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Nelson takes to Senate floor to rip Scott

by John Kennedy | June 12th, 2012

Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, facing his own re-election fight this fall, took to the Senate floor this afternoon to rip Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott over his push to remove noncitizens from voter rolls — a move that has sparked the state and federal governments to trade lawsuits.

Nelson echoed the Democratic side in the fight, saying that Florida’s attempt to use flawed data would result in eligible voters being purged from the rolls.

In remarks he plans to deliver, Nelson recalls how his family has been in Florida 183 years and that he can’t believe his home state would make it harder for lawful citizens to vote.

“The governor and his administration should ensure the credibility of our voter rolls.  It should have a program to suppress fraud. But above all else, the state must ensure that every lawful citizen who has the right to vote can do so without impediment,” according to a draft of Nelson’s remarks.

For his part, Scott has made the round of network TV morning news shows defending the state’s effort. His office also said Tuesday that its own investigation has yielded 100 noncitizens on a list of 2,600 voters cited as potentially ineligible by the Florida Department of State, up from 86 people discovered last week.

Florida Republican Party Chairman Lenny Curry also swung back at Nelson, following his floor speech. Curry said the number of noncitizens found on Florida’s rolls is proof of a problem.

“So the question for Nelson and all opponents of verification efforts isn’t ‘is there evidence of fraud or illegal voting?’ because it is a matter of fact,” Curry said. “The question is, ‘how many illegal voters and votes are they willing to ignore?’”

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8 Responses to “Nelson takes to Senate floor to rip Scott”


    GO BILL!

    Thank you for standing up for FLORIDIANS!

    Where’s Marco?

    I called his office today and they were like, “Ummmmmmmm… we dunno nuthin.”


    Call Senator Rubio and ask him his position on the illegal voter purge happening to HIS constituents:

    202-224-3041 D.C. Office
    305-418-8553 Miami Office

  2. Repubtallygirl Says:

    Yep, they need illegal voters to win this election. Thank you Gov. Scott for standing up for the LEGAL voters in FL.

  3. whasup Says:

    “It should have a program to suppress fraud.”

    Good point, Senator Nelson.

    Now why don’t you call up Obama and tell him that and get him to order Homeland Security to share their citizenship database, so the criminal voting fraud can be suppressed, without questioning the voting rights of citizens?


    What kind of desperate left-wing liberal lunatic do you have to be to support voter fraud. Governor Scott is not trying to suppress any qualified individual their right to vote and you know it! The LIES you will spew to have your way are despicable! I THANK SCOTT for making my vote count! I don’t want my lawful vote to not count because it was offset by an unlawful voter!

  5. Broward Dem Says:


    ROFLMAO Governor Scott is the illegal, barely a Floridian and Rich from stealing from Floridians, yeah illegal.

  6. Broward Dem Says:

    There are barely any illegals on the voter rolls compared to the number of legal citizens being threatened with removal. Another in a long line of attempts by Republicans to disenfranchise voters in Florida for the benefit of the wealthy.

  7. Ms Vicky Says:

    If you Scott-sycophants would turn off the rasslin on Fox BS news and listen to the REAL news, you would know that every single election official across this state, Republican and Democrat, has
    refused to follow Scott’s demand to purge voters. This state has a history of attempting to purge LEGAL voters. Besides, Scott missed the deadline to purge ANYONE. I know it’s difficult for some of you to understand that some rules must be followed but, then again, when you vote for a governor who pulled off the biggest medicare fraud in the nation… what can you expect? Do you side with him because you’re a fraud too?

  8. Ms Sunny Says:

    Yes Ms. Vicki – well stated and clear enough that even those who have their heads up Scott butt can hear it!! He is purging more LEGAL voters than he is ILLEGAL voters – got it? He is a crook always has been a crook and always will be a crook.

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