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What's happening on other political blogs? targets Gov. Rick Scott over non-citizen voter purge

by Dara Kam | June 5th, 2012

Activists at have launched a campaign demanding that Gov. Rick Scott drop a controversial non-citizen voter purge, calling it “the worst attack on voting rights in the country.”

The e-mail to members asking them to contact Scott’s office comes a day before a deadline set by the Justice Department last week telling Scott’s administration that the scrub appears to violate at least two federal elections laws. The Department of Justice gave Secretary of State Ken Detzner until tomorrow to tell them whether he will comply. Detzner and Scott gave no indication that would halt the program, and elections supervisors last week said they would drop the effort until the feds and Scott – or a court – resolve the issue.

“We have just 24 hours to make sure Governor Rick Scott stops his all-out assault on Florida’s Latino voters. It’s the worst attack on voting rights in the country,” the e-mail from organizer Garlin Gilchrist II begins.

In April, Detzner sent Florida’s 67 elections supervisors a list of more than 2,600 “non-citizens” culled from a grand list of more than 183,000 flagged by matching the state voter registration database with driver’s license records. The supervisors found that the list was riddled with errors. U.S.-born voters – including at least one Brooklyn-born war hero – and naturalized citizens were among those flagged. Many of the names on the list are Hispanic.

“We have to stop Governor Scott today—he is embarrassing Florida and corrupting the electoral process. His reckless acts have local and national implications. So let’s ring his office’s phones off the hook until he stops his racially-targeted attack on voting rights,” Gilchrist’s message goes on. “Will you call Gov. Scott right now? Tell him, ‘Stop illegally purging Florida voters.’ Here’s where to call. Governor Rick Scott:
(850) 488-7146.”

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22 Responses to “ targets Gov. Rick Scott over non-citizen voter purge”


    Stop illegally purging Florida voters!!!

    Here’s where to call.

    Governor Rick Scott: (850) 488-7146

    Why are Republicans in lock-step support of someone VIOLATING THE LAW?!?!

    It is MADNESS.


  2. GT Says: is an arm of George Soros who is very much in favor of a one world government. A true backer of all things left wing.

  3. Downtown Danny Says:

    Rick Scott is an arm of the right-wing extremist Koch brothers, Palm Beach billionaires who make their money on government land giveaways to them to drill for oil products – and are trying to put oil rigs up and down our coast.


    Let’s dissect what “GT” is saying.

    He is saying that it is far worse to be considered “left wing” than it is for a sitting governor to openly violate federal law.

    Let that sink in for a bit…

    THAT sad and depressing world view is a perfect example of the state of mind in today’s Republican Party.

    Moderate voters around the country have HAD ENOUGH!!!

    Everyone knows that we need to get this country moving again.

    We need to raise taxes on the rich.

    We need to help the Middle Class with underwater mortgages.

    We need to help the Middle Class with student loans.

    We need to help the Middle Class find and train for the jobs of the 21st Century.

    We need to rebuild our roads, bridges and highways and mass transit so we can FINALLY join the 21st Century on infrastructure.

    We need to support development of every single form of renewable energy.

    We need to hire teachers.

    We need to end corporate welfare tax breaks and subsidies for multinational corporations in profitable industries.

    We need to BAN MONEY FROM POLITICS so the AMERICAN PEOPLE decide elections, not some rich casino billionaire or heir to an oil industry fortune spouting their corporate propaganda of choice from every TV and radio channel.

    In order to do these things…

    We need to FIRE EVERY LAST REPUBLICAN. And hire Democrats who are committed public servants who care about the PEOPLE of Florida and the country.

    In FL-18 that means that you should VOTE FOR PATRICK MURPHY!


    And in FL-22 that means electing Lois Frankel!

    We need to FIRE EVERY LAST REPUBLICAN. And hire Democrats who are committed public servants who care about the PEOPLE of Florida and the country.

    We need to REJECT politicians who oppose any compromise.

    We need to REJECT people who blindly support a political party that openly violates the law in order to put their thumb on the electoral scales.

    We need to REJECT politicians who only look out for corporate profits and not AMERICA’S BEST INTEREST.

    Ask yourself again, why are Republicans in lock-step support of someone VIOLATING THE LAW?!?!


    Governor Rick Scott: (850) 488-7146

  6. Start the Purge Says:

    This is unreal. Someone please make a valid argument against election officials taking steps to make sure that only U.S. citizens cast ballots in U.S. elections. I can think of few more disturbing notions than the thought of foreign nationals electing our leaders.

    This is not a partisan issue. Only American should be voting in elections in the U.S. Plain and simple.


    “”"Someone please make a valid argument against election officials taking steps to make sure that only U.S. citizens cast ballots in U.S. elections.”"”


    Voter purges within 90 days from an election are ILLEGAL. There is an election in August. Therefore, the purge is against the law.

    Care to respond to those basic facts?

    So far, no Republican on this board has managed to find the words to make a cogent response to that “inconvenient” truth.


    Nice response. LOL.

    Obviously Republicans are willing to break the law to steal elections.

  9. Ted the Nimble Says:

    I would not want Scott to illiminate a large percentage of our voters! So maybe they are totally illegal and don’t pay any taxes, but they sure will benefit from those nasty Republicans tax revenue! Darn it people, we need these voters to help elect officials who will spend our hard earned tax money us middle class people. We were all scammed by those banks into promising to pay for our homes and education. We need more Unions especially in our education system! Mr Scott needs to create a law that all rich people give us middle class people their fancy cars, 75% of their assets and have them pay for all new roads bridges and my driveway needs to be paved. One more thing, I want a solar panel on my car!
    Peace Comrads!

  10. Ted the Nimble Says:

    Notice how “STOP THE PURGE” Has “we need”. Don’t inlude me in your “We”. I’m actually capable of fending for myself. I live with in my means, pay taxes and really have no problem with others being successful. I’m not about telling ANY one what to do or demanding things from others. What I “Need” I get for myself, do with out or figure out another way to fill the “need”.

  11. Ted the Nimble Says:

    SOLUTION: Move On needs to UN-PURGE the Prisoners in the Florida State System to be able to vote! Pat Murphy would win by a would be a RIOT!

  12. STOP THE PURGE Says:

    “Ted the Nimble”,

    You’re right, you’re not in the “we” I was referring to. See, I was referring to We The People of America.

    You don’t fit into that group because Americans respect the rule of law. Obviously, a dictatorship or fascist state where everyone thinks the same way and does what they are told is more to your liking.

    Not me.




  13. Ted the Nimble Says:

    Obama could care less about you. He’s got yo’ vote no matter what. Open your eyes…the guy is a complete disaster. He has done nothing for our country except divide us with race and class and spend us into oblivion to only rack up debt and continue to drive us further toward socialism and a European type debt crisis. He was a measly community leader, a senator who did nothing and sat in a church with a racist preacher. That’s yo’ America.

  14. the truth hurts Says:

    The facts are that the European Union is controlled by right wing conservatives.Germany,France and Italy, all conservative governments. With England to boot. How’s that austerity working out for them?
    With McConnell stating and following thru with the remark “his single most important goal is to make Barack Obama a one-term president and following thru with obstructionism and Walker’s remark of “divide and conquer” The true dividers of this nation is the right wing extremist!

  15. GT Says:

    Unions are the “collective”, the backbone of communism.

  16. Go Dems Says:

    “”"Unions are the “collective”, the backbone of communism.”"”


    Look what right wing propaganda has convinced people to believe.

    It is mind-numbingly stupid.


    Without the unions there would be NO middle class. And sadly, and unbelievably, that is what Republicans want.

  17. Go Dems Says:

    “That’s yo’ America.”

    Is your racist comment supposed to bring America together on race?

    LOL, I mean really.

  18. Ted the Nimble Says:

    Europe is a flop because of people like the elitest left. Spend Spend Spend. Liberalism DOES NOT WORK. Show me where. Social Secuity? NO, Medicaire? NO? Wellfare? NO! You can”t spend what you dont have. Government is not the answer. Let individuals do it on their own. Not as a collective Comrad!

  19. Guides And Walking Tours Says:

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  20. Go Dems Says:

    Ted the Nimble,

    So Social Security and Medicare should be eliminated?

    Won’t eliminating those programs put the burden of elderly care on the already stretched Middle Class wage earners?

    One of the reasons we have Social Security and Medicare is because this financial burden was hurting families that were already stretched financially. We had this debate 50 years ago. And now you want to return to that era?

    And what about the poor? Condemn poor senior citizens to live in the streets? My grandmother is alive and of very modest means. She would be out on the street if it wasn’t for Medicare. Is this what you think is good for America?

    Give me a break. What you are suggesting is sickening and un-American. It certainly is not Christ-like.

  21. Ted the Nimble Says:

    Social security and Medicare were a great ideas at the time, but like most liberal ideas, they ultimately end up a failure. Factually, you cant say it works. It physically can’t be funded. The Libs would like to say the Reps want to throw granny on the street, but that’s their only response. You have to cut off the young healthy ones that Barak Hussein wants living with their parents til 26. Then have most of them fiscally figure out for themselves ways to fund their own retirement. The libs have to stop promising people retirement money that just isnt there just to win elections.

  22. Joe Says:

    There is no moral high ground here. The only thing that prompted these bills and actions were the same thing that prompted all the same style bills and actions. It is called GOP strategy. Apparently if you are in the political “game”, then all is fair.

    The GOP passes “super regulation” on people who want to register people to vote. The GOP party of “no regulation” says it is very important to turn in registrations in 48 hours or a nice sized fine is in order. The courts found no basis for such a requirement when striking this useless part of the law down. Still the rest of the ridiculous regulations are still in place.

    When these illegal GOP actions have to be fought in court, that is our tax money being wasted. All thanks to the “lean mean – no waste GOP party”. Sound backwards again? Well that is not an audible illusion .. this is really as backwards as it sounds.

    So the “moral party” does all this for the good of America? The hypocrisy is almost too much to conceptualize as reality.

    It is mind boggling that so much of the country would stand behind those actions and say “That is my party, I am proud.” and go vote for more of the same.

    I think scary and sad would be better terms. God bless us all if the GOP money machine warps enough minds to win in November. Wake up Florida and America.

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