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Lorenzo leaves Scott’s jobs’ agency

by John Kennedy | June 12th, 2012

The former head of Florida’s jobs’ agency has announced her resignation, the latest departure from the new Department of Economic Opportunity created by Gov. Rick Scott.

Cynthia Lorenzo, chief operating officer of DEO, said she was leaving July 6 to spend more time caring for her two young sons. Lorenzo had been head of the former Agency for Workforce Innovation under ex-Gov. Charlie Crist, and continued in that role in the early months of Scott’s administration.

Scott, however, got the Legislature to reconstitute AWI as the new Department of Economic Opportunity, naming Doug Darling as the jobs’ agency’s head. Darling lasted six months — exiting soon after he acknowledged that Florida over the years had paid tens of millions of dollars to lure companies to the state for jobs that were never created.

Lorenzo briefly served as DEO’s interim director after Darling left. Hunting Deutsch, is the current executive director.

Florida’s unemployment rate fell to 8.7 percent in April, it’s lowest level in three years. But the state’s unemployment compensation system — recently renamed ‘reemployment assistance’ — is being investigated by the U.S. Labor Department following a complaint by workers’ organizations that claim the state’s new online system of filing for benefits creates too many hurdles for out-of-work Floridians.

Critics have said frustration with the system may be aiding Scott’s goal of reducing unemployment. Some workers may abandon their job search or just leave the state, falling out of Florida’s labor market.

Unemployment benefits are paid by employers, and the changes approved in 2011 were pushed hard by the state’s largest business associations.

State officials say the changes have saved businesses millions of dollars and have helped spur Florida’s job growth.

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8 Responses to “Lorenzo leaves Scott’s jobs’ agency”



    Want a functional thriving Florida?


    Simple as that.

  2. Dick Says:

    Does this mean up until now she has not been spending enough time with her sons? I’m sure her ex would love to know that. I guess women *can’t* have it all.

  3. tom james Says:

    another rat scurries off the SS Scottanic!
    you mean Dick Scott really isn’t gonna create those 700,000 jobs he promised? LOL!

  4. Tea Party Says:

    So, she basically wants to summer off to spend with her boys? Nice, real professional. I regret voting for him.

  5. olgaburton Says:

    So how can you get in on this expansion of the clean, mean and “”green”" industries? By getting a “”green”" job that pays handsomely, of course you need a degree from universities like High Speed Universities.

  6. Karen Says:

    What is the real reason for resignation?
    Recent review of court records in Leon county show that a case was opened before resignation against Ms. Lorenzo on May 18th by former husband Jose Blas Lorenzo, Jr. (Plaintiff) to modify parenting schedule. Wasn’t he the one who filed against Alex Sink on ethics issues during the governor’s race?

  7. Sarahsfine Says:

    @Karen: Dental hygienists don’t just magically rise to the top of state agencies, if you know what I mean. There is a apecific reason JBL divorced her. I’ve heard on good authority she was ‘really close’ with a former boss at another state agency where she worked.

  8. Joey Says:

    Sarah: I would like to know more. What is your email? Legit, no spam and not a creeper, promise.

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