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Not dead Gov. Scott told election officials ‘I’m really alive’

by Dara Kam | June 14th, 2012

Gov. Rick Scott told a radio station this morning that he had to cast a provisional ballot six years ago because elections officials in his home county of Collier thought he was dead, The Associated Press reported.

Here’s the AP story by Gary Fineout:

Florida Gov. Rick Scott knows what it’s like to be told that he’s dead and not registered to vote.

The Republican governor said in a radio interview Thursday that he was forced to cast a provisional ballot because election officials said he had been taken off the voter rolls.

“They said I had passed away,” Scott said on Tallahassee-based radio station WFLA. “I said, `Here’s my driver’s license. I’m here, I’m really alive.’ So they allowed me to vote provisionally.”

Collier County election officials confirmed that Scott was required to cast a provisional ballot in two elections in 2006. Scott was not in politics at the time.

The ballot was counted both times.

Tim Durham, the chief deputy supervisor of elections, could not explain why Scott was forced to cast the provisional ballots. But he said it appears that another Florida resident with the same first and last name and the same date of birth had died in January 2006. The two men, however, had different middle names.

Provisional ballots are given to those who show up at the polls but are not listed as a registered voter. Voters are then given two days to prove that they are eligible.

Scott brought up the story of using a provisional ballot as part of his effort to defend an effort to identify and remove non-U.S. citizens from the rolls.

Scott’s push has triggered a partisan outcry and lawsuits. The U.S. Justice Department earlier this week sued Florida over the purge, saying it is happening within 90 days of a federal election.

Last year, Florida compared driver’s license records with voter registration records and turned up as many as 182,000 registered voters who may not be U.S. citizens. But state officials did not release that list and instead sought access to a federal immigration database to verify the matches.

That request so far has been turned down by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Florida on Monday sued the agency to get access to the database.

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24 Responses to “Not dead Gov. Scott told election officials ‘I’m really alive’”


    Rick Scott is of the undead.


  2. spence Says:

    Scott was denied voting priviledges because he is an alien–from another planet.

  3. Irish Mike Says:

    I do notice a resemblance to the Crypt Keeper.

  4. Nemo Says:

    For the first time we have a kenyan boy foreigner acting as President, I mean a living socialist zombie living in the white house.

    There is no secret that liberals hate honesty and fairness in order to win elections.
    JFK won the election against Nixon by fraud.
    Aren’t you surprised that Mickey Mouse and Goofy are about to elect Obummer on his second term by fraud?
    Demons love nursing homes because they harvest lots of votes from elderly people with dementia and alzheimer. Same thing with illegal aliens crossing our borders. Now you know whay they hate a picture and fingerprint voting id card

  5. Coffee Party Says:

    Nemo it must suck to be you, with that twisted mind set. We’re always having to clean up after Republicans. George W Bush was a disaster and Obama has to fix his mess. Scott has been a disaster and has already done alot of damage in two years. He’ll stop at nothing to deliver Florida to Republicans any way he can think of. This is just another example of his wasted “leadership”

  6. Dempsey Says:

    Nemo, wow!!!!! Where do people like you come from? You’re ignorance jumps from the screen. Take off your tin foil hat and come back to reality.

  7. bob Says:

    @coffee party
    while nemo may be nuts your assertion that bush and republicans caused our current problems is laughable.
    Couple decades of corruption in the two parties with 10s of millions of uneducated, lazy, unproductive americans wland copious amounts of drugs and alcohol mixed in and there you have it.
    You foolish partisans contribute to the problem.
    Fyi none of your elected representatives give a flip about you. Only how they can use you.

  8. Independent Voter Says:

    Bob, I agree with half of your post. The corruption in government in addition to the politicians caring only about re-election and personal wealth building is dead on. It sounds like you’re not an American citizen by your referencing “lazy” Americans. That’s not very fair and, quite honestly, ignorant to make such a broad statement. I suggest you rephrase such statement or feel free to leave this country and return to wherever you came from. I will assume this United States, at some point in time, saved the assess of your country and afforded you the right to come here and succeed. Please tell me your generalization was an oversight.

  9. bob Says:

    @Independent Voter.
    Wasn’t trying to generalize that all Americans are lazy. I have been one since birth. But 10s of millions are. They don’t work, or don’t want to work. Don’t want to be educated. The television is more enthralling than learning something new. Even many that are employed with low skills and low education are anything but ‘productive’. I wasn’t disparaging any group of people, just a fact that America has seen its best side of productivity as a work force, and productivity has moved to technology. Fewer people by percentage doing more. It is a recipe for disaster.
    We can’t have 10′s of millions of people on the government dole, and 10′s of millions of uneducated people in a failing system, if we want to continue on in a prosperous manner.
    We also can’t have a government that thinks they are more important than the people they are supposed to be serving.

  10. Koch Brother Says:

    Scott is merely “Brain Dead.”

  11. Koch Brother Says:

    Nemo…Professional Counseling is strongly suggested.

  12. Independent Voter Says:

    @Bob, fair enough. You recanted your statement. I can honestly say, some Americans have fallen behind due to technology advancements. But I can also say in the last 20 years starting with Clinton and probably earlier than that, is the agreements, such as NAFTA etc, has allowed these companies to move over seas, where costs are lower and avoid their tax liability, basically let this erosion take place. Why do people need to be educated and trained with the latest technology, if the jobs are not in this country? This is a whole different issue. I can agree that people need to be proactive and get themselves educated, but when budgets are slashed, programs cut and capable teachers are laid off, what do we expect. At some point, Government has to intervene and make this a priority. The politicians have to come together and find the middle ground and get these people ready for these jobs. Every country has their lazy, do nothing segment of society. Unfortunately it’s a fact, but their is a huge portion of the people who want to learn and better themselves for that better job, just no means to do it. Therefore, they’re stuck trying to survive and the downward cycle continues. Their are so many different facets that contributed to this decline. Now watch the partisan hacks chime in and blame the other party.

  13. STOP THE PURGE Says:

    @Indy + Bob,

    BOTH PARTIES caused the economic mess. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 repealed Glass-Steagal. Gramm, Leach and Bliley were Republicans. It was supported by Dems like Chuck Schumer and signed by President Clinton.

    These are facts.


    Only ONE party — the Democrats — or at least some elements of that party, are the only ones trying to fix the solution.

    See the Senate Banking Committee hearing the other day with Jamie Dimon. Compare Jim DeMint’s outright worship of Dimon and compare that to Sherrod Brown’s efforts at ending Too Big To Fail by setting a cap on the 6 big banks at 10% of GDP (they are far far larger than that now).

    Also, the myth that the federal government is at fault for the financial mess we are in — because of the CRA for example — is simply inaccurate. In fact, in an article from yesterday in CNN/Fortune they spell it out very clearly and simply explode that myth”

    “”"Yes, there were plenty of reckless and immoral borrowers taking out mortgages they knew (or should have known) they couldn’t afford. And yes, you can make a case that the federal government’s zeal to increase homeownership levels was partly responsible for lowering lending standards. But the idea that the government is primarily to blame for this whole mess is delusional. It was the private market — not government programs — that made, packaged, and sold most of these wretched loans without regard to their quality. The packaging, combined with credit default swaps and other esoteric derivatives, spread the contagion throughout the world. That’s why what initially seemed to be a large but containable U.S. mortgage problem touched off a worldwide financial crisis.”"”

    See that?

    Allan Sloan, senior editor-at-large at CNN/Fortune is basically calling the current GOP propaganda “delusional”.

    That is accurate.

    Both parties are at fault.
    One party is trying to fix it.
    The system is corrupted by big money and lobbying. Until we end Too Big To Fail and ban money from political campaigns, this country will continue to degrade on a daily basis.

    We can either fight another Civil War or we can come together and solve our problems. I don’t see any way to resolve these issues if Mitt Romney and the Republicans win in 2012. Either we careen to utter destruction or we elect Democrats and force the GOP to compromise whether they like it or not.

  14. Dee Says:

    It appears the wrong Scott died!

  15. mplp Says:

    Gov Scott needs to go!

    Please go and sign the Petition below! and pass it on to everyone you know.

    If the address below does not work go to Google and type in: Signon Florida Right of Recall.

  16. Ms Vicky Says:

    @STOP THE PURGE, I must tell you that it is always a pleasure to read your intelligent, informed posts. Thanks so much. You make me feel a lot better about our state, our country, and our planet. You remind me that there is hope. If Americans would forget EVERYTHING else and just vote in their own best interest, we would have a great democracy because 99% of the people would vote for Democrats. A strong middle class makes for a wealthy, well-balanced country It’s a real shame that so many people are deluded by the totally “spun” propaganda from Fox. Oh well, too soon old, too late wise.

  17. bob Says:

    @stop the purge

    Sadly you skipped the biggest message of the CNN story you linked in an attempt to somehow absolve the government of any wrong doing. Ie the Dem position.
    That most important point was that the best solution to prevent ptoblems in the future was the Hoenig Rule. Which also means less regulation. Something no Democrat would ever say. It goes on to condemn Glass Steagal and that ridiculous bill Dodd-Frank. Both measures supported by Democrats.
    Did you know that the CDS/derivate market has grown since the passage of Dodd-Frank from 615 to $725 trillion?
    So the gambling pot has grown by 15% after passage of the Dem plan.
    The ACA? Written by insurance companied. Another Dem bill.
    You throw the word ‘delusional, out in an attempt to dismiss any opposition to your argument.
    You should have stuck with your first sentence that both parties are corrupt and stopped there.
    The Dems care nothing about fixing problems. Their goal, like Republicans is to con people into thinking they are doing something to help you.
    They are not.
    Both parties lie constantly about various conditions in America because they think Americans are too uneducated to know better.

    You are the perfect example. While acting like you condemn both parties and want to avoid a Civil War, you fell right into the partisan line irrespective of your own comments.

    What would be better for America is permanent gridlock where no legislation or new spending is passed until campaign finance reform is accomplished. Reform the People want, not what the corrupticrats try to say should be done.

    Pull your head out of the sand. Its all about power, and both parties want as much as they can get over us.

  18. bob Says:

    @Ms Vicky.
    If 99% of the people voted on their best interest they would never vote for either of the two parties. It is amazing that people still do knowing full well the backroom, Good ole boy system that exists.
    The New Madia runs our country and that is the Dems and the Gop

  19. Ms Vicky Says:

    @bob, I am not so naive as to imagine that the Democratic Party is one of total commitment to the people it serves; however, I disagree with you in that there is a WORLD of difference, at this point in time, between the two parties given what is at stake for middle class Americans. I might have agreed with you up until the debacle of George W, who made war in the wrong country,and took the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives in Iraq; and, now, the hubris of these extremists running the Republican Party, making war on-OF ALL PEOPLE-public school teachers, firefigheters and police! The sheer madness of them trying to obfuscate the truth of what happened on Wall Street is enough to illustrate what scoundrels they are! And to prove my point,WHERE IS THE WALL STREET MONEY GOING NOW? I’m sorry, Bob; you are obsviously intelligent, but NO CIGAR! You’re wrong on this one. Middle class Americans and the USA, as we loved and knew it, would be devastated under a Republican administration. Even their fear-based, racist agenda is DISGUSTING for a great country like ours! With two such divergent agendas, how is it possible that you don’t see any difference?

  20. Where's the reporting? Says:

    Those who contribute by paying their taxes can’t continue to be tapped to fund more and more of the

    free cell phones,
    free housing vouchers,
    free food vouchers,
    free internet,

    plus fund the cost for illegal aliens (BTW do you EVER read how Israel is handling the illegals aliens (Africans) in their State? They are 1. building a border wall 2. building deportation centers 3. sending BACK illegals and 4. complaining about the CRIMES illegals are perpetrating.

    This is JUST to keep you informed about the going ons in OTHER places and what THEY DO about Illegals since articles like this won’t be in the news.

  21. Negative Nabobs Says:

    Rick Scott will get my vote in the next election.

    It’s the demoNcRats who dominate in PB County and S FL -transplants from northern liberal states who bring their big retirements, pensions and try to craft FL into the place they left. And the reason they left was because of high taxes. Now, they want to INCREASE our taxes.

    NO to democrats in 2012

  22. Dee Says:

    Better off dead than alive. I’m only saying.

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