’t tell you cause you won’t know that answer until election day when the citizen goes to vote and can’t!

  3. Searcher Says:

    So, let’s get this straight. It was 1/3 of 1%. That’s .33%. So, you knock out 2,514 potentially OK voters to get 86 off the voter rolls, especially when only HALF may have voted.

    If the list of bad voters was shown to be 50%, it would be a lot better. Does this remind you of drug testing welfare recipients? The percentages are so low it’s not worth it, unless the point is to make a political statement!

  4. Innocent Paul W Scott Says:

    Actually the logic reminds us of “tis better 10 innocents are convicted rather than 1 guilty go free.”

  5. Dee Says:

    Influencing the voter outcome? Unlike the Koch brothers and Karl Rove? HMMMMMM

  6. less than 1% Says:

    “The 86 voters make up about one-third of one percent of the 2,600 voters flagged”

    1/3rd of 1% !

    That’s the big scary “voter fraud epidemic”


    I am literally laughing out loud at what an OBVIOUS bunch of bullcrap the whole Republican “illegal alien voter fraud” thing really is.

    This whole thing, and I mean the nationwide Republican fearmongering tactic of crying about “voter fraud”, is so obviously an attempt to put the thumbs on the scale of liberty and justice that the Republican Party should be disbanded and permanently barred from politics.

    It is nothing but SHAMEFUL that the GOP has tried to pervert the single most important civil right that We The People have in this country, the right to vote.

    LESS THAN 1%.

    SHAME ON THE GOP and their anti-democracy anti-middle class agenda.


  7. jim Says:

    Gov. Scott and the Republican led Florida legislature has found a whopping 88 alleged non eligible voters but they seek to purge 180,000 thousand individuals.
    Gov. Scott and the Republican led legislature, care nothing for the citizens of Florida, for their well being or for their most basic of Rights.
    Their actions demonstrate on every level their callow and destructive nature.
    Do not be fooled by this bogus “Voter Fraud” line, it is designed to steal the election, subvert the Democratic process, and suppress a targeted segment of our citizens.
    As Gov. Scott and the Republican led Florida legislature are attacking the most vulnerable segments of our society,they embrace and support only a very smell affluent segment of our society, those that constantly are benefiting form over 30 years of a rigged socioeconomic structure to the exclusion of all else.
    Gov. Scott and the Republican led Florida legislatures actions are not only hurting those citizens they are sworn to protect, who can least afford it,at a time when they are at the most risk, but they are morally reprehensible.
    These citizens will be denied the most basic and important right and democratic principle, that serves as the very basis on which this Nation was founded upon, An Individuals Right to Vote.
    Gov. Scott and the Republican led Florida legislature must not be successful in denying and citizen their hard fought for Rights no matter what excuse they use as justification.
    Gov Scott and the Republican legislature will continue their radical and destructive agenda until the people of Florida demand it stop. As they try and rig elections and subvert Our Democracy, We the People must stand united with one simple premise: until the least among us is secure no one among us is secure.
    Register and Vote make your voices be herd!

  8. booger Says:

    Why are they in this country???
    Deport their azzes and black non workers can go to work. Enough freebies.

  9. steve Says:

    Too bad they can’t tell us how many citizens have been or will be removed! Of course the way Mr. Scott and Detzner did this, the citizen won’t find out they have been removed until election day.

  10. Thomas Says:

    Sounds like a sensless witch hunt on the taxpayers dime. Scott hates anyone illegal or unethical in the state, and fears they will run against him next election. Scott likes to keep the market cornered on these republican values.

  11. Thomas Says:

    Hey Rick, maybe you can find a way to drug test them too.

  12. nipGATOR Says:

    So out of the ones they found, how many voted for Rick Scott? Oh only 4 names were submitted to union county and they have been verified as citizens. @ booger they usually do jobs that we don’t want to do for wages we won’t work for…js

  13. booger Says:




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