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Scott accuses Obama administration of ‘stalling’ on database to check voters

by George Bennett | June 11th, 2012

During a visit to West Boca this morning, Gov. Rick Scott accused President Obama‘s administration of “stalling” by not releasing a database that Scott says would help Florida weed out non-citizens from the state’s voter rolls.

Scott, whose attempts to scrub voter lists have been slammed by the U.S. Department of Justice and county elections supervisors, took the offensive this morning in remarks to reporters in West Boca.

“Look the debate’s over. We clearly have proof that citizens that don’t have the right to vote, non-citizens, are voting in our elections. As your governor I have an obligation to enforce the law and I intend to do that. I expect the Homeland Security to stop stalling. The Obama administration is stalling about giving us this database. This is the database that we should have. I look forward to them giving us the data base so we can make sure that our elections are fair and honest and only individuals that have the right to vote are voting in our elections,” Scott said.

The Department of Homeland Security didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Scott was at the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach for the ceremonial signing of a bill cracking down on Iran-related investments by financial institutions in Florida.

Scott is also scheduled to visit the Riviera Beach city council this afternoon.

At a tea party rally in Tallahassee on Sunday, Scott said he’s considering suing the Obama administration to get Homeland Security to give Florida access to the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements, or SAVE, database.

Asked this morning how far he’s willing to go, Scott said, “I’m going to stand up for our rights. I care about your individual vote.”

Florida’s Department of State asked county elections chiefs in April to check the status of voters on a list of 2,600 potential non-citizens. That list was found to include many naturalized citizens and one decorated World War II veteran.

But state officials contend that, of 86 people who were removed by county elections offices, 46 had voted in previous elections.

“The supervisors of election have the same obligation I do to enforce the laws of our land. I look forward to Homeland Security giving us the database so the supervisors can continue to enforce our laws,” Scott said.

34 Responses to “Scott accuses Obama administration of ‘stalling’ on database to check voters”

  1. Need More Sugar Says:

    “I’m going to stand up for our rights. I care about your individual vote.”

    Oh really?

    So he will fight just as hard for the rights of voters, who happen to vote other than Republican/Tea Party, that are wrongfully removed from the voter rolls due to his purge?

    Somehow I doubt it.

    Maybe he needs to fight harder to make sure that the voting machines used don’t over and under count votes by the 100′s if not 1000′s as they have in past elections.

    But I suppose chasing down the handful of non-citizens who erroneously voted is more ‘glamorous’ and lucrative for his campaign.

  2. Nemo Says:

    The Homeland Security and the White House are part of the modern Mafia of the twenty first century. What do you expect from Hardcore Fanatic Socialists? Nothing but fraud

    They know that the answer is to issue to each lawfully citizen: a voter ID with photo and fingerprint and the ACORN and Black Panthers of this sort cannot cheat with legions of illegal aliens.

    Ask yourself this question: Why did they sell the American Voter’s results to a liberal Spaniard foreign company? Answer: TO OBTAIN FRAUDULENT RESULTS on Behalf of the Kenyan Boy

  3. Crypt Voter Says:

    The “Dead” voting group strongly support the election of President Obama in 2012.

  4. Truther Says:

    If Gov. Scott truly cared about doing the right thing for the people, he would make sure this voter purge is studied to the furthest before being implemented and not jammed down our throat right before the presidential election. We all get what the governor is doing.

  5. Vic Says:

    “The supervisors of election have the same obligation I do to enforce the laws of our land”
    His belief to enforce laws is interesting when he doesn’t obey them himself.

    Isn’t there more issues with non-citizens than removing them from voting lists ?

  6. Bito Says:

    Nemo, stop drinking the KOOL-AID, get over it, Obama is an AMERICAN born in Hawaii,Where were you born, Putts?

  7. clarkwv Says:

    My question is what is the total cost of the voter purge? Is it worth the cost to find a very, very small (well under one per cent) of the voter rolls should not be on then?

  8. Koch Brother Says:

    Of the Dumb Governors, and there are many, Scott is the Dumbest. His goal is to only allow Tea Baggers to vote. He cares only about his private industry cohorts, who will reward him when he leaves office.

  9. Koch Brother Says:

    Nemo, back to the sea…and stay away from Fox News, it is destroying the handfull of brain cells you have left!! Your comments are beyond stupid.

  10. STOP THE PURGE Says:

    Facts have rendered this whole debate moot.

    Now it is clearly and indisputably a political fraud perpetrated by the Republican Party.

    Blame Rick Scott. And he deserves blame.

    But let’s also realize that the purging of Democratic voters is a NATIONAL STRATEGY by the Republican Party.


    Let’s all remember that.

    Let’s write letters to the editor of local papers telling the truth about the GOP’s BIG GOVERNMENT VOTER FRAUD!

    This is UNACCEPTABLE in the modern era.

    We have the internet. We have the facts. We know that the amount of actual voter fraud is LESS THAN 1/3 OF 1 PERCENT.

    We are on to the Republican scam.

    Now it just remains to be seen if the American people are willing to stand up to a political party that is defrauding Americans of their most fundamental right in this country, the right to vote.

    Pick up the phone and call your local Supervisor of Elections. DEMAND that they do NOT continue with the illegal and fraudulent Big Government Republican Scam.

  11. howie Says:

    illegal voters supported by an illegal small wonder that we want to take our country back..

  12. STOP THE PURGE Says:

    “howie” you are mentally ill.

  13. Buh Bye Obama! Says:

    The Obama administration is about as corrupt as we’ve ever seen. He doesn’t care if illegals are voting. He’ll do anything to get reelected.

    He is a national disgrace. I can’t wait until he’s voted out of office!

  14. Brotherdavid Says:

    This guy thumbs his nose at the Department of Justice and then makes demands of his commander in chief. He needs to be purged from our government in the next election.

  15. Downtown Danny Says:

    Anyone accepting anything as factual from a man who defrauded medicare to the tune of over $1.5 Billion is an idiot.
    Scott is a pure crook.
    That is what is indisputable.

  16. Ingrid Says:

    I understand Horses are voting too. We must stop them or they might change the outcome. Gov Scott. How do U sleep at night knowing that the polls say not ever 3 in ten people support you and I would guess at least that many would like to see you arrested and put into Federal Custody?

  17. OrtegaBlanca Says:

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  18. Coffee Party Says:

    It’s obvious what the governor is doing. First he cut the number of voting days, then he supressed the League of Women Voters trying to register new voters, now he’s claiming thousands of illegal voters. They all add up to trying to supress largely democratic voters and delivering Florida to Romney. This all from the man who spent 70 million of his own money to buy his election. Remember how he tried to order drug tests to which his company would benefit? This governor is a dictator and I’m counting the days for the next election when we can be voted out. He’s embarrased Florida enough!

  19. Well Says:

    By the way it is Governor Scott!! Show some respect!

  20. 2 terms please Says:

    Best dam governor this state has ever had!!
    You libs can go back up north to yankee land with the rest of your kind.

  21. Cactus Says:

    1st Scott rips off medicare
    2nd he buys his election
    3rd he rips off the fla workers (and still wants to spend more of our money tring to prove that in Florida you can’t trust the legislators, or Gov.)
    4th now he’s trying to stop voters
    What on earth is he going to think of next! Oh wait, I don’t want to know because my wallet can’t handle any more of this moron!

  22. george b Says:

    rick should be in fort levensworth federal pen for ripping off medicare, watt a joke.

  23. Allan Says:

    I have no problem with the Obama administration dragging its feet on the database. Hopefully the Justice Department is preparing to file suit against the State of Florida and this blatantly partisan law aimed at voter suppression/disenfranchisement.

  24. Irish Mike Says:

    I’m not a big fan of Gov. Scott. But many people (at least half?) are concerned that their opponents are cheating by allowing ineligible voters to vote. If there are allegations that the purge is being done in a partisan way or to prevent eligible people from voting, they should be corrected. But it seems like liberals (and the Obama Administration) are more likely to object to any attempt to ensure that elections are fair, and that only eligible voters vote. Why is that? I can’t help but think it’s because they believe that if ineligible voters cast ballots, it benefits them. Maybe liberals would think differently if illegal votes cost them Florida in 2000.

  25. Tea On You Says:

    I love how much you libs hate our Great Governor! Reminds me of Wisconsin. Look what happened there. Bend Over and Take it.

  26. ReMaBu Says:

    Have you ever noticed how Tea stains?

  27. Tea Lady Says:

    Governor Scott said: “As your governor I have an obligation to enforce the law and I intend to do that.”

    Hurrah, Governor Scott! We The People voted, and our voices were heard!! Governor Scott is dutifully fulfilling his election mandate.

    Our Right to Vote needs to be taken seriously!! We cannot have non-citizens voting! That is treasonous! ={

    Thank you, Governor Scott, for your leadership on this IMPORTANT issue! As the Wisconsin recall election shows, you’ll be re-elected in 2014 will flying colors! =)

  28. Allan Says:

    The fundamental issue here is not whether the new Florida law should be enforced, but rather whether the law itself is constitutional — a matter the federal courts will ultimately decide.

  29. Big Daddy Says:

    I didn’t vote for Rick Scott, nor do I like him, but our forefathers fought and spilled their blood to we could have certain freedoms. The Constitution guarantees that all CITIZENS have the right to vote. It’s also the reason the government fought to stop Jim Crow laws.

    The 14th Admendment starts off saying,”All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof…” It doesn’t say residing in this country, but that we are born or naturalized. Illegals are citizens, therefore they don’t have a right to vote.

    If you don’t like what the Constitution and it’s Amendments say then get the laws changed. But until then, all executive branches of the government have a duty to the citizens of this country to uphold all the laws and not the ones that just suit their purpose. Get with the program Mr. Obama. Gov. Scott is right!

  30. dee Says:

    Corrupt country!!

  31. Dave Francis Says:

    Years of planned encouragement by both political parties, has erupted in a major response from anti-illegal alien organizations, including NumbersUSA, Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC), The Heritage foundation, The Federation for Immigration Reform(FAIR), Judicial Watch and thousands of more groups, blogs available to all readers across the Internet. Let your Senator or Congressman/Women know that they are not eligible for your vote, if they are discovered pampering the millions of invaders who have settled here illegally–phone DC. , Switchboard at 202-224-3121 Demand also that your state adopts a voter ID law, so no non-citizens, illegal aliens, felons or even the deceased can manipulate the pending elections, including the Presidential vote. Whether it’s Florida or any of the other 50 states, non-citizens voting in an election, compromises the integrity and trust of the system.

    Close races could be a ever present danger in even the most minor of municipal elections, specifically in states with millions of illegal aliens like the Sanctuary state of California, Nevada and New York. Absentee ballots are particularly vulnerable as nobody has to arrive at the voting booth in person, but is counted from a piece of paper that can be forged. This November will be extremely notable election for President, as it means the loss of our sovereignty under Obama, and his administration ignoring the doctrines of the U.S. Constitution. Americans must insist on strict oversight of the voting booth, as many states have no serious restrictions during the election cycle. This is not voter repression that the special interest organization likes to crow about, but the growing need for voters to possess some form of government ID, so all those eligible have a fair and equitable right to vote.

  32. Citizen of the World Says:

    Well hang my CHAD another fricking problem with voting in Florida who would have thunk it. Vote for Mohammad Goldstein for President. Obama has a copy of The Plot to Overthrow and so does every other idiot politician in Washington. You want real answers on how to fix this nation go get a copy for nothing on the net it will slap the silly right out of your politics and CHAD!

  33. STOP THE PURGE Says:

    I see the Koch Brothers’ paid trolls are out in force. Must be scared that they are losing in 2012.

  34. Fed Up Says:

    Governor Scott is against lawsuits; he sure files many of them. He is keeping his rich lawyers in the money. @Stop the Purge thanks for your great posts, I am a true fan.

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