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Obama, Nelson back on top in Florida, poll shows

by John Kennedy | June 21st, 2012

With independent voters shifting to his side, President Obama has regained the lead in Florida over presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, while in the Florida Senate race, Democrat Bill Nelson would edge Republican Connie Mack, a poll Thursday shows.

The Quinnipiac University survey showed Obama with a 46-42 percent lead over Romney, reversing its own May poll that showed the Republican with the advantage in the nation’s biggest toss-up state.

Independent voters, which a month ago were siding more with Romney, have shifted toward Obama, who now holds a 46-37 percent advantage in those not allied with either party.

“At this point, Romney is not well-defined in the minds of many voters, especially those in the middle,” said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac poll.  “This movement reflects that uncertainty among voters who are up for grabs.”

Florida’s U.S. Senate race also appears up-for-grabs. The survey’s release coincided with the departure of Republican George LeMieux from the race, whose dropping out appears to clear the nomination path for Mack, already the clear frontrunner.

Mack was supported by 41 percent of Republican voters in the survey, with neither remaining rivals, former Army Col. Mike McCalister or former U.S. Rep. Dave Weldon cracking double digits.

Nelson, seeking a third term in the Senate, still tops Mack by 43-39 percent, Quinnipiac found. Mack and Nelson were tied in the school’s May survey.

Brown said the “projected November election between U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson and Mack looks like it could go down to the wire.”

“Sen. Nelson gets modest reviews from voters who give him a 47 – 32 percent job approval rating,” Brown said. “By 46 – 33 percent they say he deserves another term.  He gets a 44 – 26 percent favorability rating.  By comparison, Mack has a 34 – 22 percent favorability rating, with 42 percent who don’t know enough about him to form an opinion.”

The telephone survey was conducted June 12-18 and included 1,697 registered voters. It has a margin-of-error of plus-or-minus 2.4 percentage points.



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4 Responses to “Obama, Nelson back on top in Florida, poll shows”

  1. GO OBAMA! Says:

    Register and GOTV!

    GO OBAMA/DEMS 2012!

    Frankel (FL-22)
    Murphy (FL-18)

    Let’s clean out the state legislature and senate too, Dems!

    We need our legislature and senate to act as a CHECK to BALANCE against Rick Scott’s extremism and utter failure to grow jobs in the state.

  2. GO OBAMA! Says:

    Correction to Previous Post
    Jacobs (FL-22)

  3. GO OBAMA! (real) Says:

    That wasn’t me in comment #2. Not sure why someone would do that.

    However, I do like Kristin Jacobs and literally CANNOT WAIT to support whichever Democrat is the nominee in the general.

    I live in FL-22 and this district needs all the help it can get. That’s why we NEED to elect a Democrat and not a “starve the beast”, “kill the middle class” Republican extremist.

    We know all too well what that kind of “leadership” gets us here in FL-22… a viciously divided people and economic stagnation. Not growth and shared prosperity, but finger-pointing and insults that do NOTHING to help our district. Those days are long gone and it’s time to reject, once and for all, the radical policies of the Tea Party.

  4. District 22 Resident Says:

    ANYBODY BUT WEST and GOOD RIDDANCE! Found any commies under your bed lately Mr. West? Please, go have a nightmare and dream up another outrageous comment you nazi, fascist!

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