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Rader to abandon another state Senate bid, challenge Rep. Perman in Democratic primary

by George Bennett | June 6th, 2012


There are many potential roads back to Tallahassee for former Democratic state Rep. Kevin Rader — but all of them seem to involve running against sitting Democratic legislators in a primary.

Rader initially launched a primary challenge against incumbent state Sen. Maria Sachs, D-Boca Raton. Then he announced he was running for an open state Senate seat in a primary against a pair of sitting state House members — Reps. Jeff Clemens, D-Lake Worth, and Mack Bernard, D-West Palm Beach.

Now Rader says he is giving up the state Senate primary to run for a state House seat against incumbent Rep. Steve Perman, D-Boca Raton.

Perman was elected to Rader’s old House seat in 2010 when Rader pursued a failed bid for a state Senate seat.

“Over the past few weeks or so I’ve received much encouragement to run here,” Rader said. “This is where I work, my children go to school in the district, it’s where my family is, where I attend synagogue….Everything I do is right here in this district.”

Rader said he plans to file qualifying papers for the House District 81 later this week. The deadline is noon Friday.

Before Rader confirmed his plans, Perman said he had heard rumors that Rader would challenge him.

“I’ve worked hard to do a good job and if someone challenges me I will work hard and do what I can to be re-elected,” Perman said. He added: “I’m surprised because on more than one occasion (Rader) expressed to me that he really wasn’t interested in running for the House. If he does it’ll be a third jump to a different race.”

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13 Responses to “Rader to abandon another state Senate bid, challenge Rep. Perman in Democratic primary”

  1. Silliness Says:

    Thank you, Kevin for being an adult, and running back where you live instead of central Palm Beach County. The people will respect you more for doing what’s right.

  2. Hypocrite Says:

    So “everything that Rader does” is in this district, but twice he was going to run for seats in other districts. What a lying hypocrite. And the best part is the Dems in this district will probably elect him. Shows a lot of character.

  3. Good move Says:

    Rader did the right thing. The voters already chose him over Perman in the past.

  4. Ben S Says:

    Now I can vote for you! Go Kevin!

  5. Thank god Says:

    I thought Perman was the smartest Rep ever! How did he not see this coming? Maybe Rader won’t talk down to his community.

  6. Not Him Again Says:

    If we people in south county vote this little turd in again, we need to get our heads examined.

    Rader is a self-serving little dweeb who loves insurance and wants to screw us, the taxpayers.

    Steve Perman has been a great rep and doesn’t have the history of trying to line his own pockets through legislation that will hurt us.

    If I hear I’m Jewish and my wife is a rabbi out of Rader’s mouth again, I’ll vomit.

  7. whasup Says:

    Some people’s lust for power is simply too great–they’ll bounce around wherever they think the might find a chance to get elected, or gain something from the threat of running. Rader apparently suffers from that vice.

  8. Sheila Weinstein Says:

    What an opportunist! He doesn’t care about the taxpayers, he is district shopping and causing havoc in our election process. I won’t vote for him again. I like the rep we have.

  9. not him again? Says:

    Wrong. Perman was aggressively opposed to P.I.P. reforms because it would have taken money out of his pocket.

  10. Boca Dem Says:

    Perman has been a terrific legislator and has made miraculous achievements in Tallahassee. And now this insurance guru wants to run against him…..he who did nothing when he was in Tallahassee and who helped lose a state senate seat when he ran a very nasty primary campaign. Let him go back to selling ins. and leave politics to those with competence.

  11. Rader Stay Home Says:

    @not him again? Steve Perman is an effective legislator. At least he got some bills passed. Rader couldn’t get a bill passed if his life depended on it. Everyone in Tallahassee, like here, can’t stand him.

    Rader wants to increase your insurance rates to line HIS pockets. A chiropractor on a PIP case makes about $12 per patient. I doubt Perman made much in comparison to what Rader makes on 50% increases on homeowner’s premiums.

    You are comparing apples to lawn furniture.

  12. SouthPB Says:

    Can we please have Richard Machek back? Neither of these fools are worthy to represent my district in Tallhassee….I haven’t heard a peep out of either of them for anything they’ve done in the past 4 years.

  13. PIT 36l Says:

    Nice post! Wow $100 in one day? You do have a great work ethics,keep doing what you do.

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