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Gov. Scott administration tells Justice Department it’s wrong about voter purge, gives Monday deadline for response

by Dara Kam | June 6th, 2012

Gov. Rick Scott’s administration responded to the Justice Department’s request to stop a controversial non-citizen voter purge with questions of its own and told federal officials they’re wrong that the scrub violates federal law.

Secretary of State Ken Detzner, given a deadline of today to respond to the Justice Department, also gave the Justice Department until Monday to answer four questions about what the state is supposed to do to ensure its voter rolls are clean.

“It is an unfortunate but now undeniable fact that Florida’s voter rolls include individuals who are not citizens of the United States,” Detzner wrote to in a four-page letter to T. Christian Herren, chief of the Justice Department’s Voting Rights Division. “The Florida Department of State has a solemn obligation to ensure the integrity of elections in this State. Permitting ineligible, non-citizen voters to cast ballots undermines that mission and erodes the justified faith the electorate has in the fairness and reliability of the electoral process.”

Despite Detzner’s insistence that the purge is legitimate, the process will remain in limbo for now because the state’s elections supervisors will not continue the scrub until the issue is resolved by state and federal officials or a court, the Florida Association of Supervisors of Elections general counsel Ron Labasky said Wednesday evening.

Last week, Herren said that the purge process is a potential violation of federal law that prohibits large-scale voter list maintenance 90 days before an election. That deadline was May 16 for the Aug. 14 primary in Florida.

Detzner blamed the problematic purge on the federal government for failing to grant the state access to a Department of Homeland Security database that has more up-to-date information regarding citizenship than the driver license records used to create a flawed list of more than 2,600 potential non-citizens who are also registered voters.

“In sum, the practice DOJ now seems to be enforcing is as follows: The Department of Homeland Security may, for months, violate federal law and deny Florida and other states access to the SAVE database so that the federal Department of Justice may then assert that the resulting delays in a state’s election-integrity efforts violate the time periods established in another federal law. This hardly seems like an approach designed to protect the integrity of elections and ensure that eligible voters have their votes counted,” Detzner wrote.

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8 Responses to “Gov. Scott administration tells Justice Department it’s wrong about voter purge, gives Monday deadline for response”


    If they needed access to the DHS database so badly then WHY IN THE HELL did they release the first purge already?!?!


    These Republicans ARE the voter fraud problem.

  2. Thomas Says:

    Scott looked like less of an idiot when he simply took the fifth. He spews ignorance and, because he bought a governorship, thinks his position will give his opinions a base. Look at his track record as Governor. He’s had more laws shot down by the courts, and is fighting several lawsuits, than is reasonable for an elected official. He doesn’t represent the people of Florida, he represents Rick Scott.

  3. ShantellRenee Says:

    It just amazes me how far Rick Scott will go in regards to doing the things he has been doing. He does NOT care about anything but himself and moving up the rich people in regards to getting richer and richer. And he is insensitive to what the people of Florida wants. I would not put it past Rick Scott to pull this voter purge stunt while he is up for re-election for Florida governor in 2014 as well. And I encourage ALL eligble voters 2 yrs from now to get out and vote so that we can get this man out of the Florida Governor’s seat!!!!!!


    Something nobody is talking about:


    I’ll tell you why.

    Because he knew that Rick Scott was going to prosecute an ILLEGAL voter purge and he wanted to salvage his political career before HIS NAME was involved in a major civil rights scandal.


  5. Tom S. Says:

    There is one and only one reason Holder whats the purge of illegal votes to stop. To protect illegal democrat votes.

    Holder doesn’t really care thou, his goal is just to obstruct and delay things until after the November election. He knows he will be gone after the election either voted out, on his own or kicked out by congress. This man is a disgrace to the department of “Justice”, his office and this country.

  6. Go Dems Says:

    “To protect illegal democrat votes.”


    Pick up a newspaper furcryinoutloud.

    The only voter fraud is BIG GOVERNMENT Voter Fraud perpetrated by the criminal Republican governor on the citizens of Florida.

  7. GOP Cheats AGAIN! Says:

    Kurt Browning who is part of an organization funded by the Koch Brothers is behind this voter purge. He is helping the crook n chief, fraudster governor with this voter surpression effort. The GOP can’t win unless they get rid of the “right kind of voters.” This purge is all about getting rid of democratic voters and voters who usually vote for democrats (Latino and people of color). Its all about stealing another election. Florida is the most corrupt state in the nation and has been run by the GOP for years. Is it any wonder that the GOP is trying to steal another election? Congratulations GOP on giving FL the distinction of being the most crooked state in the nation! Par for the course.

  8. Tom S. Says:

    Looks like the Acorn workers here are upset that will be losing 1,000′s of votes with this perfectly legal and required purge of dead and illegal “voters”. They say there is no voter fraud so there’s no need to look for it. I wonder where their evidence is for all these “Legal” voters who will be denied their vote by cleaning the voter rolls? (forget they fact that they would be able to fill in a provisional ballot if they did exist).

    The lies from the left, on this topic, are absolutely effrontery to law and insulting to the memories of those who fought and died for the rights they now trivialize with their erroneous claims.

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