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Candidate qualifying begins: Who will get a free ride?

by George Bennett | June 4th, 2012

Florida’s four-day period for candidates to qualify for the 2012 ballot begins at noon today and ends at noon Friday. While many candidates have been campaigning and raising money for months, this is the week when they must actually pay qualifying fees and submit paperwork to appear on the ballot.

In Palm Beach County, Democratic County Commissioners Priscilla Taylor and Shelley Vana are beginning the week without any announced opposition and will automatically win reelection if no one qualifies to challenge them by Friday. State Rep. Bill Hager, R-Boca Raton, does not have an announced opponent either, but it’ll be surprising if he ends the week without a Democratic foe.

Hager is running in newly redrawn House District 89, where Republicans have a narrow voter registration edge but Barack Obama beat John McCain by 5 points in 2008. Some Dems have tried to persuade state Rep. Jeff Clemens, D-Lake Worth, to challenge Hager, but Clemens appears committed to a state Senate race. Florida League of Women Voters VP Pamela Goodman would be a “fabulous” candidate, county Democratic Chairman Mark Alan Siegel said last month. Goodman, who resisted Democratic recruiting for a 2010 county commission race, hasn’t revealed her 2012 plans.

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6 Responses to “Candidate qualifying begins: Who will get a free ride?”

  1. Peter Schorsch Says:

    Running updates on the latest from Qualifying Week

  2. Tea Lady Says:

    Folks, the real news will be tomorrow, June 5th.

    Voters in Wisconsin will send a RESOUNDING signal that Scott Walker is indeed their choice for governor!!

    Mr. Walker understands the Pillars of Prosperity: Fiscal Responsibility, Free Markets, and Constitutionally Limited Government. He adheres to the values of the Tea Party, as does our own governor, Rick Scott!

    The entire nation will see that Tea Party values resonate with voters everywhere! =)

    Watch for the Good News tomorrow, folks!! Scott Walker will thrive during the (misguided) recall effort.

    Join The Tea Party!! We understand economics and government work!

  3. Crazy! Says:

    Sid must go. Republicans have no options to run, only 2 out of 7 Commision seats are republican seats & only Rooney is a safe legislative seat with Hagers a swing house district and the 3 senate seats are safe democratic with Sachs being the closest but still 9 points D! How did this happen when Republicans control redistricting?? Our REC should be embarrassed.

  4. Middle Class Says:

    If this country had the Tea Party beliefs in the beginning, we would have never had the strong Middle Class we use to have until the GOP/TP came into being. I just cannot understand anyone would fight so hard to destroy the Middle Class, which is what the GOP/TP have and want to do! A strong Middle Class is what made this country so great and what all the other countires wanted. It was the strength of unions that made us so strong. Proof is in the history, if anyone would take the time to read our own history.

  5. Fed up with tax increasers Says:

    Pamela Goodman “contemplated” running against County Commissioner Steven Abrams. The PBC Commission wanted to increase our taxes by 14.9% at the height of the recession in Sept of 2009. Abrams voted NO to this insane tax proposal. GOODMAN WAS QUOTED IN THE PALM BEACH POST AS CALLING HIS ANTI-TAX VOTE – “DESPICABLE, DIGUSTING AND UNCONSCIONABLE”. Just what we DON’T need another tax and spend multi- millionaire limosine liberal in ANY gov’t office.

  6. I agree with CRAZY Says:

    If Sid Dinerstein was a leader, he would have found very qualified people to run against Taylor and the Pig lover Vana. There are several exceptional elected officials in the north county that would make tremendous leaders in Tallahasse but no one reaches out to them. It is utterly shameful that PB County will soon be run by liberal morons thanks to our so called leader Sid Dinerstein.

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